Don’t Look Back Ch. 06

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“Feeling restless?”

Marshall never turned as Lee came up behind him. He gazed through the screen door, his focus on nothing in particular. A recent rain had dropped the temperature to more bearable levels, and the cooling breeze that blowing into the house was a welcome visitor. Thirsty birds dipped their beaks in the water-filled bowl of the concrete bird bath; turtles rimmed the edge with stony gaze and dragonflies circled the pedestal. A rabbit shot across the grass, his companion haring after him; both were quickly lost to view.

“Mmm, what makes you think so?”

Marshall felt Lee press against him, his hands flat against Marshall’s hips, his head resting on Marshall’s shoulder familiarly.

“Maybe ’cause I know you? And maybe ’cause I been watching you prowl around the house for onto a half hour now. You sit at your desk, then you get up. You go into the kitchen, then you come back. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve got a case of cabin fever going on.”

“Cabin fever?” Marshall turned his head slightly to meet Lee’s deep blue gaze. “Isn’t that what people get when they’re shut up for long periods of time with nothing to do? I’m not exactly a shut-in here, you know.”

“I know that.” Lee’s voice was low and well-modulated, and Marshall loved its every cadence. When Lee pitched it just right, shivers slid through Marshall’s body in rapid succession. Just listening to Lee often turned Marshall on.

Today mecidiyeköy escort was no exception.

“And I have plenty to do. We have plenty to do.”

“That we do,” Lee agreed. His palms rubbed lightly over Marshall’s hips. “But sometimes it’s nice to get out and about.”

“We just went to Milly’s for dinner last night,” Marshall pointed out. “Doesn’t that count?”

“There’s getting out and there’s getting out.”

Marshall couldn’t argue with that. And just maybe he had been pacing a bit, whether he meant to or not. Sitting still seemed to be getting on his nerves. But then so was moving sometimes.

“What’d you have in mind?” Marshall knew Lee well enough to know he wasn’t prone to making idle conversation. Not that they didn’t talk, mind you, they did. But Marshall could tell the difference between chitchat and communication, and Lee didn’t do chitchat.

“I dunno, what sounds good to you?” Lee countered, and something in the timber of his voice reached inside of Marshall and arrowed straight to his cock. Decision made.

He pushed back against Lee, grinding his ass against Lee’s crotch, a soft moan welling in his throat. “You do,” he murmured in heartfelt tones. “I’m hungry for you. I want to taste you. I want to lick and suck you until you come. And then I want to swallow every last bit of you.”

“And do you think you’ve earned that?”

“I do,” Marshall maintained. “I finished that istanbul escort program you asked me about, for that company out in California.” Marshall continued to gyrate his backside against Lee like a needy cat. He closed his eyes and inhaled Lee’s scent—masculine and earthy, familiar and sensual. Lee didn’t need cologne to make him smell good. Mother Nature had done that for him all by herself.

“And I’m ahead on everything else,” Marshall finished. Although Lee generally initiated their lovemaking, he didn’t discourage Marshall from making the first move himself when he was inclined to do so. Lee might keep Marshall on a leash, so to speak, but it was definitely a consensual arrangement, with a certain latitude on both their parts.

“Sounds like you’ve done well, boy.”

Marshall could read between the lines. Lee had neither blown him off nor said no. Lee’s next words only confirmed that.

“No time like the present.”

Lee moved his hips against Marshall, their movements meshing in exquisite synchronicity. Marshall could feel Lee’s steely hardness, and he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Right here?” Marshall asked. It didn’t matter to him that they were standing before an open screen door, in full view of any passerby. This was their little kingdom. None of their neighbors would think of trespassing, and they knew it. The chance of outsiders was slim to none. This wouldn’t be the first time they’d dared şişli escort to exhibit their voyeuristic side.

“Right here.”

Lee spun Marshall about in one quick movement, his hands cupping Marshall’s ass, kneading it through the stiff denim even as he pulled him closer. His mouth crashed down on Marshall’s, and for a long moment nothing more was said.

Lee pulled away first, his breathing more shallow and rapid than when they’d first begun. “Show me what you can do, boy,” he commanded in a lust-laden voice with all the smokiness of fine Kentucky bourbon.

Marshall tossed his head back as he slid to his knees. His long auburn hair cascaded down his back, away from his face and out of harm’s way. He raised his face to Lee’s once more, memorizing every facet, every plane, every nuance of Lee’s features, before turning his attention to the matters at hand.

He reverently undid Lee’s large silver buckle, bound up with so many memories, from his youth and up. He loosened it enough to access the button beneath, and slipped it through its opening. Then he carefully pulled down the zipper, not rushing, in joyful anticipation of what he was about to receive.

Lee was hard already, and getting harder. Marshall gently eased Lee’s cock into his waiting hands, closing them about it as if in prayer. He placed a reverent kiss on the tip, and then another.

So very good.

“Did you want to sit for this?” He directed the question up at Lee.

“Do you think I’m too old to stand, boy?”

Marshall smothered a smile as he sucked Lee’s dick in his mouth, making a reply impossible. Of course he didn’t think that, he just wanted to get the old man’s blood flowing real good.

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