Dr. Cole’s Casefiles – Vanessa Pt. 05

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Session 10-The Long Session, cont’d

We had finished the pizza and Vanessa was back on the couch ready to resume her story. We were both still in robes, our clothes having been washed and dried but left in the dryer. It had been one of the best days of my life, lounging about in nothing but a bathrobe, making love with the sexiest woman I’d ever known, and helping her along with her therapy.

I know that last sounds strange because I had violated one of the most basic canons of any healthcare provider by engaging in sex with my patient. But, after spending nearly twenty-four hours in a cycle consisting of hot sex, sleep, talk, eat, repeat, I had come around to Vanessa’s point of view on the subject: we had done what she needed to do and for reasons that made perfect sense to her and that she had demanded/schemed/pleaded be done as the only remedy that would suit her.

I was comfortable with the idea of my professional fate now being in her dainty hands. Love, or glands, if you will, undoubtedly colored my perception of the situation, but, as my therapist Bill would say, my ‘give-a-shit was broke.’ If I was thinking with my cunt, then the fact that such a woman as Vanessa chose my cunt proved its worth. So, there, ethics. Piss off.

I said, “We’re at the point now where you intended to leave Judith. I assume that it was the week before the following Christmas and you used a visit to your grandmother in Beauchamp as your excuse for leaving with a couple of bags?”

Vanessa nodded. “That’s right. Judith reminded me to be back by New Year’s Eve and to make sure I was well rested. She had a special party planned for those two lesbian lawyers from Jackson. I was to do a striptease and we were to have a foursome at which I was to be the main course. But I didn’t go to Beauchamp. I went to Mobile and stayed with a school friend named Sharon. She was from Beauchamp, too, and after graduation she got a job in Mobile. It was good to get away from the pressure I’d been feeling about Judith and my situation with her.”

I asked, “What happened on New Year’s Eve? Did Judith hunt you down?”

She shook her head. “No. So far as I know, Judith didn’t have a clue. I went to a party with Sharon. She and I had talked a lot. She knew that I didn’t have a boyfriend, but she didn’t know anything about me and Karen. She didn’t give any hint that she thought I was a lesbian.”

I interjected. “You know, you really aren’t a lesbian, technically. Neither am I. We’re both what you’d call bisexual, as evidenced by your current relationship with Aaron Wilson.”

She nodded. “I know, but at that time, I’d not done anything meaningful, I mean in a sexual sense, with a man for more than two years, and, if you counted how I felt about those experiences in my freshman and sophomore years, you could say ‘never.’ You got me?”

I answered, “Yes, I can see how you’d think that. So, what happened at the party?”

She smiled. “It’s strange. That’s where I met Aaron. Sharon introduced us. It was a costume party at a big house on Mobile Bay. The weather was perfect; clear and cool. I dressed as a dryad, you know, a short white Grecian tunic with one shoulder bare. I wore a strapless bra and high heeled sandals with straps going up nearly to my knees. I had my hair loose and a mask that only covered my eyes. Every guy there asked me to dance or offered me a drink or, you know, tried to chat me up, but I kept my distance. I wasn’t rude, but I didn’t encourage any one of them.”


Back to observation mode.


Sharon said, “Damn, Vanessa, every man here wants you and you’re single. I’ll tell you a secret, many of them ain’t.” The two young women giggled at that. Then Sharon said, “Would you like to meet the best one here? Oops, you don’t have much choice. He’s broken away from that group of girls over there and is heading this way.”

Vanessa asked, “Who is he? He’s got a lot of grey in his hair. Is he old?”

Sharon answered, “Not that old. Let’s see, there’s just a couple of hours left in 1980, so he’ll be forty-six in May. Owns a chain of electronic goods stores. He’s smart, damn good-looking, and very polite. I’ve known him all my life. I’ve always called him ‘Uncle Aaron.’ He’s good friends with my dad. They went to college together.

“He was married, but it didn’t end well. Been single now for the past twelve years or so. Lately I’ve gotten the impression that he’s lonely. Word’s out that he might be looking for a relationship, hence the flock of birds surrounding him. If he asks you to dance, don’t be stupid. I don’t care if he’s twice our age. I know him and a better man doesn’t walk the earth. Give him a chance.”

The object of their conversation was dressed as a pirate, complete with an eye patch, red sash, high black boots, and thick gold hoop earring on his right ear. He was about six feet tall and well-built. His collarless white shirt had puffy sleeves and the first three buttons were undone. Vanessa could see his chest had very little hair. He wore kocaeli escort bayan no hat and he had a conservative haircut. His hair was thick, wavy, black, and sprinkled with grey. The eye that she could see was dark brown and looked out on the world with confidence. It showed in his walk, too.

The way she felt just looking at him, well, it told her that she actually WAS interested in men still, she just hadn’t met the right one yet. He was watching her intensely as he made his way toward them. Several different people delayed him, but he never took his eye from Vanessa. She felt a thrill run through her body, as if a new adventure had sprung up out of nowhere.

He reached the two young women and turned first to Sharon. He bowed. Vanessa said to herself, “Shit. Who does that anymore? But damn, if he doesn’t look elegant as all hell.”

He said, “Sharon, dahlin’ it’s good to see you again. What you got left, one semester, yes?” Sharon giggled and hugged him and kissed his cheek. She said, “Oh Uncle Aaron, don’t be so formal. I already graduated and I’m working. You sent me a present. Don’t you remember?”

Aaron stared wide-eyed and blushed. He said, “Oops.”

Sharon play-slapped his arm. “Your assistant did that, didn’t she? You couldn’t get along for fifteen minutes without Jan. You didn’t even remember.”

His face still red, he stammered, “I’m sorry, sugah. You know how much I’ve been traveling.”

Sharon apparently enjoyed his discomfort. She laughed and threw her arms around his neck again. “You’re so cute when you blush. I better introduce you to my friend before the hen coup over there gets restive. This is Vanessa Fontaine. She was a classmate of mine and she’s from Beauchamp, like us.”

He turned to the lovely blonde and stuck out his hand. “Aaron Wilson, Miss Fontaine. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Vanessa took his hand, but instead of shaking, he bowed and kissed it. “Such dainty hands. You know, of course, that dainty hands are the very height of elegance.” Then he flashed a set of white, even teeth and cocked his head to the side.

Vanessa nearly swooned. She thought, “Talk about style and grace! He defines it.” She was afraid to speak, fearful of babbling like an idiot. So she did something she’d never thought of before. She curtsied and said “The pleasure is mine, sir.”

Aaron laughed and said, “Well-played, milady. Shall we dance?”

Vanessa showed him her teeth and said, ‘Indeed, milord. I’ve been waiting all evening for you to ask.’

He laughed again and said, “Then let’s git.”

He led the lovely blonde to the dance floor. A live band was playing one of those Drifter tunes from the early sixties that had a Latin beat. He took one hand and put the other on her waist. “Do you know how to rhumba?”

She cocked her eyebrow and said, “Try me.” And they started.

He was impressed. He said, “You’re the first young woman I’ve ever met that knows how to dance properly.”

She told him, “A friend showed me.” She didn’t say that Judith had taught her all the basic ballroom dance steps. She and Karen had spent many hours with their mistress in her living room doing the rhumba, fox trot, the cha cha, and other steps.

After a few bars of the song, he twirled her half-around, putting her back to his front, and placed his hands on her hips and his chin on her shoulder while they added more hip motion to the basic steps. He was a good dancer and, like all really good dancers, he brought out the best in his partner. Some people even stopped to watch them.

After about five songs, the band played a more current tune called ‘Oh Girl,’ and they danced cheek to cheek. He knew the lyrics and sang them to her quietly, in a lower octave, but still good. She closed her eyes as they swayed. She found the whole experience very sexy. The initial thrill she felt when they met didn’t fade. It got more acute. She thought to herself, “This is the best time I ever had outside the bedroom.”

The band took a break and they got some champagne. He invited her to walk outside to get some fresh air. Vanessa responded, “You read my mind.”

He laughed. She thought to herself, “He must be a very happy person to laugh so much. I’d never been around somebody who was so much fun. It’s delightful.”

They went out a side door and stood on the large balcony, watching the lights of the ships out on the bay. They sipped their drinks and talked about each other. Vanessa had to be careful what she said. Mainly she talked about her studies. He surprised her by being knowledgeable about a variety of literature, everything from the Greek plays and Shakespeare to American writers like Tennessee Williams and Eugene O’Neill. He could even name the constellations visible in the clear night sky and talked about the myths they represented.

Vanessa said, “It’s impressive that you know so much about literature. I thought you were a computer guy. I’d think you’d be all about circuits and algorithms and such.”

He laughed again. “Actually, I’m all izmit escort bayan about business. But business is people, and literature tells about people, how they think, what they like, what motivates them. Besides, knowing literature helps me impress beautiful women who have bright brown eyes that form a lovely contrast with their perfect blonde hair.”

She closed her eyes and sighed. To keep from seeming like a smitten school girl, she said, “I could listen to your Beauchamp accent all night. You know how we Beauchamp people talk like New Orleans folk instead of like the rest of Mississippi?” She thought to herself, “He has to know he’s racking up a winning score, but I don’t care. I want to pursue this guy, or, as things are developing, let him catch me.” She sighed again and opened my eyes to gaze at his, or, at least, the one she could see.

After a while, he said, “I hope you don’t think me too forward, but I’d like to have dinner with you. Are you free tomorrow night?”

She managed to keep her voice level. “Yes, I have no plans. Sharon has a date and I’ll be by myself. I’m staying at her apartment. You know the address? Oh, wait, you must cuz you sent her a graduation present,” she said with an innocent look on her face. Then she giggled.

He laughed and said, “You’re a little minx, aren’t you?” She stood there looking playfully smug. He handed her a small notebook and a pen. “If you’d be so kind, please write the address down for me.”

As she wrote, he said, “Will four be okay?”

She thought to herself, “That’s a little early for dinner,” but nodded. “Okay. How should I dress?”

He answered, “Dahlin’ girl, you make the clothes look good, not the other way around. But, casual, if you don’t mind.”

She couldn’t stifle her curiosity. “Where are we going?”

He shook his head and whispered into her ear, “I’m taking you to the most special place I know. The food is good and the atmosphere simply can’t be beaten.”

She felt her heart hammer in her chest. He stared into her eyes and she would’ve kissed him if he had made any kind of move. But he didn’t. He played the gentleman all the way.

The band started playing again and they went back inside. They danced every tune together. Vanessa noticed a lot of venomous glares directed toward her from the other women, but she paid no attention. Aaron had eyes only for her and that’s what counted.

At midnight, the trumpet player in the band played a flourish to signal the start of the New Year and the band struck up Auld Lang Syne. They kissed for the first time. She would’ve put her tongue down his throat, but she followed his lead; he was the gentleman and she was the lady. He took her upper lip between his two and she took his lower between hers, gentle and chaste, but she felt the heat of his hands on her back as he pulled her in close. She could sense he wanted more and she knew that she did. They didn’t break the kiss until a drunk guy bumped into them. Then everybody started kissing everybody and the moment was lost.

Vanessa was grateful when the band started playing dance tunes again so she could feel Aaron’s hands on her. The party ended at two and he insisted on walking Sharon and Vanessa to Sharon’s car. Sharon got in by herself while he held the door open for the lovely blonde. She paused for a moment. She decided to be a little forward and lifted his eye patch. She gazed into his eyes and placed her hand on his cheek. She said, “Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

He bent to kiss her. She opened her mouth, inviting his tongue in. He followed her lead. She entwined her tongue around his and sucked it gently into her mouth and ran her hand through his hair. He put both arms around her waist and pulled her in tight. They held the kiss for what seemed like a long time. Finally, Sharon started the car and Aaron broke the kiss. He took her hand and kissed it and said, “Until tomorrow, then.”

Vanessa got into the car, he closed the door, and she watched him wave as she and Sharon drove away.


I said, “It sounds like a fairy tale.”

Vanessa said, “Yes, it was. I leaned back against the headrest and sighed. Sharon said, ‘My God. Baby, I think he’s yours if you want him.’ I said, ‘That’s a definite possibility.’ She said, ‘You better watch yourself. Half the women there tonight would like to kill you.’ Then we both giggled.”

Vanessa closed her eyes for a moment. I asked, “Did you question Sharon about Aaron?”

She scrunched up a corner of her mouth and cocked an eyebrow. “Is the pope a Catholic? Of course I did. Hell, we talked til damn near dawn. I got all the scoop.”

When she didn’t continue, I prompted her. “Well, such as?”

“So, his ex-wife, for one. Actually, that was the main thing. They were high school sweethearts. He got a scholarship to a big Eastern school, but he turned it down to go to South Mississippi Polytech with her. He was always a brain and she didn’t really care much about school, she just wanted gebze escort the ‘college experience.’ That meant having her parents pay for four years of partying while she did the minimum level of work to not get kicked out.

“He studied hard and got a degree in Electrical Engineering. I remember saying, ‘So how can he talk so much about literature?’ Sharon said, ‘My dad says he was a constant reader, and when it wasn’t a textbook, it was one of the classics. He never read what you’d call popular books, like mysteries or thrillers or cop stories.’

“Anyway, Aaron and his ex got married just a few weeks after he graduated. She had dropped out in the spring of her senior year to plan the wedding. Her parents weren’t rich, but they had a comfortable life, so they gave their little girl a big wedding.

“Fast forward to a few years after the wedding, and Aaron worked for a large business equipment company as a salesman. You know, the kind that meets with CEO’s for a deal to sell hundreds of computers and arrange for installation and training and all that. I mean big deals. But it required him to travel. And his ex-wife refused to have a baby, but she was always bitching about being alone so much. So, when she got pregnant after ten years of marriage, Aaron smelled a rat. He had the baby tested and discovered he wasn’t the father.

“By that time, he had paid off their big house and had money in the bank. Aaron offered her a deal. In exchange for granting him a divorce and signing an affidavit that he wasn’t the father of the child and agreeing to no alimony, he would sign over the house and bank account to her. The house was worth about $50,000 and that’s about what they had in the bank. [Note to reader-that was a very expensive house and a huge amount of cash in 1980.]

“The bitch was flaky, but Aaron had fully informed her parents of all aspects of the situation. They convinced her to take the deal instead of fighting out a nasty court battle against indisputable proof that she was a conniving adulteress. Financially, Aaron started over again. This time, he quit his job, took his yearly bonus, and used it as seed money for his first electronics store in New Orleans. Now he’s got stores in Memphis, Jackson, Mobile, Birmingham, and two in Atlanta.’

I added, “And a yacht, and a big house, and other real estate, yes?”

Vanessa smiled, “Yes, all of that. But all he really cares about is the boat, as far as material possessions go. But emotionally, Sharon told me he had NOT started over so much as he just quit. He left women alone, for the most part, and concentrated on his business. He only went out with a woman when he needed somebody to accompany him to an event.”

I nodded. “A decade plus is a long time to be isolated, emotionally. Are you sure he had no companionship?”

She flashed a glance at me and hesitated. Then she shrugged. “I never asked him about that. Sharon thinks the women he occasionally appeared with at events were escorts. If that’s true, he may have used hookers as a form of relief. I can’t blame him, if he did. Once Karen showed me what truly satisfying sex is like, I know damn well I couldn’t go for long without it, and, as I understand things, men are even more so inclined.” She shook her head. “No. I’ve spent time working as a kind of whore, so who am I to judge? Based on his skills in bed, I’m pretty sure that he didn’t go without some kind of ‘companionship.’

I said, “Good for you. I find that an especially healthy attitude in your case. Balanced and reasonable, particularly in light of your relationship with Aaron now. So, tell me about your first, or should we call it your second, date with him.”

“He knocked on Sharon’s door precisely at four. She was already gone. Her boyfriend had picked her up an hour before.”

I asked, “That’s a bit early. Did they go to a sporting event?”

Vanessa said, “She never said and I didn’t ask. We were plenty friendly, but her boyfriend seemed to pay a bit too much attention to me for comfort.” She shrugged. “I discouraged it as much as I could without being rude and Sharon didn’t hold it against me. But she did try to minimize his exposure to me.”

I asked, “Wasn’t he at the New Year’s Eve party the night before.”

She shook her head. “He worked offshore on an oil rig. Them ol’ boys work their asses off, like twelve hours a day for three weeks straight. He got back home the afternoon of New Year’s Eve and went right to bed. No way could he have partied all night.”

I asked, “Then how did you ever meet him?”

“When Sharon and I were at school together in our senior year. We both took a full load the summer after spring semester to graduate early. Larry would always visit the day after he got home.”

I said, “I see. So, continue telling me about your big date.”

“Like I said, Aaron was right on time. I opened the door and invited him in for a drink. He was dressed in khaki shorts, a loose blue shirt, and what some call ‘Top Siders.’ But that’s just a brand name for a type of boat shoe. Thank God he didn’t try to wear socks with them like so many older guys do. They might as well wear a t-shirt that says ‘old man.’ There’s only two things worse: wearing white socks with sandals and, worst of all, wearing black socks with sandals.”

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