Desperate During Ultrasound

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(This is a very true story. It turned me on very much, and I still think about it often.)

My Doctor had told me I was about six weeks pregnant. Since I had minor complications in my first pregnancy, he booked an ultrasound for the next week at the hospital.

Since this was my second pregnancy, you would think I would remember that you need a full bladder for an ultrasound, especially when you are only as far along as I was at the time. But it had been a hectic morning, trying to get my son Jimmy to school on time, and dropping my husband off at work since our other car had broken down the day before. I completely forgot what I was doing and relieved my bladder when I arrived at the hospital….only minutes before my appointment!

In a panic, I rushed to the nearest drink machine and bought two bottles of water. I immediately opened one and started chugging it, making my way to the waiting room. I sat there in the waiting room, hoping against all hope that this would be like all other hospital appointments, and I wouldn’t be called in for a half an hour at least. However, that did not happen. It was no more than five minutes later when the nurse called me to the ultrasound room.

“Please unbutton your pants and hop up on the table.” the nurse said to me. I did as I was told. “Is your bladder nice and full?” The nurse asked. I looked at her name tag and saw that she was a student. No surprise there, she looked to be about two years older than my twenty-five year old self. Her name was Heather and she had shoulder length brown hair, and a very pretty smile. She was kind of short and petite, very cute. Her breasts were fairly large in comparison to the rest of her, and I noticed that her nipples were very hard.

She was my total opposite, looks-wise. I am just under six feet tall with long blonde hair. I am fairly skinny and don’t have very large breasts at all. One thing I enjoy about being pregnant is the large boobs it gives me.

“Actually….not really.” I replied to her question of my full bladder. I told her of my mistake of emptying myself upon arrival a mere ten minutes earlier. I also told her that I had drank a whole bottle of water since then, and that I was working on another one.

“Well we’ll check things out anyways, we don’t have a lot of time, we might need to re-book your appointment.” Heather said.

I was worried about that. I didn’t want to have to wait another week or two for this scan. So I kaçak iddaa put the other bottle of water to my lips and drank as fast as I could. Nurse Heather told me she would go and get me a cup of water to drink when I was done with the bottle. I had told her my concerns with not being able to do this today, and she told me she would get me nice and full in no time.

Two bottles of water, and two styrofoam cups full later, my bladder was feeling very full indeed. It seemed to happen almost instantly. I went from feeling no discomfort to almost peeing my pants within seconds. Heather had been coming in and out of the room, checking me every once and awhile to see if my bladder was full enough for her to see anything yet. I noticed she kept saying things like “Are you feeling full yet?” and “I bet you didn’t think you were going to come here and have me make you drink a bunch of water until you had to pee?” And a couple of times while she was moving the scanner probe across my pubic bone she said “Does that make you have to pee?” I had a feeling she enjoyed making women have to pee, perhaps that was why she had chosen this profession. I understood this in a way, as I have a pee fetish myself, and enjoy holding it and watching others who are desperate to go. I had never met another woman who felt like this though, and I thought this might be an exciting appointment.

Finally, my bladder was full enough to do the scan. As the probe moved across my abdomen, very low on my pubic bone, it took all my strength in my muscles to hold my pee in and not go all over the table. I was squeezing my eyes shut and taking in short sharp breathes between my teeth. Heather was tryiung to hide her delight, but not doing a very good job. “Is it making you really have to go?” She asked me.

“Yes,” I said, “so badly!”

“Yes it looks very full now” said Heather, putting down the probe.

“I have to go and get another doctor now. He’s the head doctor on duty, and he has to check everything I do. I’ll make sure I hurry back with him.” She said, as she walked out of the room with a grin.

I didn’t know how I was going to hold it while I was lying here waiting for the doctor, let alone when he came in and started pressing that thing into me. It seemed my bladder was filling up continuously, like gas going into a car. I laid there on the table, my hand pressed firmly between my legs and waited.

About five minues later, Heather returned….alone!! “Sorry kaçak bahis but the doctor is checking another patient right now and should be here in a few minutes, think you can wait?” She asked. I had a good feeling I couldn’t, but I had never been in a situation like this, with another woman who was turned on by this, and she was the one causing me my discomfort! I told her I could wait, and this seemed to make her happy. “Good,” she said “the fuller the better for this scan.”

Right away I regretted telling her I could wait. The pressure was really building, and I suddenly reached under the sheet that was covering my and pressed my thumb to my crotch without really noticing or caring that I was doing it. Heather seemed to notice the movement, and I saw her eyes were focused on my legs under the blanket, moving back and forth, knees rapidly banging together. I also noticed that if I continued that motion, the sheet was going to fall off and expose me in my un-buttoned pants, thumb pressed firmly to crotch.

The thought of this turned me on, so I started to move my legs faster, and within seconds the sheet was on the floor. I made no attempt to pick it up, and noticed that Heather didn’t either. As much as I was enjoying this, I really hoped the doctor would be there soon. I didn’t think I could hold it much longer, and could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes from the pain and discomfort.

My wish came true about two minutes later when the doctor came in, along with a young male student.It looked like there would be even more people to witness my discomfort and humiliation. The doctor started asking me how I was, but could tell that I was in pain and needed to pee very badly. I guess after so long in the same job, he had grown accustomed to the signs of a woman in need of relieving her bladder.

The second he pressed the probe to me, I had to squeeze my muscles with all of my strength to prevent a leak. I only heard what was happening, as my eyes were squeezed shut again, and I had no intention of opening them this time. I suddenly remembered the sheet on the floor and was a bit turned on at the thought of my bladder suddenly releasing in front of these three people, without even a sheet to cover my shame.

The doctor apologized a few times while moving his instrument aroumd in circles, pressing hard into my overly full bladder every so often. I heard him asking the two students in the rooms questions such as “And what threee illegal bahis things do you need to see to confirm a pregnancy?” The only ansew I remember was ‘yolk’.

Finally the exam was over, and the doctor very quickly said that my family doc would be phoning me with the results and left the room. I jumped up right away to run for the washroom, but Heather stopped me and said she needed to print off a picture quickly, since I was so full and giving them such a great view. I laid down, regretting allowing myself the pleasure of thinking I was about to empty my bladder. Now I had to go even worse, and I felt a little squirt come out as I laid back down on the table.

“Wow, your bladder is so full. It’s a wonder you can even hold all of that in.” Heather said, with a glassy look in her eyes. “I know how badly you need to go, I’ll make this quick.” she said to me. And she wasn’t lying, only a minute or two later she was done, and I was free to go to the washroom. The only trouble was I didn’t think I could stand up without peeing in my pants.

“Aren’t you gonna get up and go?” Heather asked me. I told her, quite embarassed I might add, that I thought I might pee my pants when I got up. She got a thoughtful look on her face and suggested I take my pants and underwear off to walk to the washroom. That way I could just clean myself off, and not have to go home in wet clothes. I agreed, and quickly pulled off my pants, along with my panties.

It wan’t until later that I realized that Heather didn’t even try to leave the room or give me privacy. She just stood there and watched as I got up and literally hobbled to the washroom. I was going very slowly, and a bit began to trickle out and down my thighs. I looked behind me, hoping Heather didn’t see this, but she was staring right at the wetness, so much so that she didn’t see me looking at her. I turned back around and continued to the toilet, more pee squirting it’s way out. I got to the toilet and sat down. The stream that came out was very strong and loud, reminding me of a garden hose. I hadn’t taken time to close the door, and I could see Heather standing out in the room, a smile on her face. She stood there, looking at me until I finished peeing, which wasn’t for about thirty seconds at least.

When I finished, Heather told me I could go ahead and clean myself up and then she walked out of the room. I put my panties and pants back on. I had a good feeling I was going to need to pee again before I left the hospital. This was going to be a long car ride home. And on the way home, I couldn’t help but wonder about Heather, hoping she would be the one doing all of my ultrasounds this pregnancy.

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