Dear Melissa McCarthy

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Dear Melissa McCarthyI’ve been dieing to fuck you since I seen you on Mike&Molly, I love you’re short-little thick ass, these cute fat ass jumbo titties, an fat ass of your’s. It starts in Downtown San Jose and you catch me at Starbucks you say “Hey, Jdash, J.Vizzy, Venomous k**, Whats up with ya, huh?” I say “Whats poppin, Melissa McCarthy Right.” “Nigga, you know who I am,,,,,an you know what I want to do. “Oh, yeah and what is that.” You move closer to me an whisper in my ear “Have you plow, you’re big black fat dick down my throat all day, I wanna work you’re big saggy ball’s into my mouth and suck on those saggy black NiGGer nuts all day, I want to run my tongue from you’re ass crack to ya ball’s, then juggle you’re ball’s in my mouth, like a clown, Nigga I want you to deep dick dungeon dick me, Nigga> I want you to put that fat long Nigga dick so far up my ass, just dagger dick my fat ass, Nigga, Nigga I……” “Alright, alright I get the point…so where to?” “Follow me” So we walk to you’re 2015 500 Mercedez Bens, and hop in. I say “So what we listenin’ to?” “Nigga Poisonist bursa escort Passion V.1 what else?” “Oh like that – huh.” Hell yeah, you know White and Asian women in america love yo music.” “Thanks”, But anyway, pull that fat jungle dick out for me and swing it around, let me see it first.” So then I pull my big dick an ball’s out “Goddamn Nigga thats what I’m talkin’ about, big nigga dick. How bad you want this big dick and ball’s bitch,” “Yeah call me a bitch, I Like that Nigga, I want it so bad that I’m about to park, jump in the backseat and Goafer suck that pipe, like a Nigger dick Feind.” We park in a cement parking structure, we jump backseat and an this bitch goes to work. “Oh damn, babe, Oh my goodness.” “Yeah nigga I told you, I’m bout to suck this fat meat all dayGlisSHHly gliggitty glurgy splash me with that dick, OoOoooOooh, SLuRp gLurp- Slurp – ooh, Slam it down my throat, Oorawwh. You Keep suckin’ hardLy on my dick, then say, “Let me pop these saggy ball’s in my mouth-Ssslurp – pop – pow * – Slurp – Glurp – I love the taste of you’re mersin escort dirty black ball’s, Awhll Nigger goafer glaggy gaG me with his monster DiCk, Ooh Nigger, Nigger dick my throat. “Oh my God, baby- ohnshit.” Nah nigga give me this big fat black Donkey Dick- , Nigger- I don’t wanna get caught suckin’ ya big dick in public so I’m gonna have to take you home and DEVOUR this big daddy dick.” So we ride to Almaden Hill’s where you have an absolutely flawless Mansion in the Mountains as were riding up the hill, you continue to talk big shit.” OOh NiNja wait until we get to my mansion, I’ma treat you like the SUPERJOHNGODVENOMMAN dISssSH fLONG-fLIEEII- oGGY- sLIG gLORRDbY zO-LO-OWEEN Slurpy glurpy SsShHhhhhhmokin’ That big black dungeon dick, then I’m gonna cook you whatTTtT-Evvvver you desire, take a shower together, so I can suck that fat ass dick under, then when we get out, I WANT TO SUCK ON ALL YOU’RE TOES, I want to slurp them mothafucka’s, then I want to fuck like Rabbits, in my bedroom doggystyle, riding, I wanna throw this fat ass down sakarya escort on that dick, my niggy. SOooooooooooooooooOOooooooOOOOoOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo, we finally get to the mansion race to the door, right when we step into the house you drop to you’re knee’s and begin to suck my dick again, slurpin’ – gLURPIN’- poppin’ my ball’s in and out of your mouth. I say “Damn baby you’re so good to me!” “Oh nigga you aint seen nothin’ yet, you pull me by my dick to the Giant livin’ room, I spread my meaty Stupid Super Muscular legs open, SniZzZZZatch, my ball’s an totally begin to SlURGGGG-Supy-Slurrrrgy shlurp my baffalingly Super Sexy Saggy Ass ball’s and TROPical Jiggitty jungle UNNNNGER McCauley- Caulkin- triTriTriTriTri-gig-flishiggitty, Hunger pain Bar B Que Burnt Dirty Duck ZSzsSSZLuck suck the Semen/Specimen/Pure/Cure/Seed out of my PENIS&TENTICAL-TESTICAL- TerminaorGAAAARRRRsh UniversouLball’s. “Slurkcktiiii workin’ that long rope-a-dope Jumbo Gigggggggitty GOD kiZzy King Cobra Cock Rock HighFLy NEGRO dirrrrrrrty NastY ass Dick. then we griZzly swuave move towards the bed, instantly SuperSpigggckitty Spit fire SeeeE(P)d force, alll up in that big ‘ole White Big Beautiful Womanly Honky Trailer Trash Country wigggggitty Rich ass. “Ignorant dumb punk cunt, domermennn Drifty Shlog itch!!!!”

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