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Subject: Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy 163 Fuck faces, please support NIFTY and donate at fty/donate.html Working on some very involved storylines for the next few direct chapters and new stuff keeps coming into my head for more storylines. This will include why the Doctor is sneaking off at night and why Jesse saw an angel in the cemetery near the gay bar and club… SUMMER GAPS FOR SUMMER CHAPS AFTER MONTAUK: SUMMER 2008 continues “I don’t understand. Why didn’t they just kill Tyler like they did to those poor homeless people who failed their experiments or got lost in time…?” “I’m going to try to find every one of them. Those lost in time people but I fear most of them may be …” “Dead?” Jeremy asked. “Yes,” the Doctor said. “I’ve already done some preliminary checking. Their time tunnel signals are gone.” “But you don’t know for sure?” Jesse asked. “Nope. That’s why I’m going to see if I can find some way to track their courses without changing time and without messing around in the past at that Montauk base. Surely some of the records might have lead us to them…but when we were all captured, they took the records from us.” “Yes.” Jeremy said, thoughtfully lost in his own recollections. “Yes, I remember. But that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.” “Yes, I intend to but I have to see if there is some way to locate those that were sent into time. Others I feared were killed outright. I believe those bodies you found, Jeremy, near the beach highway…weren’t victims of a serial killer at all but victims of the Montauk base and possibly the base in Farmingdale.” Jesse punched a fist into his other hand’s palm. “The bastards.” “Yeah,” Jeremy agreed. “You know what I don’t understand…” “I expect so,” the Doctor joked. “Funny.” Jeremy frowned. He didn’t skip a beat though. “Tyler?” “What about him?” The Doctor had his turn asking a question. “What was the deal? Why didn’t they just kill him?” “Me. I convinced them to return some of the kidnap victims back into the community to take the heat off the project. I also made them watch as I hypnotized the victims to forget everything that had happened to them. Deep down, I don’t think the people who ran the base, as evil and amoral as they were, didn’t really want to kill anyone. If they had to, they did but it wasn’t their main goal.” “Really?” Jesse frowned. “How nice of them.” “So, when Tyler showed up in the time tunnel, totally confused…and back…I was the Doctor and yet fully hazy after my really bad regeneration.” FLASHBACK: Tyler landed in the tunnel on all fours. His butt crack was facing the complex. He stood up and turned around, out of the blue mist and white fog that formed around him. He was dazed. “Walla, he is back!” “Good work, doctor. Now, you may erase his memory and return him to his family.” “See. No need to kill them when finished.” “We don’t know when he was taken from. You haven’t fixed the tunnel itself.” “One thing at a time, Colonel, one thing at a time. I was able to get it to focus on him. We can return each teenager in return for their help. It’s not as if there was anything for them to do on the other side of the tunnel but take measurements.” The Colonel looked at the woman at the console. “No, yes. Yes, no. I mean, you are correct. We can return many to their families.” “I’d like a hundred percent. Always one hundred percent. God gave us little green apples.” The woman whispered, “You’re sure he’s all right. He seems a bit off. It must have been just after…” The doctor walked up to the woman, so she bursa yabancı escort stopped talking. He held the boy, Tyler, by the upper arm and led him past her and the Colonel. “I’ll get on him…I mean I’ll get on it right away.” “You do that, doctor.” END OF FLASHBACK “And you did. You saved him.” Jeremy remembered. “I know that part. You sent him back into the community…” “Not just that. I remembered that I drove him up to his family’s home…” “And then left him there?” Jesse asked. “How could…?” “I had to if I were to keep the base believing in me. I had to return and not get caught…I had to try to save all the others still there.” “And you did save them.” Jeremy added. “Not all of them.” “There was that guy that those future kids ate.” Jeremy recalled. “But…as I understand it…we stopped the teens who were essentially their ancestors…from having sex…” Jesse said. “Or changed things in any way, those descendants of the moon kids, the ones we met on the destroyed surface of the far future Earth —they…they might not have killed him?” “I don’t know yet,” the Doctor said. “I’ve tried to get the TARDIS to coordinate on that time…on Earth but that particular time is tricky and the old boy doesn’t seem to want to go there. The moon in this time either. I mean those evil guys, Fenshaw and Cohen might still be there. Stranded now that the Montauk base and tunnel were destroyed by the anti-matter monster.” “You want to rescue them, too?” Jeremy said with love for the Doctor. “Whatever for?” Jesse asked. “I don’t know. It seems a horrible fate to starve to death once your supplies run out…” the Doctor shrugged. “Plus perhaps they have some records there or maybe…maybe they can tell us more about the project and if there’s more going on, even now…” “Is that why you’re sometimes sneaking off at night?” Jesse asked. “To gather more info?” “Yes,” the Doctor looked downward. “Yes, something like that. And sometimes with time, there are things I have to do myself so as not to disturb it too much.” “Even so…next time…let us go with you,” Jesse demanded. Jeremy agreed. “Yeah, you might get into trouble and need our help.” “Need your…?” The Doctor screwed up his face. “Need your…? The insuffer-ability…” “C’mon, you know wherever there’s trouble you’re up to your neck in it,” Jeremy winked at the Doctor and then with the other eye, at Jesse. Jesse shook his head and winked both eyes back at them both. “And what is with that Who mobile?” Jesse asked. “The Who Mobile, Jesse, my dear, is what enabled Serg…Colonel…I mean, my friend Mike Yates, to get here faster than the horrendously human hours it would have taken if he flew by conventional air travel.” “I guess you kept that old contraption in that house of yours in …where was it, Surrey?” Jesse asked. “Old contraption, indeed!” The Doctor pulled a grape back from Jesse’s hand. “It cut his travel time by…oh…what, K9?” “Six.” “Six?” Jesse looked up and took a grape from Jeremy’s fingers. Jeremy frowned and shrugged. Jesse said, “I am not a number. I am a free man.” “Yes, six, Jeremy,” the Doctor said and ate a grape from Jeremy’s mouth. “Do I get to eat one today?” Jeremy asked. Jesse was about to turn himself around and shove his butt in Jeremy’s face. “Later, you can eat my one today.” “Very funny.” Jeremy sat up. “I guess that means it would have taken him at least eight hours to get here by plane…” “And probably another two or more to get from New York to Long Island bursa sınırsız escort and then maybe even another hour to get to where we were in Montauk,” the Doctor explained. “The Who Mobile cut down on all that time.” “Where is it now?” Jesse asked. “I stored it in the TARDIS,” the Doctor told him. “No reason to have it sitting in that house.” “I guess Mike and his…mate…” “Mate indeed,” the Doctor giggled. “…have their own autos?” Jesse asked. “Yes,” Jeremy said. “Mike told us, Doc…tor…that they almost forgot about the Who Mobile…” “Well, they kept it in good condition,” the Doctor said as he wondered. “Maybe it just kept itself in good condition. You know, like the TARDIS. Self-cleaning and stuff,” Jesse shrugged. “Maybe.” The Doctor said. Jeremy added, “Mike said that it was Tommy that remembered the Who Mobile would cut down on the time it took Mike to get to us.” “He also knew there was someone in UNIT in America working against us.” Jesse frowned. The Doctor took a grape in his mouth and put it in Jesse’s. As Jesse took it in, using only his lips, the Doctor held Jesse’s arms around himself. “Well, no need to worry ourselves about that unpleasantness any longer. It’s all behind us now…” Jesse smiled, a gleam in his eye. “It’s pleasantness that is behind us now…” Jeremy had risen behind them and put his penis behind Jesse’s back and rose it up along Jesse’s spine. The Doctor turned to Jesse, the two of them hip to hip. Jeremy stood between them now, to their sides and stuck his dick between their hips, forcing his eminent dick between the two bones. Their own penises mingling, started to rise, sideways toward Jeremy’s. SUMMER–AUGUST 2008 August 4—Monday Jeremy and the Doctor were fishing. It was serene and calm. They were fishing off a dock in Babylon. It was early so there weren’t many people there. Bessie was nearly alone in the parking lot. Behind them, Jesse sat in a chair and folded his arm. “Normally, I wouldn’t mind but…Doc, you’ve rubbed off on me…” Jeremy murmured, “Several times last night and a few this morning.” The Doctor snickered. Jesse finished. “It’s not that. It’s just that…fishing is…it…it’s murder. You, Doc, most of the time, you’re a vegetarian…” Jeremy looked sideways at the Doctor. They were in beach chairs. The sun glistening down. They had on shades. Jeremy moved his off his nose and looked closer at the Doctor. “Did he just…?” “Ruin our fun?” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Almost simultaneously, they threw the fishing poles into the water. A turtle, uncaring, swam by. “That…” Jesse pointed from his sitting position on one of the dock’s half-poles, “…that’s polluting.” Sighing, the Doctor and Jeremy jumped into the water to get them. Under the water, they grabbed each other’s…poles. The same thing happened when they tried to fish without Jesse around. He followed them to this river and after they jumped in, they had sex floating down through the water. Many more things happened that summer … Outside the tattoo pallor, Greyson put his hands on his hips. “Love the name.” “Studio 69. Not the only reason I like them. They do great artwork and they’re very, very clean.” “Like you.” “Waddya mean? I’m a dirty boy,” Theon turned to Greyson and winked. Greyson’s heart skipped a beat. He sighed. “Only in bed.” “You’re versatile yourself,” Theon said. “Coming from you…that’s a compliment,” Greyson said and nodded toward the door. “We gonna go in or just stand here and admire the porn name of görükle escort the tat shop?” Greyson went with Theon when Theon wanted to pay for and suffer through another tattoo. His bravado to Greyson about baring pain brilliantly was suspect. Greyson surmised that Theon wasn’t as brave as he liked to tell everyone. Still, Greyson thought, it’s probably better to overestimate yourself than underestimate. The tat lady, all piercings and tats herself, asked Greyson if he wanted a tattoo, too. She seemed to take a liking to him and even wanted to get a good look at his jawline in the light, not that the shop was all that bright to begin with. She told him, “Like that one…” she nodded to Theon and realized why and smiled back at her, gleaming. She went on, “…you’re easy on the eyes. Very cute. A tat’ll look good on ya, just under the neck…” Greyson suppressed the desire to make a joke about having his throat slit and took the compliment. “Thanks…but naw, thanks. I’m not as brave as Theon, over there.” “Yeah, you’re not.” Theon said from his “bed” of cushion-chair. He was face down, front down, buttocks up. “Keep your cheeks clenched,” the heavy set woman went over to him and pulled his Adidas silk work out shorts down all the way and threw them to Greyson, which almost knocked him off the stool. “I’m coming.” Greyson put the blue shorts over the glass showcase. “I’m not,” Greyson murmured as low as he could. Greyson then realized… “Hey, he’s not wearing any underwear…” “Nothing you haven’t seen before, I’m sure,” the woman said. She winked at Greyson, who averted eye contact but then made it with the woman, while his face turned red. He gave her a wry, sheepish smile. “No, really. I mean it. Keep em clenched,” she told Theon. “Not just a figure of speech…” Then, she hesitated. “You want it near your ass, right?” “Yeah,” Theon looked back from his head rest, which was actually at his mouth. “Call Me Maybe.” “In Coca Cola style letting,” Greyson recited as if he heard it a million times. He was sitting on what seemed to be a barber stool or a bar stool more likely, opposite the main chair. Behind him was a showcase of tattoo art. Although tattoos were not his “cup of tea”, he had to admit the two women that ran this shop in Ronkonkoma, were good. As the woman started on Theon, Greyson wondered if the planes landing nearby, at MacArthur airport would distract her. He was amazed at her professionalism that they didn’t distract her at all the entire time. Just above his butt hole and to the left side of his very lower back, the tat was finally done. It only took one hour and Theon paid cash. He kept stopping Greyson from paying but on the way out, Greyson put the same amount of money into Theon’s shorts. This was in the middle of Theon and Greyson’s developing a fast romance which blossomed into a full hard on relationship that was becoming serious. While it meant more to Greyson at first, Theon, who never liked attachments, was frightened by it but kept at it. He didn’t want to lose Greyson. They had a lot of fun at the swing in Theon’s backyard. And everyone else they had to go. All summer they drew closer and closer. Jeremy and Jesse ventured to the beach again a few times and saw Santiago and the other footballers they had made friends with. All of them went to Great Adventure Six Flags in New Jersey…with about seven people piled into Bessie. Jesse had a full hard on the entire trip with Santiago on his lap. He assured the brown skinned boy there was nothing sexual about it but neither of them believed that. Santiago didn’t seem to mind. But the most eventful and scary thing that happened, occurred after the summer…it was Halloween… …but in between…GRINDR caused some problems for the Doctor, Jesse, Jeremy, and their new friends… please support NIFTY and donate at fty/donate.html

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