David’s Double Date

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David smiled for about the millionth time as he remembered his afternoon with Richard a week earlier. Richard was a tall, young man and, according to him, his friends called him Big Dick because of his height. David also thought of him as Big Dick, but for a more carnal reason, and David’s ass, what he called his asspussy, tingled pleasurably every time he thought of it. Just before parting on that glorious afternoon a week ago, Richard had suggested that they might get together again and that Richard had a friend who might join them, and maybe they could take turns fucking David, or maybe one of them would fuck David while he sucked the other one off. Either plan or whatever else might be worked out, was fine, but David really hoped that he would get together with the two young men and that they would take turns fucking him AND he would suck them both off.

As soon as his wife left for work, David, knowing that was Dick’s day off, checked his mailbox at the site where he advertised for gay partners. There were three new messages; the first one was from somebody who promised to make his cock longer and the second was from somebody who wanted him to subscribe to a porno site. With the third message David found what he was hoping to find. It was from Richard and it suggested that David might like to come over and see him at noon and they could do the same thing they had done the previous week. “YES,” David thought and then he read further.

“Do you remember what we talked about just before you left? I told my friend and he said he would like to join us but I told him I would have to ask you. Is it okay with you if he comes up to my place too?”

A smile creased David’s face as he thought of what that could mean. A week ago, his asspussy had gotten the best fucking it had ever gotten and today could be even better. David sent his response: “I’ll be glad to meet your friend, Dick. He and I can do the same thing as you and I did last week. I can come over earlier than noon if you want because when three guys get together, we can have a lot more fun and take longer than you and I did last week.”

David left the site briefly and when he came back, there was a new message and it read: “Sam is here with me now and anxious to meet you. Call me and tell me what time and we will be ready.” The message included a telephone number and David anxiously dialed it and got a tentative greeting from a voice he recognized. “Hello, Dick. This is David. I got your message and I would like to meet Sam too. I can go over there now if you want”

“Oh, good, David. I haven’t gotten any since you were here last week and Sam says it has been even longer for him. We’re both pretty horny so we’re really anxious for you to get here. Can you come over now?”

“Sure can. See you in about twenty minutes, and I have just the thing to cure your horniness. Both of you.”

It took David less than twenty minutes to get to his rendezvous with two horny young men and their stiff cocks and his asspussy tingled all the way. His thoughts were happy ones: “I hope Sam has as nice a cock as Dick has. Big Dick, that is. Even if he doesn’t, I can suck him off while Big Dick is fucking me with his big dick.” The more he thought of it, the more eager he became to reach Richard’s apartment. When he arrived, the first thing he did was to remove his dentures and put them in the plastic bag he had for that purpose. Without teeth, David could give much greater pleasure and take cocks deeper into his mouth.

Dick was waiting for him, wearing jockey shorts as he had on their first meeting. “David, this is Sam; Sam, this is David,” was the quick introduction Dick made, and they shook hands. David was happy to see that Sam was a young African-American man. It had been his experience that Black men have big cocks and David hoped that was the case here.

Nobody was interested in any kind of foreplay at all. The two straight men just wanted to get their cocks into David, and that’s all David wanted also. Foreplay might be necessary to get a woman aroused and her pussy lubricated, but all three men were already aroused and David’s ass wouldn’t lubricate anyhow. A few seconds in David’s very skilled mouth and the other men’s cocks would be good and hard and ready, and that was the only foreplay necessary. Sam pulled off his pants and sat next to Dick on the bed, both men clad only in jockey shorts. David removed all his clothing in preparation for what he hoped would be an even better session of fucking and sucking than he had enjoyed the previous week.

Kneeling in front of the two men, David pulled Dick’s shorts off first and the cock that sprang to attention was just as long and thick and hard as David remembered. Briefly, he took the tempting tool between his lips and licked it. Even the tip was hard and David’s ass tingled again in anticipation. His mouth was also drooling in expectation of being well filled and he stroked Dick’s cock in and out a few times. A week earlier, after a long fucking in David’s ass, Richard’s cock had stiffened quickly and his second sarıyer escort load went into David’s mouth. David was hoping for that sequence again, hopefully from both men, and maybe even more. With Dick naked, David went on to Sam and pulled his shorts down.

Sam’s cock, when it appeared, was even longer and harder than Dick’s, although not as thick. “This is the happiest day of my life, at least the gay part,” David thought, while he wondered which of these two marvelous cocks should be first in his ass. He took Sam’s cock in his mouth and pumped it a few times and it felt just as good as Dick’s cock had.

“Which of you guys is the horniest,” David asked.

Sam answered. “Dick tells me he had some great sex with you a week ago and it’s been longer than that for me. Two weeks ago, after I spent a pile of money on her, my girl friend gave me a lousy hand job. Even after that, I was still pretty horny, and it hasn’t gotten any better since.”

“It’s about to get a lot better,” David replied, his hand hefting the big cock, while his ass was clamoring for it. “Let’s see how far we can get this big dude into my asspussy.”

David handed Sam the KY Jelly and a condom. “Grease us up good and let’s get it on,” he said, eagerly.

“I’ve got my own rubber,” Sam replied, and rolled a black condom onto his cock, making it look even bigger and more tempting to David. Kneeling on the bed in front of Sam, David reached back and spread his ass cheeks and Sam applied the jelly all around the puckered hole. He even reached in with his finger to spread it around the inside of David’s ass. A few seconds later, David felt Sam’s fingers prying open his anal sphincter.

The hard tip of Sam’s cock entering his waiting hole made David moan with delight. “Did that hurt?” Sam asked. “I hope I’m not too big for you.”

“It didn’t hurt; it felt really good. Stick that big cock all the way in me because you’re not too big. I think you’re just right.” Another two inches of cock penetrated David’s ass, sending incredible pulses of pleasure through his entire body. Sam started a series of short but firm thrusts and with every thrust another hard inch of cock entered David’s ecstatic asspussy until all nine inches were buried, and with every stroke after that, Sam’s balls bumped against David’s.

With the weight of his upper body on his forearms, David fucked back to meet every stroke into his ass. “God Dam, David,” Sam enthused. Your ass is tight and slick. My cock feels better in there than in any cunt I ever fucked and you fuck better than any woman I ever fucked. Let me know how it feels to you because I want to give you a nice, slow fuck.”

As good as it felt to Sam, David thought it felt even better to him. The pleasure David was feeling was so enormous he could hardly talk but he managed to gasp, “It feels really good, Sam. A long, slow fuck is just what I need.”

Dick was feeling left out even though he knew it would be his turn next. Seeing Sam’s big black cock going in and out of David’s ass and hearing both men moaning with pleasure made him even hornier. As he sat playing with himself, David saw him and hated to think of that nice big cock going to waste so he invited Dick over so his mouth would be what was playing with it.

Dick scooted over so his legs were spread and his cock was where David could take it between his lips. Sam was in control of his cock plunging in and out of David’s ass and he was taking his time, really enjoying what he truly considered the best fucking he had ever gotten, even better than any woman. David fucked back to meet Sam’s thrusts into his asspussy, matching his speed and taking Sam’s big cock all the way in at every stroke. Waves of pleasure spread from where his opening was stretched at every stroke, echoed through his rectum and were intensified every time Sam’s long cock massaged David’s prostate.

As David fucked back to meet the thrusts into his asspussy, he withdrew his mouth so just the tip of Dick’s cock was still inside. As David moved forward and Sam withdrew his cock for the next stroke, David enveloped Big Dick’s big dick in his mouth. For a long time, all three men fucked and sucked, moaning in pleasure, enjoying themselves immensely and taking their time to prolong the pleasure. Sometimes David would masturbate when somebody fucked him but the pleasure he was receiving, especially from the cock in his ass was so great that he couldn’t think about anything else. Even the cock in his mouth, pleasant though that was, didn’t compare to the ecstasy spreading from where Sam’s cock was penetrating David’s asspussy.

“I’m ready to cum, David. I’m gonna start fucking you faster,” Sam announced. David took Dick’s cock out of his mouth so he could brace himself to fuck back harder and to withstand the stronger thrusts that were going to start. Sam drove his cock in and out of David’s ass faster and faster; David matched his speed with thrusts backward of his own. The two men’s balls slapped together with every stroke and their grunts maslak escort were mixed with moans as the pleasure multiplied for both of them. Sam had done a good job of greasing David’s ass and his cock slid smoothly, in and out of the tight hole until he gave a loud grunt, plunged his cock in extra strongly and ejaculated into his condom.

David knew that Sam had cum, and when the thrusts into his ass stopped, he stopped fucking back. Dick was still sitting where he had been and David took his cock back into his mouth and gently sucked on it while Sam withdrew his cock, which was still almost hard enough to fuck more. That was what David wanted except that next it would be fucking into his mouth. “Your turn now, Big Dick,” he said. Let’s get that big dick into my asspussy.

Dick was all for that idea. After the bit of sucking that he had gotten and after watching Sam giving David’s ass a good reaming, he was hornier than ever. Quickly, he pulled his condom on and got behind David. Although David’s ass was stretched open from being fucked by Sam, Dick added more lubricant and also applied the KY Jelly to his cock. Sam, his cock still half hard and still encased in its condom, held David’s ass open while his buddy made the first penetration. David moaned in pleasure as his ass was stretched even more than it had been. “Long is nice but thick is a lot better. Long and thick like Dick has is the best of all,” he thought, and he moaned again as more of Dick’s cock entered his ass, stretching his anal sphincter and sending more and stronger waves of pleasure pulsating throughout his body.

“My God, David, your ass is so hot and tight, it feels better than any pussy I know of. I hope I’m not hurting you, though.”

“No, Dick, it feels really, really good. I want your cock all the way in my asspussy.”

With a few more strong thrusts, Dick’s cock was all the way in David’s ass, stretching the sphincter the way it had been stretched only once before and massaging David’s prostate again. Being thicker, it felt even better than Sam’s cock had felt, although they were the two best cocks David had ever experienced. Dick drew his cock out and then thrust it back into David, and tidal waves of pleasure once again flooded from where his ass was being stretched throughout his whole body. He groaned in pleasure but asked Dick to hold off briefly once his cock was all the way back in.

“I like a double header, Sam. How about coming over her so I can suck you off too?”

Being a young man, Sam was still horny so he came around and sat on the bed in front of David, then moved forward with his legs spread on either side of David, eager to get his cock back into the mouth that had felt so wet and warm and good a little earlier. After peeling off the used condom and tossing it aside, David licked all of Sam’s cum from his cock, which became fully stiff from these attentions. The stiff cock slipped easily between David’s lips, through the empty space where dentures were missing, and massaged the back of his throat. David started slowly stroking it in and out of his mouth, his tongue caressing the length of the shaft.

“Mmm, David, that feels really good,” Sam murmured as he watched David’s head slowly bobbing up and down and felt a friendly tongue fondling his cock as it slid in and out of David’s mouth. Sam’s cock had been sucked before but never by someone with no teeth and he marveled at the intense pleasure he felt. David didn’t say anything because his mouth was so pleasurably full of Sam’s stiff shaft, but he immensely enjoyed the feel of the hard cylinder of meat and the way his tongue caressed it while it was inside his mouth. He loved the way the tip pressed against the back of his throat because David was able to overcome his gag reflex when it was something as nice as Sam’s cock filling his mouth. David loved everything about what he and Sam were doing, the feel of the cock sliding between his lips, the feel of Sam’s pubic hair against his nose and mouth and the sound of Sam’s heavy breathing as his cock slid in and out. To Sam, it felt really good but to David it felt wonderful.

However, as marvelous as the cock in his mouth was, David loved the cock in his ass even more. Once David had gotten well into sucking Sam’s cock, Dick resumed the other part of the double header and began plunging his cock slowly in and out David’s ass, moaning with pleasure at every stroke. With his hands on David’s hips as a guide, he thrust his cock in and David fucked his ass back to meet all of his long, deep strokes and Richard felt his balls swinging forward, gently bumping against David’s. To Dick, the ass that was enveloping him was the nicest place his cock had ever been. “If I can fuck this guy’s ass and get sucked off by him, and it feels so great, why do I need that bitch of a girlfriend that I have and don’t even like?” he asked himself.

It had been a week since his previous session with David and Dick was horny enough that he knew he was going to cum sooner than he really wanted. Even though he beyoğlu escort was fucking into David’s tight, slick ass slowly because he wanted the pleasure to last and he knew David felt the same, his climax kept getting closer. “I’m getting ready to cum,” he told David, and started fucking faster.

David took Sam’s cock from his mouth and told Dick, “Okay. Start fucking me faster.” He looked at Sam and said, “Don’t worry, I still want to swallow a load of your cum.” As Dick started fucking faster, David matched his increased speed, thrusting his ass back to meet the faster strokes.

Dick plowed his cock into David’s ass and his cock felt better and better as he increased his speed. It felt better and better to David too as Dick’s cock filled his ass with hard meat, and both men moaned from the intense pleasure they were giving each other. Just as Dick climaxed, he drove his cock in extra hard, spreading David’s ass open even more and tickling his prostate in a way neither he nor anyone else had before. David gasped from the sudden ecstatic burst and his own cock, which had long been stiff from the intense pleasure he had received from the two cocks in his ass, suddenly demanded relief. As Dick removed his cock, still almost hard, David took Sam’s cock back into his mouth, resumed sucking on it and began jacking himself off.

His own urgency was great enough that he pumped his cock fairly rapidly and he unconsciously stroked Sam’s cock with his mouth at the same speed. When he felt the long shaft in his mouth throbbing, David knew Sam was ready to cum, and decided to delay his own climax until he had enjoyed the mouthful of cum he expected to get. Faster and faster he stroked Sam’s cock with his mouth, as Sam moaned, his pubic area writhing, as he prepared to shoot a big load of cum into the place where both men wanted it. “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming,” he blurted out, and he was telling the truth because his cock was pumping as much cum into David’s mouth as he had earlier pumped into his condom.

David loved the feel of Sam’s ejaculate squirting into his mouth and he loved the salty taste of the cum that Sam was feeding him. With four thrusts, he spurted four times and David, loving every drop, swallowed it and his lips tightened on the long cock in his mouth so he didn’t lose any. When Sam stopped spurting, David continued to suck, milking all the cum there was to get from Sam, swallowing all of it. Because he so much enjoyed the feeling of a cock, even a semi-hard one like Sam’s had become, in his mouth, David kept it there while he jacked himself off.

Supporting his upper body with one hand, David pumped his cock with the other hand. He had been so sexually pleasured that day that he knew it wouldn’t take very long. While Sam’s cock softened in his mouth and Dick hoped to be sucked off also, David stroked his cock faster when he could feel himself close to cumming. With a sigh of pleasure and relief, David ejaculated into his hand, continuing to pump his cock until he was sure he had it all. He loved the taste of cum, even his own, so much that David licked it all off his fingers. The next thing he wanted to do was to give Dick a long, slow blow job and after he swallowed all the cum from that, he hoped Sam would be ready for more action. His ass was a little sore from the two big cocks it had enjoyed but David hoped to enjoy the two fine, young cocks a lot more before the day was through. He still had plenty of time before his wife was due to return.

Dick was sitting on the end of the bed behind him and when David finished jacking off and turned toward him, Dick moved forward to meet him. Once again, David knelt between a man’s legs preparing to take a big, stiff cock in his mouth. He peeled off the condom first, then licked all the cum from Dick’s cock, running his tongue around the ridge. Once he had licked off all the cum, he slowly took the long thick cock all the way into his mouth. David knew that the longer he took to suck off Dick, the more likely Sam would be to be ready to be sucked off again so he decided to give Dick some special attention that he knew both of them would really like.

“Move down this way,” he said, “and lie back and enjoy it.” Dick scooted forward and lay on his back while David moved backward, still kneeling between the long legs. After he had moved as far back as he could comfortably get, David leaned forward again, moved the stiff cock out of his way with his nose and started licking Dick’s balls.

He started at the left side of the scrotum and licked up the side, stroking upward with broad strokes of his tongue. Around the base of Dick’s balls David moved his tongue, stroking upward from the base of the scrotum until he reached the right side. He gently took Dick’s balls into his mouth, one at a time, holding them with his lips and caressing them with his tongue. When he had finished licking and nuzzling the balls, David started his tongue at the base of the big stiff shaft and licked upward along the underside until he reached the ridge. At that point, the tip of David’s nose was against the tip of Richard’s cock, so David opened his mouth wide and enclosed the cock head in his lips. The attentions to Dick’s balls and licking the underside of his shaft had gotten his cock harder than ever and David reveled in the feel of it as he started taking it into his mouth.

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