Day I Discovered I Love Rough Sex

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We hadn’t planned to even mess around, much less fuck. It all started when Bruce and I decided to go to the pool at our apartment complex. We had fun laying out, checking out the women 🙂 and talking. A few minutes after we arrived this hot girl came into the pool area. She had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a cut off shirt that revealed her taut stomach.

“Hey check that out,” Bruce said.

I looked around and spotted the girl. “Nice,” I said.

She disappeared and came back in a few minutes. “God damn,” was all Bruce said. She was wearing a very skimpy black bikini. It was one of those triangle top numbers which showed most of her B-cup breasts. They were nice and perky. Her bikini bottom was the kind that tied on the sides. She had a sweet ass (to quote Cartman). I don’t know how old she was but I knew she was damn hot. “Oh shit. Maybe she’ll bend over or something. She has made my day.”

The alcohol in my mudslide was starting to get to me. Looking at that hot chick didn’t help either. 🙂 I mentioned to Bruce that I’d talked to Alex on IM the night before. What I didn’t mention to him was that we talked about my surprise movie that I’d done, where I sucked Alex’s cock until he came in my mouth and on my face. As I sat in my lounge chair thinking about it, I got in the mood to suck dick (no surprise, here). The alcohol must’ve really been doing its job because I briefly considered doing it right there but then remembered there were people around. “Hey Bruce. Do you know what I’m thinking about right now?” I asked mischievously.

“Sucking my dick?” he asked hopefully.

“Exactly, and more specifically, you cuming in my mouth,” I informed him.

“You’ve got this all planned out, don’t you?” he teased.

“You got a problem with that?” I demanded.

“Hell, no. In fact you”re making me hard” he said emphatically.

“So, I guess you’re ready to go then?” I inquired.

“Oh yeah,” Bruce responded. We gathered up our things and headed back home. When we got home I checked my email, just to tease Bruce. I went over to him and slowly took off my bathing suit.

“Mmmm. Nice,” he said appreciatively.

“Thank you. Glad you like,” I said.

I went right to work. I took his cock and licked it a couple of times. I made american jigolo izle sure to lick up the trail of pre-cum that was making its way down Bruce’s cock. It tasted vaguely salty. Then I put the head of his dick in my mouth and kept going until most of it was engulfed in my throat. I took my time, enjoying the sensation of having a cock in my throat. Then I realized that I needed to breathe so I let up on Bruce’s cock. It felt quite nice to breathe. Then I resumed my sucking.

I slowly licked the underside of his cock. Bruce moaned appreciatively. My tongue was starting to hurt so I changed tactics. I began sliding my mouth up and down his dick. I’d start at the head and continue as far as I could go. Then I’d start all over again. I must’ve been doing something right because Bruce kept telling me not to stop. I would’ve gladly kept going but I started feeling a little dizzy. I gave his cock one more suck and let it drop, head up, onto his tummy.

Then I grinned and kissed him lustfully. We continued kissing. His kisses were becoming a little bit more aggressive, which turned me on. Then he moved down and started nibbling on my nipples. He nibbled lightly but soon the nips turned into bites, almost. I could feel myself getting wetter. It was kind of hurting but it felt wonderful at the same time. I had been hearing this far away moaning and finally realized that it was me! I hoped the neighbors weren’t home.

Bruce’s teeth on my nipples were really getting me hot. Bruce moved on to my neck when he got a little too rough with my titties. While my nipples rested from their assault, Bruce turned his attention to my neck. He lost no time in nibbling the soft, tender flesh on the side of my neck. As before, the nibbles started out gentle but as we both got increasingly turned on, he upped the tempo. He was now biting my neck-not hard enough to draw blood, but I knew there would be marks-and I didn’t care.

Muffin (my adorable kitty) was sitting on the floor watching the whole time. If you had been Muffin, you would have seen a girl writhing in the throes of lust. Bruce was biting my neck like it was his job. I was basically dry humping his dick. It wasn’t inside me (yet) but it might as well have been. When I’d slide the outside andropoz izle of my very moist pussy up and down his dick, it felt so good. I was so wrapped up in enjoying what Bruce was doing that the first little pop on my ass caught me by surprise. Then he lightly swatted me a few more times. He was as turned on as I was.

“Would you like it harder?” Bruce asked. That was just a formality cause he knew the answer. The swats became harder. It stung every time his hand made contact with my ass. It sort of hurt, but in a delicious, good kind of way. He was spanking me harder and faster now. I had to bite his shoulder to keep from crying out in pleasure.

I guess his arm was getting tired because he tried something new. The very erotic slaps became fingernails lightly scratching my ass. It felt weird at first. Then it started feeling damn good. I was moaning like there was no tomorrow. He started scratching with more force. It was hard to do but my hips were still doing their wild thing. The more his fingernails dug into my tender skin, the more I wanted him.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted his hard dick inside my practically dripping cunt so badly. I could almost feel it. I managed to tell him that I wanted to be fucked. He said I was going to fuck him first and then it’d be his turn.

In one almost smooth motion I stuffed my cunt full of dick. It felt so good. The ache in my pussy was finally satisfied. I just savored this feeling of fullness for a few minutes. In my mind’s eye I could see myself impaled on Bruce’s schlong. I had shaved my pussy earlier that day. It seemed like every sensation was magnified in my tender, smooth skin. I slide my cunt up and down his cock. I could actually hear my pussy juices making squishy sounds when his dick was completely buried inside.

His precum and my moistness combined to make his dick nice and slick. I easily impaled myself over and over. I was starting to get that delicious tingling way down in my pussy. Those feelings got even stronger once Bruce resumed his spankings. He didn’t do it as hard this time because of the scratches on my butt. He lightly smacked me in time with my fucking. With each fuck, I came closer to an inevitable orgasm. The spanking and fucking finally came together in an anne rices mayfair witches izle extremely intense climax. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over my writhing body. These incredibly delicious feelings radiated from my pussy to my fingertips. My moaning was now high pitched and animal-like. As my cunt kept contracting around that stiff member, my moaning turned to screams of ecstasy. (I sure as hell hoped that nobody in our building was home. We haven’t received any noise complaints so I think we’re ok.) I kept bucking my hips as my drenched pussy slid over Bruce’s stiff cock. This was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. When I came down off my adrenaline-fed high, I could hardly move.

I clung to Bruce, covered in sweat and my own juices. I tried to fuck him after a few moments but I didn’t have the strength. Bruce told me it was his turn. He half-pushed me onto my back. The sofa cushions felt uneven underneath me. “You ready for this? If it’s too rough, don’t complain to me,” he said with a cute grin. (He knows how hard he can fuck me without hurting me so I wasn’t worried.) He put my legs together, vertically into the air, so they were parallel with my head. Then he speared my dripping cunt with his hard-as-nails cock. I can’t describe how incredible it felt when his dick hit that special spot, deep in my pussy. He continued ramming himself into me. An innocent by-stander (had there been one) might have thought that his forceful fucks were painful. However, I assure you, they felt nothing short of great. I closed my eyes and focused on the dick that was pounding my cunt.

I pretended I was a naughty slut named Bad Mousy (long story).

Bruce’s moans grew louder. He suddenly withdrew his hard cock with a pop. He thrust his dick into my face. Then he started squirting all over my face and tits. I stuck out my tongue to catch the warm cum. It landed, velvety soft, on the tip of my tongue. Some dripped slowly down my chin. A squirt or two landed right in between my luscious, D-cup titties. Bruce finished painting me. We both lay on the couch gasping, covered in sweat and smelling of sex.

BTW, it turns out that those scratches on my ass actually drew blood. It’s all good though. That’s some of the best damn sex I’ve ever had. My only regret is that I lacked a camcorder to film my completely kick ass sex.

Dick sucking, breast/nipple biting, spanking, scratching (drew blood), fucking, more spanking, big LOUD orgasm for me, more hard fucking, then a big face full of his cum… very very fun. Just had to tell you about it Alex. I guess I like rough sex.

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