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Subject: Devyn’s Struggle V2 29 This is a fictional story involving sexual acts between two or more men. If this offends you, why are you here? If you are under the legal age to read sexually explicit material then do not read any further. This story in no way represents any person living or dead. Any resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and no copying or posting to any other website is permitted without the author’s written consent. Please help keep Nifty going by donating to this awesome fty/donate.html Devyn’s Struggle V2 Chapter 29 Devyn and Joe had cleaned up Hannah’s old room for Travis but the boy was having nightmares so he would end up downstairs sleeping with Joe. “He’s getting better,” Joe told Devyn. “It is just taking time for him to adjust.” “He’s been through a lot,” Devyn said. “He lost his parents and then he lost you briefly.” “He lost both of us,” Joe said. “I guess he and I have something in common,” Devyn said. “We both lost our parents. Just in different ways.” “He never remembers the nightmares,” Joe said. “I’m guessing they are about the accident.” “It has to be hard on him,” Devyn said. “He’s only 10 after all. His whole world was flipped upside down.” “Exactly,” Joe said. It took time but eventually Joe got Travis to try sleeping in the bedroom they had set up for him. It was upstairs and right next to Devyn’s. The first night that Travis tried to sleep upstairs he had one of the nightmares. Devyn heard him and went into his room. He held Travis until he drifted off to sleep again and he ended up sleeping with him for the rest of the night. Joe found them sleeping there the next morning. He watched the two of them. Both looking so peaceful curled up together. Sirius curled up at the foot of the bed with his head on Devyn’s feet. Joe wondered how the teenager managed to get any sleep. This went on for several nights; sometimes Travis would show up beside Devyn’s bed and slide in next to the groggy teen. “Do you want me to have him sleep back down here?” Joe asked Devyn after seeing the dark circles and tired eyes. “It doesn’t really bother me,” Devyn said. “I used to sleep with Todd like that when he had nightmares. It is just between Travis and then the dog all trying to get comfortable it takes me a while to get back to sleep.” “Thank you for being so good to him,” Joe said, his voice a little thick. “You don’t know what it means.” “Hey, I love him too,” Devyn said. “I’m just doing what I would do if he was my little brother.” “Have you talked to Todd recently,” Joe asked, changing the subject. “Yeah,” Devyn said. “He wants to come out to the farm or for me to come there. I wanted to wait until Travis got settled in before throwing anything else into the mix.” “Well call him,” Joe said. “You decide what you want to do. If you want to go visit him or have him here it is up to you.” “Thanks,” Devyn said. “I’ll give him a call later today and see what he has going on with his foster family.” Devyn did just that and after talking to Todd’s foster mom found out that they needed to go with their oldest son to visit a couple of colleges. They were going to take Todd with them but they knew he would probably be bored. With Joe’s consent Devyn offered to have Todd spend a few days at the farm. Todd’s foster mom drove to the farm to drop Todd off for a few days. “Devyn!” Todd cried when he saw his friend. “You’re taller!” Todd threw his arms around Devyn and practically lifted him off the ground. “Hey dude,” Devyn said. “Take it easy.” Todd sat Devyn back down. “I’m so happy to be here with you again.” “Me too,” Devyn said. “You remember Travis?” “Um yeah,” Todd said. “The boy with the puppy.” “Yeah,” Devyn said. “But the puppy is grown up and Travis lives here now. You remember Travis can’t hear?” “Oh Yeah,” Todd said. “You have to talk with your hands.” “Right,” Devyn said. Devyn was also signing to Travis as he talked to Todd. “That is some young man,” Todd’s mom Emily said. “Yes, he is,” Joe said. They bursa escort watched the boys and they started to go towards the barns. Travis wanted to show the calves to Todd. “Todd told my son Randy about his time with Tom. It upset Randy so I looked into the reports to better understand what Todd went through,” Emily told Joe. “The reports did not include everything that Todd told Randy.” “Devyn has never told me the whole story,” Joe said. “The little bits I know… well I can understand why someone might find it scary. I think Devyn did a great deal to protect Todd from Tom.” “Todd would have never been able to understand that sort of thing,” Emily said. “It just shows even more what a remarkable young man Devyn is.” “Yes, he is,” Joe said. “You are a good man yourself,” Emily said. “I appreciate you letting Todd stay here for a few days. He would have been so bored visiting colleges.” “Anytime,” Joe said. “It is good for Devyn. Tom really tried to do a number on Devyn lying to him about what happened to Todd.” “He’s an evil man,” Emily said. “Yes, he is,” Joe said. “But he did not win. Todd and Devyn survived. Tom cannot hurt them again.” “He might try,” Emily said. “I mean he did track Devyn down before.” “Devyn is stronger than he was then,” Joe said, speaking of Devyn’s emotional strength. “I don’t think he will want to come back here. Besides, he is locked away for an exceptionally long time. He got out before on a technicality.” Joe also knew that if Tom showed up at the farm again, he would not be leaving. Of course, he did not voice those thoughts to Emily. Emily left and the three boys spent the afternoon showing Todd all over the farm. “You look tired,” Joe said after dinner and the four of them had settled in to watch TV. “It was exhausting,” Devyn said. “But it was also fun.” “Emily thinks you are quite the young man,” Joe said. “Just doing what I think is right,” Devyn said. “Well keep doing that,” Joe said sliding his arm around Devyn’s shoulders. Devyn ended up squished in his bed with both Travis and Todd deciding to sleep with him. Poor Sirius had no choice but to sleep on the floor. “Okay, guys,” Devyn said. “This isn’t going to work. This bed isn’t big enough for all of us.” “Sure, it is,” Todd said. “Travis doesn’t take up much room.” “Why don’t all three of you sleep in my bed,” Joe suggested. “It is bigger. I can sleep upstairs for now.” “Enough room for you too,” Travis signed. So, they all ended up sleeping in the big bed. “Great now neither of us will get any sleep,” Joe said. “Your bright idea,” Devyn said but his voice showed his smile. After Todd left, they went back to their regular rooms. “I’m going to miss sleeping down here,” Devyn said. “It is so much closer to the bathroom.” “You are young,” Joe said. “You can handle the stairs.” “Or you could just let me sleep with you,” Devyn said. “Nope,” Joe said. “That is Ethan’s spot and he is going to be coming back this weekend. Now that they were back to their own rooms, Travis was sleeping through the night. Only occasionally did he wake up and slip into Devyn’s room to sleep. Between the upheaval with Hannah and Steve’s death, the custody battle for Travis and then Todd coming for a few days, the summer was slipping away from Devyn. He had been so busy with everything he had barely noticed that several weeks had passed since he had last talked to Charlie. Charlie and his Mom had come out shortly after Joe and Devyn had come home with Travis. “I brought you a lasagna,” Barb said carrying it into the kitchen. “That looks like two pans of lasagna,” Joe said. “One for now and one to freeze,” she said. “you will need it during the farming season.” “You doing alright?” Charlie asked Devyn. “Yeah,” Devyn said. “It is just so odd knowing they are gone.” “I bet,” Charlie said. He and Devyn were sitting in the living room and Joe and his Mom were in the kitchen. Charlie glanced at the door and then at Devyn. He wanted to say more. He wanted to touch Devyn but he just was not sure how to do that. “How is everything bursa escort bayan with you?” Devyn asked. “It’s alright,” Charlie said. “My brother is back from college for the summer and that is cool.” “It must be nice having a brother,” Devyn said. “I already think of Travis like that.” “Howard is great,” Charlie said. “He’s a good big brother. He is working at the store and will take it over one of these days. He’s going to college to get a degree in business.” “I’m sorry we never got to follow up our talk from Julie’s party,” Devyn said. “Shit hit the fan really quickly.” “I understand,” Charlie said. “We have time. Now that stuff has settled down maybe we can talk and do some stuff this summer.” “Sure,” Devyn said. “Don’t you have a birthday coming up?” “Yeah,” Charlie said. “How did you know?” “I pay attention,” Devyn said. “Sam and I usually do something,” Charlie said. “You can join us.” “That would be cool,” Devyn said. “I’ll let you know,” Charlie said. “Charlie,” Barb called from the kitchen. “We need to get going.” “I’ll talk to you later,” Charlie said. He had an urge to grab Devyn and hug him but he pushed that idea away. “Sure,” Devyn said. “Call me.” That had been several weeks ago and Devyn had not heard from Charlie. Devyn had not thought about it until now and wondered if he had missed Charlie’s birthday. Devyn’s responsibilities around the farm had increased. He was actually helping Joe with the farming. He was also helping take care of the livestock. He had never considered he would enjoy farming. He had never considered living and working on a farm. Now though he could not imagine living anywhere else. His home was where Joe and Travis were. Ethan had been coming out to the farm every chance he got. On the weekends it seemed the guy was there most of the time. Devyn did not mind. Ethan was making Joe happy and Ethan had turned out to be a cool guy. Devyn still felt a little jealous when he would see Ethan and Joe together. He wished it had been him that could make Joe happy but that pleasure seemed to have fallen to Ethan. When Ethan was not at the farm Joe’s friend Lee was there. It had been Lee that had taken care of the livestock while Joe and Devyn were taking care of Hannah and Steve’s affairs. Lee had worked his job during the day and did the chores either at night or early in the morning before work. Joe had told Devyn once how Lee and Joe had been friends since childhood. Lee was only a few months younger than Joe and the two had bonded like brothers and were still the best of friends. “You know Lee was the one person that didn’t bat an eye when I came out,” Joe told Devyn. “He just accepted it. We were camping under this lean-to we had built. It was dark and we were in the clearing looking at the stars across the creek. I told him I needed to tell him something serious. He said sure you can tell me anything. So, I said “I’m gay”. It was silent for a minute. You know what he said?” “What?” Devyn asked. Joe waited a minute remembering “He said, cool. You want another beer? As far as I know he never told anyone. Nothing changed. He acted the same as he always had. We hung out together. We played together, hell we would get naked in front of each other. He never got self-conscious or anything. He was just my friend.” “That is so awesome,” Devyn said. “It is great to have a friend like that.” “I wish you had had someone like that,” Joe said. “I do now,” Devyn said. “I got you.” “Thanks,” Joe said and slid his arm around the teen. Devyn realized then that Lee and Joe had that bond that was deeper than family. Lee was one of these people that when you needed him, he would be there to lend a hand. He kept coming back out every few days just to see if Joe needed help. Travis loved it when Lee came out to visit. Lee was like a big kid himself and he did not mind getting down in the dirt and playing with Travis. He would also carry the kid around on his shoulders or dangle him from the loft door with Travis screaming in delight the entire time. “If anyone hears him,” escort bursa Joe said, “they are going to think we are torturing him.” “If they hear him?” Devyn said, watching as Lee was dangling Travis out of the open loft door. “I think they can hear him all the way in town.” Joe was happy Travis was laughing and having fun. Joe had complete confidence in Lee not to drop the kid plus there was a soft pile of straw under the boy. Devyn tried calling Charlie and learned that Charlie’s grandparents had surprised him for his birthday with a trip to California to visit them. Devyn was extremely disappointed that they did not get to talk before Charlie had left. He got Charlie’s number in California and tried calling him but only got an answering machine. He left a brief message but had not heard back from Charlie. Lee showed up Friday night to hang out for a while. “Isn’t this date night,” Joe asked him. “Hell,” Lee said. “She is pissed again about something.” “What did you do?” Devyn asked. “Nothing,” Lee said. “She just thinks I’m not home much.” “You are pulling extra shifts again,” Joe asked. “Yeah,” Lee said. “Banking a little time for the future. You know, for when I need time off.” “Yeah,” Joe said. “Deer season.” “Exactly,” Lee said chuckling. “I don’t know how you can go out there and kill Bambi,” Devyn said. “I don’t kill Bambi,” Lee said. “I kill his daddy.” “Urg!” Devyn growled. “Actually, I don’t know the last time you got a buck,” Joe said. “It has been a while,” Lee said. “Not for a couple years.” “So just what is it you do out there in the woods?” Devyn asked. “Sit in a tree,” Lee said. “I like the peace and quiet.” “If you say so,” Devyn said. Lee had brought a cooler of beer with him. He offered one to Devyn. “It is okay isn’t it?” Lee asked Joe. “You and I were drinking a beer or two at his age.” “You were?” Devyn said looking at Joe but he did not take the beer Lee offered. “Oh, you weren’t telling him you were some goody two shoes were you?” Lee asked. “How about you tell me the truth,” Devyn said to Lee. “How about you don’t,” Joe said looking at Lee. “And don’t give the kid beer.” “You know one time we were out there in those woods,” Lee pointed off across the pasture. “We were looking at dirty magazines I stole from my Dad and drank beer until after midnight. We would have kept looking at the magazines but our flashlight battery died.” “Drinking beer huh,” Devyn said grinning at Joe. “Just how old were the two of you?” “Never you mind,” Joe said. “Younger than you,” Lee added. Devyn heard Joe sigh and then he said, “Learn from my experience.” “Sure,” Devyn said, still grinning at his friend. “But I am going to remember this for future reference. Now tell me about these magazines. Just what kind of dirty magazines were they?” “Oh, you know Playboy and Penthouse and shit,” Lee said. “Hmm,” Devyn said, looking over at Joe. “Not the kind I would expect you to be looking at.” “Some people do read the articles,” Joe said. “That’s right,” Lee said. “I never thought about it. Why did you keep looking at the rags? Hell, they were all chicks. They didn’t have a dude in them.” Joe was quiet for a while. “I guess I was just making my best friend happy,” he said. “Or maybe I was checking out my best friend while he played with himself.” Devyn could not stop the laughter. The look on Lee’s face was priceless. It was shock, embarrassment and satisfaction all mixed up. “Um,” Lee said. “You, um… checked me out?” “Once or twice,” Joe said, shrugging. “Well, hell,” Lee said. “If I had known that I’d given you a real show.” Devyn could not help but laugh with the two adults. It was great how accepting Lee was about his best friend being gay. It did not even seem to bother Lee that he had been checked out by another guy. “He is crazy,” Devyn said as Lee drove down the road on his way home. “He is,” Joe said. “He is also one damn good guy.” “He is,” Devyn said. “I do think he was a little shocked about you checking him out.” “It is good to shock him once in a while,” Joe said. “Now let us get some sleep. We got a lot of work in the morning.” Copyright 2020 by Keith yates att) all rights reserved. No copying, reposting, or distributing is permitted without the author’s written consent.

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