Dessert before Dinner

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Typing the last word in her report, Brianna sighed and glanced at the clock on her desk. It was almost 9pm. She had been so absorbed in finishing her report she had not realized how late it had gotten. She pulled the pins out of her hair, and her thick, raven tresses cascaded down her back. It felt good to let her waist length hair down. Running her fingers through it, she pressed print on her report and headed down the hall to the printer room.

Standing there, waiting on her report to print, Brianna was listening to music with her headphones, and started to sway her hips in time with the song she was listening to. It was slow, sultry, and made her feel sexy. She was so absorbed in the song, she didn’t feel him walk up behind her.

Kurt stood there, and watching his coworker dance in front of the printer. Her waist length hair swaying with every movement. His hand itched to wrap up in it, and pull her against him. She had been toying with him for months. He was starting to dream about being inside her, hearing her moan as he entered her soaking wet pussy, her screaming in ecstasy as she soaked his cock in her juices. He was getting hard just thinking about it. His 6’3″, 220lb frame, filled up the little room their office printer was in, and she was swaying closer and closer to him. Her ass, at her 5’4″ height, was the perfect height to land against his growing cock so he stood still, waiting to see what her reaction would be.

Brianna was still dancing around when black snow izle she bumped into him. Without turning around, she knew who it was by the smell. His cologne filled her senses, and instantly felt the wetness start to pool between her legs. She had been flirting with Kurt since he started months ago, hoping he would take the hint. He was built like a Scottish highlander and had the passion and attitude that was common in the Italian men in her family. Slowly turning around, Brianna was met with a vision that would have made any woman melt.

Working late, Kurt had unbuttoned half the buttons on his dress shirt and had removed his tie showing a muscular chest that begged to be touched. His five o’clock shadow peppered his face in a sandy blonde salt and pepper. His steel blue eyes almost glowed with mischief. To Brianna, he was sexy and dangerous at the same time. She saw him glance down at her own shirt, and her mouth went dry and her breaths became labored. Thinking she was the only one at the office, she had unbuttoned her blouse completely exposing her breasts that were barely contained in a white lace bra.

Without saying a word, Kurt jerked her in tight to his body, wrapped his fingers into Brianna’s thick hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her hard. His tongue pushing past her full lips, wanting to taste her completely. Moaning, Brianna wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him in closer to her; almost begging him to bling empire new york izle devour her.

Pushing her back against the wall, Kurt pinned Brianna’s arms above her head, and slid his other hand up her thighs and under her knee length skirt. When he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties he groaned and shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy causing Brianna to gasp. She was dripping wet as Kurt pumped his fingers in and out of her. In just a matter of moments, Brianna’s pussy clenched around his fingers, and she screamed while cumming. Not giving her a moment to rest, Kurt kept finger fucking her until her body stiffened up and she came again. Pulling his fingers out of her now sopping wet slit, Kurt shoved them into Brianna’s mouth, and she eagerly sucked and licked her own juices from his fingers. Moaning at the sweet and salty taste of herself.

Getting her hands free from his grip, Brianna grabbed Kurt’s belt and quickly undid his pants and yanked down his underwear. His cock springing free right in her face as she did. Licking her lips, she slid her mouth over his engorged head. His warm, throbbing member made her moan as she slid her mouth over it. His salty pre-cum tasted amazing and she couldn’t wait to taste him completely. She massaged his balls with one hand, wrapped the other around the base of his cock, and started to suck hard and fast. Kurt tangled one hand in her hair, and used the other to free bollywed izle her breasts from their confines rolling her nipples in his fingers causing her to groan deep on his cock.

Throwing his head back, Kurt felt his balls tighten up as the first spurt of his cum shot out of his cock as it was entering Brianna’s throat. Her groans vibrated down to the base of his cock, and groaning, he let the rest of his cum shoot out as she swallowed every drop. Brianna continued to suck his cock, milking every bit from him.

Standing Brianna up, spinning her around, and pressing her against the wall, Kurt easily slammed his still hard cock into her dripping wet pussy causing her to gasp. Holding onto her waist, Kurt started to pound his cock hard and fast, fucking Brianna with everything he had. The past few months of pent up primal, sexual need was erupting from him like a volcano.

Groaning, Brianna met Kurt’s rough thrusts. She felt her orgasm start to build within minutes. The roughness of the wall rubbing against her sensitive nipples, his hard cock slamming into her soaked pussy, plus the fact that she hadn’t been ravaged in several months she was in pure ecstasy. It hit her like a ton of bricks and as the first waves of her orgasm ran through her body, she screamed his name begging him to fuck her harder.

That was all it took, and Kurt’s orgasm erupted deep inside Brianna. Grunting loudly, he felt another orgasm ripple through Brianna’s body as she squirted all over him.

Soaked in sweat, they both stood still, as if frozen in time. Neither wanted the moment to end. Leaning over her back, Kurt nibbled on Brianna’s neck. A soft moan emitted from deep in her throat.

Whispering devilishly in her ear, “Now that that’s out of the way, can I take you to dinner?”

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