Discovered Passion Ch. 03

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It was early morning and the first hint of daylight filtered through the bedroom window. Bursts of wind caused Barbara’s log cabin to creak and crack indicating that the winter storm continued. She was snowbound, the two mile road out to the highway blocked by drifting snow. Blizzard conditions would most likely play out through the day before a cold front from the north would move in to bring plunging temperatures and sunny skies. It was the way of the north in late January, from mild and snowy to whiteout conditions to freezing temperatures and brilliant sunny skies, the cycle unending. But her cabin was warm and snug; the snow banked up around the entire building sealed it from cold drafts.

Barbara became aware of the soft warm breasts of her friend Donna pressing against her back. As consciousness returned she pressed back deliciously as she recalled the events of the previous day.

Barbara had been enjoying a sexual affair with Jim, a young mining engineer. They had been meeting for sex in her cabin for several months. She had become uneasy with the possible long-term impact of an eventual break-up with him and had considered stopping the sex if not the relationship. Donna was well aware of her assignations with the young man and Barbara had sought her advice.

At the time, Donna, the wife of the Mine Manager for whom both Barbara and Jim worked, was not ‘getting any’ as her stressed out husband seemed incapable of performing up to his normal capacity. Her need for sex became inflamed one afternoon as Barbara detailed her erotic experiences with her young stud. Donna encouraged Barbara to continue with her dalliance and to enjoy sex to the fullest. They then exchanged personal stories about sex with other men and found that they had both bedded one particular guy at an earlier time and somehow found themselves discussing group sex.

They overcame their normal sense of social niceties, and decided to attempt to seduce Jim, a man some 25 year younger than they, into a threesome. Jim required very little seducing and the first day and night of three way sharing had been letter perfect, playing out as if scripted despite their inexperience with group sex.

Barbara glanced over her shoulder to notice that Jim, who had been sleeping on the other side of Donna, was no longer in bed with them. Donna stirred with her movements, kissed the back of her neck and whispered, “Morning Barb, go back to sleep, it’s still dark outside.”

Barbara twisted around under the covers to face her friend and said, “Where’s Jim? Surely he didn’t leave in that storm!”

Donna responded in a lazy voice, her eyes still closed, the need for more sleep dulling her mind, “Relax, he’s on your sofa, it was too crowded for three to sleep in this bed. You’re going to have to get a bigger one if we plan to do this again.” She giggled at what they had just done and the thought of repeating it. “He found your sleeping bag, stoked up the fire place and fell asleep on the sofa. I think we wore him out.”

Their bodies slowly melted together separated only by flannelette knee length nighties. Barbara pressed her hips tight up against Donna’s and pulled up the hem of her nighty, Donna raising her hip to assist. Their bare legs intertwined erotically. Barbara caressed the swell of Donna’s breast before tweaking a hard nipple that pushed through the thin cloth. Donna pulled Barb’s nighty up and slipped one naked leg between hers.

“Barb baby, I thought the deal was to sample Jim’s prowess with his morning erection. I’ll bet that is what he is planning. Shouldn’t we wait for him? Oh God.” Barbara had just pulled one of her tits out over top of her nightie and bent her head to suck a nipple.

Barb lifted her head for a kiss, and said, “That’s the plan, but maybe we should warm up a bit. You know, be ready for him, bodies and pussies prepared. If you think he had a hard one last night, wait until you feel his wake-up hard-on.”

She went back to the nipple, sucking and licking it gently. Donna was in heaven with the nipple play and pushed her knee up between Barb’s spread legs to rub against a wet slippery pussy.

“How do you know that Jim is in the sleeping bag?” Barb had pulled both tits out over the top of Donna’s nighty and was rubbing her face between them while licking and sucking like a starving baby.

Donna gasped, “I went out to check on him about midnight.” She caressed Barbara’s ass cheeks, running her hot fingertips along the crease.

“Did you just say hello? Or did you chat for a while,” Barbara asked in her hurry to return to her feast.

They sat up as one, lifting their nighties up and off before scrambling to get back under the sheets. Their bodies intertwined like a pair of snakes twisting in the sun, legs and arms and mouths and hands desperately seeking engagement.

Finally Donna panted, “I heard him get up to put more wood on the fire so I went out to see. He had settled in on the sofa in the sleeping bag.” She reached casino siteleri down and slipped two fingers between Barb’s legs and felt her pussy.

She continued, “He climbed out of the sleeping bag naked to greet me. He looked gorgeous in the light from the fireplace; a beautiful body, a handsome face, his eyes filled with desire and a big hard-on to prove it. We kissed without words. I knew he would fuck me. Oh God it was hot!” Barb paused with a nipple in her mouth to spread her legs allowing Donna to slide a finger into her.

“He pulled the sleeping bag to the floor, crawled back in on his back and beckoned me to join him. It was a bit of a struggle, the bag a little tight for two, but I finally managed to get in and on top of him while he zipped it up. There was very little foreplay, just kisses as he worked his cock into me. He said, ‘Do you want to play a bit?’ I was so horny I said, ‘just fuck me’.

It was like a wet dream, strange setting, howling blizzard outside a log cabin, bathed in the red glow of the fireplace, in a sleeping bag with a young man much younger than I, his hands clutching my ass cheeks as we screwed non-stop until we got off. But it just seemed perfect for the occasion. It was so much more than ‘wham, bam, thank you Mam’. We almost tore the bag apart when we got off.”

“You bitch,” groaned Barbara as she pulled her lips free of a nipple, “we promised each other to share and share alike.” She pinched the nipple hard with her teeth before sucking it deep into her mouth.

She pulled back suddenly, “You’re right, we shouldn’t be doing this. I want a fresh start when he comes to bed with us. You go back to sleep, I’m going to have a quick shower to smell good for him.” One final long suck on each nipple, and she bailed out of bed.

Donna lay there a few minutes but sleep would not return, her blood was flowing and her body was alive and aroused. She slipped out of bed and joined Barbara already soaking in a warm shower. They stuck to the business of showering, restraining any desire to continue their foreplay while still enjoying the feeling of their slippery bodies rubbing against the others in the tiny shower stall.

They helped each other powder and towel down. Barbara produced a vial of scented oil and applied it between her legs and along her slit. “He likes the taste of this on my pussy,” she giggled, “he bought it for me. Want some?” she asked without offering the vial.

“Hmm, sounds exciting, I wondered whether he would do oral,” Donna replied as she placed her hands on Barbara’s shoulders. Eyes locked, their tits touching, Barbara applied the oil between Donna’s legs.

Barb whispered, “Spread a bit Donna, I want apply it all over, he has a very busy tongue.” They both groaned as she slipped on oily finger into Donna’s trembling pussy.

Donna’s eyes closed as Barbara continued to slide her oiled finger in and out. “Are you sure that you never played with a pussy before baby? You’re very good at it.”

Barbara eased her finger out, they kissed and she said, “No never, I have often thought of feeling your tits in the past. Remember that time at a convention when I helped you with your bra? You were standing in front of a mirror and I was behind you. Your tits were hanging bare, but I was only thinking about what they would feel like in my hands. Touching your pussy is a revelation and very exciting.”

“I hear him moving, methinks it is time to get back in bed.”

Jim was up, the fire had burned down leaving a bed of hot coals, so he pulled on pants and shirt and retrieved more wood to stoke it back up before heading to the bathroom to wash up. He peeked into the bedroom to see his play partners sitting side by side, holding a sheet up high enough to cover their nipples.

His mind was full of fantasies about bedding two ladies at one time. He just might get to fulfill the one about alternating his cock back and forth between two pussies. Whatever, this would be a morning to remember.

“How may we serve you master,” Donna giggled as Jim tossed his shirt and pants to one side. She squeezed Barbara’s hand as Jim turned to face them, his thick hard cock sticking vertically up along his ‘six-pack’ belly.

Jim pulled the sheet off of the ladies and smiled, “You can start by sitting side by side on the side of the bed.” This morning it would be he who was the ringmaster and he sensed that the ladies were eager to follow his lead.

Jim watched two very differently built ladies scrambling in response to his request. Donna, pretty and robust and heavy breasted, Barbara plain featured, thin and gaunt with an eye catching thigh gap. They relaxed and allowed their knees to part as they waited for his next move. His predatory eyes fed their lust and eliminated any inhibitions. Donna’s dark bush speckled with gray contrasted with Barbara’s curly orange one. They had obviously collaborated as both were trimmed to a vertical strip ending dramatically at the tip of güvenilir casino their slits. His cock throbbed as their legs spread.

Barbara reached for his shaft and pulled it to her mouth. He gasped at that first touch of her hand and flick of her tongue, a confirmation to him that a woman desired him. It released him from any guilt that he might feel for using their body for his pleasure. He sucked in his breath as she cupped his balls while licking around the knob, her eyes peering upwards to measure his pleasure.

Donna moved in to join her friend. Jim trembled as he pulled their heads to his crotch. He lifted one foot to a stool to provide space for Donna to suck in one of his balls. Barbara swallowed his shaft until the knob brushed the back of her throat.

Jim was in blowjob heaven living out the unique situation of being pleasured by two women experienced in oral sex. Donna scraped her teeth teasingly over his knob causing his toes to curl and his hips to thrust forward. He grit his teeth in an effort to maintain control.

He pulled his cock free and stepped back before dropping to his knees in front of them. Barbara spread her legs as he bent to kiss his way up her inner thighs to her pussy. He ran his tongue along her slit, back to front, enjoying the taste as much as the excitement that he was eliciting from his mistress.

As Barbara settled back braced on her hands, Donna leaned in to kiss her and fondle a tit. She was as aroused as Barbara, her own pussy cramping in response to Barbara’s gentle cries of pleasure.

Suddenly Jim was parting Donna’s legs. His unshaven cheeks teased her velvet skin as he kissed and licked his way to her pussy. She quickly assumed the same position as Barbara, leaning back on her hands while opening her legs to receive the attention of the young stud’s hungry mouth. He flattened his tongue and rubbed it along the length of her slit.

Oh God, it had been some time since she had enjoyed the feel of a man’s mouth on her. She almost got off as he applied a long deep lick along her wide open slit, finishing off at her swollen clit. She came even closer to orgasm when a finger worked its way in beside the tongue before sliding back to tease her butt hole.

Jim had worked himself into an extreme need to fuck someone as the two women grew more excited and ready for sex. He rose up and moved between Barbara’s legs and forced his spring-loaded shaft down to her pussy. She grasped it and rubbed the purple knob between her slippery lips. He teased her, enjoying the sounds of anxious whimpering as she attempted to pull him into her by tugging on his hips. He thrust his hips forward, his cock easily slipping into her waiting love tunnel.

Jim pulled her forward until her pussy was at the edge of the bed allowing him to gain full entry. They settled into a cadence, she timing her hip movements to each of his thrusts while he rubbed his cock side-to-side and top to bottom as he moved in and out.

Jim grit his teeth, his mind focused on the delicious feel of Barbara’s velvet pussy around his cock, simulating the sensation of tiny hot tongues licking his shaft as his knob parted the folds of her liquid vagina.

He glanced at Donna who had assumed the same position as Barbara, her eyes hooded with desire as she anticipated her turn under him.

He would have to move to her very soon in order to successfully live out his fantasy so he pulled out of a protesting Barbara to quickly move between Donna’s spread legs. She forced his erection down and rubbed it on her wet gash.

Donna was better prepared to receive him than she had been the night before. He had needed to enter her with a series of short thrusts to get it all in her. But this time his cock entered smoothly in one long stroke, eliciting loud groans of pleasure from each of them.

He continued fucking her as he pushed her onto the bed, she assisting by using her elbows to scrunch backwards. They were unaware of Barbara inching back with them, desperately waiting for his return.

Jim lowered his body totally along Donna’s, wanting the feel of her soft belly and tits pasted up against him as he dug his knees into the mattress to provide anchor for deep hard thrusts. She hooked her legs around him, digging her heels into the back of his thighs, her arms clenched around his neck while she mindlessly whispered, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” in his ear.

She got off in an explosion of twisting arms and legs, thrusting her hips upward, lifting him up in her delicious agony still impaled on his hard cock as she exhausted her energy. Her arms and legs dropped back to the bed and she laid spread-eagled heaving for breath. Jim was submerged in the ecstasy of a hot mushy pussy around his shaft and continued to slow fuck, the desire to cream her ran teasingly through his thoughts.

Events were moving too quickly. His vision had been to move back and forth several times between pussies. But one lady was canlı casino already off and he was personally ready to erupt. He pushed up off of her, waiting to the last second to withdraw his greasy cock, still so stiff it was bent upward like a banana. He was so close to getting off that he was not sure he could make it back to Barbara, her eyes wild in anticipation as she waited on her back, legs spread and knees up.

He groaned, “Won’t take long baby.”

“Don’t need long, just get over here,” she demanded.

He was barely in her when it happened. One deep thrust as Barbara jammed her hips upward on his entry. They remained locked together as he unloaded several streams of burning cum. The stroking began once more as Jim pushed up on extended arms to view his lover writhing gently under him as they milked the final pleasure of his slow erotic strokes.

He was barely aware that Donna had moved over them as he and Barb lived out their rigid orgasm and now lay on him in a sort of group hug, her tits grinding his back as she kissed and bit at his shoulders and neck.

“My God, that was the hottest hour of my life,” Donna gasped.

Jim pushed upwards to allow Barbara to escape from under this mess of arms and legs. She scrambled free clutching her pussy to prevent cum from dripping on her bed sheets as she raced for the bathroom.

Jim rolled to his back and free of Donna as she settled on her knees beside him. She was radiant, face flushed and her eyes sparkling with pleasure and energy. Her great tits dangled in front of his eyes. He

reached between her legs to feel and play with her swollen pussy lips.

“You better join Barbara baby. I do recover quickly and if you hang around another few minutes, you’ll be on your back again,” he whispered.

She moaned, “Is that a threat or a promise?” She was trembling in excitement as he deftly rubbed her pussy lips together, massaging them gently, using one finger to locate and tease her clit. She had always loved to be felt after sex, but it had rarely occurred in her experience. She was ready for more.

He pulled his fingers out and whispered, “Go Donna, let me recover for a while, I was too excited. I wanted to go longer. It’s still storming; we’ll have all day and maybe another night. I’ll do better next time.”

She bent over him, swinging her tits in his face, “You’re sure about that lover? I have to make this day pay, I’ll probably never have another chance like this. Promise me there’s more.”

He kissed each nipple and whispered, “I guarantee it.”

Donna grinned as she slipped off of the bed. “Probably a good idea. To wait I mean. We need a break for breakfast don’t we, for energy if nothing else. Especially you trying to please two horny women at once.”

“How am I doing?” Jim asked mischievously.

Donna bent over him once more, ran her tongue around his lips, before slipping it into his mouth and then whispering, “I have never enjoyed a man in bed more than you.” She walked seductively away from him, pausing to look back over her shoulder in her imitation of Marilyn Monroe before joining Barbara in the bathroom.

Preparations for breakfast brought back a sense of normality to the threesome. The ladies were wearing jeans and blouses while Jim had donned his heavier clothes. He was going to shovel out the entrances after breakfast and bring in more firewood. The wind had lessened and the snowfall decreased as temperatures began to plummet.

The telephone buzzed for the first time in days. Barbara answered, “Oh hi Steve, guess you are calling to see if I’m alright. Not to worry, I am good here, lots of food, heat and water, and I know that your schedule will be full clearing the mine site and roads. I’m good until tomorrow, no need to rush out to open my road. Oh, and if the Manager calls looking for his wife, Donna is trapped here with me, so let him know. He’s out of town but was aware that she was coming out to visit me. We have his skidoo so if we need to get out we can. Okay, late today or tomorrow some time would be fine. Don’t work too hard. Bye.” The call had been from the mine Surface Superintendent who was responsible for road and yard maintenance.

Smiles all around, their adventure could continue uninterrupted, no rush to complete their odyssey of sexual experiments. They settled down for breakfast, laughing and joking as if all was normal and that they had not spent the past 24 hours screwing each other.

The ladies competed to serve Jim more coffee or toast or jam or whatever, touching his neck seductively with soft fingers, or brushing against his shoulder with a hip or a breast. The object of this attention smiled contentedly like a master in mediaeval household, occasionally sliding a hand up between the legs of whoever was serving him.

But he had work to do and arose from the table, kissed each lady on the forehead and donned his parka, fur hat and mitts. The ladies giggled at the sight of their paramour bundled up like a Russian peasant in winter.

They cleaned the table and washed the dishes as they listened to him clumping around shoveling and retrieving wood. They stood side by side over the kitchen sink as he made his way down to the lake on snowshoes.

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