E and L’s Adventures Part 3: Happy birthday

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E and L’s Adventures Part 3: Happy birthdayIt’s now been a week or so since our last adventure. You haven’t quite had the courage to call them. Out of the blue you get a text.Planning something for my man.Need your help.Curious, you text back. Her response catches your breath. Could you do what she asks??Nothing’s said to me. A couple of afternoons later we’re invited around to their place. Xavier is out at work and Yvette is home alone. You wonder off to the kitchen with Yvette as she makes us some tea. I wonder what you’re talking about. Everyone relaxes into casual conversation. Maybe to go to the bathroom, Yvette gets up and leaves the room. Maybe slightly out of character you turn amorous and start playing with me before I know it. Yvette seems to be taking a while. Your hands are wandering. I’m not silly. BJ in the offing! I’m not going to refuse especially with the added zing of wondering what Yvette will see when she comes back.With marked purpose you open my trousers and slide down my pants. Next I feel your hot breath and your mouth on my cock as you attack with vigour. This is good…very good. For a moment my eyes close as I drift away with pleasure only to open them with a jolt. We’re no longer alone. Yvette has come back. I quickly note that she’s changed and now only wearing bathrobe over a thin loose top … and nothing else… except maybe a big grin on her face.“Come up stairs” she says. Without hesitation you get up and follow her. I follow up to their bedroom. I’d never been in their bedroom before but I guess I expected bahis firmaları it to look like most people’s. In a sense it is except that the clothes Yvette had been wearing were on the floor and look like they’d been thrown there by a frenzied maniac. I see you surveying this also as you exchange what looks to me like a knowing nod. Before I know it I’m pushed back onto the bed as you drop to your knees and take up where you left off down stairs. The inhibitions and shyness of not too long ago now gone. Their bedroom, Yvette’s undress, your mouth… wow heaven. Yvette moves onto the bed and cradles me from behind, her hot breath on my neck, as you continue to suck. In my ear she whispers “When you’re ready I want you to do something for me.” “Sure” I gasp. “When you’re ready I want you to rip this top apart and cum all over me. I look down and note that you’ve also heard. If anything your rhythm picks up tempo even though your jaw must be starting to ache. Yvette says “I’ll take over if you want”. Reluctant to stop you continue a little longer. Yvette pulls me up and around onto the bed before she now rams my cock down her throat. She’s not wasting any time. I can’t wait any longer. I feel the throbbing as I approach the point of no return. Feeling this Yvette pulls out and manically strokes my cock. Doing as I was told I reach down, rip open her top, her tits falling free as I start cumming what feels like gallons all over her face, neck, tits and top. Still gasping I look up to see both women smiling and looking very pleased.Yvette kaçak iddaa flops back onto the bed amid all the clothes she’d thrown down earlier. Looking down over herself with a huge grin she comments “Just what I needed” before picking up her phone and takes a couple of selfies. The scene looks like she’d been ravaged by a wild man.It’s then I find out what’s going on. My job was to provide the central “stage prop”. It’s Xavier’s birthday and he’s due home soon. His surprise!!! To come in and find his wife’s been ravaged on his bed. “You sure you know how he’s going to react?” I ask. “Pretty sure.” she smirks nervously. Judging by her short breaths and the wet swollen pussy I know for sure if he’s not going to get off on this she sure is.We make to leave but hear the door opening downstairs. He’s home. We quickly dash into the spare room to hide. In passing I comment “I wish I could see the look on his face”. “Oh you will” and points to the camera looking down on the scene and her computer strategically placed on the dresser. “I’ve never done this before but you should be able to connect via Skype on your phone.”We dash next door rush to make the connection as we hear Xavier making his way up the stairs. You’ve got to admire her audacity to put on a show for us while not sure what her husband will do when he sees her. Yvette is posing herself on the bed, now clearly more nervous than excited. Xavier enters. Yvette has struck the pose pretending sleep. We catch the moment. Xavier stops dead… stunned by the site. Does he realise kaçak bahis what’s going on? Maybe the involuntary smirk and giggle gives it away. As she tries to sit up, feigning surprise at being caught, he throws her back onto the bed blustering theatrically “You whore! ”His actions, though, betray another desire as he quickly tears his clothes off and thrusts himself on her. With no ceremony or preamble he spreads her legs and thrusts into her. She was probably ready for anything but, by the startled look in her eye, this caught her by surprise and within seconds they were both thrashing away like wild a****ls. This went on for an age as first they fuck in one position then the next, throwing her about like a willing rag doll. Finally he pulls out, throws her down and again without ceremony thrusts his cock into her mouth. I can testify to her stamina in this department but even I’m shocked at the pounding he gives her and the enthusiasm with which she responds.It’s clear the end is coming. He thrusts madly at her as she clings on for dear life and finally with last thrusts he cums in her mouth. Her nails digging into his buttocks she pull tight on him keeping him in her mouth as long as possible. Finally as he pulls out she looks up, her face a complete mess but with a beaming smile and says “Happy birthday love”. He collapses down beside her. They embrace and kiss. She giggles, points to the camera giving a little wave and says “You can come in now.”(At home later she calls back, telling us she’d played back the recording of the events leading up to his home coming. Renowned already for his fast recovery, she’d hardly had time to clean herself up before he fucked her even harder a second time…. By then you’d also had your turn biting the pillow…)

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