Driver Wilde’s Boxing Day Liaison

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As we left Bob and Katie, a revelation had just occurred…

They lay there in to each other’s arms, gazing across the bed. Katie pulled away slightly, and, looking crestfallen, Katie looked Bob in the eyes and spoke;

“Bob, I have a confession…”

Bob looked at her, worried that she was going to tell him she wasn’t 19 after all.

“Go on Katie…”

“Please don’t hate me, but this wasn’t a random thing. I’ve seen you driving the night buses, I’ve seen you around on the estate. This seduction was planned. I’ve wanted you for months, and this seemed just the way to get you. I started taking the pill a month ago, in anticipation of this day. I’ve been asking other drivers about you. I really was a virgin, and the Santa fantasy was real, but me being stuck in London precisely when you came along, it was no accident. Thank you Bob. Thank you for being so kind to me, and thank you for not rejecting me. Merry Christmas Bob.”

“I… I’m flattered Katie, I really am. That’s the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me. I guess the only question now, is where do we go from here…?”

The question hung in the air.

“Where do you want to go Bob?” Asked Katie.

“I’d like to see where this leads, but right now, I’d better be heading home. I’m working Boxing Day night, starting at nine pm. If you fancy a ride-along, be at the bus stop opposite the shops at half past eight, deal?”

“Deal!” She almost shouted.

After the confession, she was petrified that he was going to walk out in disgust, but this, THIS was exactly what she was hoping for, and so much more!

Christmas day was spent with their respective families, although Bob and game of thrones izle Katie were only there in body. Their minds were away with the fairies, whirling with the events of the previous night, and the possibilities the future might bring. And so came Boxing Day. At 6pm, Bob could take it no longer. He had to see her! Having neglected to exchange numbers, the only choice he had was to turn up at her doorstep. Unexpected, uninvited. Five minutes later, and trembling like a schoolboy, he rang the buzzer. Inside, Katie jumped at the unexpected intrusion. She was sat on her sofa wearing nothing but her Winnie the Pooh pjs, thinking about what to wear to meet Bob. Apprehensively, she picked up the entryphone.

“Hello? Who’s there please?” She enquired.

“It’s me, Bob, I couldn’t wait until later, I needed to see you now” ‘Shit’, he thought, ‘how desperate did that sound?’

“Bob! I’m so glad you came, Come on up!”

Bob climbed the stairs and knocked on the door, only to almost faint in surprise. In the short time it had taken for him to climb the stairs, Katie had changed in to a short, opaque, barely thigh length babydoll night dress with pink lace trim and a matching pair of stockings, replete with suspender belt. Bob was agog at the vision of beauty before him.

“Bob. Bob? Breathe for me Bob…”

He finally remembered to breathe, exhaling the breath he had been holding in.

“My God Katie” He whispered. “You look stunning!”

His hands unconsciously moved to his groin to cover the growing tent emerging therein.

“Is that a ticket clipper in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see gibi izle me, Mr Driver?” purred Katie, caressing her breasts.

“Er, um, well…” stuttered Bob, totally lost for words

“C’mere, big boy. My kitty wants her ticket punched with your clipper. Now!”

Katie dragged Bob inside, divesting him of his uniform as she went. Leaving him standing in the hallway, she bent over the back of the sofa, hitched up her nightie, and, looking him in the eye, seductively licked her lips.

“Are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to punch my ticket?”

All Bob could manage in reply was a feeble “Oh wow!”, before stepping over, kneeling down, and attacking Katie’s clit with his tongue. Katie wasn’t happy.

“I wanted my ticket punched, that’s not pu… oooooohhhh!”

“I have to inspect the ticket before I punch it miss” replied Bob, finding his voice.

“If that’s the case, inspect away, it’s totally valid, just don’t take too long, or it might run out before you get a chance to put your mark on it. OHMIGOD! That’s good!” she tried to reply. Although it came out more like “If that’s the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, it’s tooooooooooooooohhmy! Totally valid, just don’t take tooooooh long, or it might run out before you get a chance to put your mah-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhhrk on it. OHMIGOD! That’s……. cumminnnnnnnnng!!”

Bob smiled to himself. This woman was a Goddess, and she had chosen him! He stood up, lined up his cock, and thrust hard and deep in to Katie, stooping when he felt the nobble of her cervix against the head of his cock. Katie’s scream of delight at this act almost cracked the crystal!

“That’s the gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle way, hard and deep! I want to feel you poking at my belly! I want your cum deep inside me!”

Bob pulled half way out and slammed in again and again and again, varying the depth of the push and the length of the pull too keep her guessing, until he finally pulled out.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get that thing back inside me, I was about to cum again!” Shouted Katie.

Bob replied by spinning her to face him, picking her up, and slamming her down on to his now glistening knob.

“Shit! I thought doggie was good, this is even better! Where did you learn to do this? It feels like I’m going to explode! Fuck me Bob! Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before. Make me cum with your big hard cock! Oh yes, oh yes, oh YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

Katie came hard, her pelvic floor gripping Bob so hard, that all at once, he came in an uncontrolled torrent, Katie’s pussy milking his cock until it started to shrivel, completely spent. Bob looked at the clock. It was almost eight pm.

“Katie, honey, I know you’re still coming down, but if you’re coming with me, you need to go and start getting ready. Katie?”

Bob shook Katie gently. She was out cold.

“I guess you’re staying in tonight then.”

Gently, Bob picked her up and took her through to her bedroom, laying her out on her bed and putting the covers over her. Finding a pen and some paper, he quickly wrote out a note and went to work. When Katie awoke the next morning, she thought she had been dreaming, until she found a note:

Dearest Katie

I tried to wake you, but our exertions seem to have worn you out. I’ve had to go to work, but you can call me in the afternoon after 3pm on the number below. I truly wish to hear from you again, for I think I’m in love with you. I look forward to getting your call.



Katie hugged the note to her chest, and began to cry happy tears…

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