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dreams onlyCurling up in my bed warm and cozy propped against a pillow book in hand ,glass of wine on the night stand,settled in for the night .Reading one of my favorite authors ,drifting off to sleep ,was soon to be awaken with a soft whispering Wake up,soft caresses up and down my leg ,up my stomach,my breast ,pinching my nipples ,causing me to moan stretching opening my eyes smiling up at my lover pulling him down kissing him gently ,whispering your not due in until tomorrow,as his hand roams over my body he is telling me our equipment broke down they sent everyone home for the week,smiling pulling him down kissing,biting his lips whispering I have missed you and so having the girls,smiling he says I have noticed pulling the blankets back exposing my naked body looking down at me as he undressing sliding in to bed beside me rolls his body over mine running his hands over my arms as he does he is sliding them over my head pinning my hands with one of his over my head while kissing my neck just below my ear driving me crazy soft moans escape my lips as he moves down bornova escort my neck around to the other side then down sucking in one nipple rolling between his teeth pulling letting my nipple slip between his teeth kissing his way to the other breast teasing my nipple ,his free hand sliding down my stomach between my thighs teasing my pussy my heart is pounding wanting to feel his touch honey please take me now releasing my hands he slides down my body spreading my legs licking my inner thighs down one side up the other grazing my pussy my back arches my fingers tangle in his hair pulling wanting him to slide his tongue in removing my fingers from his hair sliding my fingers between my thighs sliding them in playing moaning my hips moving as you watch you slide your fingers in with mine thrusting hard and deep causing me to gasp oooo yesss fuck me please…..Continuing to tease me as my fingers rub my clit pulling and pinching rolling it between my fingers you part my lips tasting licking the walls of my pussy then up down you then slide bornova escort bayan your tongue in thrusting my hips buck my back arches moaning my body is rendered helpless to the pleasures of your assault my knees slide up legs spread wide my fingers tangled in your hair pulling moaning my legs wanting to close you hold them open my pussy is swelling dripping I am so turned on removing your tongue you slide your fingers in thrusting hard and deep tightening around your fingers as you thrust harder faster causing me to scream out gasping quivering my breathing heavy and think with lust as I orgasm ,removing your fingers ,rubbing my cum on the head of your cock ,as you stroke your cock you rub it on my pussy then spanking my pussy with your cock oooooo yesss yesss sliding it in slow and deep lifting my legs placing them on your shoulders as you thrust in to me ,with one swift movement you roll me on to my stomach pull my hips up parting my legs thrusting into me hmmmm baby you like that yesss oh fuck yesss again you thrust asking escort bornova me if I like that yesss fuck yesss oooh baby pull my hair grabbing my hair pulling as you thrust hard and deep ooooohhh yesss yesss spank me fuck I want you to spank me I am going to cum spanking me then thrusting as you pull my hair screaming oooh fuck me yesss thrusting in hard deep as I push back my ass slapping up against you as I scream I am cumming oooooh fuck yesss my pussy squeezing around your cock then releasing as I have orgasm after orgasm quivering as you continue fucking me sliding out spanking my ass with your cock my cum covering your cock you rub it up and down the crack of my Azz then around my Azz hole rubbing the head just at the rim then spanking moaning quivering I whisper baby fuck me please sliding the head in slowly as you slide in deeper and deeper pushing back into you pool I fuck yesss pulling out then thrusting in deep and hard screaming ahhh fuck yesss again thrusting deep and hard screaming again screaming grabbing my hair pulling you thrust in again telling me your cumming as you thrust in hard and deep as your cock explodes I scream as you thrust in hard and deep releasing your load ,collapsing with exhaustion our breathing heavy ,gasping for air my eyes flutter open my pussy is dripping my heart is pounding rolling over only to see that your not home .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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