Diapered Humiliation, Diapered Mistress

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Diapered Humiliation, Diapered MistressHere I am standing in front of this hotel room door shaking from side to side and a little spurt of piss has just escaped my dick. I am so embarrassed yet so turned on by the fact that a woman has me standing here doing this and because I’m such a sub for her I’m actually obeying. Ayren had told me on the phone earlier that even though we weren’t meeting up until later that I was under her complete control as of that moment so of course that meant bathroom privileges as well and she was thorough. After telling me to drink a gallon of water all within two hours of us meeting and watching me drink the last drop from the jug, she made me undress in front of the webcam for her and as soon as that was done I was to prop it next to my shower as I cleaned and shaved for the afternoon and night so that she could make sure I didn’t cheat. It was incredibly humiliating having her watch everything that I did and I didn’t know it then but it was only he beginning. After I was dressed to her liking in khakis and a short t-shirt and was out the door to meet her. The whole ride calling asking for permission to relieve the pressure in my bladder. The answer every time was “no, big boys can hold their bladders.” so when I finally made it to the hotel room where she was I knocked and waited as she was no doubt watching through the peep hole. While I grabbed at my dick to try and stem the flow she finally opened the door and forgetting my manners just immediately asked to use the bathroom. She said “I guess you need a few more minutes out there to learn some manners.” and that is what wound me in this predicament which predictably after those first few spirts I completely and helplessly flooded my pants. The dark spot on the light colored pants immediately gave away what I had done. I started knocking furiously and asking her forgiveness saying I had learned my lesson and to please let me in, there were people walking down the hallway towards me. I could just hear her laughing behind the door and she said “turn around, I want to see the back of your pants” and made me stay that until just before the couple walking by was right upon me. Finally the door was opened and she instructed me “get in here pisssy sissy before everyone knows you’ve wet your pants” just loud enough for the couple who was so close to hear. Once inside facing my lady I began to apologize and thank her for teaching me manners. She looked at me the whole time and without acknowledging that I had even said anything said “drop your pants that you pissed in boy.” I did immediately not wanting to anger her any further and was left standing there in nothing but my short tshirt that did nothing to cover me or the piss still wet on my legs. When I looked up she was coming back over with a smile on her face and a clear plastic object in her hand. She held it out and I could see then it was a CB-6000, a cock cage, a chastity device to be exact and I started to shake a little now as I got nervous and my bladder started filling again. Ayren said, “you know exactly what this is don’t you little miss pissy? Now put it on, I want you to know that everytime you try and get hard tonight and can’t, that it was your own hands who put you in this device.” As I was finally putting cage around my dick, Ayren walked around behind me feeling all over my naked casino siteleri ass and spreading it, inspecting that I was clean and shaved in all the correct spots. I finally got the lock through the pin in the middle of my plastic misery, turned the key and held it out in front of my for her to accept. As she took the key and put it around the chain on her neck she instructed me to remove my shirt and crawl behind her deeper into the room. I did and with every movement could hear the lock bouncing off the plastic cage my cock was now chaste in. Ayren sat behind the desk where a computer was set up and she told me to continue towards the wall and stick miss pissy pants nose in the corner and stay there until told to move. As I sat there wondering why she kept calling me miss and what she was doing typing away, little did I know she was sitting there setting up a video chat in a bdsm website and inviting all sorts of people in. After I heard Ayren get up I could hear her walking around and she finally told me to turn around and crawl to her feet. I did, still with no idea that I was on full display to anyone she had invited to see the webcam and once at her began to kiss her feet and thank her for being such an amazing mistress. As my kisses got further and further up her leg she took one step back and I looked up to see her holding what I thought were women’s underwear. Now this is something that she and I have never done before and as humiliated and scared as I was when she said, “lay down so I can dress you properly” I could also feel my dick start to strain against it’s awful device as I laid down on my back. “You can’t hold your bladder like a big boy can you Mikey?” she said as she pushed the frilly pink panties up my legs. “No ma’am I guess I can’t.” I said in a humiliated voice as she slapped my thigh so I would lift up my butt. “Well since you’re not a big boy you must be a little sissy then, and this is what sissies wear.” was her reply as she got the humiliating panties in place around my solid chastity belt, whose key was dangling in my face taunting me saying she had complete control of me. “Now” she said, “let’s see what everyone else thinks, shall we? Now stand up and face my computer.” I did as I was told and it was then I noticed I was being watched by at least 20 people. Ayren asked the room if now her miss pissy pants was dressed correctly and of course everyone agreed. As my bladder was beginning to overflow again from that whole gallon of water again I asked Ayren for permission to go to the bathroom. “Again!?” She asked, “Jesus, no, what a pissy little thing you are.” And of course, yet again a little spurt came out and I grabbed my dick attempting to stem the flow. Ayren saw me grab my crotch and told me to keep my hands off my locked up dick and then she said, “better yet, show my friends the other reason you’re a sissy” Reluctantly I pulled the front of my panties down (did I really see them as MY panties) showing my locked up penis to about 20 strangers. I thought they had seen enough when I saw about 10 LOL’s and let my panties back up only to suddenly lose control and start spraying them down with piss. “Holy shit you really can’t control yourself can you baby?” Ayren said and came to me as I was still going and spanked my ass 5 times on each cheek. “Kneel down in your piss baby, I have kaçak casino to really teach you a lesson now” I knelt down on all fours as she walked to the bathroom and came back holding 4 enema bottles in her hand. She pulled the soaking wet panties off my body completely and as I started to protest the enemas she said “shut up and open your pissy mouth” As I did, the piss soaked panties were shoved in, I had all that soaking material in my mouth dripping down my throat as she greased up the nozzles on the bottles and then my asshole. There was no warning as the first one was shoved in gently and squeezed until it was empty. Then the second, third, and fourth until I was so full and now sucking the piss out of the panties trying to breathe harder as I strained to hold it all in. She laid me down on my side and left me there saying not to move and when she came back. She was holding the thickest diaper I have ever seen in one hand and pink frilly plastic pants in the other. She set them down and rolled me onto the diaper. Putting baby lotion all over my ass and pubic area and balls, then sprinkled powder into the diaper and onto me the whole time chastising me for being such a big baby who wets his pants and an even bigger sissy who wet her panties. My humiliation was complete as she aimed my locked away dick down into the diaper and taped it shut. She pulled the plastic pants up to my butt and told me to stand up so she could finish pulling them up and tuck them in. Once I was all tucked into my plastic panties Ayren said “Now I am positive that you won’t be able to hold this for ten minutes, but if you think you can, nod your head and you’ll be rewarded if you do.” Obviously with a dying need to prove I was a big boy I nodded my head and she said “we’ll see, stand with your nose in the corner while we wait and I find us a place to have dinner.” With my bowels cramping and my mouth still stuffed with the panties dripping down my throat and chin I waddled to the corner and stuck my nose in it. Only about 5 minutes of cramping and sweating and holding and miserable humiliation had gone by when I finally lost control and completely filled my bulky diaper with 4 enemas and a days worth of poop. Ayren had to have heard this happen because she immediately came me and said, “looks like I win again baby” as she cupped the bulging mass in the back of my diaper and pushed it against me “looks like you really do need those and you’ll get no relief from that cock cage, which was your surprise. Now lay down so I can change your stinky diaper for dinner. On second thought I don’t want to be embarrassed by any messy accidents at dinner now squat and force everything out and look at me as you push baby” On the verge of crying with humiliation I looked into her laughing eyes as pushed even more mess into my full diaper. “Are you done baby?” she asked. “Yes I’m done ma’am” I said “done what?” she asked “done pooping my diaper ma’am, please change me?” I whimpered, muffled by the panties which she thankfully removed and made me repeat what I had just said. “no change until I’ve had some fun, now crawl to the door” I crawled obediently to the door as she took a video of me crawling and waddling in my messy diaper. When she was done with her photo shoot of me in different positions all of them humiliating and showing off my messy diaper canlı casino she laid me down and actually lovingly changed my diaper (lovingly yet still awfully humiliating as she was using baby talk). When the mess was finally cleaned she told me to pull my knees to my chest. As I did she knelt above me and I saw for the first time HER DIAPER. She lowered herself down onto my face and at the same time began lubing my now clean asshole and then just as I felt the familiar tip of a butt plug start to enter me I felt her diaper get warmer and warmer. “Do you like me Pissing my diaper on your face sissy?” she asked as she started rocking back and forth while starting to gently fuck me with the plug. Her rocking got faster and faster as the plug went deeper and when it finally settled all the way into my asshole and was stuck, she grabbed my locked up dick and squeezed the cage just as she started cumming. “Thank your mistress for cumming on your face baby” she said and eagerly, even though muffled by her diaper still pressed against me I yelled “thank you Ayren for cumming your diaper on my face!” Finally satisfied she got off my face and continued with my diaper change, rubbing in lotion and sprinkling powder and playing with the base of my plug here and there all the while telling me how horny it made her seeing me in my messy diapers and pissy panties. “The plug will stay there until we’re done with dinner because I don’t want my sissy baby having poopy accidents in public and plus it’s loosening you up for my surprise later.” “thank you Ayren for making sure I don’t have messy accidents in public” I replied as again my caged up dick was forced down into the diaper and it was taped up snug. She cut a few big slits in the diaper and added a second one saying that I wet too much even for these big diapers. When she was done it was my turn to change her she said and I did so eagerly, licking all around any area that might have been at all wet from either cum or piss before I replaced with my saliva then wiped her off with baby wipes and rubbed in a lot of lotion trying to get her aroused again by fingering her pussy until she told me that might come later and to get on with it. I sprinkled powder all over her and her diaper and tapped her in tight. We both got dressed, I in my second pair of clothes, and headed out for dinner. Dinner was great we enjoyed ourself a lot drinking (a lot) and eating and talking like the friends we are. On our way back Ayren asked me just as I thought things had normaled out AND just as our waitress came over “Is your diaper still dry Mikey?” The waitress, as stunned as me awkwardly smiled at me and left our check on the table as I looked at her and then Ayren and shook my head “no”. “Of course not, you’re a baby who wets his diapers aren’t you Mikey” she said and I nodded my head “yes”. “What was that?” she said sternly. “My diapers not dry Ayren I wet my diapers a few times.” “Well let’s go I need to survey the damage” she said and we walked out. As soon as we got outside the restaurant she stopped me from waddling and lifted my shirt and stuck her hand down the back then the front of my diaper pulling her hand out grabbing my chastity cage on the way out again making my yearning dick strain for stimulation. “I love how you were honest with me about being wet in front of our waitress and I think that earned you a chance to get out of this thing” she said as she grabbed my cock again “but now we have to get us changed” and we both started waddling back towards the hotel.Too be continued even further. HahaLet me know what you think…..

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