Dorm Fantasy

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7I sat there, staring over the top of my book at her toes. She stretched them out and wiggled them, more and more often as the night wore on. I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants, begging to be let out, to feel those gorgeous pale soles pressed against it.

It was almost 4 in the morning as I sat in the dorm lounge reading Dracula. She had been in here when I entered the room, over an hour ago. Sitting on a couch, her legs up on a table, typing away on her Mac. I didn’t say anything to her as I came in, we had never spoken before. I sat across the room for her, set up comfortably, and began reading.

It didn’t take long for me to get distracted. I could see her toes moving out of the corner of my eye. I paused on a line and glanced over, just long enough to watch her rub one toe against the other foot. A small shudder ran through my body. I attempted to return to reading, but glimpses of those succulent toes kept me from getting much farther. I couldn’t help but imagine what they must taste like. How they would feel to rub on my cock. I sat there and fantasized about what it would be like to slowly stand, walk over to her, kneel down before her and begin to massage her soles. Slowly working my hands over them. Squeezing and rubbing them, moving my fingers down and massaging each little toe. I could imagine the look of surprise she would give me, as I popped her big toe into my mouth. As I sucked lightly on it, and ran my tongue down the underside. I pictured the look of pleasure appearing over face, framed by those gorgeous red locks, as she realized how I wished to serve her and please her.

It didn’t take long for my mind to begin imagining her running her toes over my face, seeing the pleasure I received from it, and realizing how she could use me to her benefit. The schemes I concocted in my mind ran the gambit in their sexuality. How I prayed she would stand, pull off her tight little shorts, revealing a beautiful little pussy, and command me to eat it.

I could hear her say the words to me, “You wish to please me, boy? Then come closer. And put your face here. Eat my pussy, do it now, make me cum, little boy. “Imagining with trepidation, I brought my face into her lap. I stared desirously at the beautiful mound of flesh before me, the small patch of red hair, above a succulent set of lips, framing the bulb of a clit. I stuck out my tongue and licked her clit lightly. I felt her body shiver against me, as she tightened her legs onto my back. I spread my lips and let them slide over clit, sucking it lightly I felt her feet flatten against the small of back, nails digging into my skin as lightly nibbled.

I worked my tongue over her clit, up and down, and felt her begin to grind her pussy into my canlı bahis şirketleri face, sinking lower into the couch. I let my tongue start to move side to side, and felt her shiver. Catching a circular rhythm around her clit, I could feel her juices begin to flow heavily, and my chin became wet. Suddenly, I pushed my tongue inside of her pussy, giving a strong lick, savoring the juices that flowed into my mouth. I sucked her clit back into my mouth and nibbled again. I could feel her shaking from the pleasure.

Bringing my right hand up, I popped a finger inside of her, pushing it in and out with the movement of my tongue. I curved my fingers up, feeling her toes quake as my nails dragged against her g spot. I suckled hard on her clit, and rubbed the g spot fervently, feeling it swell with juice. As she neared orgasm, I resumed the circular route of my tongue, and pulled my fingers quickly over her g spot. I began switching between a rapid finger fuck to massaging her g spot; all while sucking, nibbling and licking her throbbing clit.

Suddenly, with one last brush on her g spot I felt the fluid give way. Sensing what was coming I moved my mouth lower from her clit, and opened just as the juices began to shoot. Her loud moaning in my ears, toes digging into my back, thighs squeezing my head, I was in heaven. Her sweet pussy juice was the wine I had desired all my life. When I came out of my reverie, I realized she had her hands firmly wound into my hair, and as she came, she had begun fucking my face slamming my tongue into her to prolong the pleasure. I raised my head slowly, juice still dripping from my lips to look at her.

Smiling down at me, “Good Boy,” she says, “Did you enjoy that?” I nod fervently to her, praying for another reward. I am a greedy slave, one day I will need to be punished for it. “Would you like me to do something to you? I saw you looking at my feet earlier; I was watching you the entire time. I know you like them by the way you were sucking on them earlier, but let me ask you, would you like to feel them on your cock?”

“Yes, Ma’am, Please Ma’am.” I beg, staring up at her with hopeful eyes.

“Good, because I want to feel your cum between my toes.” She lay back onto the couch, and motioned for me to stand. “Well, boy, let me see it. If I don’t see a cock that I like, I’m not going to let it touch me, let alone my feet.” Her voice grew husky as she finished her sentence. “And if I won’t let it between my toes, then you have no chance of feeling it in my pussy.” I tore my pants off as quickly as I could and presented my cock to her at full mast. I was already soaked in precum, and was afraid I’d lose my load at even her lightest touch. I was about to warn her as she smiled at canlı kaçak iddaa it, and looked up at me.

“Oh, little boy, are you really that close to cumming? That isn’t good. You’re going to have to control that. Listen to me now. If you cum before I tell you to, then I am going to beat you. I am going to spank you, and I am going to crush your balls. Then I will put on my strap-on, and fuck you until you’re numb from pain. Do you understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I do Ma’am.” I couldn’t help but be aroused as well as scared by her proposal, by the look in her eyes, I think she could tell what a little slut I truly am. She motioned for me to sit on the couch facing her, and to spread my legs, one straight on the couch, the other bent off the couch with my foot on the floor.

She started by tracing her big toe up the inner thigh of my leg on the couch. Then using her other foot, she did the same with the bent leg. Slowly she brought her toe to the base of my shaft, and ran the nail lightly up to the head. She pushed the head down with the heel of her foot.

Suddenly she sandwiched my cock between her soles, and began to rigorously pump it. Faster and faster she went; it took all I had not to cum right then. Slowly she began to pull her feet away. She brought one foot to my balls, and played with them, as she ran the other over my chest. She lifted the foot high enough for me to reach forward and kiss the toes. She moved a little closer to me, and pushed the toes into my mouth.

“Take them all in there, and lube them up, the more you get the better it will feel. “

After a moment of profuse sucking and licking, she pulled them from my lips, and slathered my cock with the spittle, taking it between her toes she began to pump again. I could feel her toes passing over my skin, and I shuddered with pleasure. She jerked me harder and harder, knowing how hard it was for me to control myself.

Stopping abruptly, she brought her left foot up to my mouth. “Do you wish to cum on your Mistress’s toes now?” I nodded, body too tense to speak. “Well, I guess I’m going to have to let you, because I want to be able to hear you thank me, rather than just see it in your eyes. You will know when I want you to cum, now, suck on my toes again. Lube them up like before, and believe me, you really want them lubed now. Ideas fluttering through my mind, I felt her slide her big toe between my lips, and I ran my tongue over it, feeling her right foot playing with the head of penis.

When she determined it was wet enough she pulled it out of my mouth and set her foot down in front of my cock. “Slide down a little, boy, it’s about time for you to cum.”

Mind riddled with desire I did as I was told, and I felt canlı kaçak bahis her foot press against my asshole. She took my cock between her big and index toes, and began to pump it furiously. “Do you want to cum?” I nodded.

She shoved her big toe into my asshole, and I felt it slide in, the upward curve of the nail just hitting my prostate, and as she pumped my cock down I felt my body give way. I came like a cannon, and watched as the semen fell down and landed all over her foot, leg, and pussy. She didn’t stop pumping when I came, and continued to push her big toe in and out of my asshole, as I shook with sensational overload. Slowly she stopped moving, keeping her big toe inside of me, she release her grasp on my cock and set her foot down. I breathed heavy for a moment, before slowly looking to her.

I saw then, the cum had flown and landed on her cheek and lips as well. A small line drizzled across the slight bit of flesh of her chest that had not been covered by her shirt. Her eyes stared at me with a mix of pleasure and anger, and she shoved her toe in farther. I felt another toe enter me, and knew she would use her entire foot if she chose to.

“Mistress, I am sorry, will you please allow me to clean you?” She stopped pressing her toes into me, and slowly pulled out. I knew I had said the right thing to please her.

“Yes, boy, you may. Start by licking it off my chest. The cum on my face, I will deal with.” And she moved her tongue out, and wiped the cum off her lips, using a finger to wipe the rest off, she then sucked it from her finger. “You’re lucky I think you taste good, boy.” She smiled. I had actually pleased her with my cum. I slowly moved, rising onto my knees, I bent forward and licked the cum from her chest. “Do not swallow it boy, keep it in your mouth, and savor it.” I nodded, and moved down, licking the cum from her pussy, and leg. As I moved for her foot, she stopped me by grabbing my hair and pulling my head up. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me, and I could feel her tongue seeking out the cum in my mouth. I let her take all of it, and enjoyed the feel of her lips against mine. As she pulled away, I saw her swallow my cum, and felt pleased that she enjoyed it. “Now you may clean my foot, and you may have the rest for yourself. I knelt down and licked the cum off the top of her foot. Slowly I let my tongue slide between her toes and wipe away the last of it. Pleased, I swallowed, making sure she could see me, knowing it would please her.

She smiled at me, and gave me a knowing look. “You have done well little one. Maybe one day I will let you fuck me.” She then stood, bent over and pulled on her shorts, picked up her Mac, and left the room. I stared after her, and as the door began to close, she called back, “Don’t you dare mention this to my boyfriend, or it will never happen again.”

Sometimes I get too deep in my fantasies. I watched her leave the room and call the elevator, wishing I would have at least talked to her.

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