Dave and Leroy Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 – Babysitting for Allison and Mikey’s Birthday Party

The day finally came, when Terry and Shane were able to return to their house. All the repairs were done, and they pretty much had a brand new home. Dave and Leroy celebrated by having sex all night in the family room after Dave came in from work.

An hour after their last session that morning, Dave drug himself off the floor to make himself some coffee. Leroy came up and wrapped his arms around Dave. They were both still naked, and they had slept if you will, on a pallet of blankets. Dave felt Leroy thrust his cock between his ass cheeks, hitting his entrance. Dave leaned his head back onto Leroy’s shoulder, “Mmmmm, you aren’t tired yet?”

“I missed doing this to you, and I missed being able to fuck you anywhere in this house. So why not here on the counter, or standing in front of the counter?” Leroy placed the bottle of lube in front of Dave, and Dave laughed.

“Oh my God, are you a horny bastard?” Dave asked as he turned, pushed Leroy back a little and dropped to his knees, and started to suck him. Leroy instantly moaned when Dave took his entire cock in his mouth.

“I love you, Dave, but I want to fuck you again, and again and possibly again.” Leroy pulled on Dave to stand.

“I’m not going to get any sleep before my shift, am I?”

“Can’t you call in sick or tell them you are being fucked, senseless?” Leroy said with an eat shit grin. Then he turned Dave away from him and grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his cock and Dave’s entrance and slowly entered him.

“Fuck me, Leroy, just fuck me and shut up.” Dave laughed and then moaned.

Leroy smiled and started fucking Dave, Leroy reached around and pinched his nipples. Dave fell forward over the counter, and Leroy grabbed for his hips and rode him hard, after a bit he slowed down and reached for Dave’s cock to jerk him off as he was fucking him.

The next thing they heard was someone knocking at the door and Allison calling for Leroy from the living room. “Allison stop, don’t walk any further,” Leroy yelled out to her.

Allison grabbed ahold of her son and stopped Jason from coming in. “Leroy, do we need to step back out of the house.”

“If you don’t want to see Dave and me doing something or walking through to grab clothes, yeah.”

“Okay, we will go back out to the car, come get us when you can see someone.” They heard her pull Mikey back out with her, even though he was screaming he wanted to see his uncles.

Dave and Leroy laughed. “We really need to start locking the door.” Dave shook his head.

“Yeah, since my family just walks in, yeah we do.” Both of them had gone instantly soft when they heard Allison come in. “Go grab a shower. I’ll clean up our mess, and then I’ll grab one.” Dave turned around, Leroy hugged, and kissed him.

Dave didn’t say anything he just headed straight for the shower, Leroy grabbed up the lube and toys they were using in the family room. After taking them to the bedroom, he came out for the blankets and all of their clothes. Leroy did another search to make sure nothing was missed when Leroy spotted a dildo sticking out from under the couch. He was thinking; that could have been wrong to miss with Mikey coming in. Leroy walked back to the bathroom to get in the shower as Dave was getting out.

“I’ll let them in, is everything cleaned up?”

“Yup, but double check for me, because I found a dildo under the couch as I was about to call everything cleaned up.”

Dave just laughed and went to get dressed. He headed to the kitchen, noticed there were some drops of precum streaking down the cupboards, so he wiped it off, and rechecked the family room. When he was satisfied there was nothing to be found, he walked out on the porch and told Allison and Jason to come in.

“I’m sorry, I did try to call before we came, maybe I’ll start calling both of your phones,” Allison said.

“No, it’s okay, we were just celebrating last night, and this morning, sorry.”

“Celebrating?” Allison questioned.

“We have the house to ourselves again.” Dave smiled as Leroy rounded the corner and Mikey plowed right into him, knocking him off balance.

“Wow, kid, you need to slow down a bit.” Leroy picked Mikey up.

“Uncle Leroy Mommy said I could come over here for the day if it is okay with you and then maybe we can watch movies all day and then we could do other things and did you know my birthday is coming up and I want you to come I do not care that you and Grandma do not want to be in the same room I want you there will you buy me a really cool present…”

Leroy had to cover his mouth to stop him from talking. “Whoa there kid, slow down. Let’s take one thing at a time.” Everyone was laughing at Mikey and Leroy.

“Leroy, we stopped by to see if you could watch Mikey today for me, Jason and I need to take Tiff to the specialist. Sorry for the short notice, Jason’s Mom is sick, and I asked Mikey before calling if he wanted Mom or you to watch him, and of course, he casino şirketleri said you. We did try calling.”

Leroy looked over at Dave, and Dave smiled at him. “Yeah, it’s no problem I would love to spend the day with my nephew, you can leave him here the entire day, I got nothing else to do. Maybe if he is good, Uncle Dave will take us to the store before he goes to work, and we can get some junk food.”

Mikey ran over to Dave, “Can we Uncle Dave, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Dave chuckled and nodded his head.

“Thank you, Leroy, just call when you can’t handle him anymore,” Allison responded.

Leroy pulled Allison to the side before Jason, and she walked out the door. “If I have a seizure, will he be okay?”

“I told him about your seizures, he saw you have one before, and he knows to try to get your attention after you stop shaking. I told him if he needs to call me.”

“Okay, I will leave my cell out for him to use and show him how to get to your number.”

“Thanks, Leroy, I love you.” Allison kissed Leroy on his cheek and then left with Jason and Tiffany.

Dave took Leroy and Mikey to the store, and they loaded up on chips, ice cream, and other items. Leroy told Mikey he would order a pizza later for them and they could rent movies on the TV. When Dave left for work, Leroy was running around the house wrestling with Mikey. After a while, they finally settled down, ordered a pepperoni pizza to be delivered, and watched a movie.

Leroy was tired when the pizza finally came, so he sat it in front of Mikey and told him not to eat it all. Leroy told him he was going to lay on the couch for a bit, Mikey told him okay and turned back to the movie they were watching. Leroy laid down on the couch, and he knew he was going to have a seizure, Leroy felt the weird sensations he always gets, but Leroy didn’t have time to warn Mikey before it started.

Mikey heard something drop and looked back at Leroy and saw him shaking, he knew it was a seizure, but he didn’t remember what his Mommy told him to do, and he ran for the phone. He was looking at the numbers and called his Mom, but she didn’t answer. So Mikey scrolled further in the list and saw, Mom, as one of the options to call. He pushed it. He knew it was going to be Grandma.

It rang four times, and then Sue picked up. “Hello, Leroy.”


“Mikey, is that you?”

“Grandma, I’m scared, I can’t get a hold of Mommy, and Uncle Leroy had a seizure, and I don’t remember what to do?”

“Where are you?”

“Uncle Leroy’s.”

“We will be there as soon as we can Mikey. Stay on the phone, and I will get Grandpa to drive me.” Lee was looking at Sue and realized he was going to be taking her somewhere. “Lee, you need to take me to Leroy’s, Mikey is scared, we need to go pick him up.”

“What happened?” `

“Apparently our daughter thought it would be okay to leave her son alone with Leroy and he had a seizure and Mikey is now scared.”

Lee didn’t respond and got up right away and left the house, and Sue didn’t have much time to catch up. She talked to Mikey as they were driving over. When they pulled in the driveway, Lee looked over to her. “Are you going to be nice to our son, or am I leaving you out here?”

“Just bring my grandbaby out here, please,” Sue said as Lee got out of the car and walked in.

Mikey ran to his Grandpa when he walked in and pulled him into the family room, Lee automatically sat down on the couch and called Leroy’s name and touched his face and Leroy started blinking and coming out of the fuzziness of the aftermath of the seizure. Mikey had laid the phone down on the couch while Lee was talking to Leroy.

“I forgot what I was supposed to do, Grandpa, I forgot I was supposed to call his name and touch his face that it would bring him back quicker.”

“It’s okay, Mikey, you were just scared,” Lee responded. “Leroy, are you okay, now?”

Leroy was still coming out of the funk of the seizure, “Yeah, yeah, I think.”

“Do you want us to take Mikey?”

“No, I’m fine, I generally only have one, I knew I overdid it this afternoon with Mikey. He tired me out too much, and I felt it coming on.” Then Leroy looked at his Dad in confusion. “What do you mean, by us?”

“Your Mother’s in the car, Mikey called your Mother from your phone.”

“And she answered?” Leroy was shocked.

“Leroy, I told you, she’s coming around.”

“Coming around, but she won’t walk in here?”

“Do you want me to take Mikey?”

“No, Dad, he’s fine. Unless he wants to go with you.” He sat up and looked at Mikey. “Do you want to go with Grandpa and Grandma or stay with me?”

“I want to stay with you, Uncle Leroy, but are you going to have another seizure?” Mikey asked.

“No, Mikey, I shouldn’t have another seizure. But it’s okay if you want to go with them. Or do you want me to call your Mom, they should be done with Tiff’s appointment by now.”

“Can you call my Mommy?”

“Yeah, Mikey, I can.” Leroy saw his phone on the casino firmaları couch and picked it up. He saw it was still in a call with his Mom, he exhaled and put the phone to his ear. “Mother, I need to hang up so I can call Allison.”

He removed the phone from his ear and was in the process of hitting the end button when he heard his Mother say, “Leroy wait.” but it was too late he hit the button.

Leroy felt a little bad that he hung up on his Mother, but he didn’t feel too bad. His Mother disowned him a little over three years ago now. He isn’t ready to forgive and forget what she had said to him, but he decided she will have to make the first move, not him and he isn’t going to call her back.

Leroy looked for Allison’s number on his phone and called her, she answered. “Hello, Leroy, tired of Mikey already?”

“No, but he is scared now and would like to go home.”

She asked what happened and Leroy informed her what had happened, and she said she was on her way. Lee stayed with Leroy and Mikey, Allison parked behind Lee’s car but didn’t realize at the time Sue was sitting in the car. She rushed in and found Mikey laughing and Leroy and him playing. “Hey, Dad.”

“Did you talk to your Mother out there?”

“No, is she in the car?”

“Yeah, I figure she would have gotten tired of sitting out there by now but guess not.” Lee chuckled.

Mikey saw his Mom and ran over to her. “Mom, can I stay here longer, please. I’m not scared anymore.”

“We can stay for a little longer, but since I’m here when I leave, you will be coming home with me, so you can let Uncle Leroy rest a bit.”

At the same time, Mikey and Leroy said, “Ohhhhhhh.”

“You are just a big kid, aren’t you Leroy,” Allison said, shaking her head and laughing. “I’m going to go out and talk to Mom for a minute.”

“I will come with you, Son have a good night, and I will talk to you later, are we still up for the Saturday game?”

“Hell, yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Lee and Allison walked out to talk with her Mother for a minute and move her car. “Mom, why didn’t you come in?”

“He doesn’t want me here; he hung up on me.”

“When did he hang up on you and he does still love you. I don’t know if he’s ready to forgive you, but he does love you, Mom.”

“Sue, he told you he had to hang up so he could call Allison.”

“I started to say something when he ended the call.”

“Well, you could’ve come in, Sue.”

“I’m not ready to face him yet.”

“Mom, you’ve been saying that for over six months now. You’re just going to have to do it and get it over with. If you want Leroy back in your life, but if you don’t, Mom, then please don’t, mess with him. It took a long time before he came out of his depression when you first disowned him.”

“I know you have told me. I just can’t yet. I’m not ready.”

“Okay, Mom, I’m going back inside. I love you, and please work on it. I would love our family all back together.”

“I’m trying, Allison, I’m trying to come to terms with Leroy loving a man, but it’s hard.”

“Mom, it’s not hard to come to terms with it. Dave and Leroy love one another, and they have since they were kids. Anyways Mom, I’m going inside, see you later.”

Allison went back into the house after she moved her car. She sat and talked with Leroy when he and Mikey weren’t roughhousing, and then she decided it was time to go. Of course, Mikey didn’t want to leave, but after a while, she told him they would come back in a few days, so Mikey left quietly.

Once Allison and Mikey left, Leroy went straight to his room and laid down on the bed. Leroy was tired, and he sincerely hoped he didn’t tire himself into another seizure. One of the ways the doctor told him he could induce a seizure was over tiring himself, which Leroy knows playing with Mikey caused the earlier one.

Leroy fell asleep, and before he knew it, Dave was waking him up, and it was twenty after midnight. Leroy just pulled Dave into the bed so they could go to sleep. Dave was more than willing to go to bed, considering Dave didn’t get much sleep because of their celebratory sex session.


Allison called Leroy and asked if he and Dave would like to come over for a little dinner party and possibly watch a movie, talk or whatever afterward. She had another couple, along with Aaron and Bridget. The kids were going to Sue and Lee’s for the night, so everyone was going to have a night free of kids. It was a perfect night because Dave had it off.

When Dave and Leroy showed up at Allison, they found out Aarons kids were sick, so they weren’t going to make it. So it just left the six of them: Allison and Jason, Dave and Leroy and Allison’s friends, Carrie and Mike.

After dinner, they all just decided to watch a movie. Dave and Leroy chose to sit on the floor in front of one of the chairs so they could cuddle a bit. Allison and Jason were on the couch, and their friends were on the loveseat.

During the movie, Carrie was watching Dave and Leroy güvenilir casino more than the movie. Leroy changed positions a bit; he went from leaning up against Dave to laying his head in Dave’s lap. When Leroy would notice Carrie watching them, he would sit up for a bit but would forget and want to get comfortable again and go back to either leaning or laying on Dave’s lap, and Dave would caress Leroy’s head or rub his back. Carrie and Mike could tell they loved one another but were shocked because they didn’t know Leroy was gay.

When the movie ended, they all sat around for a bit talking then Dave and Leroy said their goodbyes, but before they could leave Allison reminded them about Mikey’s birthday party that coming weekend and they both told her they wouldn’t miss it for the world. Carrie and Mike stayed behind to talk.

“I didn’t know Leroy was gay, and I take it, Dave’s his boyfriend,” Carrie spoke up.

“Yeah, Leroy is, and Dave’s his partner. They have been together forever,” Allison responded.

Carrie giggled, “So Leroy is the bottom in the relationship?”

“I don’t think it’s any of your business,” Allison stated.

“Sorry, it just seemed like he is.” Carrie giggled again, “the woman in the relationship, because he was leaning against Dave and Dave was holding him, not the other way around.”

“That’s not right, Carrie! Just because Dave was holding him doesn’t mean he’s automatically the bottom. Hasn’t Mike ever laid across your lap or anything? If you wanted to ask questions you could’ve asked Dave and Leroy while they were here, they usually have no problem answering.”

“I’m sorry if I’m rude, it’s just they’re the first gay couple that I have met. I can’t believe Leroy is gay. When we were younger, I had the biggest crush on him. But it seems wrong though; I’m not sure about the fact of two guys or girls loving one another.”

“Well, you are rude, or I should say naïve, Carrie. We are already dealing with my Mother feeling the same way about two guys or girls and has disowned Leroy. But, Carrie, if you had any questions, you should’ve asked them while they were here, they would’ve answered them.”

“Well, next time, I just may. Again I’m sorry.” Carrie stated.

Mike didn’t say anything because he grew up with Dave and Leroy; he always had his suspicions about Leroy; he didn’t know about Dave. He always thought Leroy looked at Dave too much when they were growing up.


Dave and Leroy pulled up outside Allison’s house. They had to park in the street along with a lot of Leroy’s siblings. They had run late, and everyone, including Jason’s family, was already there. “You doing alright, Leroy?”

“Yeah, just still worried how Mom is going to react. Everyone keeps telling me, she is coming around, but we will see.”

They got out of the car and headed up to the house when they walked onto the porch, the door opened, and Allison was standing there smiling. “It’s about time you two got here. Mikey was about to ask me to call you again. Why don’t you ever answer your phone?”

Before Leroy could answer her, Mikey ran up, screaming, “Uncle Leroy.” He grabbed Leroy’s hand and pulled him into the house. Leroy laughed as he was dragged through the house by a seven-year-old. He was dragged right past everyone in the living room, including his Mother. “Uncle Leroy, will you sit here with me to help me open my presents, please.”

Leroy smiled, he loved his nephew, but he was full of energy. “Yeah, Mikey, I will.” He looked over at everyone they were all smiling, and then he looked at his Mother her mouth was in a hard thin line, he didn’t look at Sue for too long before turning back to Mikey.

Sadie left Leroy Mother’s side when Leroy turned back to Mikey and came up to sit with them too. “Today is my birthday, Sadie. I get Uncle Leroy. You can have him on your birthday.” Mikey was trying to be possessive of Leroy.

Before Allison could say anything, Leroy spoke to Mikey, “Mikey, Sadie can sit here too, and any of your other cousins, I’m not going anywhere.”

“But I wanted you to help me.”

“And I will just be nice to your cousins.” As Tyler, Sadie’s brother walked over and sat with them too. Dave sat down on the couch next to Allison after sitting the present they brought next to Mikey, it was the biggest box there.

“Mommy, can I open presents now?” Allison nodded. “Can I open your first Uncle Leroy?”

“Of course you can, but it’s also from Uncle Dave.”

Mikey ripped off the wrapping paper, and it went flying, Leroy had to smile at the little boy’s enthusiasm. He opened the big box only to find there were smaller wrapped boxes inside. “All of these are for me?” Leroy nodded.

Allison got curious and stood up to look in the box and was amazed to see there were quite a few presents. “Dave, why so many?” She whispered when she sat back down.

“I think Leroy felt bad for having the seizure and scaring Mikey, I told him we had enough gifts after the fifth one, but he kept finding and buying more. I also think he is bored out of his mind, and he is already thinking about repainting the spare bedroom, even though he painted it just five months ago.”

“He was the type that never could stay still. How controlled are his seizures?”

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