Denny, His Mom, , Her Best Friend

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Author’s Note : This is a follow-up to ‘Denny’s Mom’

* * * * *

After making love to his mother, Denny felt like he was quite a lothario. He seemed to have the natural ability to bed and please women that all men wished that they could have. His mother and he started a passionate yet secret love affair.

Although she knew that it was taboo, she had allowed herself to become her own son’s sex slave. She couldn’t seem to get enough. Before making love to her son she thought that she had an acceptable sex drive. She and Dennis’ father made love a couple of times a week but now she seemed to be in heat all the time. Now she found herself taking ridiculous risks in order to satiate her new needs.

One night she could hardly wait until Dennis’ father had drifted off to sleep. Then she snuck down the hall and into her son’s room. Once there she threw off her nightgown and exposed her womanly charms to the one person that she shouldn’t – her own son. Dennis in turn reversed their roles. He became the adult and she became the obedient child.

That night Dennis told his mother to sit in the chair opposite his bed and to spread her legs and play with herself. While she was doing this he sat on the edge of his bed playing with his growing organ. At first his mother hadn’t been able to take her eyes off her son’s dick but soon she became so aroused that her own pending orgasm took over. Her eyes closed and she caressed her tender, sensitive breasts while she shoved fingers in and out of her pussy.

As she was basking in her first orgasm of the night, her son, Dennis, crossed over to where she was sitting and stood with his glistening organ inches from her mouth. He continued stroking his manhood until his mother finally opened her eyes. Once finally able to focus, she licked her lips and asked him if all this was for her.

Without waiting for an answer, she stuck her tongue out and licked the little drop of pre-cum from the purple head. This elicitated a groan from her son and his legs started to buckle. Before he could fall, his mother had grabbed his balls with one hand and placed her free hand behind his ass-cheeks. All the while looking up into her handsome son’s face, she pulled his body towards her face, accepting his organ into her waiting mouth.

The pleasure was immense and Dennis groaned in appreciation. Slowly he worked his prick in and out of her warm receptacle. Gradually more and more of his 8 inch cock disappeared. His mother lathered his shaft with her saliva which made it easier to accommodate. Each time Dennis would pull back she would rotate her hand around its length and then help guide it back in. She could tell by Dennis’ groans that he was not going to be able to last much longer and she was getting turned on just by knowing that her own son was going to cum in her mouth.

She started to finger herself hoping to bring herself to orgasm at the same time as her son. Closer and closer they both came. Finally she knew that Dennis was about to blow his load into her mouth. For some unaccountable reason she felt the need to swallow as much of his cock as possible and not to allow any of her son’s semen to escape. Accordingly she forced her gag reflexes to relax and pulled his buttocks fully into her face.

She thought she heard herself telling him to fuck her face but in the excitement realized it was Dennis who was announcing his intentions.

“I’m fucking your face, Mom! I’m going to cum in your mouth! When I cum I want you to swallow every drop like a good little cunt!”

She still didn’t understand his need to talk to her like that but she once again found the language stimulated her even more in a perverted sort of way. Finally she realized that his cock was almost totally inside her mouth. His first stream of cum splashed against the back of her throat and almost made her panic but she was able to get herself under control right away. It was fortunate for her that she did because she couldn’t have done anything any way because Denny had grabbed her by the back of her head and was holding it like it was in a vise.

She knew enough to relax and that once he had shot most of his semen into her throat he would relax his grip. She knew by now that he liked to spray his last spasms onto her tongue while he watched. This is exactly what he did and after getting her breath back she was able to tease the last few drops out with her tongue.

Once she released his cock she took it and wiped it across her lips and down onto her 36 inch chest. Her nipples remained hard from her own excitement and stood out prominently while she rubbed his now semi-flaccid cock over them. This tactile assault on Denny’s penis had the desired effect and it started to harden again in her grasp.

She placed it between her breasts and proceded to squeeze it with her tits. Denny smiled down at this wanton act and started to tit-fuck his mother. The valley was well-lubricated and each time its purple Esenyurt Escort Bayan head popped out from the valley, Denny’s mother would lick it with the tip of her tongue.

While she was doing this, Denny reached back behind him down to her crotch and toyed with her clitoris. After several minutes of this he could feel his mother start to drive herself up and into his hand as she came again.

“Fuck me Dennis! Fuck your Mother! I need my son’s hot cock in my pussy! Do me Denny! Stick it in me and shoot your lovely cum into your mother’s waiting cunt!”

Dennis turned her over until she was spreadeagled on the floor beside his bed. He pushed her knees apart and moved into position. “Spread your cunt lips, Mom” he ordered and when she did he pushed his rock hard cock deep within her cunt. She groaned from the invasion but soon the two got into a harmonious rhythm. While the walls of her vagina were squeezing his cock he reached under and toyed with her clitoris. She came again but he continued to drive his shaft in and out as she squeeled in delight.

The moisture seeping out of her hole ran down into the little brown bud just below. This was not lost on her son and he started to insert his forefinger past the sphincter muscle very slowly. Pulling his slimy penis out of her vagina with a plop he placed the tip at the entrance to her anus.

“Dennis! It’ll hurt! Please don’t stick it in there!”

Ignoring her pleading, the boy started to gently push his shaft into her bum-hole. She groaned and pleaded but he was not to be denied. A final push and he was entirely in her ass. She bit her lip trying to keep from screaming knowing that her husband was just down the hall. Wouldn’t that be a scene for him to walk in on? His wife spread out on the floor of his son’s bedroom with his son’s cock buried right to the hilt in his wife’s asshole.

He held his cock still for just as a second so that his mom could get used to its size. “God Mom! Your asshole is so fucking tight! I’m not going to last much longer!” With that he started the fucking rhythm again but this time she joined in. She felt like she was being split in two but gradually started to enjoy the depravity of it all.

“Fuck my ass, Son! Drive that rock hard dick of yours as deep as you can! Cum for mama!”

That was all Dennis needed to hear to finish him off and he arched his head back and made one final stab deep into her bowels. “HERE…ITTT.. CUMSSSS.. MOM! I’M.. CUMMMMINGGG!!!” The release of his seed into his mother’s ass was earth-shaking and he came so loudly that when he collapsed on his mother’s back he wondered if his father had heard. Would he come running into the bedroom to discover them?

Both mother and son would have held their breath if they weren’t both gasping for air after their intense orgasms. Fortunately for them, the man in the next bedroom was such a sound sleeper. However, they were both nervous now and after a quick hug and a kiss, they separated with Denny crawling exhausted into his bed while his mother forced herself to her feet and shuffled laboriously to the john. Her asshole was still open and her son’s cum was dribbling out of the opening.

The next morning they promised each other that they would not attempt to fornicate when the father was in the house. It was too big a risk. This however did not keep them from establishing a regular routine of fucking and sucking at every opportunity.

Quite often after giving Mr. Mitchell his good-bye kiss as he left for work, Mrs. Mitchell would rush back up stairs to awaken Dennis. Even though she knew that she should be leaving soon to arrive in time to coach her girl’s high school basketball team, her lust for her son would win out over her common sense. Because he had no early morning classes at the local college, Dennis was able to sleep in most mornings. That started to change.

Denny’s mom would climb into bed with him, reach for his young cock and start to wank it. Many mornings it was hard before she even touched it and she marvelled at the size of it. She couldn’t control herself and would lower her head to his crotch and start to suck on it while fingering herself. Dennis would awaken and marvel at the erotic scene unfolding in front of him. He would lie back, place his arms behind his head and watch his cock disappear into his pretty mother’s mouth. What a way to wake up!

Before long he would feel himself losing control and warn her that he was about to cum. If she was in a particular hurry she would try to spread her lips wide enough that she could devour his whole shaft knowing that when he came his jism would shoot down her throat. If she had more time, she would pull his spewing cock out and let him cum on her face and tits and then clean herself up.

She would jump up, kiss him soulfully and head off to school leaving him to go back to sleep. The soulful kiss bothered Dennis slightly because he wasn’t too enraptured Avcılar Escort Bayan to taste his own cum but he wasn’t about to stop his mother from this new almost daily ritual.

On mornings that she didn’t have a practise she would undress and have him make love to her. As much as she liked this, she hated the rush to shower afterwards and would barely get to school in time to cover her first period class. Once there she would reminisce about the morning’s activities and wonder if any of her students or colleagues were aware of what she had just done. She could still taste and smell her son on her. Could they?

The sudden change in her school arrival time was not lost on her best friend and co-coach, Barbara Hoey. Teachers are prone to routine and Barbara noticed that Janet Mitchell, whom she had known for years, was arriving later and later and sometimes even seemed dishevelled which was not like her.

Barbara would have confronted Janet except that Janet seemed incredibly happy. Was it possible that Janet was having sex before coming to school? This seemed impossible since she knew that Ben Mitchell had to be at his job at 8 a. m. sharp so it couldn’t be him. Was Janet having an affair? Was that possible? What other reason could there be that would explain the sudden tardiness, the dishevelled clothes but more importantly the satisfied glow that she displayed.

Just thinking that her friend might be having an illicit affair conjured up some erotic visions of her own. As attractive as she was, Barbara had not been able to find a man who could satisfy her needs. Most of her male friends were teachers and while they satisfied her emotionally, none of them had been able to satisfy her sexually. Barbara could feel her nipples becoming hard and the walls of her vagina becoming wet just from what she was imagining. If she hadn’t had a first period class to teach she would have locked herself in the washroom and masturbated.

As her senior Math class filed in, she found herself gazing longingly at the firm butts and tight pants of the boys. She thought to herself, “If only I weren’t their teacher, I might be tempted to ravish one or more of them right now. ”

Giggling to herself, she closed the door and went inside to try to get her mind back on track. “I’m going to have to do something drastic if things don’t pick up for me real soon. ”

Later that day, she was surprised when Dennis appeared at her door. She had just grabbed her purse and was on her way to finally look after her needs. The change in his appearance in just one year was incredible. She had watched the boy grow from an infant into a pleasant looking teenager. In fact she had been his teacher here at Nelson High just last year. The change in his physical stature over just one year was phenomenal. He had become a young hunk.

She admired the bulge at the front of his blue jeans and noticed the muscular shoulders and biceps. If he wasn’t Janet’s son and an ex-student, she might have been tempted to seduce him right there in her classroom. God she was so horny and this young boy/man exuded sex from every pore. Fortunately for her, Dennis broke the awkward silence by asking where his mother might be right now as she wasn’t in the gym where she was Head of Girls’ Phys. Ed..

Checking her watch, Barbara asked if he had checked the store room as a new supply of gym equipment had arrived yesterday. Perhaps she was checking inventory and putting the new equipment away.

Thanking her, Denny, who had also been checking out his former teacher, complimented her on her ravishing appearance and wondered how he had been able to concentrate in her Math class last year. Then he blushed because he remembered how he used to always get a boner when she would sit at the front on her desk and cross her legs. All the guys would try as hard as possible to conceal their uncomfortable erections from her and their classmates.

Even though she had baby-sat for him when he was younger, Dennis had always been in love with her. After he had gotten too old for her to baby-sit he would hang around the house to see her whenever he knew she was coming over to see his mother. In fact, he had even called her Auntie Barb until he was placed in her Senior Math class. Then it was strictly Miss Hoey.

Her very prominent chest seemed to swell with pride as she accepted the accolade. “Why Dennis, you little rascal, if I didn’t know you better I’d swear you were flirting with this old lady. ” With that she slid her hands down her tight blue skirt and smoothed out an invisible wrinkle.

“You’re certainly not old and maybe I am, ” he cheekily responded.

Feeling very bold, Barbara, licked her lips and said sexily, “Be careful, young man, you might find yourself with more than you can handle. “

Suddenly the space between the two of them seemed incredibly small and she thought for a second that she had gone too far. He leaned forward and she thought that he was going to kiss her.

Both of them were at a loss for words. Suddenly there was an air of sexual tension and apprehension. The arrival of Mr. Jones, one of the vice-principals broke the spell.

Mr. Jones’ eyes never left Miss Hoey’s chest when he informed Dennis that he had just seen his mother going into the gym storage room. With an embarassed cough, Dennis thanked him, waved good-bye to his former teacher/babysitter and quickly left the doorway to go and see his mother.

While hurrying along the hall, he wondered if he had imagined Miss Hoey’s interest. But then why would a woman with a body like hers ever be interested in him? If he could get her to see how good he had become at fucking and sucking then maybe she might be but that wasn’t going to happen. Or was it? A plan started to form just as he spotted his mother stretching up on tippy-toes to reach one of the higher cupboards.

Although he had only come to the school to borrow some gas money, the flirtation with Miss Hoey and now the erotic sight of his mother’s muscular legs had caused him to have a raging hard-on that needed to be released.

Forcing himself to keep from ravaging his mother right there and then, Dennis retreated to her office and dialed Miss Hoey’s room number. At first he wondered if she was even in her room when she answered breathlessly after the fifth ring. He did his best to disguise his voice. “Miss Hoey, Mrs. Mitchell would like your assistance checking the new basketballs in the store room. She wants to know if you could meet her there in 10 minutes. ”

When she answered in the affirmative he knew that the first stage of his impromptu plan was under way. Now for the next step.

Quietly entering the store room, Dennis snuck up behind his mother and fondled her firm ass.

“What the…?”she screamed in surprise. Her look of horror was quickly replaced when she recognized her son’s youthful grin.

Not giving her a chance to say no, Dennis wrapped his mother in his arms and started to kiss her passionately while his hands caressed her chest and buns. She struggled initially but was soon overwhelmed with her own desire.

“Denny, we can’t! Not here! Someone will catch us!”

“Relax, Mom. I locked the doors!” he lied. He backed his mother up against the cabinets and rubbed his groin against hers all the while feeling her up. She tried to resist fearing the shame of being caught but her resolve was weakening. Dennis knew where to touch and what to kiss and nibble on. Soon he had pulled her cute little tennis skirt off and was working on her matching panties when he thought he heard someone entering the store room.

His mother was too engrossed in the first of her orgasms to notice anything peripheral.

“Take my cock out mom!”he ordered. With that he forced her to her knees. “Let me see your tits Mom!” Without waiting, Dennis pulled her tank top over her head. Looking down at her exposed chest made him realize that even at her age she still had a chest that matched most of the young women that he had seen. His young cock stood straight out from his body and she opened her lips and drew him into her mouth greedily.

While she would love to have let him fuck her she was deathly afraid of getting caught so she resigned herself to giving her son this blow-job so that it would tide him over until that evening. She threw herself into the not unpleasing task of draining his seed from his balls.

The sound that Dennis thought he had heard was Barbara Hoey blindly walking in to this obscene spectacle. At first she thought she was walking in on two students. Just as she was about to expose them and put an end to their lascivious behaviour, she recognized the boy’s voice. “My God, it’s Dennis!” she mused but what was that he was saying? “Did he say ‘take my cock out MOM’? Was that even possible?”

Convincing herself that what she had heard was a girl’s name like Mona or something like that, she decided to try to see who the girl was. The girl’s face was hidden from her vantage point but she could tell by his profile that it was indeed her former student Dennis. Again she heard him plead with the girl to let him see her tits and again it sounded like he said ‘MOM’. Keeping as quiet as possible Barbara crossed the aisle to stand behind some cartons so that her vantage point was better.

Then she heard the female’s voice for the first time and she opened her mouth in shock when she heard, “Fuck my face, Denny! Shoot your cum into your mother’s mouth before we get caught!”

Barbara was aghast. This was disgusting! She would put a stop to this right away! How could a mother suck her son off like that. This was her best friend! She never would have believed that Janet would do such a thing!

Then something weird happened to her just as she was about to step out into the open and expose them. She found herself suddenly excited. The very thought of incest would ordinarily have revolted her but seeing her best friend doing it right in front of her had a strangely perverse effect on her. She remained in her hiding place and watched her friend of many years orally servicing her own son.

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