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Subject: Do As You’re Told – Chapter Thirty One Do As You’re Told Chapter Thirty-One: Tell Me If you need permission to read this story (from a master, husband, partner, lodger, boss, next door neighbour, gardener) please obtain it first. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places and events is unintentional. This story is exclusively for entertainment purposes so please enjoy in safe and legal manner. WEDNESDAY 3RD APRIL 2019 (continued.) Ever since he’d caught sight of Arthur – and Adam – in their underwear that morning, Cameron had been horny as hell. His first notion was to pop off to the boy’s toilet for a fast wank, but there was perks to having a teacher as a secret lover. Thus Cameron had assistance in mind to find release. Cameron had departed the cafeteria with Ben supposedly to look at the pictures he’d taken of the divine duo; however, he had no intention of really going with him to the computer room. Not that Cameron wasn’t interested in seeing what pictures the talented photographer had taken but he figured he’d see them when the underground yearbook launched in a few weeks. Instead Cameron got as far as the first floor, mumbled something about the library: “…go to the library…. study… see you later….” Cameron went to go see Vincent. Ben didn’t seem convinced by the lie but he wasn’t bothered about it. Cameron thought Ben seemed vague and preoccupied but Cameron had things on his mind too. Actually, being seventeen he only had one thing on his mind – sex, cum and a tight hole. (That is actually three things.) “Hi, babe,” Cameron said once the classroom door was closed and locked. “Babe?” Vincent said with a doubtful grin. “Just thought I’d try it,” Cameron confessed. “I like it,” Vincent confessed. Vincent was pleased to see Cameron in a flirtatious context. It had been a few weeks since Vincent had admitted to reuniting with Charlie but Cameron had been remarkably understanding about it. Vincent had since told Charlie about Cameron and that too had gone ok. Vincent kept waiting for the sword of Damocles to drop. With that in mind, he was about to push his luck. “I’ve been thinking…” Vincent said. “About what?” Cameron asked – stopping in his tracks. Despite his intentions for a quickie, Cameron hadn’t really accounted for verbal foreplay with Vincent and was now trapped in a conversation. Hiding his disappointment, Cameron had sat on Vincent’s desk and leaned over to kiss the teacher, biting his teacher’s lip before parting and allowing the man to talk. “Charlie likes to watch,” Vincent said and then waited for Cameron to respond. “You dirty fucker,” Cameron said cheerfully. Vincent laughed uncertainly – Cameron seemed genuinely amused and intrigued but Vincent still felt nervous. “You know about him and he knows about you…” Vincent said. “He knows that a seventeen year old school boy owns your ass?” Cameron asked. “I didn’t use those exact words,” admitted Vincent. “You want to screw around while he watches?” asked Cameron. “Maybe. I guess so,” Vincent admitted. “And he’d be into that?” Cameron enquired. “I think he would,” Vincent replied – looking more hopefully at his young lover. “Can I meet him?” asked Cameron. “When?” asked Vincent. “What’s he doing right now?” Cameron teased and when Vincent just laughed, he added facetiously; “This is why god invented Skype.” “You want me to Skype Charlie?” Vincent asked. Cameron nodded enthusiastically. When Vincent looked doubtful, Cameron slide from the desk where he’d been sitting and instead sat on Vincent’s lap. Cameron kissed Vincent’s neck and worked his way to Vincent’s lips while loosening the teachers tie. By the time their mouths were locked and tongues were engaged in vigorous interplay, the shirt was open far enough for Cameron to slide his hand inside and cop a feel at a nipple. Vincent wriggled as Cameron pinched his nipple and the kiss was broken with a breathless rush. “I’ll see if he can clear half an hour on his schedule” Vincent said cheekily. Vincent called Charlie and a few minutes later a man in his mid-late twenties with messy straw coloured filled the screen. “I’ve got a day off today; I was just at the gym… what’s this about?” Charlie asked. Cameron was already checking out the top half of the first boy Vincent had ever fell in love with. Cameron could see why; Charlie was topless with fair skin, a handsome face with firm jaw that hadn’t been shaved for a few days and eyes that looked like he was laughing. “I thought you might want to meet Cameron?” Vincent said – making it sound like a question. “You thought?” prompted Cameron. “Oh, right. Cameron asked so I…” Vincent started to say. “Obeyed,” finished Charlie; “I like your style.” Charlie was smiling and Cameron stepped into view of the camera, tilting his head into the frame that was centred on Vincent. Charlie didn’t say anything at first, then: “So you’re the bossy boy whose been satisfying Vincent here,” Charlie said. “I do my best,” Cameron replied modestly. “Let’s see more of you then,” Charlie suggested. “You want to see more of me?” Cameron enquired with surprise. “I’m already shirtless. Vincent already had his shirt half open…” Charlie left the sentence unfinished. Vincent was reluctant to cede power to Charlie but he was also reluctant to let Charlie think he was afraid to play along; besides, wasn’t this exactly what he’d planned? Vincent had said Charlie liked to watch so Cameron would give Charlie something worth watching. Cameron turned Vincent’s laptop around so it took in an empty space at the front of the room and then he stepped into that space and began to strip. Charlie was enjoying watching the seventeen year old boy stripping on his laptop; he had been unconvinced by the seductive power of teenagers and by the notion that Vincent could be so stupid to have fallen for the boy. But seeing Cameron, Charlie began to understand – the capture of youth, the reminder of who they were eight or nine years ago; it was enthralling to watch the gangly lad undress. The school uniform fell away, items were haphazardly discarded, and in the background the classroom loomed like a set from a cheap porno. Cameron was very thin and his long arms and fair skin made him look six foot tall rather than a few inches under it. Shirtless, Cameron swung his hips while opening his trousers and dropping them down long legs. When the boy got down to his underwear, Charlie expected him to stop and was surprised when Cameron so brazenly slipped them off to fully expose himself to the camera. Charlie didn’t know Cameron, nor vice versa, but there was an eagerness to please looming on screen. Charlie hadn’t noticed that his hand had slipped to his crotch and was rubbing his dick trough his shorts, which was the only item of clothing Charlie was wearing. Charlie spread his legs and wriggled his bare feet against the carpet. “I think I need some audience participation,” said Cameron who was now rubbing his dick and engorging it with youthful effortlessness. A second later, Vincent was on Charlie’s screen too; tie missing and shirt still half unbuttoned. “Are you giving the orders now or am I?” Cameron asked. Charlie smirked at the brazen admission of their mutual penchant to dominate and the subtle admission that he had already allowed Charlie into the driving seat. “As long as it’s you or I telling him what to do, I don’t mind who gives the orders,” Charlie replied. “You and me,” muttered Vincent; lamenting the hypercorrection. “You don’t mind if we take turns, do you Vincent?” Charlie continued – not hearing or ignoring Vincent’s comment. “I’m open to anything,” Vincent replied. Both Cameron and Charlie made mental note to test that declaration – both delighted with the notion of filling as many open orifices at once as possible. “Cameron, be a good lad and take your teachers clothes off,” Charlie said. Charlie watched the show with interest – the tall and long-limbed seventeen year old working his way around the twenty-six year old to unbutton and unfasten and remove and pull down until Vincent was reduced to a pair of tight boxers. Vincent was baring his back to the camera when the boxers were yanked down and his bare bum was brought into view. Charlie loved the sight of the naked pair on the screen. It was especially stimulating because Cameron was hard and facing both Vincent and the camera; he was partially obscured by Vincent but it was clear they were both nude. Cameron took advantage of the pause in proceedings to take a hold of Vincent’s flaccid penis and fondling it until it began to expand. “How long do you lovers have?” Charlie asked. “Fifteen minutes,” said Vincent and he sounded a little worried. Fifteen minutes would not leave them long to get dressed and for Cameron to make a discreet exit afterwards – Vincent’s class would be queuing up outside in twenty minutes. “Ok,” said Charlie; “Vincent, on your knees and make the boy happy.” All three of them intuited that there was no time for fucking today. Before Vincent could obey, Cameron turned so they were face to face but in profile to the camera; their respective semi-erections almost pointing towards each other except they were both still drooping slightly. But not for long. Vincent dropped to his knees and took Cameron’s cock in his mouth. Charlie felt a wet spot on his shorts as he continued to rub his own hard-on while watching Vincent’s head bobbing up and down on the seventeen year olds naked crotch. The schoolboy had a decent sized cock – the long but not too girthy pole slid in and out of Vincent’s mouth. The m�nage � deux taking place was a beautiful vision; Vincent clearly older, more mature and adult sucking the teenage cock of his tall but boyish lover. Cameron moaned with pleasure as he humped Vincent’s face. Charlie finally freed his cock and slid his shorts to his ankles and then slipped his bare feet out. Charlie watched the adult-youth sex play with fascination and a hint of jealousy. He wasn’t a teenager anymore (searching for the next fuck wherever he could find it), he wanted a mature relationship and it was hard to rationalise that with watching the man he wanted getting sucked off by boy eight years younger. But it was fucking exciting to watch. Charlie ignored his reservations and jerked faster while watching the teacher and pupil in the classroom – naked, hard and horny. Cameron found his hands sliding to the back of Vincent’s head and Vincent grabbed Cameron’s bare buttocks and gave them a squeeze. It was while Cameron’s cock was buried deep in Vincent’s face that the urge to orgasm came to him strong and sudden. It was a testament to Vincent’s skills as a cock sucker and his haste not to be caught phallating a teenager that Cameron was already ready to burst his balls. If they had more time, Cameron would have eased his cock back and allowed it to recover – tease out the experience, make it last, make Vincent crave the taste of his spunk. But they didn’t have time to dick around (pun intended) so just as he was about to cum, Cameron pulled his cock out of Vincent’s mouth and he gave it a series of yanks to finish himself off and cum in Vincent’s face. Shots of cum sullied Vincent’s nose and mouth, dribbles streaking down his cheek like seminal tears. Charlie had watched with interest and fascination as Cameron face-fucked Vincent and then pumped his cock to climax. Charlie had been stroking his own cock while watching the show and was himself close to cumming. His breathing or the motion of his shoulder in the frame of the screen must have given him away because Cameron looked at the screen and grinned. “You got to see mine…” Cameron said. Charlie lifted the laptop from his lap and set it aside; Charlie jerked his exposed his cock while Vincent and Cameron watched from the other side of the connection. Charlie made himself comfortable and then sat cross-legged in the frame of the camera, with his hard-on sticking straight up from his groin. Charlie stroked his cock with long pulls and then spat in his hand to lube his palm and fingers to concentrate on the head of his cock. Charlie loved the sensitive jolts of pleasure afforded by good head-work, his fingers dancing around the ridge of the knob and then up and down the frenulum until his cock quivered from stimulation. escort bayan The only thing that would have been better would have been a hot mouth or a tight ass – maybe next time. Aiding Charlie visually was the sight of Vincent and Cameron whose full-frontal exposure was very stimulating. Cameron added to the scene by reaching over and taking Vincent’s dick in his hand and leisurely stroking it. The boy had a soft grip that kept Vincent hard without taking him anywhere near climax. Charlie leaned back as his pace quickened and a moment later he shot his cum over his abdomen, pumping for nearly a minute after climax to get ever last drop of cum from his cock and balls. Charlie’s finger played distractedly with the pools of cum in his lap before he recomposed himself and directed his attention back to the classroom. Cameron had just let go of Vincent’s dick so it bobbed up and down with his tight scrotum suspended underneath and looking like a lethal weapon ready to go off. Cameron’s dick was softening but still chubby and extended post-climax. “What do you think Cameron, have we got enough time for Vincent to get off too?” asked Charlie – including Cameron in the domination game. “We can’t leave him with blue balls all afternoon,” replied Cameron. “Go on, Vincent. Give it a little wank,” said Charlie; “If you ask nicely, I’m sure your star pupil will play with your ass while you do it.” Vincent closed his eyes as he faced Charlie on screen and felt Cameron slide up beside him to caress his bum. Vincent held his cock in a tight grip as he began to pump it, rolling his balls in his other hand at the same time. Vincent was thinking many things as he jerked off – the time imperative because he still needed to get dressed before his first class of the afternoon began; the exciting possibilities presented by Cameron and Charlie getting on so well; the pleasure of making Cameron cum and the taste of it still on his lips; a mental reminder to wipe the cum off his face before letting his class in; the fear that that class would smell the sex that was currently filling his nostrils; the feeling of fingers circling his hole like water down a plug hole… Cameron’s finger went around and around and deeper and deeper; sliding inside to find the sweet spot, Vincent felt his sphincter tighten around Cameron’s finger. Cameron’s finger was gentle but precise and Vincent bit his lip as he got closer to cumming. Vincent half expected Cameron to ease off on his pleasure techniques to stave off his orgasm, but blissfully Vincent was allowed to cum with no teasing or delay. Charlie watched from his laptop as an arc of cum shot forth and vanished out of view. Cameron re-emerged from his place behind Vincent just in time to see cum had covered Vincent’s hand. Vincent was treated to a few finger sucks from Cameron who took his hand to sook the jizz from his digits. Cameron made “mmm” noises as he tasted Vincent’s spunk and Charlie watched with great interest that the boy was so forthcoming and agreeable. “I need to get dressed,” Vincent declared and there was no move to stop him. “Go commando, Vincent. Give your underwear to Cameron,” instructed Charlie. Cameron grinned at the camera as he took the underwear that was warm and musky from a half-day’s use. Charlie grinned back and wondered if Cameron was aware at all that he was still totally naked online to a man he’d never met face to face. To add to the scenario, Cameron put on Vincent’s underwear and then too began to redress, locating the missing pieces of his uniform that remained scattered across the floor. He put his own underwear in his bag, underneath his history homework. “It was really great to meet you,” said Cameron to Charlie. Charlie had thoroughly enjoyed his role as voyeur – watching both the naked antics and the scramble to restore respectability before the lunch hour ended. “It was nice to meet you too,” agreed Charlie. Something in Charlie’s voice made Vincent look up and test his friend’s face for… what? What was he looking for? Vincent didn’t need to wait long to hear what was on Charlie’s mind. “We should all meet up sometime,” Charlie said. “We’ll talk later,” Vincent suggested. “Ok. Maybe wipe the cum off your chin, Vincent,” Charlie said as the laptop was closed and the connection broken. “I think you should leave it there,” joked Cameron. MEANWHILE After talking to Arthur, Robin was left by himself and didn’t want to spend the rest of the lunch hour all alone so he decided to see what Ben and Cameron were up to. Robin took the stairs two at a time as he headed for the computer room where he guessed Ben would be sequestered. When Robin poked his head in he was surprised to find Ben alone. “Didn’t Cameron come with you?” Robin asked, closing the door behind him. “He only made it as far as the first floor,” Ben replied breezily; “He mumbled something about the library.” “Oh. Ok,” Robin replied. Robin knew quite nicely that Cameron was probably on his knees in Mr Wilson’s classroom or perhaps it was the teacher who was on his knees. Despite knowing Cameron was carrying on with a teacher, he knew remarkably little about the dynamics of the relationship. “Yea, I didn’t believe him either,” Ben said with a smirk. Robin smiled at Ben’s observation skills but could hardly tell him that Cameron was meeting Mr Wilson – Ben didn’t know Cameron was fucking a teacher so Robin said no more. “How’d your talk with Arthur go?” Ben asked. “He came over specifically to talk to you, right? About Adam, I’m guessing.” “Why would you think that?” Robin asked, stalling for time. Ben gave him a look that said: are you stupid? “Adam’s been running around school in his underoos all day,” Ben said. “He modelled for my Art class and you saw the photos I’ve taken. And the way you ran off that night…” They had covered most of this last week when Ben had admitted his feelings and Robin hadn’t reciprocated. To make things worse, Ben thought Robin only had eyes for Adam. He might be right. They were both still trying to figure out where to go from there. “I thought Adam might need a friend… that he might be in trouble, that’s all,” Robin explained. “And is he in trouble?” Ben asked. “It’s not my place to talk about other people’s issues. The last time we talked, I didn’t want to tell you that Adam… Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” Robin admitted. They fell into the kind of silence that preceded not good things. “Robin, we haven’t talked about us since last week. Since I said that I love you,” Ben said. “You said we needed time to think and figure things out,” Robin pointed out. Robin waited for ‘the talk’ (aka not good things) but a seeming non-sequitur followed: “Do you want to tell me what you and Adam talked about… or didn’t talk about… when you saw my pictures of him?” probed Ben with earnestness that bordered on naivet�. “A long time ago…” Robin said. Robin paused and thought: There’s no such thing as a long time ago. “…Adam and I were friends. I don’t know what we are now but I offered to help him and he said no,” Robin relived the sting of Adam’s rejection as he thought about that night. Robin tried to remind himself of what he had told Arthur – that Adam’s scornful rejection was a mask for deeper pain – so the sting subsided. Ben disconnected his camera from the computer and packed it away, then logged off and turned to give Robin his full attention. “Arthur wants you to help him anyway?” Ben inferred. “Arthur thinks the same as you. That me and Adam are something we’re not,” Robin said but was not wholly convincing. “But what might you be? What do you want to be?” Ben asked. Robin shook his head, ran his hands over his face and through his hair and let out a frustrated sigh. He was tied of admitting that he didn’t know anymore. He’s a seventeen year old boy, things shouldn’t be this hard. “Remember I said we need to figure out where to go from here?” Ben asked. Robin nodded. “Well I think we’ve reached the end of the road,” Ben said. “Whether it’s in spite or because of what’s going on with Adam; it would be a mistake to not accept that whatever was going on between us is over. Right?” Ben sounded calm and it was obvious he had thought a lot about it. He had been gearing himself up to breaking up. “I’m sorry,” Robin said simply. “It’s alright, Robin. Not many people are lucky enough fall in love at first sight and marry their high school sweetheart. Life isn’t a Disney movie. We didn’t work out and that’s ok,” Ben assured him. “What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with me?” Robin corrected himself. “You’re such a great guy. I feel like I’m the one throwing it all away and for what?” Robin looked at Ben with supplication – he was really asking rather than being rhetorical. Ben might have been the one to call it quits but it was Robin’s doubts and apparent feelings for someone else that had really ended things. “I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for the right person. Aren’t we all?” Ben asked, hoping he was giving the right answer. “It’s just kind of scary trying to find someone to love.” Robin smiled sadly because he wanted Ben to meet the right person. Someone who deserved him and he loved him. Robin replied: “And instead of making that happen, we’re sitting here pining for people we can’t have?” “Oh, Robin… you can have anyone, especially Adam, any time you want,” Ben replied. “It’s obvious… you just need to ask.” Robin averted his eyes and shuffled uncomfortably. “He’s dating someone, actually,” Robin admitted almost as an aside. “I suppose I wanted you to know that because I don’t want you to think we’re breaking up just so I can move on with him.” Ben wanted Robin to be happy and if he was right – that Robin coveted feelings for Adam – then he had to make sure Robin knew it was ok to move on. “Whatever will be will be,” Ben said. “I really never deserved you, did I?” Robin asked – hoping Ben would take the question as rhetorical; “We’re breaking up and you’re talking to me about another boy.” Ben shrugged – there was no point holding on to something that was over so he might as well help Robin move on. Ben was upset about the break-up but his brave face would last the school day. “A glad heart makes a cheerful face but by sorrow of heart, the spirit is crushed,” Ben sermoned from Proverbs. “You deserve a glad heart, Ben. Instead of a broken one,” Robin bemoaned. “I know we’re broken now,” Ben admitted. “I’ve made lots of mistakes, Ben,” Robin said softly. “I’m sorry for all of them… but especially this one.” Ben stood up and lifted his bag. “I have to go now, Robin,” said Ben tenderly; “but I won’t let that come between us.” Was that Ben’s version of “we can still be friends?” wondered Robin. Robin sat for a little while after Ben left but the bell rang to signal the end of lunch and he had no choice but to move on… and also to go to his next class. LATER “Are you ok?” Arthur asked. Adam hadn’t had long to compose himself after his encounter with Micah. What Micah did! Adam had only been left with five minutes in which to clean himself up, wipe cum from his ass and wash himself in a tiny toilet sink with only handtowels to dry himself. He made time to vomit for a second time. Adam had been afraid he stank so he sprayed himself with Lynx before leaving to toilets and heading to fifth period. “Yea. I’m just dying for this day to end,” Adam replied. “Any problems with Voldermort or he-who-must-not-be-named or Anonymous? Whatever it is you call him?” Arthur asked while they waited for the classroom door to open. “Nope,” Adam replied with barely a glance at his friend – he didn’t know how to look at him. Arthur caught it, he was very intuitive, and responded immediately. “Did something happen?” Arthur asked in a voice filled with concern. Arthur touched Adam’s arm gently and Adam pulled away like he had been shocked. “No!” Adam replied firmly. He looked to see if anyone was watching or listening in but for the first time all day the boy in is briefs and the boy in his boxers were being given no close attention. There was passing attention – Adam saw a couple of fourth year boys check him out from ankle to nipple – but no acute interest. “Adam, tell me,” Arthur asked firmly. “Nothing!” Adam replied through gritted teeth. He just wanted to be left kocaeli escort bayan alone. “Adam…” “What?” Adam snapped. “I thought you were having a good time. It’s all been a bit of a jape for you…” Adam started to say as he looked his friend up and down. “Don’t you fucking dare,” warned Arthur angrily without raising his voice. Art was never angry. But then, Adam never took things out on Arthur. It put Adam instantly in his place, silencing him more quickly than yelling would have. “I did this for you,” Arthur reminded him as he indicated his own state of undress. Adam swallowed guiltily. It wasn’t Arthur’s fault that he felt like shit after Micah… “I did this so you wouldn’t be alone. So you would feel supported; so don’t you fucking dare throw it back in my face. I’m not Robin…” that barb hit the mark; “…and we’re too good friends for you to treat me like shit the way you’ve treated him.” Adam fell silent and he knew he had been admonished for more than just trying to push Arthur away. “I’ll tell you later, ok?” Adam promised and there must have been a glint of tear in his eye or a edge to his voice because Arthur instantly softened to his affable and lovable self. “I really do appreciate you doing this too.” Arthur sighed and smiled – his face relaxing back into its goofy default. “You kidding? I dunno if I can go back to wearing my normal uniform,” Arthur declared; “Though I think my balls are sweating more than normal, it’s not just Arlene’s undies that are getting moist… oh, hi sir.” Vincent had just opened the door to find the two underwear-only schoolboys deep in conversation that he really didn’t want any more details on. “Come on in,” said Mr Wilson. The rest of the class soon followed. Adam sat and felt his asshole throbbing. Before his encounter with Micah the worst that paranoia had done to him was make him feel like everyone was watching him and that wasn’t paranoia – everyone was watching him. All he had was a pair of tight black briefs on as he went from class to class so of course everyone was watching him. No, paranoia made Adam worry people could see cum stains on his underwear. Micah’s cum at the ass or his own cum stains on the front. He didn’t look to check – he’d checked in the toilets and they’d seemed fine. The English lesson was a welcome distraction – exams were closing in and lessons now had a serious, haste-filled mood to them. The next two weeks were the Easter holidays followed by only one more week of school before the exam timetable commenced. There was so much to learn or revise, to pin down or retread; Adam was quietly confident he would pass though Arthur was less self-assured. It was as the class let out that events took a troubling again. Arthur had left to go chat up Arlene and Mr Wilson was distracted in the corridor by Carlos who seemed suddenly filled with questions, but why? Adam was at the threshold of the room – about to leave the class but still out of earshot when it happened. Mr Wilson had his back to the classroom, Carlos was looking in; he grinned a second before it happened. Adam felt hands on his briefs and a sharp tug. Adam knew an instant before it happened what was going to happen. He expected his ass to spill out and his cock to flop into view but instead he felt tension on his groin and was (literally) lifted off his feet. Adam lifted his hands to grab the top of the doorframe to which he was launched by the aggressive wedgie which was now burdening the seams of his underwear. Adam dropped back to the ground and turned to see Stephen Wyle – the biggest nutter in the school. Even at the height of his powers, when he acted with impunity, he never opposed Stephen. “Problem?” growled Stephen. Adam had heard stitches in his briefs pop and his balls hurt where the underwear rode up. The briefs were up to his belly button and his balls had humiliatingly spilled out the side of the briefs. His ass cheeks had been exposed too and the seconds it took to fix himself felt long; what if someone saw him. Luckily only Stephen and Carlos were watching but both were suppressing laughter of ridicule. Adam said nothing as he tugged the legs and waistband of his underwear so they covered his pubes again and he looked respectable again. Well, as respectable as he had before. “Carlos said he’d promised you a wedgie. I told him to do it, to do as he’s told but he chickened out,” Stephen explained. Adam felt like he had been hit. His ears picking up on the clause in the middle of his explanation: do as he’s told. “Are you…” Adam began to ask – was it possible Stephen was Mr Anonymous? “Are you and Micah… associates?” Adam had never really given much time or thought to figuring out who Mr Anonymous is. Someone as awful, brutal and cruel as Stephen would explain a lot. “What, that poof? No,” replied Stephen emphatically. “Then why?” Adam asked, brushing off the suspicion that a moment ago had seemed to make so much sense; “Why did you do this?” Stephen looked scornfully at Adam as he fixed his briefs; “You used to understand why people like us do what we do. Why we choose hurt the weak.” “I’m not weak,” Adam scoffed and meant it. It was easy to mean it when it didn’t count. Adam wished he’s said it and meant it when Micah had been around. “You were a bully once too. You chose victims the same way I do. It’s not just about exploiting weakness,” Stephen said, growing quieter so Mr Wilson wouldn’t hear and so moving closer to whisper in Adam’s ear: “It’s about choosing the ones who won’t tell.” It was ironic that it should be a bully – as Adam was once a bully – who should show Adam the truth. The truth was like a light bulb and Adam knew there was no way out. Stephen was right – bullies do choose people who they think are weak. It helps when the victim perceives their own weakness and fears it – a lisp, a harelip, too short or too fat, being gay – but people who seem strong can be victims too if the bully realises they won’t speak up or speak out. That was the trap. That was how Adam had become trapped. His bravado and ego had been armour as long as he was the one to wield evil and wit – but when he lost those things he became prey. Adam had the same choice he’d had since the beginning – obey, comply, do as he was told; or… Adam knew what he had to do. He had to do what all victims must in the end. He had to tell. MEANWHILE Micah could hardly wait for Mr Jones’ class to clear out; the instant the last student left, Micah marched in. He gave a cursory glance over his shoulder to make sure the coast was clear before reaching into his bag. Rhys looked up briefly but had adopted a policy of passive-aggressive offhandedness when it came to Micah. The boy was already too big for his boots, no need to make him think they were equals. Rhys’ desk was covered with jotters and he sat marking the latest homework offerings from his S4 class. Micah retrieved the dildo he had been carrying since lunchtime, put it triumphantly on Rhys’ desk and grinned at it with satisfaction. “I didn’t even clean it after I pulled it out his ass,” Micah boasted. “Fucksake…” said Rhys in a sotto voice, lifting the dildo to inspect the jotter it had sat on for lube stains (or worse, ass juice or cum); “This is someone’s homework.” Micah just laughed. “What do you want Micah? A pat on the back? A Blue Peter badge?” Rhys asked sarcastically. “How about doggie style on the…” “No,” interjected Rhys. “I fucked Adam again. Didn’t take long… I was a little bit excited,” Micah revealed. “Don’t worry, Micah. Eleven point seven percent of British men report premature ejaculation at some point…” Rhys teased him. “Whatever. I’m ready to go again, are you going to help me out?” Micah asked. “I’ve got work to do,” Rhys replied. “I sucked you off earlier,” Micah reminded him. You owe me. That’s what Micah was trying to say. “Here,” Rhys replied and handed Micah the dildo; “Go help yourself out.” Micah actually liked the idea of fucking himself with the same dildo he’d used on Adam. “I’ll send you the video of me barebacking Adam,” Micah said as he turned to leave. “I look forward to it,” Rhys replied with a mean smile. Micah returned to the storeroom he had occupied earlier in the day and locked the door behind him. He’d be more comfortable at home, on his bed, spread-eagled with the dildo inside but there was an ambience to the storeroom. The room held a memory of Micah’s dominion over Adam and it made him so hard that his cock ached. Micah literally couldn’t wait to use the dildo on himself, inspired by the memory of his control over Adam. It still had some of his own cum on it from when he’s pushed his spunk-sludge back inside Adam. Micah wanted to re-watch the video in situ too but that would wait and he didn’t want to risk a sex video being overheard. Micah loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt; slipping off his shoes and then dropping his trousers and underwear with fevered lust. Micah was hot and horny, indulging in carnal pleasure with single minded intention. Micah pulled his feet free from his trousers and underwear, sat on the table at the back of the storeroom – the one he had bent Adam over just a few hours ago – and tugged on his penis to bring it to a rock hard erection. Micah pondered the control he had excerpted over Adam. Adam’s fear of exposure was a powerful motivator – the threat of reveal, the threat of humiliation – and Micah contemplated whether that played a part in his decision to return here. He had locked the door but the potential to be caught remained; Unlike Adam, Micah felt no fear over this – it was a thrill. Micah pulled the dildo from his bag and set it trembling with a twist of the base. He stopped jerking off long enough to trickle lube onto the vibrating phallus. At home, Micah would have loosened himself up with a couple of fingers first, but he was excited to feel what would happen if he went straight for the dildo. Micah pressed the head of the pulsating sex toy against his hole and pushed, then pushed a little bit more. Slowly, his sphincter yielded to the nine inch cock facsimile. Micah moaned but not too loud – despite his subconscious thrill at the notion of being caught, he knew that actually being caught would be a real buzz kill. Micah gripped his own cock again and stroked it with slightly slippery fingers. He was leaning all the way back on the table, his legs wide and dangling over the edge. Micah spent several minutes sliding only the head of the dildo in and then out again, feeling it pop as the hole stretched and closed. “Shit,” Micah muttered to himself. Micah’s mind imagined Adam inside him; that might be an exciting change of pace. Fucking Adam had been great but future demonstrations of domination would require new ideas. Making Adam fuck him was an exciting possibility. Of course, Micah was a fool – confusing domination with abuse. Adam’s lack of consent was something that totally escaped Micah’s plans and if he did think of it, he couldn’t think for long. Micah pushed the dildo in a little bit deeper on his next insertion and didn’t pull it all the way out on the withdrawal. Micah could feel the fake head – which was thicker than the shaft – stretch his hole as he pulled back. He pushed it deeper again and continued to push deeper each time until the dildo was as deep as he could comfortably manage. Micah lay back and thought of Adam as he plundered his own hole with the dildo that had already filled Adam ass. Micah recalled the sensations that had fought to overwhelm his cock as he fucked Adam. Memory and sensation competed to bring about a second climax of the day. Micah pinched one of his nipples, stroked his belly, tugged his balls and returned his hand to the base of the dildo. Micah turned up the vibration of the dildo so it rumbled inside him, shuddering against his prostate and causing his cock to leak pre-cum; a trickle of pre-seminal fluid poured forth like a threat of premature ejaculate. Micah was planning a third masturbation when he got home anyway, but he wanted this to last a little bit longer. Controlling his own body the same way he had controlled Adam was a thrilling enterprise. Micah could feel sweat put a sheen on his body and his thighs were wet with perspiration and excitement. Micah let go of his cock and it kocaeli escort slapped against his belly; he stroked the inside of his thighs and he pulled and pushed the dildo once again. He continued in this manner, moving his hand from his thighs to his nipples, until his cock threatened to blow without even being touched. Micah was ready at last to cum and took a grip of his cock to bring about the climax he deserved. He closed his eyes and thought of Adam fucking him – surrender the top spot to his favourite toy was a nice thought. Would it even be surrender when he was still in control? Besides it would be a treat for Adam to squeeze inside his hole, wouldn’t it? Micah enjoyed sex and reassured himself that Adam would enjoy fucking him too. Micah’s hand blurred as he jerked off and fucked his hole until the orgasm shot cum over his head. He’s leave the dick splash where it landed. The next shots of cum landed on his chest and stomach and the dildo inside him was surprisingly distracting to the real thing within his grip. Micah pulled the dildo out while squeezing the last drops of cum from his cock and then he closed his eyes to enjoy the euphoria in peace. His hand absentmindedly played with the cum on his chest and eventually Micah opened his eyes and withdrew a towel from his bag to mop himself up with. When he stood up, his legs were wobbly – had Adam’s legs wobbled? Or trembled, maybe? Micah sneered at Adam’s refusal to play his part – as if he had a choice. Micah redressed and packed away his utilities – this time he did clean the dildo before putting it in his bag. He grinned to himself as he opened the door just far enough to peek out – the coast was clear. He left the door ajar to let the smell of sex out but passed nobody as he left the building. Micah felt awesome and would regale himself with this memory and the video of having sex with Adam once he got home. He was positively addicted to the part he had to play in Rhys’ campaign – he still didn’t fully understand what Rhys was up to but that mattered less and less. No-one was really getting hurt by his machinations – he always made sure Adam had a good time and got his end away before they wrapped things up. All’s well that ends well, right? AND ANOTHER THING “I’m so glad I wore clean boxers today,” admitted Arthur jokingly. Adam had caught Arthur up right after being wedgied by Stephen – who had timed the attack so poorly that no bugger except Carlos had seen it – so if he had been seeking to embarrass Adam in front of others, it had been a failed enterprise. Adam and Arthur had finally attended their last class of the day, still sitting in briefs and boxers. Adam had not gotten used to sitting topless in his classes; sitting with his legs and thighs exposed and only a scant midriff offering to protect his modesty. He found it hard to share Arthur’s affable perspective on the day. Even in their final class, student remained enthralled but Adam was genuinely affected by the praise he – and Arthur – were offered. Whatever humiliating designs had motivated Micah and Mr Anonymous, Adam and Arthur had done real good; they had inspired people to think about their bodies and the bodies of other in less judgmental ways. Sure, Adam and Arthur were objectified, but there was an understanding that what they represented was not a demonstration of pride but of modesty. Their sacrifice of modesty had allowed people to recognise that all bodies were normal. Adam had to admit he was glad that Arthur had been by his side through it all. He always was. Adam knew he would have made it through the day without Arthur half-naked beside him, but it had been a comfort to have him holding his hand. Metaphorically. Knowing that Arthur had offered support and kinship without question, contract or condition told Adam all he needed to know about friendship and love. After their last class and with school finally concluded for the day, Adam collected his clothes from the Home Economics room, much to the delight of the third year class of thirteen and fourteen year olds packing up to leave the room. He had half expected Micah to have moved or hidden his clothes so it was a pleasant surprise to find them untouched. Arthur had waited for him and together they headed for the boys changing room. “I really need a shower,” Adam said sullenly. “Are you ok?” Arthur asked. Arthur had tried asking before and had his head bitten off but that was then and this was now. Adam gave him a half puzzled look – after the way he had reacted a few hours ago, he wouldn’t have blamed Arthur if he didn’t ask again. Adam had expected to be the one to bring the conversation about – he hadn’t expected it to be so easy. Now it came to it, he didn’t know what to say. “Not really, no,” said Adam – his voice had cracked and he could feel hot tears in the corner of his eyes. His eyes hurt from the impending tears. His ass hurt. His heart hurt. Arthur was a few paces away and watched Adam in silence – waiting patiently. Instinctively Arthur knew that Adam needed time to talk, not rushed or pushed to say what he was going to say. Adam turned away and walked towards the showers. He stripped his briefs and discarded them with sullied contempt – the dregs of Micah’s cum was on the seat of the underwear. Or he imagined it was. What Micah did! Adam turned the water on and stepped under the tepid shower – it took seconds to heat up and Adam faced the wall while the cascade of water washed him clean. Adam became aware of Arthur joining him – standing a few shower heads away. It hurt Arthur to know Adam was in pain but he endured it with stoic silence, offering Adam the time he needed to compose himself. Adam had admitted some of what had happened to him but there had been something missing and whatever that something was burdened Adam like the weight of the world. Adam would talk when he was ready and he was very nearly ready. Arthur suddenly saw Adam’s shoulders lift and fall. His friend was trembling, tears joining the flow from the shower over his head and the sobs were loud enough to be heard over the rush of water. Arthur took a few steps and stood behind his best friend and turned the water off so the rushing sound was replaced with deafening silence. They were naked and no barriers remained to Adam’s confession. Arthur put his hands on Adam’s shoulders; so gentle for such a big lad. Adam turned so they were face to face and Arthur continued to hold Adam’s shoulders. “Tell me,” said Arthur. “I was raped.” The words were so quiet and small that they emerged broken squeaking. No-one could have mistaken the way Adam’s face crumpled as the words escaped. Arthur’s hands dropped. Adam had expected to see disgust or pity but Arthur’s face registered only shock and his eyes were filled with kindness and sympathy and heartbreak for his friend. And tears, Adam had never seen his friend look so hurt – Arthur was crying for him. Raped. In the weeks since Micah had last had sex with him, Adam had used many words – violated, abused, molested, what Micah did – but never called it what it was. It had been comfort to not call it what it was, a protection from the horror of being that kind of victim. Raped. Arthur put his arms around Adam and pulled him close. The embrace was as warm as the water and it was intimate but not sexual – though they were naked. Adam sobbed quietly into Arthur’s shoulder, finally unburdened by the secret he had carried – the one piece he’d held back from his last confession. Now that he had started, Adam didn’t know if he could stop – he felt despair and desperation overwhelm him until the weeping exhausted him. Would Arthur understand why he had pushed Robin away? Would Robin understand? “I pushed Robin away because of this. Because he wanted to help but I felt like a failure,” Adam felt the need to explain. “He forgives you. Trust me. He’ll understand,” Arthur replied. Arthur swept and hand over Adam’s cheek, wiping away tears and water. “And Shiro. What will he think of me to know I was weak enough to let this happen to me?” Adam pleaded. “This is not your fault, Adam,” Arthur said carefully and clearly; “This is not your fault.” Adam felt his wet chest beating against Arthur’s, their wet penises touching and wet hands clutching wet backs. Adam pulled away and could barely look Arthur in the eye, shame still haunting him. “What would people think if they saw us like that?” Adam asked. Arthur shrugged as if it was of no consequence. “Always worried what others will think of you,” Arthur said and he’d said it before. “They’d think we were gay, probably. But you are gay, so they’d be right. And I’m not, so they’d be wrong.” “I don’t want to come out in my last days of school, Art. I don’t want that. Or this. Or any of this,” Adam admitted helplessly. Arthur felt the courage he had shown so far – the brave face that Adam needed right now – begin to slip. Adam’s fear and vulnerability and doubt were breaking his heart. “It doesn’t matter what people think of you, Adam. Except me. I’m your best friend and what I think of you matters…” Arthur said. He was right. Adam had hidden his sexuality because he was proud and vain and scared. He had hidden his rape out of shame and fear and because he didn’t want Arthur to pity him or see him as a victim. “I still love you, Adam. You’re still my best friend and nothing will change that,” Arthur told him and it was exactly what he needed to hear; “What happened to you doesn’t change that. You’ll still be loved by Shiro and Robin. And your dad. And by no-one more than me.” That made Adam cry too and he felt ashamed of his tears. Big boys don’t cry, right? Arthur said “I love you” with such ease that Adam was jealous. Adam stood under the water for a long time – long enough saturate the taint of Micah’s touch. Raped. When they exited the shower they did so in silence. They dried off and dressed in silence too. “I don’t know what to do now,” Adam confessed. He felt drained. There couldn’t be any more emotions or tears left, could there? “I know you’re scared, Adam,” Arthur replied; “Fear grows strong in you… like a cancer.” Adam held his head in his hands. This was too hard. Adam couldn’t do this. “Telling me was only the beginning,” Arthur told him. “I can’t do it again. Robin or my dad or Shiro or a teacher or the police…” Adam said and tears immediately returned; “I can’t go through this again.” “You can…” Arthur said simply. He was not argumentative or critical – Arthur knew how hard it had been for Adam to admit his rape and how hard it would be each and every time. “It won’t stop until you do,” Arthur added. “You didn’t ask who did it,” Adam observed as he wiped his red-raw eyes. “Would you tell me if I did?” Art asked quietly, controlling the anger he felt for the rapist that wouldn’t have any balls if he ever found out who it was. Adam shook his head. That was why Arthur hadn’t asked; to ask would have put Adam in the position of hiding or running or lying again. Arthur wanted Adam to know he had made progress, not push him back on old habits. “Adam, if you tell me… I will kill him,” Arthur promised with fists bound so tight his hands shook. That was why Adam didn’t tell him; because he loved Arthur too much and he couldn’t let his friend become something awful. Not for him. “Come here,” Arthur said from across the changing room and when Adam didn’t move he added; “C’mere, I said.” Adam slowly crossed the room and Arthur put firm hands on his shoulders and then tilted his head until their foreheads touched. Arthur embraced Adam but said nothing more – he didn’t need to: I’ll be there for you. Whatever you need. I love you. You’ll get through this. “I love you too, you know,” Adam said with a tremble. “Quite right too,” Arthur replied. Adam chuckled for one second. Then he nodded and took a deep breath and sighed. “Okay,” Adam finally agreed. “You will be,” Arthur replied. Tune in next week for The Downfall of Micah Dinberg; I know – it’s about fucking time, right? Many thanks to all my correspondents for getting in touch, staying in touch or just saying hi. If you fancy emailing me: encomiums@ If you love the stories Nifty has to offer, remember to donate: http://donate./donate.html Visit my blogspot – pot – for updates including chapter synopses and excerpts. If you are enjoying this story, I have also written: School Exhibitionism fty//gay/highschool/school-exhibitionism The Symposium – http://www.//gay/authoritarian/the-symposium/ The Embarrassment of Riches fty//gay/highschool/the-embarrassment-of-riches/

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