Dumb Jocks Ch. 03

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The next couple of days sped by in a haze of fucking and sucking. There were only four days until the test and I intended to fuck my linebackers mouth and ass as much as possible in that time.

Each morning we met in the library study room where we would start with Rocky sucking me off until I filled his mouth. He quickly became an expert in rimming and deepthroating as each day it took me longer and longer to cum.

Then in the evening usually around five, Rocky would come to my room on the pretence of studying and then we would fuck on my bed. I quickly became more confident and my taunting and insults grew until I was constantly calling him my slut while I fucked his ass.

Rocky was always eager to get my cum and after I unloaded inside of him we immediately went over the same questions from Friday’s test. If he got it wrong, I gently nudged him in the right direction and the day before the second test, he managed to get every question right three times in a row. To celebrate, I bent him over the desk and gave him a cream pie.

The next day, he went into the exam hall full of confidence and full of my cum. That morning, he had woken me up by urgently knocking on my door. Letting him in, I was surprised to see he was wearing a suit for the test. Clearly, he was taking the test very seriously.

“Hey man,” he said.

“Looking good Rocky! You definitely fill out that suit. Spin around for me.”

“Um, thanks… can you give me one last injection before the test?” he asked while turning around.

“Of course man, anything to help you out!” I threw off the covers to my bed.

I always slept naked and instantly Rocky’s eyes dropped to my morning wood.

“Hop on!”

The bed creaked as his huge frame climbed on. Getting between my legs, he started bobbing up and down on my shaft. His unkempt thick blonde hair was now combed and that along with the smart suit he wore, rather than the usual gym gear outfit, was an incredibly hot sight.

“That’s it, take it nice and deep slut!”

Not wanting to mess up his hair, I let him take the lead. He edged down, taking more of my length inside. Looking up at the time, I could see that he only had forty minutes before he had to be at the exam hall.

“We need to speed this up!” I said, lifting my legs up and rolling back onto my shoulders.

With my asshole perfectly presented to him, Rocky began to rim me. He knew now that teasing was all a part of the job. Lightly licking my balls, he moved lower, licking harder and for longer against my more sensitive skin.

Still avoiding my asshole, he licked around it before sucking on my perineum. It was something he had done once and it drove me fucking crazy.

“Fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” I cried.

Though it felt amazing, I knew this could be the last chance I had to fuck him. Even with our change in roles, where I was the dominant one, I still didn’t know if he would want this to continue and I had been too scared to ask.

“Wait… oh fuckkk, wait!”

I rolled away from his incredible mouth and got to my feet, leaving him kneeling on the bed with his face coated in his salvia. Pulling open my desk drawer, I pulled out a silver butt plug.

“I thought this could help you with the test.” I grinned waving it in his face.

He looked at it with wonder and licked his lips. Quickly, he undid his belt and trousers and pulled them over his large ass.

“Jesus, that sight will always turn me on!” I groaned as his two perfect peachy cheeks came into view.

Moving to the edge of the bed, he manoeuvred his ass to be inline with my cock. As I said, he definitely learnt quickly. I was about to grab the lube when I saw a shine on his hole.

“Have you lubed your asshole for me, slut?”

“I knew that you might need to inject me with cum in my ass so I thought to save time…” he trailed off. It was cute how submissive he became when it was just him and me.

“You’ve become such a good bottom,” I teased. “Getting your ass ready to be fucked! Beg me…”

“Please, please fuck my ass. I want you thick cock deep inside and filling me up with your smart cum. Please… oh fuck!”

While he had been imploring me for my cock, I had been rubbing the head against his lubed ass making it nice and wet to bury inside him.

Just as he was about to plead again, I aimed my cock at his crinkled ring and drove forward. Immediately he swore and I sighed. Gripping the bottom of his suit jacket, I began to fuck him hard.

“You like that? You like this fat dick deep in your ass?”

“Please, nerd. I need to get to the test. Please, fuck me harder. I need you cum inside me.”

Realising there wasn’t much time, I didn’t give him time to get used to my thickness instead, I slammed inside him, tattooing a beat on his muscular ass.

It felt so good and I knew I couldn’t last long and then Rocky turned his head and looked into my eyes.

“Please fill me up. I love knowing that I’m walking around with your cum inside my ass.”

Did he know that being completely bahis firmaları submissive to me was the way to make me cum? Either way, it had the desired effect. Seeing his big blue eyes pleading with me to give him a cream pie was too much.

“Fuuckkkk!” I grunted.

My hands gripped his muscular waist and I buried my cock inside him, I unleashed a huge load. My body tensed and my muscles strained as I continued to fill up his tight ass.

When my cock finally stopped twitching, Rocky pulled away from me and quickly, grabbed the butt plug. He groaned as the cool metal pressed against his red hot asshole before entering his cream-filled tunnel.

Flipping onto his back, his hand took hold of his shaft and seconds later, he came over his chest. Using his fingers to scoop up the mess, he eagerly licked them clean before smacking his lips.

“You feel ready for the test?” I asked.

“I feel ready,” he replied grinning, his trousers still around his ankles, “I’m going to ace that fucking thing!”

“Good luck,” I said, feeling a bit sad that after today there was a good chance I won’t have a jock pussy to fuck… little did I know!

After Rocky left, I booted up my computer and distracted myself until mid-afternoon. With the tests marked by machine, the results would be available four hours later. So just after three, I made my way to the examination hall.

Outside the hall, I spotted the whole football team there wildly celebrating. Rocky was in the middle grinning and getting slapped on the back. It was only when I got closer that I realized that it wasn’t the whole team celebrating.

To the side of the group, three players were being talked to by coach. I knew that ten players had retaken the test, which must have meant that those three had failed, judging from their despondent body language.

I was about to leave when Rocky spotted me and called me over.

“This is the nerd who made me pass! All hail the nerd!”

“Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!” The chant was taken up by the whole team as they marched away to their frat house leaving me alone and shaking my head.

“How did you do it?!”

Turning around, I was greeted by Demarcus, a running back for the team.

He had a round trusting face, with dark brown eyes which were looking earnestly at me. We were the same height, though, with his lean muscles, there was a clear weight difference. He was incredibly cute with his slicked-back hair, but his greatest attribute was, thanks to his Latino genes, his heart-shaped ass.

“Um, you’ll have to ask Rocky” I replied, unsure what to actually say.

“He’s the dumbest guy here, and yet he passes with only two questions wrong. How did you do it?!” Demarcus demanded.

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to ask Rocky. I don’t want to betray his confidence.” I apologised again and then hurried away before I could be asked any more questions.

Looking back, I saw Demarcus meet up with the other two players who had failed. He pointed at me and soon I had three muscular footballer players staring at me. Quickly, I dodged behind a building and made my way to my friend’s dorm.

Later that night, I was lying in my bed. It was close to midnight and my heavy eyes were starting to drift off when a knock on my door startled me awake.

Looking through the peephole of my door, I saw a drunk Rocky surrounded by Demarcus, Hunter, a defensive tackle and Callum, another running back. All four of them were dressed in jeans and tops with the MWSC logo on. Not thinking that anything good could come from opening the door, I ignored the knocks and waited for them to leave.

“Nerd! Nerd!” Rocky bellowed while continuing to smash his giant fist against the door. “Don’t make me break down this door!”

Knowing that he probably could break it, I nervously edged open my door, only to have Rocky tumble inside.

“Nerd! I passed and these motherfuckers don’t think I did it all myself!” he slurred as he leant heavily against the wall.

“We heard what you did to him,” Demarcus said slowly.

With a big gulp, my eyes darted around to try and find a way to escape. “Look guys, I can explain everything…”

“We want the same.” Callum blurted out.

Being a running back, he was about the same build as Demarcus though with a leaner, more serious face. He was African American and his dark brown eyes shone with a slight haziness of drink, yet he looked serious enough.

Callum had cornrows in his hair with a French braid at the back. His plump lips were so inviting and I couldn’t wait to have my cock splitting them apart.

“Okay, so how do you want to do it?” I said nervously, still unsure whether this was a dream or not. Though they all had the smell of alcohol on their breath, though they didn’t look drunk, except for Rocky who had collapsed on my chair.

“We need your cum right?” Hunter asked, and I nodded.

His bright green eyes were hypnotizing. He was close to Rocky’s size though with a rounder face and light brown floppy hair. I was already imagining him and Rocky working out kaçak iddaa together, building up a sweat while they did their squats.

“Well, do you think you can share a load between the three of us?” he continued.

“Yeah, that could work…”

“Rocky said something about religion, meaning we can’t use our hands, is that right?” Demarcus said.

“Um, yeah… I can’t use my hands so you have to…”

“We know, just don’t say it.” Callum cut in.

He was unable to look at me, though I noticed that Hunter was openly staring at my crotch while Demarcus shuffled nervously beside him. Not wanting to say anything, just in case they decided to beat me up instead, the silence grew.

Finally, it was Rocky who took action.

“For fucks sake!” Grabbing my pants, he pulled them down and pushed me onto the bed.

“Get on the bed Demarcus, and suck him off.”

The cute running back looked at Rocky wide-eyed.

“Hurry up, we haven’t got all night!” Rocky barked, “you do want to pass this test, don’t you? Didn’t coach say that if you don’t, you get sacked…”

“Fuck it,” Callum said.

Getting onto the bed, I watched as he leant over and opened his mouth. Just as I thought he was about to suck my cock, he instead stuck out his tongue. Against his black lips, his tongue looked even pinker, I stared in wonder, and then he licked the tip

I couldn’t help but groan despite the surreal situation of three drunk footballers watching their teammate lick a skinny nerds cock.

Looking down, I watched as Callum opened his mouth and swallowed my cock. Despite having a French braid, which was practically calling out to me to grab it, and forced him to take more of my length, I resisted. These guys weren’t yet on Rocky’s level of submissiveness to me.

Callum’s thick lips were wrapped around my shaft while he sucked hard. Though he wasn’t close to Rocky’s skills, the softness of his lips was enough for my balls to tingle.

Deciding to be a bit bolder, I looked up at Hunter who was staring wide-eyed, and if I wasn’t mistaken, longingly, down at us.

“I’m close to cumming, get down and suck my balls,” I demanded. It’ll make me cum more so all of you can have more to share.”

Hunter’s face went through a series of quick emotions. First, he looked eager then noticing Demarcus was looking at him, he quickly pretended he was disgusted before they both looked at Rocky, who nodded. With an over-exaggerated sigh, he got next to Callum. Moving further down, he managed to get my left ball in his mouth.

“Fuck!” I cried.

Looking down, I saw two muscled men sucking me off. A loud groan caught my attention and on my chair, Rocky was stroking his hard cock, watching us. Suddenly I had an idea.

“Demarcus, go and blow Rocky. He has my cum in his system.”

I saw Rocky’s eyes light up. I was about to explain more as Demarcus looked confused but Rocky grabbed the running back’s hand and dragged him to the floor.

“That’s it! Suck my cock and get clever, Demarcus!”

Though Demarcus initially resisted, Rocky’s superior muscle and influence on the team paid dividends as the Latino opened his mouth and the blonde linebacker thrust upwards.

“Fuck yes! Show me how much you want to pass the test!” Rocky cried.

Deciding to go for it, I grabbed Callum’s French braid and forced him deeper.

“I’m cumming…” I gasped.

Hunter shot up from my crotch and watched as I emptied into Callum’s mouth.

“Don’t swallow…” I managed to croak through clenched teeth as my orgasm gripped my body.

When I finally let Callum up, he obediently pulled away with his mouth full of cum. He looked confused and I struggled to hold back a chuckle.

“Now give some to Hunter… No! Don’t spit it. You can’t waste any, you’ll have to pass it.” I said.

Turning to face Hunter, Callum pressed his mouth against the team defensive tackle. Pink skin pressed against black as they shared my spunk.

“Fuck!!” Rocky roared.

He had a tight grip of Demarcus’s head while he watched his two teammates kiss each other in the middle of the room. Tearing my eyes from the kiss, I watched as his big muscles flexed and rippled while he came.

On the floor, Demarcus swallowed thickly, his ass jiggled as he tried not to gag. Eventually, the big linebacker allowed him and the Latino, fell back gasping.

The smell of cum lingered in the air as we all recovered our breath. My slimy cock was resting against my stomach. It had started to shrink but as I saw the three footballers lick their lips, it began to rise.

“What else did Rocky tell you?” I asked.

“I told them everything, nerd!”

“Even about spreading the cum?” I replied cautiously.

“Course…” he began before smirking, “you want to fuck their asses?”

The three clothed guys looked at each other nervously but they didn’t say anything or move away.

“I think we need to spread the cum, don’t you?” I said, trying to sound as professional as possible.

“You heard the nerd, get your clothes kaçak bahis off,” demanded Rocky.

With Demarcus still on his knees in front of the linebacker, Rocky grabbed his shirt and pulled it free.

Slowly, the other two followed suit until everyone was naked. I had never seen a more arousing sight, my cock was now rock hard as I stared around at the four muscled bodies in front of me.

Hunter wasn’t as ripped as Rocky, though not many people were. He still had muscles on muscles and like the linebacker, he was completely shaved. His tanned skin looked soft and I could see his cock was half-hard, clearly, he was looking forward to what was coming.

Callum had small patches of tight black around his chest and above his cock. His black skin was smooth and standing side on to me, I could see the pert bubble butt standing out. He was still trying to not look at anyone else but, when he thought no one was looking, he took a quick glance at my cock.

Finally, Demarcus, with cum dripping from his lips, was standing with his hands covering his cock. It didn’t stop anyone from seeing how big and juicy his ass was, the cheeks were so large even standing facing me, I could see the curves of them. I was going to enjoy seeing them wobble.

“Shame you don’t have any shower gel nerd,” said Rocky, breaking my daydreams.

They looked at me in surprise. Of course, I had shower gel, I just didn’t bother to correct Rocky. I wanted to see what he had planned for these gods of the football pitch

“Looks like you’re going to have to lube each other up, that is if you want to act like teammates and help each other out!” Rocky said slyly.

The three men looked at one another in shock. I’m not sure what they expected when they came here but rimming each other wasn’t one of them. Once again, none of them made a move leaving Rocky to dictate things while I watched. He pushed Demarcus on to the bed and instructed him to suck me off.

“Be rough with him nerd, he needs to be taught how to get smart!”

I could only groan as Demarcus’s mouth opened to take in my hard shaft. With the running back kneeling between my legs, Hunter was pushed to kneel behind him.

“Now if you want to take this cock in your ass then you’re going to need it nice and wet. So I want to see a bit of teamwork lads!”

Grabbing Hunters thick brown hair, Rocky shoved his face into Demarcus’s caramel ass cheeks.

With no more room left on the bed, Callum was bent over by Rocky at the end of the bed. A resounding slap was heard across the room and Callum cried out.

“Do I have to tell you to do everything?!” snorted Rocky.

Gripping the French braid of Callum, he pushed his face into the giant tanned ass of Hunter. “And lick!”

It was a chain of muscled men and I was in heaven. My cock was straining, enjoying the soft lips of the Latino between my legs, but I was nowhere near cumming. I was going to enjoy taking three more cherries.

Pushing my shaft against Demarcus’s throat, I felt him gag and push his fat ass against Hunter. Letting him up, he looked up at me with his dark brown eyes watering. He might have said something, but instead, he moaned as his teammate’s tongue pressed against his asshole.

“I reckon they’re ready now,” I said to Rocky.

“Alright, bitches you heard the nerd. Get onto your knees next to each other. That’s it! Which one are you going to go for first?”

There was too much choice and briefly, I couldn’t answer Rocky. Hunter was in the middle with Demarcus on his left and Callum on his right. I had three different types of ass in front of me and I felt like I was in a candy shop.

The large muscled square ass of Hunter was pressing against the wobbly broad heart-shaped ass of Demarcus and finally, the tight bubble butt of Callum was so perky yet plump. There was so much choice, and it made me light-headed to realize that I could have them all, but I knew who I had to have first.

Licking my lips, I moved behind Demarcus’s thick thighs.

“Rocky, spit on his asshole,” I demanded and quickly the linebacker spat a wad of salvia on the crinkled ring making Demarcus squirm.

Without prompting, Rocky pressed his tongue against the hole, licking around before pushing it slightly inside causing the Latino to moan hungrily and push his ass back. Lifting his head, Rocky spat again and pulled back.

“He’s ready.” Rocky grinned, his mouth coated in a sheen of spit.

Gripping my cock, I took position behind Demarcus’s plump ass. Unable to resist, I ran my hands down his back before stroking his soft cheeks. Pushed forward, my cock pressed against his virgin entrance. Immediately, he tensed up.

“Rocky, go and sixty-nine with him so that he’s distracted,” I commanded.

Almost like a puppy, Rocky jumped at the order and crawled under his teammate. I felt his soft hair against my thighs and then the sound of sucking and groaning filled the room.

Pulling back, I aimed my cock down and moaned as I felt my jock eagerly suck my cock. Looking down, I saw Demarcus had relaxed in the arms of his linebacker.

With more than enough spit on my cock. I grinned as I pushed forward again. This time, with my cock and his hole wet, I managed to get my dick inside Demarcus’s tight ass

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