Diane and Kris

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Diane and KrisDiane Pollock was driving herself over to her daughter Kris’s house. It was about a 20 minute drive. Diane liked driving herself around and often took herself for drive around town, just for the fun of it.Diane arrived and pulled into the driveway. The name plate on the mailbox said ‘Nickelsen’. The house was very good and very comfortable. Diane liked the house and had helped her daughter Kris to decorate and re-model the house. Pressing on the door bell Diane waited for Kris to open the door. She was not surprised to find kris opening the door in rather sad jogging pants and a sports jersey. It was as if Kris could not be bothered to dress as a woman, never mind as the ‘Lady’ of such a good house.’Well kiss your mother honey.’ Diane said to Kris.’Sure Mom.’ Said Kris and kissed her mother on the cheek.’Ok get dressed we are going shopping. And I am paying!’ Said Diane.Half-an-hour later Kris was in a dress and sitting in the passenger seat of her mothers car driving to the shopping mall. They went shopping for dresses first. Long navy dress for being all dressed up and then a pink suit, medium skirt and short jacket. Next Lingerie, dark navy blue bra, panties, garter belt and Navy blue seamed stockings. Then a pink lingerie set again pink bra, çankaya escort panties garter belt and pink stockings all to match. Then shoes. Dark blue high heels and pink medium heels. Kris was dressed from head to toe by her mother Diane. Diane herself bought and new dress. A pale green dress and to match her lingerie she bought a green and black lace basque with black seemed stocking. finished off with green high heels. Tired and shopped out they drove back and they returned to Diane’s house. In the bedroom they open their shopping bags and began trying on their new clothes. Kris looked amazing in her new lingerie. First she tried the pink set. Diane helped clip the stockings to the garter belt for Kris. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she saw that she still had a good figure. Her breasts were still proud and her hips narrow. She looked good. Very good.Diane noticed that Kris had allowed her pussy hair to grow and she offered to shave it off and make Kris’s pussy nice and smooth. Kris lay back on the bed and let her mother remove her pink panties then Diane got her electric shaver and began to gentle remove the pubic hair from around Kris’s pussy and vagina. It Tickled! As Diane shaved away the hair she asked Kris to balgat escort spread her stocking legs wider and wider. This resulted in Kris’s pussy lips opening up and her clitoris began to grow with the buzzing of the shaved. Kris was getting sexually aroused by the shaving from her mother. Diane could not resist the temptation and she slipped one finger into her daughters pussy and gentle massaged the pink swollen clitoris. “OH! MY GOD!” Kris cried out…”Wow! Kris your getting all worked up.” said Diane.”OH! I sure am mom! I sure am!” Answered Kris. Diane then pushed and teased her finger deeper into Kris’s pussy. She moaned out loud and moved her hips forward in a little fuck motion. Diane was amazed at how easily Kris was becoming sexual. She could not resist leaning in and kissing her daughter’s pussy lips and licking her clitoris. “OH FUCK!” Kris cried out. “FUCK! OH! FUCK!” She cried out over and over as Diane licked her pussy lips and teased her clitoris. The more she teased her daughter the more she became sexually aroused, Kris was now pushing her hips into her mother’s face and asking her to lick ‘Deeper and harder’ “OH! FUCK! MAKE ME!'”Make you what honey? Asked Diane. “MAKE ME CUM MOM! MAKE ME CUM! PLEASE, I WANT elvankent escort TOOOO….” Kris said out loud. “I NEED THIS, PLEASE…”Diane then licked deeper and harder she also fingered Kris’s pussy and finger fucked her cunt. Pushing one finger then two fingers deep inside her daughters wet cunt. Kris was now beyond caring what her mother was doing to her, as long as she had an orgasm. Her mother could fuck her if she wanted and Kris would happy agree to do it.Diane did want to fuck Kris. Diane licked and fingered Kris harder and faster making her daughter become so sexually aroused that her orgasm made her shake and scream and thrash around on the bed. She was having such an intense orgasm Kris seemed to completely forget it was her own mother making her cum.After a few minutes on the bed recovering They both lay together on the bed. Kissing and touching each other. “Does this mean were a lesbian mother and daughter?” Kris asked Diane.”Well perhaps…” Replied Diane. “Or we could just both be horny bitches that like good sex..” They both giggled like school-girls at that and kissed full on the lips, licking their tongues together. After some more kissing Kris asked her mother… “Well you did me, how about I do you now!” For the rest of the afternoon Kris and Diane shared their bodies and their sex together. making each other orgasm and cum with their fingers lips and tongues. Diane brought out her sex toys and they played with each others sex. Inserting vibrators and dildos into each others mouths and vaginas. They shared orgasms and each other.

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