Defiled Young Housewife- Part 2

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Defiled Young Housewife- Part 2She vaguely remembered that name from somewhere, but she was too distressed to think about it now. “Get out of our house and don’t ever come back,” she spat.He chuckled at her. “I have a receipt for a year’s lease paid in full and signed by your husband. I’m not going anywhere, baby. I’m staying right here with you.” “Dave will notice the marks you left on me, you disgusting pig. He’s going to have you put in jail.”Reggie’s eyes lit up with rage. “That wouldn’t be smart. If you want Dave to live, you better hope he never finds out who I am or what we done today. And don’t ever threaten me, or the beating I just gave you will seem like gentle petting.” He reflected for a moment before continuing. “I know all about your family. Your Grandma Emily lives at 425 Elm Street in Springfield, your mom and dad at 321 Flagmore Drive in Dover. Be nice and cooperate, and I’ll take care of you. But if anyone finds out who I am or that I’m here, if I’m arrested for any reason, I’m gonna assume you ratted on me; and my homeboys will be coming for your husband, your family, and your friends — everyone even remotely related to you. Trust me, they won’t be able to hide.”You seem like a smart girl. Do your research before you open your mouth,” he added.How did he know where her parents lived, her grandmother’s name and where she lived? Christy was unaware that he had accessed her phone while she was at the gym, that he had searched through her house each day when she was gone, went through her personal papers, researched every aspect of her life over the past weeks.”Be nice to me. I know what it feels like inside you. I made you cum several times, baby. Don’t try to deny it because I felt you doing it on my cock. I came in your pussy and in your mouth and you swallowed every last bit of me. Even though you married, we shared something special with each other today, Christy — our secret, and it makes you my girlfriend. There’s just a little red mark on your face, nothing too noticeable unless you let Dave see the rest of your sexy body.” He paused for a moment, his eyes raking her still naked figure on display for him. “Them beautiful tits and that tight stomach took some punishment. That wouldn’t have happened if you had cooperated. If you get bruises, keep your clothes on around your husband until they fade.” He smirked at her. “Guess you may have to cut poor Dave off for a while — no more sex with him for a week or two. After how we fucked today you should be satisfied for a while anyway. If Dave asks about the mark on your face, tell him you accidentally slipped at the gym and hurt yourself.”Rage surged through her veins and she wanted to scratch Reggie’s face off with her fingernails, yet she was powerless to do anything but remain silent while staring up at him from the edge of her bed where she still helplessly sat.”You wanna come take a shower with me, baby? Since you probably won’t be able to fuck Dave for a while, we can have a quickie before he gets home. I’ll even let you suck my cock some more. You seemed to like doing that.”Was he serious? How could he think that she wanted more sex or that she had enjoyed any part of what he had done to her? She looked away from him in disgust.”Suit yourself,” he added, heading toward her master bathroom. He had his own bathroom near his room; he didn’t belong in hers. He was treating her house the same way he had just treated her body — like it belonged to him.While Reggie showered, the once confident Christy sat in shock on her bed pondering what had occurred and what he had said to her. He was dangerous and violent, and his threats were serious. She debated reporting him to law enforcement anyway. But her ordeal — so filthy, vile, and embarrassing — would need to be retold. He had made her body become aroused and do embarrassing things. She had climaxed for him more than once. Reggie would claim the act was consensual. Would Dave believe her orgasms were involuntary? Everyone, including Dave, would know she had been fucked by this disgusting man, that he had performed oral sex on her, and that she had performed it on him and swallowed his cum. How could she ever explain these awful things to people?Paramount and most terrifying of all, if Reggie was who he claimed to be, she risked causing her family and friends tortuous deaths. Somehow, he knew where her parents and grandma lived. What else did he know about her?Christy decided to keep what had happened a secret until she found out more about Reggie Johnson. With his cum leaking from her pussy and his taste remaining in her mouth, she hastily dressed and left before he finished showering. But Christy missed her promising job interview.**********************************Christy learned that Reggie Johnson had a lengthy Wikipedia page devoted to him. There was stuff all over the Internet about him. Officials suspected him responsible for numerous d**g related murders and heinous crimes. Many of his victims were tortured and mutilated in horrible ways. He allegedly reigned over an extensive criminal empire, and with the help of powerful friends and gifted attorneys, he avoided conviction. Christy had tried making herself scarce while Dave wasn’t around to evade Reggie. It was torment having to share her home with the pervert who had m*****ed and ****d her. But one night while she was alone making dinner, Dave watching football in the living room, Reggie came into the kitchen to get himself and Dave another beer. His proximity filled Christy with apprehension and embarrassment. The tension was palpable, but it was entirely hers. Each time she saw him she relived what he had done to her. But Reggie seemed unphased by her discomfort, carrying himself with an apparent pride that sickened her. Being alone in the same room with him was intolerable. Reggie closed the refrigerator door and turned toward her wearing a big smile and holding a bottle in each of his hands. He triumphantly stared at her as if she was his conquest. “I notice you been staying out during the day when Dave isn’t here,” he quietly said. “You trying to avoid me?”She angrily glared at him. How could he ask that after the horrible things he did to her?”Playing hard to get, huh? You best make sure you remain home for me. I want time alone with you, baby. Things started out on the wrong foot between us and we need to talk.””We’re not ever talking about anything except you moving out of here. Get away from me and get out of our home, Reggie. Leave me and my family alone. I want nothing to do with you.””Real bad things might start happening to your family and friends if you don’t treat me right. I mean it, Christy. I know all your people, where they live and work.” He reached up, pulled a piece of paper from his shirt pocket. “Take it,” he insisted, handing her the folded sheet. It was apparently a computer generated list of everyone she knew, their phone numbers, addresses, where they worked, and even some of their birthdays.”Where did you get this?” “That’s not important. My homeboys have a copy of that list with instructions. All I have to do is send a text. And if anything happens to me, like if I’m arrested for any reason, they have orders to torture and kill everyone on that list. I always get what I want, and I want to talk to you alone. I’m getting impatient and I’m not waiting no more. Tomorrow you staying home when Dave goes to work, or he won’t come home at all. You understand me?” What would Reggie’s thugs do to Dave? Who else would Reggie hurt? She remembered what Reggie did to her, but Reggie and his goons were capable of far worse things, and they were going to start doing them to people she loved if she didn’t at least pretend to go along with him. The prospect of spending another day alone with Reggie was terrifying, but Christy needed to protect her husband and her family and friends. Christy slowly nodded her head. “I can’t hear you. Is that a yes, baby?””Yes,” she hissed through clenched teeth.”Good girl. We’ll just talk some, get to know each other better, and maybe become friends, nothing else. I promise I’ll be nice, Christy. Everything that happened before is gonna stay our secret. I know how embarrassing it must be, but you don’t have to worry about Dave or anyone else ever finding out as long as you cooperate. Okay?” She would never be his friend after what he had done to her, but she slowly nodded her head again in agreement. What choice did she have? The triumphant smirk on his face grew larger and filled her with even more hatred for him, yet she remained powerless to do anything about it. He could easily have Dave, her family and friends killed. He casually returned to the living room and left her standing there speechless. The refrigerator began to drone, interrupting the silence Christy found herself alone in, replacing the cool air Reggie had let escape from it. How could Dave have been so careless and allowed this dangerous criminal to move in with them?**********************When morning arrived, Christy was lying in bed with her eyes closed, still unable to sleep. The sun had yet to rise and daylight was more than an hour away. She had spent the night tossing and turning, thinking about her earlier conversation with Reggie and what would happen today once Dave left for work. She reassured herself that all Reggie wanted to do was talk this time. She had pondered how she should act and what she should say to him. She would be strong, but also diplomatic, and try to reason with him. She would agree to keep his identity and what he had done to her secret if he would leave her and her family alone. Surely that would be enough to appease him. The alarm rang for a moment before Dave silenced it. She felt the bed shake as he got up, and she heard him close the bathroom door. The sound bahis siteleri of flowing water from the shower Dave was taking would normally be soothing for Christy, but instead each passing second brought her increasing anxiety. Dave exited the bathroom and Christy still appeared asleep. She usually woke with him in the morning. “Hey, lazy head. Are you going to get up and go to the gym today?” Christy opened her eyes, pretending to just awaken. “I’m tired,” she answered. “I didn’t sleep well last night.” “I’m sorry, honey. Are you sick?” She shook her head. She wished she could tell Dave the truth.”Maybe you should skip the gym today and sleep in. I’ve got to head off to work now.” Dave kissed her cheek, turned off the light, and left Christy lying in their bed engulfed by the early morning darkness. Christy was exhausted after remaining awake the entire night paralyzed with indecision. She had second thoughts again about confronting Reggie. Should she get dressed and get out of the house to avoid him as she had done previous mornings since he ****d her? She had been going to the gym in the mornings with her duffle bag containing a change of clothes. She normally worked out and then went to the library and used the computers there to look for a job until it was almost time for Dave to come home. If she left the house today, Reggie had threatened to start hurting members of her family and her friends. Reggie had slept soundly but had been awake for over an hour when he heard Dave leave. Reggie’s cock had been hard the entire night because of Christy and remained that way now. He wanted to fuck her again. It was still early morning as he made his way down the shadowy hallway to Christy’s room. The door was closed, the way Dave had left it before departing for work, and Reggie didn’t bother knocking. He slowly turned the knob and with soft, cat-like steps quietly entered.Christy was still in bed and lying on her stomach. She didn’t hear Reggie enter and appeared to be sleeping. The pictures of her family and friends that had watched the previous time he had taken her remained on the dresser, silently observing from the shadows in disapproval. Reggie slipped off his boxers and cautiously pulled back the sheets to get in bed beside her, noticing she was wearing only a bra and panties. His cock ached to reunite with her. He carefully unclasped the hook of her bra and began removing it.Exhaustion caught up with Christy and she had dozed off. Reggie’s muscular arm reaching around her shoulder and his hard cock stabbing her hip as he joined her in bed woke Christy. He began kissing her ear. “I’m glad to see you listened and stayed home for me today. You making the right decision. I’ll be gentle with you. We gonna make love, baby, and I’m gonna make you enjoy it. I’m gonna make sure you cum a bunch of times.” His hand descended toward her panties. This couldn’t be happening again, she thought, but fear left her momentarily paralyzed. He was in bed with her, touching her! She had to stop him before things went too far. She rolled over, grabbed his hand resting on her hip, and pushed it away. “No, stop touching me and get out of my bed. We can talk if you want. I’ve kept your secret and haven’t told anyone about you or what you did to me the other day, but I’m not going to be your toy and you’re not going to make me do anything like that ever again.” When she turned over to face him, her bra partially fell off and Reggie’s eyes feasted on her firm, young tits, bearing the fading bruises he had left on them the other day. She was wearing a bra in bed to hide the incriminating marks from her husband. Christy realized Reggie was looking at her breasts, and as her arms went to cover them, his hand that had lovingly caressed her moments ago, before she had rejected him and shoved it away, formed into an angry fist and plunged into her stomach. “I thought you had learned from last time, but you making me get rough again, baby.” Christy held her gut in pain while Reggie grabbed her loosened bra and pulled it completely off. He then slapped her cheek.”No, don’t hit me,” she gasped, one hand clutching her stomach, the other shielding her face, and her perky tits left uncovered.”You want rough foreplay this morning? This ain’t nothing compared to what my homeboys gonna do to your Grandma Emily in a little while before they kill her. They like running train on old white ladies. I think I’ll text my niggers now since you not cooperating.”Reggie started to leave the bed.”Oh god, no! Don’t hurt my grandma! Please, I’ll do what you want, Reggie.””This be your last chance. I mean it.” Reggie’s hands returned to Christy’s hips and pulled at her panties. “Lift up for me and let me get these off you.”Christy didn’t want to let him touch her, but she had no choice it seemed, her ass rising off the mattress for him as she sobbed. This wasn’t going at all like she had anticipated. “That’s better,” he said, dragging the soft undergarment down her smooth legs and removing it from her feet. With Christy completely naked, Reggie lied beside her for a moment, putting his arm around her chest, caressing her right breast and playing with her nipple as if he was her longtime lover. “Please, you said you just wanted to talk,” she sniveled. He began kissing her neck, and as his lips moved closer to her ear her nipple involuntarily hardened between his fingers. “We’ll talk while we make love, baby. There be no better way for two people to become friends and get to know each other. You gonna cum and enjoy this even though you may not want to. You don’t have a choice and we not repeating last time where you tried to fight it. You my girl and you not telling me no again. You either gonna start letting me love you or bad things gonna start happening to your people. You understand?” The back of her head rested on a soft pillow as tears trickled down the sides of her face and into her silky blond hair. She nodded her reply realizing there would be no reasoning with him regardless of what she said or how strong she tried to be. “Good girl. I’ll treat you nice… as long as you cooperate,” he softly whispered between delivering kisses to her ear and filling it with his hot breath. His fingers relentlessly fondled her hard nipple for what seemed like eternity.Reggie sat up and went to her legs, which had remained closed. His hands landed on her inner thighs. “Now open up for me so I can taste your sweet honey.””Oh god, please don’t perform oral sex on me again,” she cried as she allowed him to spread her thighs open.”Good girl…very nice,” Reggie commented, ignoring Christy’s plea and gazing once more at the lovely pink of her most intimate place. Reggie repositioned himself between her open legs and his fingers delicately culled her clitoris from her folds. “Let’s see if I can get you in the mood for this, baby.” He began licking her clit, wetting it with his saliva, and messaging it between a ‘V’ his two fingers made. “Is it starting to feel good, baby?” he asked, her clit slowly firming in his fingers and her pussy moistening.”No, p-p-please stop touching me.”His thumb remained on her clitoral hood rubbing the sensitive flesh. “You getting wet, and I think you getting a clit boner, baby. It’s getting firmer, and soon it will need to be relieved.””Oh, god, you’re making me that way. S-s-stop touching me. Don’t make me do this.”Reggie enjoyed making this privileged white girl cry in embarrassment. She couldn’t stop him from making her pussy wet and her clit engorged, and she couldn’t stop him from fucking her either. He thought it was a nice reversal of roles considering the history between their two races and what her ante-bellum ancestors may have done to his. He sucked her hardening clit into his mouth, his tongue twirling over it. “You want me to stop now, baby?””Yes, p-p-please don’t do it anymore,” she pleaded, welcoming his reprieve.”Okay, I’ll stop for a little while if you suck my cock instead.”Christy looked at him with dismay. How could he possibly expect her to do such a thing again? She was married to Dave and none of this was supposed to be happening. “I-I-I can’t do this with you. Stop it—please!””Okay, baby. I guess you ain’t ready for me to stop then.” He resumed mercilessly attacking her clit, heightening its sensitivity and bringing her closer to an embarrassing orgasm. Christy desperately tried not to cum, finally surrendering and agreeing to perform oral sex on him if he would stop performing it on her. “Oh god…oh, oh, ah, ooh. Okay, I’ll suck your cock,” she cried out. “Just stop doing this to me!” Reggie comfortably lied on his back in the bed Christy had shared with her husband only a short while ago. Her soft breast pushed against his hard stomach as she took his enormous cock in both her hands and reluctantly put its head in her mouth. She didn’t want to perform oral sex on him and had tried to forget how he made her do it to him last time.”You suppose to act like my girlfriend. Now do it nice, the way I taught you before,” he reminded her. “Get into it like you did last time. Twirl your tongue over the head and run your lips up and down the shaft… yeah, like that. Now play with my balls some too while you doing that. You know how I like it.”She wished she had never met Reggie or know things so intimate about him as how he liked his cock sucked and the ways he enjoyed being touched. She had tried to block all the sordid details, the disgusting things he had made her do to him, from her memory. Now she was forced to repeat those lascivious acts. His hand rubbed her back and he kept squeezing her butt cheek. She despised him, yet he made her act as if she loved him, like his girlfriend who wanted him. She did none of this by choice. While sucking on his cock and stroking his shaft, her free hand reached canlı bahis siteleri down to his scrotum and caressed his heavy gonads. Christy started acquiring a steady tempo and relaxing a little in spite of herself. She knew what he liked and was obediently doing it — until Reggie made another demand.”That’s real nice, baby. You a natural at this and learning good, but you need to bring that sweet pussy on my face now, so I can enjoy it some more.”He had said he would stop performing oral sex on her if she would perform it on him. Now he was trying to make her do a ’69’ with him. “No, I don’t want you to do that to me anymore.”She tried to scurry away.Reggie sat up, his strong hands grabbing her thighs and squeezing them as he dragged her over his lap. He began spanking her firm ass. It sounded like the clap of an overly enthusiastic audience member and she cried out from the pain.”Ow, what are you doing? No, stop… oh, no…ouch, it hurts!”His loud, painful applause continued.”Okay, okay…please…I’m sorry!”When he finally stopped, her ass stung and glowed red, his hand kneading her solid glutes before soothingly rubbing the smooth, warm globes.”I warned you not to tell me ‘no’ again. Now bring that sweet little pussy onto my face or it’s gonna be your Grandma crying next. And make sure you swallow all my cum, like you did last time, baby.”Christy straddled his face. His hands grabbed her firm butt cheeks and spread them apart as he pulled her down towards his mouth. He delivered another smack to her scorching buttock. “Start sucking on my cock,” he barked. Christy felt him begin drawing on her already engorged clitoris. Oh, god, not that again, she thought, taking his huge chocolate cock in hand and putting it back into her mouth. Her clitoris had become sensitized by him earlier and what Reggie kept doing to it aroused her more. Christy didn’t want to be aroused by him, didn’t want any of this to feel good. He wouldn’t stop, and her loins began yearning for release. She didn’t want to cum for him. It was so embarrassing. She fought her orgasm and began moaning with his cock in her mouth, sucking on it like it was a gigantic pacifier, stroking it, softly rolling his tremendous balls in her fingers. The intensity of what they were doing to each other became overwhelming. Her body wanted to cum even though it was wrong. The way his mouth and lips kept engaging her down there made her begin to forget everything else and brought all her attention to the task at hand. He was sucking on her clit harder it seemed. As she ran her lips up and down his shaft, she felt his cock begin throbbing in her palm. A glob of semen jettisoning from its tip landed on her cheek. She remembered that he expected her to swallow. “Oh, your cumming,” she observed aloud. Her mouth returned to his glans as she continued stroking his shaft. “Mmmm, mmmm,” she moaned.For the second time, Christy was treated to copious amounts of Reggie’s semen. His cock ejaculated for almost an entire minute, spurt after spurt she drank, an increasingly powerful dosage of his potent male hormones accumulating in her like repeated exposures to radiation gradually causing mutation. She was married to Dave, but she had never performed oral sex on him. Reggie was the only man she had tasted and swallowed, and she knew it wouldn’t be like this with Dave. The ordeal was finally over, and he was satisfied, Christy thought, regaining her senses as his cock finally stopped ejaculating and started losing rigidity. She removed herself from his face and from the ’69’ with him. She sat up on the edge of the mattress, disgusted with her behavior but relieved it was over. Reggie sat up as well and d****d his arm around her shoulder. “You see baby, that wasn’t so bad, now was it? How you feel?”In a daze, Christy silently stared at him, her beautiful blue eyes containing a mixture of fading lust with rising levels of shame and hatred. His strong, masculine taste lingered in her mouth and a glob of his semen remained on her cheek. He reached up and wiped it off. “We don’t want to waste this. Open your mouth for me.”Christy looked at the daub of white goo on Reggie’s black finger.She was going to refuse, but then remembered earlier — the way he punched her in the stomach, smacked her face, spanked her ass — and the horrible things he had threatened to do to her grandma. Her mouth opened.”Good girl,” Reggie praised after making her swallow the very last of him.”I did what you wanted. Will you leave us now, Reggie?””Leave you?” His arm still around her shoulder pulled her into him. “I love you and I’m not leaving for a whole year, baby. I got a lease that says I can stay, remember? And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. We not done today yet either. That was just a little appetizer to get us in the mood. Look at my cock.”Christy looked down and watched in dismay. His penis was slowly regaining an erection. Was this some kind of perverted joke? How could he possibly be getting hard again after only a few minutes?”See what you’re doing to me? Remember what I told you before about how a man’s body shows his love? You keep making me hard, baby, because you so beautiful and I’m in love with you.” He took her hand and guided it to his cock. “Now play with it some more.”Christy didn’t have the any other option. With his strong arm around her shoulder, her arm slid around his waist as she began gently jerking on his cock.”That’s it, baby. You been giving me hard-ons since I moved here and now you gonna start taking care of them for me.” Christy couldn’t believe how big and rigid his cock was becoming again. She could see and feel it rapidly growing to full erection in her hand.She had intended to masturbate him, make him cum and be quickly done with the lewd act, but Reggie abruptly removed her hand from his big brown dick and stood. His palm landed between her firm breasts and pushed her backwards. “Lay back for me now,” he instructed. Christy was confused as he pushed her down into the mattress, her legs dangling from the bed where she had just been sitting. In what seemed like one continuous motion, his arms grabbed the back of her knees, lifted her legs while spreading them wide. He jerked her to the very edge of the bed.She felt him messaging her clitoris with the head of his penis. “No, Reggie. I’m married to Dave. I can’t do that with you,” she pleaded. He swiftly grabbed her chin and squeezed tightly. “Didn’t I just warn you about ever saying ‘no’ to me? You my girlfriend, for a whole year until my lease is up, and you better start acting like it. I might decide to throw a few more dollars at that dumbass husband of yours to let me stay longer just so I can keep fucking you.” He released her chin and his hand slid down to her throat. He made it difficult for her to breathe, her face turning red like a tomato. “I can break this beautiful neck and just as easily have it done to your grandma and mom. How you think they would like getting fucked by a dozen big black dicks before being killed? Or maybe I’ll have my homeboys slice up your dad and that dumbass husband of yours who lets strangers move into his home and fuck his wife. Now spread those pretty legs wide for me baby.”Her legs opened for him.”Good girl.” His hand released Christy’s neck, allowing her to breathe, and he resumed fumbling with his cock, probing around her entrance. She felt the smooth head of his penis rubbing against her swollen clitoris, then descend from it and push at her wet slit. “Don’t,” she whimpered, her palms uselessly pushing at his muscular stomach, but unable to stop him from pursuing his goal. The diamonds on her engagement and wedding bands sparkled against his dark skin as if silently protesting what was occurring in front of them again.His fingers spread her labia as his cock took aim at her pussy. She felt the initial pressure as he sought admittance, then she felt her pussy stretching around the glans of his massive organ in surrender. “Oh, baby, your sweet little pussy is so wet and tight and feels so good,” Reggie exclaimed. “I’m finally inside you again. Oh, I’m gonna go all the way and deep.” He began making tight circles on her clitoris with his thumb to help gain her cooperation. “Oh, don’t Reggie. Ooh…please stop,” she cried, her pelvis briefly responding to his thumb with a faint undulation as if acknowledging pleasure. After pulling almost all the way out, in what seemed like attempts to give Christy false hope, his cock kept returning into her a little further. Her hands abandoned their fruitless efforts against his stomach and latched onto his hips, trying to thwart his ever-deeper thrusts. “Oh, yes, baby. Since you my girl, you gotta take all of me and show me how much you love me. You do love me, don’t you, baby?””Oh god,” Christy wailed. She didn’t know how to respond to this sick a****l. The discomfort caused by his enormous cock was reaching the threshold of pain. How could she stop him from going all the way into her with his long, thick penis? “Yes, I love you, Reggie. Please… oh…no more…ouch…oh…it hurts…ow…oh.”He held back for a while, allowing Christy to acclimate, until her grip relaxed, then he bumped into her further, catching Christy off guard, her fingers digging into his hips once more as he made additional progress. He kept repeating this technique and moving closer towards his goal, the muscles in her vagina stretching each time to accommodate a little more of him.”Ow, Reggie, you’re too big and you’re hurting me.””Shhh, it gonna be okay, baby. You’ll get used to having me inside you. I’m bigger than your husband, but you gonna take me. I told you last night we was gonna get to know each other better and become friends, and that’s what we doing. You becoming my girlfriend and I’m almost all the way in canlı bahis you. Just a little more, baby.”Her fingers bore into his hips from sudden pressure and pain as he drove home. “Ow, ow, oh, oh, ah, I can’t! Ah, ow, oh, ooh. Nah…no more.””What you mean you can’t? We already there. Look at my cock. It all the way in you now, baby.”Christy looked down in horror and watched his entire penis, its long, thick shaft triumphantly wearing her silky secretions, repeatedly and completely invading her pussy. She felt his immense scrotum slapping against her asshole, further attesting to his victory. She looked up at him, their eyes meeting, the pain abating as her body adjusted to his entirety. “Ooh, oh, ah… Reggie, you’re not wearing a condom. Ooh, oh, please… pull out now.” “Relax, baby. We got all day before Dave comes home and I ain’t gonna cum again for a long while. We got plenty of time to enjoy this.””Ooh, ooh, ooh… no. Don’t do this to me,” Christy murmured while accepting defeat. Her hands remained on Reggie’s hips, but no longer grasped him in pain or attempted to hold him at bay. For now, at least, he had conquered and dominated her. As if reading braille, the walls of her vagina began painting vivid images behind her eyes of his thick, long cock tunneling through her quivering tissues, parting them all the way up her birth canal, expanding her vaginal orifice. The head of his penis practically reached her cervix. Reggie embraced her in his arms as he lied on top of her, his hard, bulging muscles pressing against her. As he resumed the trail of kisses up Christy’s neck toward her ear that he had embarked on earlier, he took note of how her nipples hardened and pushed into his chest and how her pussy became even wetter. She obviously liked having her neck and ears kissed while being fucked. Through the closed curtains of her bedroom window, the murkiness of early morning had succumbed to the light of an approaching afternoon sun. “Oh, oh, oh, don’t make me cum again, Reggie. I don’t want to. I can’t do this. I’m married to Dave,” Christy moaned in his arms. “Oh god…no. Ooh, ooh, ooh.” Reggie felt her pussy throbbing around his cock. He kept making her orgasm and this one was getting really strong. His own orgasm was swiftly approaching.”That’s it. Show me how much you love me, Christy. See how your nigger boyfriend makes you cum? I love you, baby,” Reggie cooed. “Oh, yeah, you feel so good.” It seemed like his big muscles were becoming tenser and he was driving into her with greater force. Christy felt something like a squirt gun going off along with pressure and his huge cock pulsating in her pussy. It took a moment for all these things to register in her mind. Dave didn’t orgasm this strongly, he usually wore protection and he didn’t ejaculate as much. But she had experienced Reggie do this with her before. “Oh, ooh, please don’t. Oh, you’re not wearing a condom and you’re cumming in me, Reggie…no.”He pulled out too late but while still ejaculating, his warm cum landing on her stomach. He removed her hand from his hip and placed her fingers around his cock. “I’m not done. Stroke me, baby. I made you cum now help me finish.””Oh god, Reggie—you’re cumming all over me.””It’s okay, baby. It’s my love for you overflowing from my body. Don’t stop. It feels good. Keep stroking it and show me how much you love me too.”She helplessly lied beneath him, his hand around hers making her gently tug on his cock and assist with the sick, demented task. His hard, gargantuan penis pulsated in her hand like a major artery about to burst, discharging semen all over her.”Oh, yeah, baby…Ah, keep doing that. I love you. I’m sorry. I tried to pull out before I started to cum, but you felt too good and I couldn’t help it.”Christy was speechless. How could this happen? She was married to Dave and loved him, but this awful criminal had fucked her — again. She let go of his cock, sat up and looked down in shock at the mess Reggie had left all over her body and at what was copiously leaking from her pussy. The size of his penis and testicles truly matched the amount of semen they produced. His cum, mixed with her own vaginal secretions, was on her hand from fondling him and she didn’t know what to do with it. He hugged her and she u*********sly ran her slimy palm up his hard, muscular chest.”Please, stop now,” she implored in his embrace.He left her bed, stood and petted her hair affectionately. “I love you. Did that feel good, baby?”Christy sat on her bed staring up at him incredulously, her eyes filled with more confusion, anger and shame. How could he possibly say he loved her and ask that? “No, it didn’t feel good. I hated it and I hate you, Reggie. I’m married, I love my husband and I didn’t want to do this. You made me do it.”He smirked at her. No matter what she said, they both knew how much she came. “I guess I’m gonna have to work on you some more then. Eventually you gonna admit liking it and you gonna love me.”Neither of those things would ever happen as far as Christy was concerned.He picked his boxers up off the floor and turned to her. “Make sure you don’t tell no one about me, and we’ll keep all this our secret. You probably don’t want your husband finding out about what you been doing with me, and you don’t want my homeboys visiting any of your family or friends either.”Tears began running down Christy’s cheeks. “I did what you wanted. Now get out of my room and leave me alone!”She sat on the edge of the bed and watched his towering body walk away, his dark, muscular shoulders, back, and buttocks briefly on display. He closed her bedroom door behind him as quietly as he had entered it that morning, leaving Christy with him in and on her body and what he had done to her again seared into her memory.************The exercise helped take her mind off what Reggie had done to her again yesterday. Christy had gone to the gym early in the morning, finished a good swim, got in some strength training, and returned home to take a shower, all before the sun had risen. A cool breeze blew through her golden hair as she finished running home from the gym and reached the front of her house. The stars brightly twinkled in the pre-dawn sky, and a sliver of the moon hung low in the horizon as if bidding farewell to another night. All the windows in her house were dark as she approached, except one. The light from her bedroom window indicated Dave was awake and getting ready for work. When Christy entered the bedroom, Dave greeted her with his usual smile, completely unaware of what had been transpiring between his wife and Reggie. “Why up so early this morning, Christy? Did you have problems sleeping again last night?” He buckled his belt, sat down on the edge of their bed—in the exact same spot where Reggie had fucked her yesterday— and reached for his work boots.Christy was filled with guilt and shame. She did have problems sleeping last night, but she couldn’t tell Dave the real reason why. “I guess I’m a little apprehensive about that job interview today, so I ran to the gym and got in an early workout.””You’re incredible, Christy. I wish I had half the energy you seem to have. That’s how you keep your gorgeous figure.” Dave’s comment was supposed to be a complement, but Christy wished she wasn’t so attractive because beauty had become her curse.”Dave?” she asked softly as he was tying his boot.He looked up at her. “What, sweetheart?””If I get this job maybe we can give Reggie back his lease money, sell the house, and move somewhere more affordable.”His eyebrows lifted as he listened to her. “I thought you loved this house, Christy. Why do you want to sell it now? Eventually the market will come back and we can sell then if you want.”She looked at the floor like a c***d caught in a lie. “I don’t know, Dave. I just don’t like having to share our home. I think it would be better if we had some place smaller for just the two of us.””I don’t think we can sell for what we owe. We’re upside down on the mortgage. We’d have to do a short sale and that would really ruin our credit for a long time. We’ve already been late on a few bills and I don’t know if we’d even qualify for a new loan. We should be able to make ends meet now with the extra income from Reggie though. I think it’d be best to hold on to the house until the market recovers. Besides, Reggie wouldn’t be too happy about having to pack all his things and move out after he just moved in. It wouldn’t be very nice of us to do that to him.”If Dave knew the truth about Reggie, he wouldn’t have been so concerned about upsetting him. Dave always wanted to be everyone’s friend, and some people took advantage of his trusting nature. In this instance, it was Christy paying the price. “I guess so,” Christy softly replied with a hint of sadness in her voice. She turned toward the bathroom to bathe and get ready for her interview.The interview she had missed the first time Reggie ****d her was with Brightman Enterprises. The company must have been really interested in hiring Christy because they rescheduled her for today instead of hiring someone else. She needed this job. It was a position as an account executive, and not only would it provide necessary income, but it would advance her career. Dave had already left for work when Christy finished showering and exited the bathroom. She thought he would still be home, but he had gone in early it seemed. She had felt safe from Reggie while Dave was around. Alone and unprotected, she quickly finished dressing in business attire and put on some makeup in a hurry to avoid Reggie. The house was quiet, and she didn’t think Reggie was awake yet, but when she went into the kitchen there he was, wearing only his underwear and standing in front of the refrigerator as if he had been waiting to ambush her. The muscles in his arms, chest and stomach bulged beneath his dark skin like waves in a restless ocean, and a huge protrusion caused by his massive erection pushed against the fabric of his boxers like a pole holding up a circus tent.

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