Dirty Laundry — Part 1

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Double Penetration

Dirty Laundry — Part 1This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs*Stacey_tvDirty Laundry Part 1Peter sat in the laundromat, skimming through a two-year old copy ofLadies’ Home Journal that he’d found. He was halfway through a”riveting” article detailing cheaper alternatives to dry-cleaningd****ries when his dryer buzzed loudly, alerting him to empty it.By sheer force of habit, he glanced around before he dumped thecontents of the dryer onto the folding table. Only the disinterestedattendant–a twenty-something community college type–was in thebuilding, and he didn’t so much as glance up from the book he wasreading when the buzzer sounded. Peter had done the same thing beforeloading and emptying the washer, not to mention loading the dryer. Thereason for his furtiveness was soon evident.A cascade of satin and lace was spilled onto the table. Pastels andother bright colors tumbled from Peter’s arms onto the cool plastic.Bras, panties, slips, and lingerie of all sorts were piled up. Peterbegan neatly folding them.As he folded them, his heart beat loudly in his ears. It was always asecret thrill for him to come out in public to wash his lingerie. Surehe hand-washed the more delicate items at home, but he wore so much ofit during the week that hand-washing all of it just wasn’t an option.He’d been coming to this laundromat twice a week now for the betterpart of a year. One trip was for his mundane “boy clothes” and theother was for his lingerie. He usually came later in the evening whenthere were no crowds, but he still got a special thrill out of it. He’dreceived a few odd looks over the year, but no one ever said anythingto him. He was sure they’d seen enough men washing women’s things herethat it was probably assumed he was doing his girlfriend’s washing.As he folded the lingerie he sorted it; pairing panties with theirmatching bras, baby dolls, and nighties. Slips were piled together andpanties with nothing to match them were also stacked neatly together.Garter belts found their way into their respective sets.Peter finished his folding and placed everything neatly in the baskethe’d brought it all in. He placed his laundry soap and fabric softeneron top of it all, leaving it on the table while he made a pit stop inthe bathroom before making the drive home.The door gave a familiar creak as Peter entered, the rusty spring nearthe top closing it behind him. Its simple slide-bolt lock had long-since fallen into disrepair. The bathroom was a narrow little rectangleof a room where a single-bulb fixture provided minimal lighting. Thewalls were covered in cheap oak-finish paneling that contrasted sharplywith the dingy white tile floor.Down the narrow strip of the room a small porcelain sink hung on thewall. Less than 2 feet away the toilet was fixed to the floor, nopartition separating it from the rest of the room.As he stood in front of the toilet Peter unzipped his pants and deftlypulled his panties to one side, freeing bahis firmaları his member. Tugging them to oneside caused the rio-style back to creep partway into the crack of hisass, prompting a tiny sigh. Peter had just started to relieve himselfwhen he heard the door creak open.”Hey, I’m in here,” he called out.”I know,” the attendant said as he stepped through the door. It creakedshut. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this.””What are you talking about?” Peter asked. He turned slightly so hisback was to the intruder and looked slightly over his shoulder as hecontinued his business.”I’ve been watching you for months now. I want you to show me whatpanties you’re wearing tonight.””I don’t know what you’re talking about.””Oh, I think you do. All you sissy faggots are the same. You want toget caught.””If you’re referring to my girlfr…,” Peter began.”Your girlfriend’s stuff–sure. Same old story. I’ve seen how much careand attention you take with it. Drop your pants and show me your prettypanties, sissy.”Peter finished peeing and tucked his cock away. Its slight twitchbetrayed his true feelings about the thought of revealing his secret.He kept his back turned but didn’t zip himself up. “I think you’remistaken.””Bullshit,” the attendant said. “Tell me, sissy, are they satin or lacetonight? I didn’t see a panty line like I usually do when you’re here.Are you wearing a thong perhaps?””I… uhhhh…” Peter stammered.”Do it, sissy! Drop your pants and let me see your panties!” Peter’shands moved woodenly to his belt and began to unbuckle it. “That’sright, sissy. C’mon.” Peter unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans andhooked his thumbs into the sides of his now open pants. “Good, sissy.Now slide them down slowly. Show me your sissy ass in your prettypanties.”Peter tugged gently on the waistband and slowly lowered his jeans,revealing his panties. They were mauve satin and the leg holes weretrimmed with a narrow ruffle, giving them a more feminine look. Therio-style back was snugged into the crack of his ass, accenting theruffle even more.”You have good taste in panties, sissy,” the attendant said. “They makeyour ass look very appealing. Drop your pants all the way.” Peterhadn’t realized he was still clutching the waistband of his jeans. Helet them fall to the floor, standing completely exposed. The clatter ofhis belt buckle was deafening in the silence.”Yesssss. Very nice. Now turn around.” Peter complied. He could feelthe heat of blood rushing to his face as he blushed furiously. As heturned he became painfully aware of just how hard his cock was.”Ohhhh, the sissy likes being ogled? Your dick is harder than mineright now. Tell me, sissy, do you like it when I look at you?”Peter’s voice was barely audible. “Yes.””Well, sissy, we have a problem. Here I am with a hard-on and once mydick gets like this I like to give it some relief. Now, you’re standinghere in a pair of frilly panties and my dick’s thinking, why should itsettle for me stroking kaçak iddaa it off when an obviously willing sissy’s righthere. What do you think we could do about that?”Peter stood transfixed and said nothing. The attendant stepped closer.His athletic shorts were tented out in front, doing nothing to concealhis hard cock.”Pull them down, sissy,” the attendant said. “Pull down my shorts andrelease my cock.” Peter looked down and watched as his hands reachedout, grasped the waistband, and began pulling the attendant’s shortsdown. At first the front caught on his hard cock, but as the shortswent lower it sprang free, bobbing up and down enticingly.”Now stroke it for me, sissy.” Peter raised one hand and wrapped itaround the attendant’s stiff cock. He had never touched another cockbefore–it felt so warm and smooth.”Mmmmmmmm. That’s right, squeeze it.” Peter felt it twitch in his lefthand as he gripped it, giving it several good squeezes. “Ohhh yeah.That feels good, sissy. Now really stroke it for me.”Peter began moving his hand back and forth on the stranger’s cock,pulling on it. As his hand slipped over the head a huge drop of pre-cumoozed out onto his palm, lubricating it and making the cock slide moreeasily in his grasp.”Oooooh yeah. Stroke me, sissy, c’mon. Jerk it for me. Mmmmmmmmmm.”Peter’s mind was swimming in a sea of emotions but his hand seemed tobe on autopilot. Here he was in a public restroom (with no lock on thedoor!) with his pants around his ankles jerking off some stranger whilehis own cock throbbed painfully in his panties. What was he doing? Whydidn’t he stop? Did he really want this? Did he want more?”That’s it, sissy! Keep it up and you’ll get your sissy’s reward. I’malmost there now.”Peter’s left hand was moving faster now, really slick with pre-cum. Hisright hand moved to his own hard cock and started stroking himselfthrough the satin.”That’s right, sissy, it’s all too much for you isn’t it? It’s whatyour inner sissy has needed all along. Pull your own cock and shoot allover yourself in your pretty panties.”Peter had a cock in each hand now. He was so turned on he knew hewasn’t going to last long. His raw emotions were demanding the samerelease his cock craved.”Turn around, sissy!” the attendant barked suddenly. Unsure of what wasgoing on, Peter responded without thinking, doing as he was told. Helet go of the stranger’s cock and turned around. “Keep jerking yourselfoff. I want you to cum when I do.”Peter felt the moist heat of the attendant’s cock, as it started movingbetween the cheeks of his pantied ass. He bent over slightly, his cum-slick left hand leaning on the wall for support as the attendant dry-humped (?) his ass.”Ohhh yeah, your satin covered ass feels so good when I rub my cock inyour crack. Work it for me, sissy. Work your pretty panties on mycock.” Peter started moving his hips, trying to please the cock behindhim while still stroking his own.”Mmmmmmm. Are you ready, sissy? Are you ready for your sissy’s reward?Are kaçak bahis you ready to feel my nice hot cum? Are you, sissy?””Yes!” Peter said hoarsely, his breathing ragged and irregular.”Yes, what?””Yes, I’m ready!””Ready for what, sissy?””I’m ready to feel your nice hot cum.””Tell me you want it, sissy. Tell me where you want it.””I do want it. I want to feel your hot cum all over my ass.””And what else do you want, sissy? What else do you need?””I want to cum too.””Say it, then. Put it all together and let’s make your sissy dreamscome true!””Cum on my sissy ass! I want to feel your hot cum all over me while Ijerk off in my own panties. Please? Please cum all over me?””That’s all you needed to say, sissy,” the attendant said. “That’s allI wanted to hear.”Peter suddenly felt a pair of hands on his hips, then one finger hookedinto the leg hole of his panties and tugged them up out of his ass andto one side. As he felt the attendant’s cock slide between his satinpanties and his ass the warmth of flesh-on-flesh was almost more thanhe could bear. The panties snapped back in place and the strangerstarted humping his pantied ass again, more insistent now.”Here’s your reward, sissy! Here it comes! I’m coming! I’m… Ahhhh…unnngghhhnnnn.”Peter felt the intense heat and wetness as hot cum shot between hispanties and his ass. His own orgasm followed before the attendant’s wasfinished and he soon felt his own heat and wetness spreading in thefront of his panties.As they both finished their respective climaxes, Peter soon felt thecooling flood of cum oozing down over his cock and asshole to hisballs. He was almost completely covered with cum inside his panties–only the waistband around his hips remained dry.The attendant pulled out and then snugged Peter’s soaked panties backinto his ass. “That was great, sissy,” he said giving his bare ass asmack.”Mmmmmmmmmmm,” was all Peter could manage. The attendant pulled up hisshorts and underwear in one pull.”Next time, wear a bra and garters with stockings, sissy.” He headedfor the door, but stopped just before he opened it. “Oh, and bring somelipstick too. I just know I’m going to want to sample that prettylittle mouth next time and I don’t let guys blow me. You’ll have tolook the part.””Okay,” Peter said. He couldn’t believe he just agreed to come preparedto blow this guy next week. The door creaked open.”One more thing, sissy,” the attendant said.”Yes?””What’s your name? Your sissy name. I know all you panty sissies havegirlie names you call yourselves. What’s yours?””Stephanie,” Peter said in a barely audible whisper. “My name isStephanie. But you can call me Steffie if you want to.””Okay, Stephanie it is.” The door creaked shut.===Later that night, as Steffie filled her ass with her favorite dildo,she wore the same cum-soaked panties she’d driven home in. All thewhile she thought about the laundromat attendant and how he’d befilling her mouth by this time next week.She didn’t even know his name, but she cried out a boy’s name anyway asshe came again, drenching the front of her panties for the second timethat night. She drifted off to a sticky, blissful slumber; dreamingnaughty dreams about college boys who liked special girls.

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