Devil’s Night

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A few years ago, I met my girlfriend at a friend’s Halloween party.  It was on Devil’s Night, Halloween Eve.  I wasn’t planning on going, but a couple of friends talked me into going. I didn’t wear a costume. It was too late when they finally talked me into going, so I just put on jeans and a nice shirt.  I showed up at nine. Mostly everyone who was invited had shown up by then.  I got there and within minutes I had a drink in my hand and noticed quite a few ladies had very sexy costumes on.  I was surprised that a few of them were checking me out as well.  I decided to take a chance and maybe get a date with the one that caught my eye.I walked over to the one wearing a sexy pirate costume.  I introduced myself and asked if I could refill her drink. She said sure and walked with me. She said her name was Brandy. I noticed that we were checking each other out. Her blond hair, blue eyes, and long legs, covered in fishnet stockings and high heeled boots had me mesmerized.We talked and had a few more drinks until she got to know me a little better. It was late and I asked if I could see her again.  Brandy told me that we weren’t done yet.“Can you take me home?” she asked.“Sure, I can.  Where do you live?” I asked.“No silly. Your place” she said. Then it dawned on me. Yes, I’m a little dense at times.  We got back to my house in ten minutes.  We didn’t leave the car for another 30 minutes. We were half undressed by the time we hit the front door. As soon as the door closed, I had her pinned against the wall, her skirt pulled up and panties pushed to the side. Brandy moaned as I thrust my cock into her dripping wet pussy as I held her up against the wall.  Her legs were wrapped around my waist and her nails dug in my back with each thrust. Then, I walked us over to the kitchen table.  My cock never left her pussy as I walked over and laid her down on the cool granite table. Brandy lay flat on the table and then unbuttoned her blouse exposing her voluptuous breasts. They swayed as I continued to pound her pussy.  As she closed her eyes and moaned, Brandy used her legs to pull me closer to her.  With every thrust, I was getting closer to cumming.“Brandy, I’m going to cum soon. I will pull out before I do.” “Don’t you dare!  I want to feel you release your seed inside of me. I’ve been waiting all night for this.” I looked at her with a puzzled look but that didn’t last long as I started to thrust even faster. I lifted her legs to my shoulder so I could go even deeper. Brandy let out a deep moan. As I looked in her eyes, I saw them roll to the back of her head and Brandy’s pussy started to tighten as she began to cum all over my hard cock, trying to squeeze me towards my own orgasm. That wouldn’t be too long of a wait. I slid her legs around my waist and grabbed her hips and held her tight as I began thrusting even faster.  I moaned as I felt my balls tingle, I held casino siteleri onto that sensation as long as I could.The euphoria it gave me was incredible.  It was almost as good as feeling my cum shoot from my cock deep in Brandy’s pussy.  Her nails dug deeper with every rope of cum I squirted in her willing pussy.  We just laid there on the granite table. Spent from our deeply passionate fucking.  We slowly kissed and held each other closely, reveling in the ecstasy we just had.Brandy suggested we head to the bedroom.  As we hit the bed, we began to share our tongues.  That was the last thing I remembered. We woke up together. And I mean together. We never left each other’s arms as lovers tend to do after falling asleep. When we woke up in the middle of the night. we both realized we were still in each other’s arms. We continued where we left off. She guided my cock into the wet folds of her pussy. Brandy moaned as my cock fully filled her. Our hips moved in rhythm with each other while our climaxes began to build. We moved faster and faster until we looked in each other’s eyes.  As our climax reached the peaks of ecstasy, Brandy’s pussy clenched around my growing cock. It squeezed and squeezed until my cock finally exploded deep in her pussy. Brandy dug her nails yet again in my back and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and she dug her heels in my ass to keep my cock filling her pussy with my hot cum pulsing in her.  Our lips met once more as we held each other tight, drifting off to sleep thinking of our future together.I woke up to the pounding of the front door.  I looked around but I was alone. I hurriedly got dressed and made my way to the door and opened it to find two police officers standing on my porch.   They informed me of a car accident and asked if I knew a Brandy Lane. I nodded affirmatively.  They gave their apologies, but she was killed instantly in an auto accident earlier this morning when her car swerved and ran into a tree.I thanked them for their tact and professionalism. As I closed the door, it was then I broke down and tears fell from my eyes.  I couldn’t believe it. I had finally found my soulmate and now she was gone. I sat there dumbfounded for hours. My phone rang and buzzed nonstop. I finally answered the call.“Bret, where the hell did you disappear to?” Jake asked me.  I told him I left with a girl and spent the night with her. I also asked if there were any accidents this morning. He worked at a 911 call center.  “No, there weren’t any accidents at all. I’ve been on the switchboard since five am.  It’s been quiet all morning. Why do you ask?“ It was now 930 am.“No reason. I was curious. Devils Night and now Halloween.“I was still in a state of shock. Officers tell me my new girlfriend died in a car accident, but Jake told me there weren’t any accidents. I didn’t know what was going on. The next güvenilir casino few months were a daze for me. I haven’t seen or heard from Brandy since that first night. I tell friends it was just a one-night stand. I didn’t get her name and it didn’t mean anything.  Even though it meant everything to me.October rolled around again, and everybody was having Halloween parties on Devil’s night again. I wasn’t in the mood to party, so I stayed home. Alone. I must have dozed off on the couch. I was awakened by the doorbell. “I don’t have any candy!” I yelled. The doorbell rang again. I rushed to the door and opened it up, expecting to find some kids looking for candy.  My jaw dropped. There she was again. Standing right there in front of me. Brandy looked as beautiful as she did last year.“I’m back again for you, Bret. I know you wondered where I was. I’ve been with you every day.  You can only see me on this night because you are my soulmate. Unfortunately, I was killed in an accident on this night two years ago. It’s the only night soulmates can be together unless the spell is broken.”I stood there totally in shock. The love of my life is a ghost that I can only see one day a year. No one would believe me and probably think I’m nuts.  I closed the door as I took Brandy by the hand and pulled her into my arms and kissed her. “Bret, please take me. I need you. I’ve missed you.” Her lips melted into mine. My hands caressed her hair and slowly moved down her back and I made my way down to grab a handful of her beautiful ass cheeks.She wasn’t dressed in a costume this time. She wore a red skirt and blouse with white thigh high stockings and red high heeled stilettos. Brandy’s hands unbuttoned my jeans, and her hands went into my boxers and found my erect cock.  Brandy bent down and got on her knees as her lips kissed the tip of my cock, her tongue licked the pre-cum that started to flow out of my cock.  Brandy’s hand stroked my cock as it slid into her warm moist mouth. Her saliva made it easier for her to slide faster in and out of her mouth. I held her flowing blond locks away from her eyes. I needed to see the deep blue in those mesmerizing eyes that I fell in love with a year ago. I saw love mixed with lust and pure desire in her eyes.I put my hand under her chin to guide her up. I pulled her into me, our tongues meeting as I pushed her back to the wall. My hands slid her skirt up. I got to my knees as my tongue found her glistening pussy. She put one leg on my shoulder while my tongue and fingers worked my magic on her pussy. Bringing her to orgasm is what I’ve longed for.“Bret, oh how I’ve missed your tender touch.” I continued working the folds of her pussy as Brandy dripped juices from her repeated orgasms from my tongue. As I gently nibbled on her protruding clit it sparked yet another orgasm as Brandy pulled my head into her velvet canlı casino love tunnel. After the first wave or two this orgasm washed away, she pushed my head away from her pussy.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “Come with me. I need that cock in me. I followed her to the bed and held her close to kiss those sweet lips.”I slowly unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing.  Her breasts were so full and almost falling out of her white bra. I released the snap of her bra and freed her breasts and immediately suckled one of them in my mouth as I rubbed the other one firmly but gently with my hand.  After a few minutes, I switched my lips to the other one.“Oh, Bret. That feels wonderful.” Brandy moaned.I slid her skirt up and my fingers slid into her panties and slid them down past her knees where they fell and pooled at her feet. I lay Brandy back into bed as my tongue worked her way from her stocking clad feet up to her luscious ruby red lips. My cock slid over her clit, teasingly. Moaning, even more, she started to beg. “Bret, don’t tease me. Please, I’ve waited so long. Make love to me all night long.” As I slid my hardened cock past Brandy’s lips, I could feel her pussy engulfing my cock taking every inch I could give her.“Oh, Brandy.  I’ve wanted you and your pussy for a year.  I have missed you so much,” I said.“Oh, Bret. Yes. I’ve longed to feel you in me again. Fuck me like never before.” As I started to fuck Brandy’s pussy, I also used my thumb to rub her clit. Her senses went into overload as she began to cum once again on my cock.“It feels like we have never been apart, Brandy.  I’ve wanted to be with you since you left last year.”“Bret, cum for me, with me. I want your cum to fill me up.  Give yourself to me. Please, Baby!”“Brandy, I can’t hold out much longer. I’ve wanted to give this to you for so long.” I grabbed her hips as I fucked her harder and faster. My orgasm was building in my balls. Brandy rubbed her clit with me but then her hand slid a gently grabbed at my balls.“Oh, Bret. You are so full, please give me all of that cum. Cum for me.”I couldn’t hold out any longer, Brandy’s soft hand massaged my balls triggering my orgasm. “Brandy, I’m going to cum. I’m cumming for you baby!”“Bret, yes. Oh fuck. I’m cumming too.” Her legs wrapped around me and held me so I couldn’t pull out.” Brandy’s juices flowed out of her pussy with every thrust. My cock was covered in a musky sweet mixture of both of us.Brandy released her grip on me then she crawled over and began cleaning my cock with her mouth, savoring every drop. Then she crawled up to me and shared our juices as our tongues became intertwined.“Bret, that was incredible. No one could ever make love to me as you can. Never.” She said. I looked over to see those beautiful eyes of hers, but I was met with sadness in her eyes.“Brandy… you’re going to leave me again, aren’t you?”“Bret, I am always with you. Soulmates never leave each other. Kiss me until we meet again.” I fell asleep holding Brandy. When I woke up, I was alone once more. How would I get through another year till I could see and touch Brandy again? I did feel her presence next to me though.

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