Dream Girl

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As I laid in bed awake one evening my mind couldn’t help but to wander. First to the different sensations going about the room. The darkness, the cool breeze from the fan as the air conditioned wind danced across my skin and through my hair. And as I lay there longer, unable to sleep, thoughts of you entered my mind. Innocent enough at first. How we met and what happened in that fateful encounter that would change our perspective on life forever. You know, normal thoughts that you seem to have when you can’t turn your brain off? But then my mind thought of the touch of your skin, the sounds you make, and the scratches you left. For a brief moment I felt I could hear your moaning in my ear. My dick grew hard instantly at the sound. But it was late. I couldn’t possibly cum in time to be awake and ready for my day tomorrow. As I lay there feeling like there’s no point trying to sleep, I drifted off into the night.

I awoke some time later. Thinking that I had heard something. I listened carefully before attempting to go back to sleep. And then I smelled it. Your scent filling my lungs. My heart raced. Could it be true? You’ve come to see me as both my mind and dick had longed for before entering emily in paris izle the comfort of my dreams? I found it impossible to see at first. And then I felt your touch. Unmistakable in the way you caress my body and soul both at the same time. Kissing, and the heavy touching, I felt how wet you were already. All of our clothes off in an instant.

I want to start out kissing you. Teasing your boobs with my hands. Eventually nibbling on your neck. Then as I slide a hand down to your pussy I start teasing your nipples with my tongue. Twirling the very tip slowly around each before going for a playful bite. Hard enough so that the nipple pulls away as I back away. After a bit of fun I drag my tongue down your stomach stopping right above your clit. Letting my breath tease you I would tease your lips with my fingers and after a couple licks I’d kiss your inner thighs. Really letting the heat of the moment, and my breath, take you to the edge.

As I lick at your clit and allow my fingers to explore your body you make sweet music in my ears. The same tune I remembered as I fell asleep. Your fingers twist up in my hair and scratch as I erşan kuneri izle know I’m hitting the right spot. You beg me to fuck you but I’m not done teasing yet. After a few more minutes I stop and look at you with a knowing grin across my wet, glistening face. I rise up to give you a longing, hungry kiss. My dick slides across your opening sending an electric shock through my body. Your gasp lets me know that you felt the same tingling feeling as our tongues become engrossed in a dance of lust. We work our hips so that my cock is able to slide into your longing, wet lips. A moan of satisfaction escapes you as we start off slow. You can feel every veiny inch slide inside and you twitch with the sensation.

After a while of taking in your sounds, your scent, and the taste of your lips and body as my cock slides in and out of you I stop. I pull away and look down as you lay there. You look excited as I grip your hips and flip you over. On your hands and knees you feel a tight grip on your neck as the head slips between your pussy lips just like you wanted. You grip the sheets tightly with your ass in the air ready for what you’ve been waiting for. everyone else burns izle

With the tight grip on your neck I start going faster and faster. In. Out. In. Out. IN! OUT! Your moan erupts from inside as you get fucked the way you deserve. Oh my god! How I love the way your sweet flower grips my cock as I feel your juices flow across it.

I continue the rhythm but increase the pace. Going harder. Rougher. I spank you with my free hand. Hard. You groan loving the sensations. Gasping for air and letting the wave of pleasure rush over you. Your moans become higher pitched and your pussy tightens up releasing another orgasm. I eventually groan, “I’m cumming!” knowing that you are so sensitive at this time I pin you down so that there is no escape. You can’t back away no matter how good it feels. I explode deep inside you.

The wave and the rush of the spurts rack your body and you shiver. After the orgasm passes we both collapse into an exhausted pile. Again I take in your beauty. Your dark hair shining in the moonlight. Your figure and the way it hugs me so tightly full of love. I close my eyes trying to keep this as a mental image inside of my head forever. I open them and you’re gone. I’m sweaty and there’s a dampness in my underwear. My clothes are on again. I realize it’s a dream. I had another of you. The mysterious dream girl that fucks me and visits quite often in Dream Land. I awake confused and disappointed but I begin falling asleep after cleaning up. Because I know you’ll be back. You always come back.

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