Dogging for the first time.

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Bbc Whore

Dogging for the first time.As Mike kissed her, and she felt his hand slip up between her legs and touch her already excited clit, Ellie couldn’t help thinking of the last time they had met. and how much she had enjoyed the club Mike had taken her to. Was that only last week? And only two weeks since they had first fucked? She had felt so strongly before then that she would never fuck a married man, but as the waves of lust and desire, again started to radiate from her swollen little clit, and she felt Mikes finger dip deeply into her wetness, she remembered how easily that had changed. How often had she felt Mikes hard cock fill her hot passage since then? And how about all the others she had met in the club, particularly the one with the big cock. That had scared her at first, and hurt when it first pushed into her, but what an orgasm he had given her and how empty and a little sore she had felt when he had pulled out. She hadn’t realised that she had a taste for big cocks, but with Mikes thickness and that monster of a cock in the club, she certainly did now. She started panting a little as she felt Mikes fingers playing around deep inside her on her, and knew if he kept working on her clit she was going to cum, so she slipped one hand on his cock making it twitch and swell in her hand, and with the other started rubbing and pinching her own hard little nipple.Mike too was remembering the exclusive feeling of first sliding into her warm wet pussy, and how her muscles had gripped him and almost made him cum immediately. He had waited so long to meet her after their long exchanges by e-mail, and had really thought he would never get to fuck her. Even, as now, with his hand. He loved the feel of her pussy gripping his manhood and marvelled at how wet and open she always felt. He just wanted to plunge his cock into her again, and felt it jump as she took hold of it. But no, he would wait for what they had planned to do, but he was damned sure he would make her cum instead. He could feel her panting and she pushed her hot little tongue into his mouth, so he knew she was close. How she had seemed to enjoy the club last week. He had worried when all those other people had come in, but she was suddenly like another woman, fucking sucking and being eaten by men and women alike, and how she had nearly made him cum watching her fucking the guy with the big cock. That was one of the most erotic displays he had ever seen.Suddenly, she knew she couldn’t hold back any longer so with her characteristic little scream she gripped him tightly and shuddered at her release, feeling her juices rush past his still moving fingers and wetting the seat of his car. She also felt his cock jump and thought he had cum too, but no, as he removed her hand from it she knew from the frustration etched on his face that he had managed to hold back. As there breathing returned to normal Mike said “Hi Ellie, good to meet you again, if we are going to try that dogging we spoke about, we had better get going”.As they pulled into the dark forest clearing, that was apparently a popular local dogging site, they saw one other car over on the other side with all its lights off, so Mike turned theirs off too. Knowing that the dogging procedure was that if a couple were having sex in a car and turned on their interior light, then it was an invitation for others to go and watch. However, if they then opened their door or windows it was an invitation to join them. Whilst they waited for the action to begin therefore, Ellie felt Mikes hand on her breast and he began rolling her nipple between his fingers, and kissing her again. Then grabbing her hand he pulled kaçak iddaa her out of the car and said they should get into the back. His car was a sporty number with low front seats and a raised central console, so she knew what was on his mind. Within seconds he had her blouse off over her head and her breasts jutting out, and her hard little nipples were soon in his mouth. His rule of no bra or pants being worn also made absolute sense, as his mouth moved down to her pussy and her legs were pulled open and lifted over his shoulders. Then his hot tongue was lapping at her clit and his fingers were again at work inside her. She tried to reach for his cock but had to content herself with pulling off his shirt and helping his one free hand unfasten his belt, but was further turned on by the splashing sound of his fingers fucking her wetness. Suddenly Mike stopped and reached up to switch on the interior light making her freeze froze at the significance but then his tongue was back inside her pussy, and his lips moving on her swollen clit Pushing his pants out of the way, she finally managed to grasp his cock, already wet with his pre-cum. It started to throb in her hand and she felt Mikes mouth and fingers leave her pussy, he then pushed her firmly back onto the back seat with her legs still over his shoulders, and she felt the large head of his cock his trying to push its way into her pussy. She reached out to guide it, but felt Mike take her hands away and then grasping them tightly together he held them over her head, whilst he slowly and tantalisingly rubbed the head of his cock around the inside of her dripping wet pussy lips. Up and down, round and round and then over her swollen clit, she gave a loud moan of wanting, and begged him to fuck her, he was driving her mad! But still he made them both wait. Then suddenly, she distinctly heard voices outside the car and realised they were being watched. But she was too far gone to care, and as Mikes thick cock slowly pushed into her she screamed and gripping Mikes bum tried to pull him into her as fast as she could. Then they just fucked and fucked with the seat squelching from their juices, the car rocking madly and the spectators outside giving a little cheer and crude words of advice.Mike had also heard the voices, but was not surprised as he had known they would come as soon as he put on the light. After all, this is why they had come here in the first place. As her felt Ellie’s hot pussy grip his cock he was amazed at the depth he could achieve in her, in this position but he also knew he would struggle not to cum too soon, and he was not helped by her urgently trying to force him even deeper into herself. He therefore let go of her hands and let her legs down from his shoulders to change the angle of his penetration but she then immediately locked them behind his back so he was no better off. He had to hang on a little longer, this was wonderful but he was going to explode.Ellie, felt him move her legs but wanted more, and so gripped his bum as hard as she could to pull him into her feeling her finger nails digging into the crack between his bum cheeks. Then suddenly he was flooding into her and she started cumming herself giving a loud scream which raised a cheer from outside. Then Mike just slumped over her and they kissed and hugged as she sadly felt his cock shrinking and their juices flooding out of her.Mike then sat up and opened the car door and she felt a sudden pang of fear at what this signified and started trying to cover her nakedness but Mike stopped her, ‘No leave it, this is why we came, just kneel up with your back to the open door and see what kaçak bahis happens. Ellie guessed what he meant, and looked out at the small group surrounding their car. She saw guys with their cocks in their hands. Some of them were completely naked, some just wearing shirts whilst others were completely dressed with their trousers open at the front. She had never seen so many cocks of various shapes and sizes and again felt fearful of what was going to happen. There were also a number of women in a similar state of undress and another four or five cars parked with their interior lights on and three with their doors open and similar groups of people standing around them.Mike knew Ellie would be scared at first so got her kneeling up as quickly as possible and waved the nearest guy over, indicating that he should take up his position just behind Ellie’s raised pussy, then told another guy to go round to the other side of the car and get in so that Ellie could suck his cock. They both did as instructed and soon he could see the guy behind push himself into Ellie’s already dripping pussy, and start to pump himself wildly into her. He also saw inside, Ellie taking the other guys cock into her mouth and knew that she was now OK.Ellie felt a strange cock nuzzling at the entrance to her pussy, and at the same time a guy sat down just in front of her and offered her his cock to suck. This she could cope with, so starting with a gentle lick around the crown of his cock she was soon taking him all into her mouth and slurping loudly up and down his length. At the same time the unknown cock pushed its way into her and started fucking her, perhaps a little too rapidly. Whoever it belonged to, it felt quite big but not as thick as Mike. Comparisons were soon forgotten however as she felt herself responding to his pounding and starting to push herself back wanting more. The guy took a firm grip of her hips and speeded up even more, but then, to her great disappointment, she felt his juices suddenly spurting into her, much too soon for her,and then the cock withdrawing, but leaving her feeling frustrated and needing her own release. Almost immediately however, she felt another cock pushing into her, quite long and thin this time, but with the promise of release. As this cock pushed her pussy lips apart and entered her passage as deeply as its owner could make it, the cock in her mouth exploded and she had to suck and swallow rapidly to stop his juices going everywhere. He then simply got up and left the car with another strange cock appearing, almost immediately, for her to enjoy in a similar fashion. By the time this to was buried in her hot little mouth, Ellie was pleased to feel the second, thinner cock, being skilfully moved around inside her stimulating her pussy from side to side in a controlled mixture of deep and shallow thrusts, slowly entering and leaving her one minute, and then giving her a quick burst of rapid thrusts the next. She was enjoying this, particularly the unexpected deep thrusts into her, and wondered how this cocks length compared to the first guys? But again, these thoughts were soon overtaken by the lust and wanting of the moment, and without thinking of the cocks owner Suzy felt herself cumming again, quickly wiping out the memory of her last disappointing experience.Mike too was busy enjoying himself by this time, as he had left his car he had seen asexy looking red headed woman with enormous swinging breasts, and without saying a word, she had simply come over to him and taken hold of his shrunken cock. Then simply led him around to the bonnet of another car where, still without a word she bent right illegal bahis over and gestured for him to fuck her. Thankfully the sight of her hairy pussy with its gaping anus above, quickly got Mike hard again, particularly when he realised someone must have recently fucked her in her bum for it still to be so open. He therefore stepped forward and sank himself into her nice wet pussy which he happily fucked for a few minutes whilst holding onto the woman’s swinging breasts and pinching her nipples. He did however think of Suzy and how he much preferred the feeling of her tight little pussy with its amazing grip. But there were other things to enjoy, so he pulled himself out of the womans pussy, whilst she objected loudly, and with his cock nice and wet he pushed himself firmly into her anus. He struggled a bit as it was a tight fit but he soon managed to get himself right inside and after a few strokes the woman started matching his thrusts with her own. She was very tight however so he felt himself cumming after a short time and with a little moan started emptying himself into her. She obviously liked this a lot and seemed to enjoy her own orgasm shortly afterwards. As they recovered, she bent over again and for a few moments he enjoyed her sucking his cock dry whilst he again played with those magnificent tits.By this time Ellie had lost track of the number of cocks that had fucked her, or the number of cocks she had emptied with her mouth and had had to turn over and lift her legs up to the roof to be fucked in another position, this having the advantage of getting her breasts played with and her nipples sucked a little more. However her pussy was beginning to feel a little sore and she was glad that Mike had thoughtfully left her a tube of gel to keep herself nice and wet with. So far one cock above all the others stood out however, and yes, it was another very big one, probably the biggest she had ever seen, never mind had inside her. Its owner was a good looking Black guy, so perhaps it was true what they said about the size of Black cocks? She was really wet however and also knew she would love it once she was inside her pussy, so pulling her pussy lips apart with her hands for him she gritted her teeth against his first forced entry. It did hurt however and it felt as if he was going to split her open. Also when he had it fully inside her it touched the mouth of her womb and that hurt too. Soon however with his skilful thrusts she was gasping with pleasure and pushing back for more, moaning loudly with each thrust as the pain disappeared and was replaced by that now familiar deep tickling that she knew would soon explode into her orgasm. She wasn’t certain afterwards, but thought that amazing cock had brought her to orgasm at least three times before she was flooded with so much of its owner juices that she could feel it running out of her and soaking the already wet seats of Mikes car. If she wasn’t careful she thought, this love of big cocks would only only make her keep wanting bigger and bigger cocks to fuck her.Mike by this time had also played with a number of women, but had only managed to cum inside one more pussy, as his supply of sperm had run out, and even with a good supply of female mouths to revive it, his cock was sadly at half mast. However, he had managed to bring a number of his assailants to orgasm with his mouth and fingers and currently had his hand and quite a bit of his lower arm inside the enlarged pussy of a fisting devotee who was writhing about on her second orgasm. Looking around for a minute he saw that by now most people were moving off and leaving, so retrieving his arm from its tight wet environment and giving the owner’s clit a soft sucking until she came noisily once more he went to find Ellie and after wiping her down and mopping the back seat of his car they headed off.

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