Dave’s Disastrous Mardi Gras Ch. 03

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The day following the bacchanal at Rick’s place on Fat Tuesday in Jackson Mississippi.

I was at the Oak Tree by 5:30, half an hour before the appointed time. The Oak Tree was an older building, maybe Victorian age, nice wood, dark and comfy inside.

I ordered a beer from the long-haired bartender, who looked, and sounded, like he came from an old Allman’s Brothers’ gig, and got a table by the window, which I kept peering through to see if I could spot Danni Raye coming down the street. I struggled to keep myself from getting up and pacing up and down.

A veritable cacophony of thoughts piled into each other in my brain. What was staying at Rick’s like for her? Was he one of those old perverts? What sort of activities had they engaged in? In what ways had he taken liberties with my Danni Raye? Did he lick her crotch? Did she tongue his prick? What was sleeping with the old codger like?

More importantly, how could I spend as much time with Danni Raye as possible until I had to leave to go north, maybe until Sunday morning if I stretched things as far as they could possibly go?

A whole range of other thoughts dashed around too. What was Danni Raye like as a little girl, did she have brothers and sisters, what did her dad do, what it was like growing up down here, what did she want to do with her life, who were her friends, did she have a boyfriend? The DJ guy maybe?

This boyfriend question was not making its first appearance. Did she have a boyfriend or not? That made a huge difference as to what I might say or do next.

Was my life in danger if anyone saw the two of us walking around holding hands together in town? Up North the Southlands did not have a reputation for being exactly civilized, all kinds of violent things could happen down here.

I imagined that events at Rick’s place would not stay secret. Would I get castrated by some jealous Jackson lout and my body tossed into the river?

But maybe Danni Raye was single and just dying to hitch up with a handsome sophisticated Northerner like me. As I got deeper into my pint, I found myself thinking about ways to chuck my college career and my grunt job at Kinko’s that kept me out of debt in Chicago, and move down here and dig ditches during the day and see Danni Raye at night, where we would make wonderful music together with candles and soft sheets and on weekends she could show me the beautiful ins-and-outs of Jackson and the tree under which she kissed her first boyfriend and the creek where her dad took her fishing.

I knew my thoughts were crazy, outlandish, ridiculous, but I couldn’t stop myself. Maybe I could tell her my truck was a goner and I was stuck in town forever, although that wouldn’t have been true.

In fact I had gotten the damn Nissan that morning and it was back to working order, my wallet flattened to a depressing degree. But maybe I could convince her that I was going to have to stay in town and go on welfare relief and beg for alms in front of her place of residence (which I had no idea where it was in town, if it even was in town) until she relented and accepted me into her life quasi-permanently.

By five minutes after six I was ready to start a fight with the bartender.

“Where is she?” I was prepared to holler at him and leap the bar to throttle him if he didn’t have a good answer. But I restrained myself, although I did end up pacing up and down a bit, drawing some strange looks from some of the regulars.

Finally, at 6:12, Danni Raye arrived, in jeans and a nice white front-buttoned blouse, her hair in a ponytail. I could see her nipples outlined, so she probably had done without a bra. She looked great and I made a fuss of telling her so.

We exchanged hugs, briefer than I wanted and she sat down.

“So, how’d it go last night?” I began breathlessly, “tell me all about it. This Rick guy, that sure was some party he held, what did you two do …”

Danni held a hand up to stop me and smiled indulgently.

“Dave, slow down, slow down.”

I had to take a deep breath and it was a struggle to just listen to her.

She said it was a fine night, nothing special, she slept until ten, she wished she could have seen me – my pulse quickened nicely with this piece of info – but they had had a good breakfast together and the rest of the day she had spent at home getting ready for her trip.

Her trip? What was this?

She laughed at my questions. “Jo Anne and I for the last couple years have always taken a trip to a country place her family has downriver, for the long weekend after Fat Tuesday. It gives us a chance to cool out, take a break, spend some quality time together.”

“Sounds splendid!” I said, that word coming out of my mouth for the second time in less than twenty-four hours.

But she had detected something in my voice.

“It is just Jo Anne and I, Dave, no one else.”

I tried. I lobbied, I asked about past years and whether their sweeties ever came along or visited or even just came over for an afternoon. I tried every angle Mardin Escort until Danni Raye was looking at me like I was absolutely mad. Even then, it wasn’t an unkind look. But I could see where this was going.

I’d finished my second beer, but Danni Raye said we should take a walk, we needed to get some things straightened out. I didn’t like the sound of this but wasn’t in a position to argue.

I paid up and as evening approached we took a long walk along one of the streams that ran by the town, all forested and park-like. My fears were pretty much confirmed.

She had a sweetie, it wasn’t DJ, and looking back I now realize that she didn’t even say the sex of her “steady” – maybe it could even have been Jo Anne! – although that thought did not occur to me then. No she would not permit me to move to Jackson and try to pursue her, she had had a great time with me and had hoped we might spend the night together.

Oh yes we would! I had no trouble agreeing to this.

But her main point was that far more of what had gone on in the last day and a half was because of Mardi Gras, and nothing else.

“You’re a sweet guy Dave, it has been great to meet you, but let’s leave it good and well at that. And we’ve got another night.”

So those last two words became my mission.

Another night.

We walked back to the hotel, and my groin was in that heightened state of anticipation that is so delicious. I imagined my cock in all sorts of lovely situations, getting suckled, pushing up Danni Raye’s sweet cunt, pumping quarts and quarts of sperm into her one way or another.

Danni Raye stopped a block from the hotel and told me to go on ahead.

“I’ll use the back entrance, and I can say I just came to pick up my paycheck if I run into anyone. It would not sit well with my boss if he saw us come in together and going up to your room. I may be a few minutes but I’ll see you up there as soon as it’s all clear.”

I had taken some time earlier during the day, more to keep me occupied than anything else, to procure a variety of supplies. I figured we might want some food sometime during the evening, so had bought cheese and crackers, some beer, which I knew Danni Raye drank since I’d seen her, and then, since I saw them in the grocery store, it was called Higgity Piggity or something, a couple candles. I lit the candles and got them going, and admired the nicely lighted room in the time set for me before she arrived.

Finally the knock came and I let her in.

We stood facing each other, not saying a word. The air was electric.

After closing the door, I reached out and undid the top button of her blouse. Danni Raye gave me a shy smile. I didn’t even know shyness was in her arsenal.

I slowly undid the next button, and the one after that, until her blouse was open from top to bottom. She was smiling demurely. I could see that lovely valley between her breasts, and reached inside her shirt to feel one of her nipples. I carefully and deliberately eased her blouse off and put it to the side, then felt both nipples in my hands. They grew erect before my eyes.

We seemed to have an understanding, I don’t think we spoke a single word to each other for the next hour or so. Everything was in slow motion, an expectant dynamism in the air.

She undid the buttons on my own shirt and removed it, folding it carefully and placing it on the hotel room’s dresser. She felt my own nipples and ran her fingers over my chest, and I quivered at the touch.

We stood face to face, and managed each of us to feel and fondle each other’s chest at the same time. Her breasts were very firm to the touch, barely a crease on their underside.

Her shoulders were light but strong, her waist thin and soft, and her skin throughout was smooth with a buttermilk-like color and consistency. My mouth watered, my cock twitched.

I knelt down and removed one of her boots, then the other. Socks came off. I stood up and unhitched the button on her jeans. Our eyes were locked together. Without looking down, I carefully unzipped her jeans. I slithered them down her hips and off, following her lead and folding them carefully before putting them aside.

We stood face to face again, and I reached behind her head and undid her hair thingy, so her soft straight light-brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders. I slid my hands down to her panties, easing them over and down her slim hips. She altered her leg position a bit and with a giggle let them drop to the floor.

She reached forward and undid my pants, and knelt to ease them, and my knickers, off each leg in turn.

My cock sprung free, pointing pretty much straight out. It was hungry, not quite fully stiff but alive to everything that might happen. She kissed the tip, and slid my foreskin free so that my cockhead was exposed. I felt her warm breath on its head.

With one hand she felt under my balls, which were oscillating restlessly in their sack.

My prick tip was kissed again, then licked, then disappeared into Mardin Escort Bayan her mouth, my glans fully engulfed. I closed my eyes and focused on her soft wet tongue and lips as they worked magic on my cock. When I looked down again, she was looking up at my face, her eyes shining with pleasure.

She led me by hand to the bed, and we pulled the covers down and laid side by side, eyes locked on each other. I was the first to move, I wanted to explore her body.

I began with a kiss to her mouth, while I urged her over onto her back, and I made my journey down her body. I nibbled her ears, smelled her hair, kissed her shoulders, licked her armpits, mostly touched with fingers, tongue or lips, every square inch of her body that I could reach.

Of course, I ended up at her notch. A quick look up at her face beforehand was all the evidence I needed to proceed.

I urged her legs a bit further apart, and started my re-acquaintance with her groin, begun, what – was it really just the the night before? She had lovely thin lips, just the barest fur, it really didn’t need any trimming it was so light and silky and sparse.

I licked up and down each side, feeling my hard cock pressing into the bed mattress with sympathetic arousal, and explored, poking my tongue up her channel, teasing her little clitoris now grown pink and at attention.

Her cunt-lips got slippery wet, the whole smell intoxicating. I went for awhile until she eased me off and up next to her, with a sultry, come-hither smile which I interpreted as a desire to both reciprocate, and to extend things a bit longer.

We kissed side by side, her fingers playing over my prick, and then she worked her way down to my hips and toyed with my cock.

She examined it from stem to stern, kissing, licking, using very gentle touches, and hefted my balls, rolling them in her fingers. Best, as always, was when just my prickhead was in her mouth, her lips pressed lightly against my glans while her tongue worked my cockhead, with her hands holding or fondling my balls. But she did this seldom, preferring other less intensive amusements to build my loin-lust.

So we took turns for quite a while, gently savoring each other’s body, sensing what felt good and doing more of that, then backing off for diversion’s sake.

Her nipples got marvelous hard, like tough little raisins on her smooth chest, and I was struck by how firm her flesh was throughout. Even her ass pushed back when I pressed on it, and I wondered if this was just the result of dancing, or some other physical efforts in her life, or maybe just the way God made her to be.

Our turns on one another were bringing each of us ever closer to the crisis, but we were able to sense the other’s approach, and then shift attention away enough to keep things in the verge-zone.

At one point I was just sitting on her chest, enjoying the feel my cock’s underside had on her sternum, while we looked at each other and she tweaked my nipples. I marked her face, sliding the underside of my prick along her cheeks and nose, into her hair, now spread out delectably on the pillows.

I dropped my balls onto her nose and squashed them around, until she took the hint and suckled them, one by one, her tongue pushing back against their pressure in their tight sack. This felt so sweet my hips were soon quivering.

Finally, we both judged it time, and she had me lie on my back while she straddled my hips. Even then, she did not want to mount me immediately, but instead just slowly, gently slid her cuntlips up and down the outside of my prickshaft. They were wet enough than soon my own prick was glistening.

Sometimes she would stop with the top of her notch right at the bottom of my cockhead, and press her hips into me. Hands near my shoulders, she kept looking at me while she rocked back and forth, until neither of us could stand it any more, and she raised up and slowly lowered herself down on me. She wiggled her rump and was home, her eyes shining.

I didn’t last long. It felt too good, although it would have been even faster if I had been on top. She got a lovely rolling hips motion going on me, sometimes holding herself up, sometimes lying down on my chest while we kissed and with my hands I felt her rumpcheeks squeeze and motion back and forth.

So it was like that with her laid out on top of me, with her tongue in my mouth that I first felt my balls going off. I humped as best I could while underneath, a good strong series of pulsed sperm pushed into her.

Her cunt clipped my prick as I was pulsing, I held her slender hips and felt her ass cheeks squeeze the last bits of semen out of me. She slowed, continuing to kiss me and her fingers played over my head and hair, and her hips moved ever so softly up and down until my cock was completely spent.

We lay together for some time, eyes closed, our hands caressing each other.

Then I eased her up, and urged her cunt up to my face. The bed was an old brass affair, and she found a good place Escort Mardin to hold on to the rails at the head while she hovered her cunt over my face. It was sloppy wet with both our juices, the smell of both cunt and sperm pervasive.

I darted my tongue up to a very swampy channel, and licked and played with her lips while she directed her hips this way and that over my face. Pretty soon I noted that her hand-grip on the bed had tightened, and her hips were crunching into me with a bit more energy. Her asscheeks felt sublime in my hands, I could feel them squeezing when she pushed her cunt into my face.

I played my tongue over her, tapping her clit from time to time, and she began her climax with a great long exhalation.

“Ahhhhhh,” she went, pushing really hard now into me, her hips curling, ass clenching, and her cunt expended itself on my face, her soft inner thighs squeezing my head.

“Uhhh,” she went, slowing, until all was quiet, and I had a lovely soft wet cunt attached to my face.

She raised up and settled next to me.

“You fuck divinely,” she finally said in a low voice, music to my ears. These were the first words spoken since she entered the room. We kissed and caressed for some time.

I got up to pee eventually, and fetched her a beer and a plate of the cheese and crackers. We sat at the top of the bed and talked. Her eyes were shining. She sat cross-legged, and I marveled at her symmetry, how gracefully she held her shoulders, and the small lovely curves in her breasts. We guzzled our beers and talked all over the map.

Of course, sooner or later we got around to talking sex. Danni Raye was sitting there right next to me on the bed, with a half-smile while she spoke about her sexual likes and dislikes, her light brown hair hanging loose and a bit mussed.

I was looking at her breasts, and her fair-skinned shoulders, and how all of her was connected together. My cock had recovered a bit, and while not hard, felt like it would be capable shortly. I thought back to my first sighting of Danni Raye as a dancer, before I even knew who she was, and how her rump moved so nicely when she and her dancing troop were in the parade.

She had gotten up to pee and was about to fetch me another beer, one for her as well. It was sweet just to see her move gracefully about the room without any clothes on. I had her stand in front of me and turn around slowly, a beer bottle in each hand, so I could admire her from every angle. Her ass was so cute, I found myself making a request.

“I don’t suppose you would be up for me taking you in the rear?”

Danni Raye laughed, a long silvery laugh, not unkindly.

“Anal? No, not for me. That is Jo Anne’s thing, never totally understood why, but she loves it, at least sometimes, with some guys. You were lucky. But not for me. Unless you meant fucking from behind, not in my ass, that would be okay.”

I pondered the answer and her smile at me.

“Actually, what I would really like is for you to lick me. And for me to taste you again.” She smiled, that shy look again.

I decided I could live with this.

She sat next to me and we drank our beers and talked some more. Before too long, she had put her bottle down and her fingers were playing lightly over my cock.

She was sitting cross-legged again, she looked so appealing in that position. She was looking me straight in the eye, her fingers provoking marvelous feelings in my cock.

I reached out and began to fondle her closest nipple, which responded by growing erect. She had two hands on my cock, flopping it about, teasing the head, and it was growing, bit by bit. She waved it about, rolled it between her hands, slid the foreskin up and down, coaxed my slowly engorging cockhead free.

She leaned over and took my cockhead into her mouth, which made her breasts hang down and they were even more inviting that way, small firm cones of flesh with nipples pointing down. I fondled both of them while she played her mouth over my cock.

The first erection after a spend, if one gets to a second, is so delicious and different from the previous one, where your penis is just dying to go off and its impatience shortens many an encounter that could have been longer.

I felt my cock growing in Danni Raye’s mouth, and in that state she could do things with it that are more difficult when fully erect. She took me all the way in, for example, not that she couldn’t do that anyway, and had, as my cock is mid-size. But it was fine to have it go all the way in, her nose buried in my groin hair, while her fingers worked my balls and her mouth constricted my cock.

I could feel it stiffening, such a distinct pleasure to have your cock grow hard in someone’s mouth. And it was better even than that since I could watch this delightful dancer’s body move while her mouth worked me over. She raised up at one point and asked me to fetch her hair thingy on the dresser.

“Be a little easier with my hair tied back,” she said, fishing one of her stray head hairs out of her mouth.

I got up, feeling my rod now hard, that heavy bobbing feel to the head as I moved across the room and back. She put her hair back. I loved how her breasts moved when both hands were behind her head, and afterwards I urged her onto her back. It was her turn.

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