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DesiresWe all go through phases with our sexual desires and needs. Sometimes you want the whole kissing and fondling and love-making thing. Sometimes it’s a lot more basic and primal than that.I got into a stage where I felt the need to be degraded. The idea of that was the only thing that would get me off. One guy I was talking to online seemed to understand that. I made certain stipulations which he agreed to, so in the end I arranged for him to come round to my house.After a couple of days he texted that he was free that evening and could be with me in around an hour. I told him that the front door would be open, he should let himself in and come and find me ready for him in the bedroom.I bathed thoroughly. I dried myself off and entered my bedroom with its king-sized bed. I removed the duvet and put it to one side on the floor. The bed now looked like a platform, or a stage. It looked like it had a purpose other than for sleeping in.Checking the time I had maybe 20 minutes till he was due. I lay on my back thinking about what I was about to do – meet a total stranger off the internet for some rough anonymous sex. Instead of the wariness I should have felt I found myself really turned on. My pussy samsun escort started to get wet. I resisted the urge to touch it: this was to be all about him doing things to me. I wasn’t to have any actual part in it. My nipples hardened, my pussy ached to be penetrated. I waited, as horny as I’d ever been.I heard the front door open. My heart skipped a beat, literally. I felt my body flood with adrenaline. In accordance to what I’d told him I needed, I turned over onto my elbows and knees on the bed, my arse jutting upwards.Footsteps on the stairs. Not slow and menacing, not fast; just ordinary footsteps coming up the stairs that no man had come up in the seven years I’d lived in the house. I sensed him enter the bedroom. He didn’t speak because I’d asked him not to. I heard him unzip his trousers and then the indistinct sound of him wanking. After a few tantalising minutes I felt him climbing onto the bed behind me.His hands roved across my raised arse, feeling and then shockingly slapping my buttocks. He positioned himself behind me. I felt the head of an engorged cock pressing bluntly up against my wet cunt. He rubbed it back and forth without entering me. I moaned involuntarily. Other escort samsun than the online chats I had no idea who he was or what he looked like.With his hands he parted my buttocks and opened my arse. I felt the shockingly erotic probing of his tongue as he licked my arse. I was already so close to coming.His weight shifted on the bed. I felt him position his thighs inside mine, forcing them wider apart. The blunt hungry head of his hot cock left my wet cunt and pressed instead against my tight uninitiated arse. My breath caught in my throat. It was what I’d asked for, but it was really happening and that was amazingly scary. “Degrade me,” I’d told him online, “just use me. But you have to make me come.”He tried to press into me, slowly, painfully. I gave a short cry and felt myself jerk away from him. One of his hands gripped my hips, the other held his cock stiff so it could enter me. My arse was so tight. I’d never done full deep anal before. That was why I found it such a degrading thing. He pressed really hard, the head of his cock slipping back and forth as my arse refused him.”Fucking slut….” I heard him breathe. I heard him spit into his hand, and then he pressed his cock forcefully samsun escort bayan against my tight arse until the head burst through my sphincter. It punched a gasp of pain and equal pleasure from me. He started fucking me, slowly at first, working his cock deeper and deeper into my virgin arse. It was the most agonising and amazing and filthiest feeling I’d ever had.He started picking up speed, mounted behind me on the bed. His hands reached round to find my nipples and twist them brutally. Then he moved one hand down to reach between my legs and rub my hugely erect clit. I was taking the whole length of him deep inside my arse by now, and was so turned on.He started ramming, not caring about any pain he was causing me. He was incredible – rapid and brutal and insistent, one hand twisting my nippple, the other rubbing my clit. I knew I was going to come. I could feel the muscle spasms starting.He gripped my hips with both hands for extra force. My arse was raw. He hammered at me in a frenzy while my orgasm grew in me. As I came so did he, spurting into my sore arse and grunting with the effort of it. A few final finishing thrusts and then he withdrew. The pain in my arse was overwhelming.”Filthy fucking bitch,” he said. I felt him get off the bed, zip his trousers back up, and then make his way back down the stairs while his cum leaked out of my arse and down the insides of my thighs.I felt used, abused and degraded.I felt amazing,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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