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DOCTORS DAUGHTERDoctor’s Daughterbymreblack©Sean Wilson was extremely tired as he entered the front door of his home. Wilson, a doctor, was at the end of double shift at St. Agnes Hospital, and all he wanted to do was get in his very expensive car, drive to his very expensive home, and get in his very expensive bed. As he entered the door of his home, however, Wilson’s fatigued body was soon brought to attention by a muffled groan eminating from his daughter’s room. Alarmed, he ran up the stairs and was about to burst into the room when he heard the moan again, but realized it was a moan of pleasure as opposed to fear or panic. “Oh my god, Grant, don’t stop, fuck me harder!”“Yeah you black little slut, take this white meat. Damn, I knew you were a slut!”Wilson stood there, shocked, angry and hurt. His daughter, 18 year old Devin, was splayed on her back on the bed, allowing her pussy to be violated by the neighbors’ son, Grant Van Beal. Wilson couldn’t believe it. He watched in utter disbelief as Grant, with a deliberate, agonizing slowness, pushed his ivory pole into the nether recesses of Devin’s sloppy and rather noisy quim. The look of pure lust and pleasure on her face was heartwrenching to Wilson. This was his youngest daughter, she of the 4.0 GPA, the 1500 SAT scores, class president, already accepted to Harvard. He had frequently told her to avoid the stereotypes associated with black women, but now he felt as though he’d forgot to tell her about the best stereotype: that black women loved to fuck. And she was certainly fucking. Wilson continued to watch as Grant, who by now had picked up speed, issued forth a stream of filth regarding Wilson’s daughter“Are you thirsty bitch? You better be because I am going to fill your black ass stomach with some good white cum. I can’t believe you made me wait a whole day to fuck you again. This time you’d better swallow it all.”“Please do it. I want to choke on your seed! I promise I’ll be a good girl and drink it down!”Grant, without warning, pulled his shaft from her pussy and jerked her down off the bed to her knees. Devin quickly opened her mouth and allowed the jet of hot cum to splash on her tongue, searing the insides of her cheeks. She grabbed his twitching member and placed it in her mouth, sucking it greedily for any last drops of its pearly contents. Wilson, too hurt to say anything at that point, slowly backed away from the door, but couldn’t help noticing that his own dick had been twitching during the whole scene. He went back out the front door, got in the car, and drove around to give his daughter time to get that damned boy out of the house. As he drove though, Wilson’s mind stayed fixed on the scene he’d just witnessed: his daughter, glistening with sweat, fucking like a grown woman, matching that boy thrust for thrust, talking like a little tramp. And as he thought, his turgid Johnson began to ache with need. He began to unzip his pants and freed the 11 inch b**st, black and rippled with snake-like veins, from its confinement. “Why is my dick hard?” he thought to himself. “Not because of Devin. I just really need some pussy.” He knew however, that pussy tonight was unlikely. His wife Angela would be too tired from working on the latest merger, so he would have to content himself with a good porn and a really good lubricant. “Ah well…let me go home”Wilson arrived home to find his daughter in the den watching a cable news channel. He realized he was paying attention to things he had never paid attention to before. Like the length (or lack thereof) of her gym shorts. Or the way her t-shirt fit a bit too snug, allowing her puffy nipples to stretch the fabric. Wilson was not prepared for this, and his cock began to stir uneasily in his pants.“Hi, Daddy!” Devin exclaimed as she realized sahabet güvenilirmi her father was there. In her customary fashion she got off the couch and gave her father a welcoming hug, which he was somewhat reluctant to return because he knew she would feel the hardening lump between his legs. She did feel it and a look of quick bewilderment crossed her face; however she said nothing and sat back on the couch.“ What have you been doing today, Devin?”“Oh nothing much. Grant from next door came over and we worked on some calculus”You lying little slut, Wilson thought to himself. “What are you doing for tonight?”“Nothing really. Mom called and said she’d be very late because they had some more points to work on for the merger. She told me to take care of you.”Something about the way Devin said the last part of that statement made Wilson’s cock twitch with lust, but he controlled it.“Well, I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower.”“No daddy, sit down here with me for a little while, I haven’t talked with you all day.”Wilson slowly sat down, praying that his erect manness would subside before his daughter noticed. Unfortunately for him though, he had neglected to fully tie his surgical scrubs which he had loosened when he was in the car, and his ebony cock made a lewd tent the moment he sat down.“DADDY! Your penis is hard!” Devin squealed in horror. Oddly, though, her eyes stayed transfixed on the sight. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. Daddy was just thinking about something and well you know, daddy’s a man…”“Ummm, ok.” she said. Then a mischievous look came in her eyes.“Show it to me”“Excuse me? How dare you young lady, I am your father.”“ I know who you are. I want you to show me your cock, daddy. After all isn’t it hard because you are thinking about me?”Wilson was caught. He knew that she was right, but he wasn’t sure what to do. What the hell? He thought, I’ll just show it to her. He pulled his long black member from its cotton constraint and held it in full view. Devin gasped at the sight. It was a magnificent cock, staring at her like some angry cobra, with precum starting to ooze from the tip like venom. Wilson was about to put it back when Devin grabbed and began to stroke it slowly. “Daddy I’ve never seen one so big. I can barely get my hand all the way around it.” Wilson began to protest, but Devin quieted him with a simple “shhh” and continued to fist his aching member. She stopped just long enough to coat the inside of her hand with saliva, and then continued to pump the dick, her strokes becoming more forceful and gaining speed. Wilson stood there transfixed, watching his seemingly prim and proper daughter give him the best handjob he’d ever had. Then she began to talk, and he knew things between them would be different from now on.“Daddy I have wanted to do this for sooo long. I knew you were watching me earlier with Grant and figured it would turn you on.”Wilson said nothing, merely nodding his head.She continued to jerk Wilson’s black rod, saying, “You have no idea what a black slut your little girl is. I’ve fucked two guys before I even came home from school. I let them fuck me in the woods behind school and I swallowed both of their loads. Do you want me to swallow your load, daddy?”Wilson’s body began to shake as the pent up cum began exiting his balls. “Yes, I want you to swallow my load.”“Tell me like you mean it, daddy. Talk to me the way you used to talk to mommy.”Wilson could no longer take it.“Drink my cum, bitch! Suck on that black muthafuckin dick and slurp that nut out!”His dick began firing white streams of cum, as though someone had released a reservoir. The first shot struck Devin on her forehead, splashing like paint. The next several shots disappeared down her greedy throat, covering her tongue and sahabet yeni giriş uvula in white goo. She continued to swallow but could barely keep from choking, as her father’s dong continued to emit a fountain of i****t juice. Finally, after nearly a minute, he subsided. Wilson, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, looked at his daughter in lust and shock. Devin, meanwhile, looked at him fiendishly, wiping the cum from her forehead and then licking her fingers.“That was great daddy, we’ll have to do more.”“No Devin! That was terrible, I can’t do that again with you!! Think of your mother!”“Why should I? I know she isn’t really taking care of you daddy, or you wouldn’t have had so much pent up. Don’t you feel better?” Devin began to lean back on the couch and took removed her shirt, exposing her 36D breasts, with full chocolate nipples.Wilson became enraged. “Put your shirt back on you little trollop! I am your father and I won’t allow this!” Devin ignored him, instead removing her shorts and exposing her well-trimmed pussy. Wilson glanced down and saw a shocking sight. Not only was her clitoris pierced, but right above the mound of pussy hair was a tattoo with the words “SLUT”.“WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”“Oh daddy, please. I got that right after I turned 18. I got it for free too, because I gave the tattoo artist a pretty scalding blowjob before he started. But enough about that. I want your cock inside me right now. You know you want to fuck me. Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. I’ll do anything you want.”“Anything?” Wilson’s mind began to race. His wife (when she was in the mood) only enjoyed missionary, always complaining that his cock was too much for her to handle in any other position. How had his daughter become so craven, so depraved? Perhaps she has a little too much of me in her, he thought, but then his dick began to grow with desire once again. Wilson knew this situation was wrong. He knew it. But his daughter was so sexy, her nubile, cocoa body stretched on the couch, just for him. Well maybe just this once… he thought. He removed his shirt and began to crawl on top of her, but she stopped him.“Whoa. Put your face in it first.”Now Wilson became excited. He hadn’t eaten pussy in years, yet it was one of his true pleasures. He eagerly began to lick her nipples, slowly making his way to her prize. She mewed in pleasure once his tongue ran over her swollen bud, which was larger than the average clitoris. Her moans were interrupted by her gasps as her father expertly licked and sucked her pussy lips, then returned to the clitoris. Wilson became more and more involved with the task, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers so he could fully insert his tongue into her love hole. This only made her yelp more.“Oh god, yes daddy, stick your tongue all the way in my pussy!”Wilson complied, snaking his tongue as far as it could go. He then pushed her legs back further and began to lick her anus, running his tongue across the rubbery cyclops, an act which sent her careening over the edge.“Oh shit, daddy I’m cumming!” she yelled, as her pussy exploded in twitching bursts. Devin’s eyes rolled around in her head as her orgasm rocked her from head to toe. She was so enthralled in the orgasm she didn’t realize her daddy was mounting her. She snapped to attention however, when he placed the purplish-black head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.“I’m still not sure we should be doing this, Devin. What if your mother finds out?”“Fuck her daddy. She’ll never know. Now come on, put that cock in me and fuck me like a slut.”Her filthy words did him in. With no more thought about his wife, or anyone for that matter, Wilson began working his cock into his daughter’s tight, quivering hole. She shuddered at the feeling sahabet giriş of this monster cock, her daddy’s cock, entering her snatch. Her fuck juice began to lubricate the one-eyed monster, and finally he was buried to the hilt. They both sighed in a mixture of relief and pleasure, then Wilson began to stroke. “Oh yes daddy,” she hissed, “Fuck me harder. You know you want to split me in half!”Wilson complied, immediately falling into a fast, rhythmic pace. Devin matched him stroke for stroke, as both of their bodies performed an African dance, sweat beginning to form on them as they fucked. Wilson was in ecstasy: here he was, with his daughter, fucking her like she was some common slut he’d fucked in college. He decided right then that he would fuck her as many times as he possibly could before she went to college. His mind began entertaining all the perverse pleasures he would obtain. At last he would be able to act on all his fantasies, with a willing accomplice. HE became emboldened by these thoughts, and as he stroked his black rod in and out he decided to test his daughter.“Devin, turn over so daddy can fuck you in the ass.”“Oh daddy, I thought you’d never ask!” With a grin, Devin got on all fours and hunched her large, firm ass in the air. She had run track since the age of 7, and her ass was as solid as any female track star. Wilson used a copious amount of his saliva to lube her sphincter, then rudely placed the rubbery head of his dick against the opening. Now Devin had been fucked in the ass before, but never by a dick of this length and girth. She bit her lower lip in pain as her father’s staff entered her. He ignored the pleasantries of entering her slowly, opting instead to push it all in with one forceful stroke.“ You fucking anal slut! You have no idea how much daddy is going to do to you, do you? I am going to fuck you every day until August”“Yes please daddy, do it! I want you to fuck me any time you feel like it! I want you to fuck me while mommy is in the bed sleeping! I want you to fuck me when she goes to the store! I want your dick in my ass while she is getting dressed! I want to be your black little whore!”Wilson continued to jam his massive erection into her bowels, listening to this torrent of filth coming from his daughter’s pouty mouth. He loved it. He pushed his dick into her ass with glee, but was immediately frozen by the sound of the telephone ringing. His daughter looked at the caller ID and picked up the phone.“Hi mom.” Wilson stopped his thrusts, but Devin began to push back on him, forcing him to continue.“Me? I’m not doing much, just some butt work to keep my glutes tight.” She flexed her “glutes” tight around her father’s cock as she said this.“Daddy? Well, I guess he’s around here somewhere. He seemed a little stressed out when he first got home, but I think it’s all out of him now. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him like you said before.”Wilson, listening to the conversation, could barely contain the cum that was building in his balls. An evil thought crossed his mind. He grabbed the large wedding picture of him and his wife and pulled his dick out of his daughter’s ass with a loud “plop”. He then began to fist his rigid cock, pointing it directly at the large glassed picture frame. Devin, who was still on the phone with his wife/her mother, looked in awe as her father said, through gritted teeth,“I’M CUUMMMMING!!!”He fired a torrent of cum on the photograph, shot after shot of pearly dick juice until a virtual pool of jizz formed on the glass plate. Devin smiled greedily then spoke into the phone, “Mom I’m thirsty, hold on while I take a few swallows.”She then noisily slurped up the cum, tipping the frame at an angle so she could taste every drop. She then licked the frame clean, winked at her daddy, and spoke one last time into the phone.“Mom? Yeah sorry, I just wanted to make sure I drank it all. You know how I love chocolate milk. Ok, talk with you later.”Devin hung up the phone, and she and her father laughed. They both knew that their i****tuous ways had only just begun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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