Do Your Duty – part one

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Diamond Jackson

Private Lovall completed her training at Fort Meade. She was at the top of her class. Because she had done so well she was allowed to select her next duty station. She was going to Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. She would be there after a short leave. Her buddy, Private Donahue, was also going there. The two of them decided to find an apartment to share off base. Living on base would have been fine, but the waiting list for accommodations was months long. Combining their Basic Allowance for Housing allowed them to get a decent place, not far from base. They could live on their own, without constant supervision. It was just necessary to report to duty on time each day, fulfill their duties, and then be released until the next muster. It was going to be great serving in Hawaii.Lovall’s first name was Ashley. Her friend, Pvt. Donahue, was Molly. Ashley had very dark hair, which she had decided to cut in a short, pixie style. Her eyes were deep and compelling. She wore glasses, which drew attention to her eyes. When off duty she liked to wear scarlet lipstick. She was a sensual lady, and men almost always wanted her. And she wanted them. Sex was her joy, and her passion. Lots of it, and often. Molly was a red head. A small Irish lass, with freckles, and a giggly personality. The two of them had been battle buddies often during basic training. They got along well, and they both loved to call themselves cum sluts. That was their pride. They pleased the men who came into their lives, and they pleased each other. Since they both had just completed basic and advanced training they were in great physical condition.  The 25th Infantry Division was headquartered at Schofield, and the two women were assigned to separate platoons, as combat photographers. The Company Commander for Lovall was a Captain named Billings. She didn’t see him often during duty hours. They were getting to know their duties and worked under their Squad Leaders. Lovall was getting training from her leader, Sergeant Wilson. It was a little stressful at first, being the new troopers, but they had been trained well, and they were part of their teams within a few weeks. “That’s so fucking good, Molly. God, lick it girl, lick my pussy!” Molly was running her tongue over Ashley’s clit, then down to her bare pussy. Ashley’s mound was clean, swollen, and needing more sucking. Molly obliged. She loved Ashley’s juicy folds. Ashley’s fingers were in Molly’s red hair, forcing her face into that moist, hot shell. They were in bed together, before arising to go on duty. “Oh yeah, put two fingers in. Fuck me. Please, faster. Ah fuck, I’m coming again. So good baby.” Molly giggled, and then sucked on Ashley’s clit, while istanbul travesti finger fucking her and making more cream flow out. Moly liked licking up that cream, which she did now. And Ashley kept coming, shivering with pleasure. The alarm went off. “Damn, baby. We have to get ready for duty. We’ll play more again. You tasted so fucking sweet today.” “Of course, little slut, I’m always sweet.” Ashley laughed. And then they got ready. They needed to catch the bus to the base in about thirty minutes. It was a rush, but they were in a great mood now. The next week a training exercise was scheduled for one of the Fighting Ranges on the base. It would take the unit out into the field for several days of simulated combat. Lovall was assigned to take pictures during the exercise, so she would get more experience in combat situations. Donahue’s platoon was not scheduled to go out on the exercise. After two days sleeping in tents, and eating chow out in the field, Lovall was getting horny. She would tickle herself every night in her cot, and that was fun, but she wanted to be able to cry out when she made herself come. She needed to be alone, and she was getting excited just thinking about it. During chow at midday she took her MRE and wandered away from the busy troops sitting around chatting and eating. There was a copse of trees close by. She entered the shadowy area, feeling cooler immediately. She could hear howitzer rounds being sent downrange, off in the distance. Field artillery units were out training as well as the infantry. Finding herself a comfortable spot, against an Acacia tree, she placed her weapon close at hand. Then she slipped her Army Combat Uniform pants down, and gently slid her hand into her panties. She was already wet.Lovall needed this. Her fingers were slowly caressing her slit, feeling the moisture, and sticking a finger in, imagining a large cock fucking her. One finger rubbed her clit, and the other hand stuck two fingers in, fucking her pussy, and making her cream drip out on the leaves. She was moaning. Her pleasure was reaching a peek and she was staring to cry out that she was coming. She was coming, and one hand was now squeezing her tits. She wanted to feel her own hot flesh. Her pussy was creaming and her nipples were hard as she began to come once more, whimpering, “coming, coming, oh fuck, coming.” She opened her eyes when she heard the crackle of dry leaves. She looked up and saw her CO, Capt. Billings, standing there, looking down at her, with a hard cock in hand. He was stroking it as he smiled at her. She quickly twisted around, onto her hands and knees, presenting her pussy from the read. istanbul travesti Her ass was round and fine, and Ashley heard the leaves rustling as her CO knelt behind her, and his hard cock entered her juicy slit. She sighed, finally getting the hard prick she needed. He rammed it in and she cried out with pleasure. “You want this, don’t you? Speak up Private. Ah shit, tell me you want to fuck, girl!” “Yes, yes, fuck me, sir. Fuck this Private. Fuck me, please, of fuck, deep, deep, fuck me Captain.” “Yeah, unh, unh, oh fuck, good pussy, fuck, yes.” Capt. Billings grunted as he fed his soldier some hard cock. She wanted it. She was getting it. He humped her pussy with his hard cock. Harder and faster now. Needing to fill her with his spunk. He was about to come into her vagina when he looked up and saw another soldier approaching. He was almost about to wilt and withdraw, when he saw it was his Executive Officer. His second in command. “Hey, Lieutenant. Get your ass over here. Feed this troop some cock, XO. She can suck you while I fuck this pussy, man. You want that Lovall? Want to suck some cock?” Lt. Miyamoto was surprised. He’d followed his CO, wanting to have a short talk about up coming maneuvers. This was not what he’d imagined he would find. But his cock was getting hard as he watched his Captain fucking this dark haired beauty. He wanted some of her. He glanced around, saw they were alone, and freed his hardening prick. “Please, sir, I need some cock to suck. Fuck and suck, yes, please fuck me, feed me cock, oh god more cock.” Miyamoto was on his knees before her face and she was gobbling his cock, eager to suck down some of his man milk. Billings continued fucking her pussy from behind, and the Lieutenant was fucking her face. She was in heaven. She loved the Army. Oh, fuck, she loved her life. “Ah…. here it comes, I’m coming, little cum slut, take my spunk girl…fuck.”Lovall was whimpering around the cock in her mouth, and she felt the come filling her pussy. She grabbed the cock in her mouth and stroked it, wanted the Lieutenant to come in her mouth as she came. She wanted to swallow some sperm as her pussy twitched and came. She jerked the cock and bit the head, then sucked it harder, and Miyamoto groaned and began shooting come into her mouth.Billings slowly withdrew his prick and a cream pie formed around her vulval lips. He leaned down and licked her. At the same time Miyamoto was humping into her mouth and filling her throat with cream. She was in heaven, feeling the tongue and lips on her slit as she swallowed a wad of come. Miyamoto thrust one last time, and then pulled out. The soldiers all gathered themselves istanbul travesti together. Straightening up their ACUs and then moving off, returning to duty. Nothing had occurred here. Nothing was going on. Duty called them. But Capt. Billings did pat Pvt. Lovall on her ample ass, and grinned at her. She smiled back, happy to have been fucked the way she loved it. That training exercise was a success. At least Ashley thought so. The next weekend that they had free she and Molly gathered their gear together and took a jaunt to the nearest beach. With no car it was just a process of taking the right buses necessary to get there. The trip was about one and a half hours. But they always enjoyed the sandy beaches here on Oahu island. Getting there about eleven in the morning, they spread out their towels, took off the clothes they were wearing over their bikinis, and displayed their assets to the world. They had both put on sunscreen. Molly especially needed it, because she was so pale, and freckled. Ashley rubbed the lotion on Molly’s back and even around the front to her small titties. Molly felt her nipples get hard. Both girls were now protected, so they leaned back on their elbows and soaked up some sun. Wearing their sunglasses they could look around and note the men and women on the shore. Not a lot caught their eyes. But there were a few buff men that made them both feel an itch in their pussies. They talked about it to each other, pointing out the ones they each liked, and getting a little wet in their crotches. Molly giggled as two men approached. They stopped, standing above the two ladies. These two had been a couple that they girls had admired. “Hi there, ladies. Are you going in the water? It’s a bit chilly but nice once you get in. I’m Brad. This is my bud, Will.” “We might. We might not. You can sit if you want. We’re just getting some sun right now.”Ashley gestured to the sand beside them. Molly giggled again. Brad sat next to Ashley, and Will dropped beside Molly. The conversation stretched out for an hour or so. At last the men asked if the women wanted anything from the nearest concession stand. They wanted to get some burgers and chips. The guys went off to get some food. They wore their hair high and tight. The ladies had recognized that they were probably in the military, and they were right. Both men were also stationed at Schofield, but not in an infantry unit. They were both supply sergeants, for different units. They were unlikely to run into each other on base, but it was good luck, the ladies thought, to have met them here. After eating, the four of them decided to go into the water. The sun was lowering into the west as they all ran into the water. The girls were laughing as the two men splashed them, and then grabbed them and tickled them. All were having fun. Standing in the water with the waves just below their shoulders, the men drew each girl close. Close enough for Ashley and Molly to tell that the men were aroused.

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