Destiny Pt. 02

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Hi everyone. I promise part 3 of D Day will be coming soon but I feel driven, compelled even, to continue this story. My writing rate is a little slower since Lilith entered our lives, but I’m still enjoying the time I get to write.

Love and thanks, as always, to Jodie and of course, Judeinthenorth.




We snuggled for a little while, kissing and stroking in many combinations. Eventually Jodie said, “We should probably eat, my loves. I, for one, am starving.”

Jude smiled and said, “Oh god. Yes, me too.”

We got up off the bed and Jodie and I helped get Jude’s harness off and then we removed Jodie’s. We took our bathrobes off the door, they’re both the same style. They’re fairly short and Jodie’s is a light orange and mine is pale green.

“Would you like to borrow a bathrobe, Jude?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “Yeah, thanks Anna.”

I opened the cupboard where we keep evening wear and lingerie and picked out a short, silk, black bathrobe. I helped her with it while Jodie put her own on, picked up the toys and said, “I’ll go and clean these. Anna, babe, can you fix dinner for us? Maybe something light.”

“Of course, Sparrow.”

She went across the hall into the bathroom and Jude and I went into the kitchen. I picked up our dress bags and quickly took them into the bedroom, thinking that we’d have to do a little fashion show for Jodie later.

I went back to the kitchen and pointed at one of the stools around the kitchen island. “Sit down, Jude love. Or if you like you can go and wait out on the patio.”

She came up to me, put her arms around my waist and kissed me.

I melted into her soft caress and moaned slightly. When she broke the kiss she said, “I don’t know if I want to be away from you and Jodie ever again. I’ll stay and gaze at you as you work. Or is there something I can do to help?”

I smiled and shook my head. “No, love. It will be something simple. It’ll only take a few minutes to put together. Sit down and relax,”

Jude sat on one of the stools, and I saw once more that beautiful tattoo at the top of her leg. It was indescribably beautiful and it gave me a gorgeous tingle between my legs.

As I rustled up some crispbreads with a variety of toppings we heard the water running in the bathroom and then Jodie went back to the bedroom before coming out to the kitchen. She sat next to Jude and I got a little thrill as I watched them kiss and Jodie stroked up Jude’s inner thigh, circling her finger over the dark ink. Jude let out a soft sigh and broke the kiss.

“God, you two. I’m going to be permanently soaking when you’re around.”

I giggled, “Get used to it, love. It’s pretty much been like that for us from the day we met. It’s another reason that I know you’re our Destiny. Now, Sparrow, be a good girl for a little while. We have to eat.”

She winked at me and put on a pretend pout. “You’re no fun, Posh.”

Jude said, “What’s all this Posh and Sparrow thing?”

Jodie giggled and said, “When we first met all our friends used to call Anna that posh bird from Cambridge and over time it got shortened to Posh Bird and then I just started calling her Posh. It’s my affectionate term for her.”

Jude cocked her head. “And Sparrow?”

I giggled. “That’s because when we first met I used to think Jodie’s accent was from London so I called her my Cockney Sparrow.”

Jude smiled, “So, am I allowed to call you those names?”

Jodie and I looked at each other and we could each see the agreement in each others’ eyes. Jodie said, “Yes of course Jude, love.”

I smiled. “And we can call you Destiny. If you’d like?”

She thought about it, “Yeah. Posh, Sparrow and Destiny. I love it.”

I’d finished preparing the food. Jodie poured three glasses of wine and we carried it all out into the early evening warmth. Jodie and I sat on the bench once more, and Jude sat next to me at the end of the table.

We ate our food, sipped our wine and talked about our plans.

“So, Jude, tomorrow morning Anna and I are going to go for our run. Do you want to come with us, or would you rather go to the gym?”

“Oh, I’d love to run with you! And then maybe we can all go to the gym later.”

Jodie said, “As much as I’d like that I have to go to the salon tomorrow. Why don’t you and Anna go to the gym? She needs to do something about her flabby bum.”

Jude nearly spat out the wine she was sipping and I did a play punch on Jodie’s arm saying, “Hey! You always say you like my bum!”

Jude said, “You both have gorgeous bums but you’re sure you’re okay with Anna and me being alone together for the day?”

Jodie smiled. “Jude, love. You are a part of us now. We’ve made love. If you and Anna want to be together, to go to the gym, make love on the beach, make love in a changing room, I would personally love that, as long as you give me all the juicy details later.”

Jude’s eyes shot up. “Wow. You really istanbul travesti do mean it about no petty jealousy, don’t you?”

I smiled, nodded, and turned to give Jodie a kiss, followed by turning to kiss Jude. “Yes, love. We do. And I would be equally happy if you and Jodie were left alone and made love.”

Her eyes shone and she said, “I don’t think I could be any happier than I am right now.” She paused and then said, “So you work in a salon, Jodie? What do you do?”

Jodie said, “Oh, you know. Hair, nails, makeup. The usual.”

I broke in, “What Jodie isn’t telling you Jude, and she played a trick on me the first time we met because of this, is that she owns the salon.”

Jude’s eyebrows flew up and she said, “Oh wow. So can I come in and get my nails done?”

Jodie reached across me and put her hand on Jude’s thigh. “I’ll even throw in a free wax when you need one, babe,” and winked at her. “Maybe you can persuade Anna to get one.”

I smiled. “Ooo. We could go in together, Jude. She can service both of us at the same time.”

Jude shuddered and said, “God, Posh, I love that idea.”

Jodie giggled. “Now that would be something.”

As we sat and talked, I felt Jodie’s hand on my thigh, her fingers gently stroking. I then felt Jude’s hand slide over and stroke my other thigh. I sighed and parted my legs, my bathrobe falling open to expose me. I reciprocated by stroking up Jude’s thigh with my right hand and Jodie’s with my left. The heat in me was immense. I stroked up both of my lovers’ thighs and felt their legs open to my touch. I mirrored my movements and found their wet entrances. The scent of our lust was filling the air.

All conversation had now ceased. As if we were reading each other’s minds, we started stroking each others’ clits. Jodie on mine while I felt Jude’s fingers at my entrance. I leaned back and then moved my own fingers down between their wet lips and, as Jude’s fingers entered me, I slid mine into them. I then felt their free hands come onto their own clits and start playing. I turned to Jude and we fell into a deep, passionate kiss. The feelings inside and out of me were building. Jude’s fingers found my spot and as Jodie circled my and her clit, I felt the peak climbing rapidly.

I moaned into my kiss with Jude and pulled back to say, “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes! I’m going to… any… fuck!”

I almost screamed as the orgasm hit me. I tried to stay focussed enough to continue stroking in my lovers’ beautiful cunts and as my orgasm continued to tear through me I heard Jodie say, “Yes, Posh. I’m coming!” followed by Jude crying out, “Fuck, yes, Posh, don’t stop!”

I felt their pussy walls clamp and their cries of ecstasy joined with mine as our orgasms rolled on and on, building and falling, building and falling. It was wonderful.

As we all slowly came back down to earth I turned to Jodie and we kissed. I felt Jude stir and she pushed the table back, standing and then kneeling between us. She joined our kiss and it became passionate and heated. Biting each others’ lips, arms going around each other.

When we finally came up for air Jodie said, “Oh my god. This is just so perfect. I never thought it could be this good, this natural.”

Jude swallowed and said, “I am in heaven right now. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel.”

I kissed her softly. “I think we know exactly how you feel, Destiny my love.”

Jodie looked through the French windows to the clock in the living room and said, “We’ve got a big day tomorrow. Maybe we should get ourselves to bed?”

I smiled and kissed her. “Yes, love. Let’s go and snuggle.”

Jude stood first and took our hands, helping us to our feet. We spent a moment standing and kissing and then, as if on autopilot, we collected the glasses and plates and took them through to the kitchen. I returned to the living room, closed and locked the patio doors before heading through and following my two lovers into the bedroom, taking a few moments to admire them from behind.

We undid our robes and hung them on the back of the door.

Jodie looked at the shopping bags and said, “Are those the outfits you bought today?”

I nodded. “Yes, love. I think you’re going to like them. Come on, Jude. Let’s show them to Jodie.”

I handed Jude her bag and took my dress out of mine to show her, holding it in front of me. Jodie came and felt the material with her fingers. Meanwhile Jude had done the same with her floral mini.

“Wow. Go on, put them on. I want to see you in them.”

We both spent a couple of minutes helping each other to dress and we finally stood there in front of Jodie.

“What do you think, Sparrow?” I asked.

“God, I love that you can just see Jude’s sexy tattoo at the bottom, and Posh, wow. I would never have thought you’d look so sexy in a dress like that.” She reached out and stroked my hip at the top of the side slit. “And there’s no way you can wear panties with this one. Perhaps istanbul travestileri we should all follow house rules when we go to the party.”

Jude looked at me for help. “House rules? You said something about that earlier. That’s where we don’t wear underwear, right?”

I smiled and nodded. “We have a house rule which is that if we’re home we don’t wear underwear. It saves on laundry and is… well. Fun. But only do it if you feel comfortable, love. We won’t ever force you to do something against your will.”

She got a mischievous look on her face and said, “Oh, count me in. I love the idea that we can maybe find a secluded spot and tease each other.”

Jodie said, “Okay girls, fashion show over. Let’s get those dresses off you, hang them up, and get into bed.”

We undressed each other again, hung our dresses in my closet, and turned, naked once more.

“I hope you don’t mind, Jude, but we always sleep naked,” I said.

She smiled. “Same here, so it’s perfect.”

I took in her wonderful breasts, noting that, like ours, her nipples were still very stiff.

Jodie pulled the duvet back and slid under, patting beside her. Jude took this as her cue and slid in next to her, and I followed, next to Jude.

Jude was on her back and Jodie and I were either side of her. We kissed in every combination possible, over and over. Our hands resting on Jude’s beautiful tummy.

Jodie reached behind her and switched off the bedroom lights. After our exertions of the day we soon all drifted off into a beautiful, and in my case, dream filled, sleep.


I woke early and the moment I did I saw Jude, peacefully asleep, with Jodie snuggled around her. Memories of the day before came rushing back and I was instantly turned on once more. I looked at the bedside clock and saw it was just coming up to six.

If we were going to get our run, shower and get Jodie off to the salon, we weren’t going to be able to make love.

I slipped my arm from around Jude and slid off the bed, heading to the bathroom to use the loo. I closed the door, sat down and relieved myself. As I did I couldn’t help but stroke my clit softly. My need was really deep at that moment. I leaned back, spread my legs a little and started playing. ‘Just one quick one won’t hurt’ I thought to myself.

It was at that moment the door opened and Jodie walked in. I didn’t stop. We’re used to playing in front of each other and she just smiled and I took in her naked beauty as she walked towards me, leaving the bathroom door open. I could see Jude, still snoozing on the bed.

Jodie whispered, “Go on Posh. God I love watching you.”

She knelt down beside me and took my right nipple in her mouth, softly sucking and biting it. I was in heaven. I was getting close, my eyes were closed, and I was on the verge when I heard Jude say, “Oh fuck. That is so beautiful.”

I opened my eyes and there she was, in all her naked glory. I watched as she leaned back against the wall and started playing with her clit and mauling her breasts with her other hand.

I just called out, “I can’t hold it. I’m going to…”

And it hit me. It was so beautiful watching our new lover pleasuring herself so unselfconsciously. As I came down, Jodie sat on the floor and started playing with herself, her eyes glued on Destiny as she brought herself to orgasm, closely followed by Jodie.

As we all recovered, Jude said, “God, this is the most orgasms I’ve had in twenty four hours in like, forever. I smiled and said, “Oh, we’re not done yet, love. But first we have to do our run, shower, have coffee and breakfast and get Jodie ready for work.”

I got some toilet tissue, dried myself as Jodie stood up on slightly wobbly legs. I got up, washed my hands and smiled as I said, “Good morning, my loves.”

I dried my hands and we huddled together in a glorious naked hug, kissing our good mornings over and over.

I broke away and said, “Right. Let’s get changed… oh. Jude. I just realised. You can’t go running in that denim skirt and I don’t have a sports bra big enough for you. Um…”

Jodie put her hand on her wrist and said, “Jude, love. We don’t run that fast. Do you think you could wear that top you had yesterday? I think Anna’s got either shorts or a sports skirt that would fit you.”

Jude shrugged and smiled. “Yeah, no worries, as long as you don’t mind the stares we’ll get with my jugs jiggling.”

We giggled and I said, “You’ll probably get some of those stares from us.”

We went back into our bedroom and I ferreted around in one of the draws where I keep all my running stuff. I held up a short, black running skirt.

“What about this?”

Jude took it, stepped into it and pulled it up, doing the zip and clasp up. “Perfect,” she said.

I smiled. I loved that you could see a little of her Maori tattoo.

Jodie and I got dressed in our usual shorts and crop tops with built in support travesti istanbul while Jude put on her spaghetti strap top and panties.

“Oh no,” she said, “I haven’t got any running shoes.”

I bit my lip and thought. “Jodie, we can go the beach route. We can all go barefoot.”

Jodie smiled, “Yep. It’s quite firm. That works.”

We stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water each before heading out. We walked to the beginning of the beach trail, which is just compacted sand and scrub, and started the run. We kept a gentle pace and the early morning sun was gorgeously warming. The route is a little longer than a kilometre, closer to two. Jude’s breasts did indeed bounce a little but as it happens we didn’t encounter anyone else, so it wasn’t an issue.

Ten minutes later we were at the end of the trail, which loops around so that we approach the cottage from the other side.

We went back in and I said, “Right. Showers. Jude, love, do you want to shower alone or join Jodie and me? It’s certainly big enough for all of us.”

She smiled. “Oh, let me think… stay here and listen to you two or come in and join you so I can explore your bodies more? Tough call, Anna, babe.”

I laughed. We went through to the bedroom and got undressed. I once more took in the beautiful tattoo snaking around Jude’s torso. “I’m beginning to think we should get a tattoo each, Sparrow.”

Jodie smiled. “You read my mind. Maybe we’ll investigate over the weekend.”

We went into the bathroom and all got in the shower. I took the showerhead down and switched the powerful water jet on, setting it to pulse and placing it back in its holder when it was the right temperature..

We all washed each other, starting with Jodie and me lathering Jude with shower gel. Jodie focussed on her breasts, stomach and legs while I did her back and her gorgeous bum.

Jude and I then focussed on Jodie and finally they covered me with soap. Jodie got the showerhead down and started clearing the soap from Jude while I used my hands to make sure all her little nooks and crannies were clear. As I stroked under her breasts I took a moment to take one of her very erect nipples in my mouth and gently suck on it. She sighed softly.

When Jodie pointed the pulsing spray onto Jude’s pussy she leaned back against the wall and said, “Oh god, yes. Yes. Don’t stop. I’m going to…”

As she neared her orgasm I kneeled down and ran the fingers of one hand down between her buttocks, stroking over her little entrance and down to her pussy, sliding two fingers in easily. Jude grabbed my hair and I rested my head on her hip as I felt her walls contracting and she shook and cried out with meaningless sounds of pleasure and ecstasy.

Once she’d calmed down I slid my fingers out and stood up, holding them to Jodie who took gentle sucks on them.

She looked into Jude’s eyes and said, “Oh babe, you taste so, so wonderful. I love that we have that effect on you.”

Jude’s breathing slowly calmed; she took the showerhead from Jodie and turned it on her, placing it close to her pussy. Jodie and I often do this when we’re showering and now Jude was a part of our ritual. Jodie opened her legs and I crouched down once more and placed a finger on her little entrance and two at her pussy entrance, sliding them all in, slowly, together. I found her spot and started stroking it and noticed that Jude and Jodie were kissing and Jude’s free hand was massaging, practically mauling, her breasts.

Jodie started to shake and I felt my fingers being squeezed as she went over the top. I watched their kiss deepen. They were practically devouring each others’ lips.

Jodie called out, “Oh, oh, fuck, yes. Yes! I’m coming…”

I felt her wetness increase and a little of her juices slipped down over my hand. They were washed away by the shower spray.

As she subsided, I slid my fingers out and stood, offering them to Jude who almost greedily pulled them into her beautiful mouth and sucked them clean.

She was about to turn the spray on me and I stopped her with a kiss. “No love. As much as I want it, we don’t have time. We have to have breakfast and coffee and we have to get Jodie ready for work. We’ve got all day.”

She smiled and nodded, saying, “I’m surprised you two ever manage to leave the house.”

We finished up getting all the soap off, got out of the shower and dried each other. It was intimate and loving.

We went through to the bedroom and Jude and I just put our bathrobes back on for now. Jodie got out her grey salon dress with its many pockets, and a wide, silvery belt around her midriff. Since we were going to the gym I packed a shoulder bag with my jogging top and shorts and got a dry towel from the airer and added it.

We ate some toast and drank coffee and finally Jodie was ready to go. It was still only seven thirty.

As is our custom we had a long kiss, followed by Jude and Jodie kissing. She broke away and said, “Now you two, have a wonderful day. I want a count of your orgasms when I get home okay?”

I smiled. “Always love. You know that.”

I patted her bum as she turned and then went out, closing the door behind her.

I heard the car pull out and I turned to Jude. “So, what time can we go to the gym?”

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