Daughter Joins In: The Video Replay

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After my session with Tris and Amanda, I felt awful. Although Suz and I had partied with multiple partners, some we knew and some we did not know about in advance, she always knew about it. At times, I’d watch a ball game with some buddies at a sports bar, but end up fucking some chick I’d found who was also watching the game. She had done much the same thing. But we always talked about it afterward. She knew that I was involved with other women and she was involved with other men and women. We knew it and it was okay.

But this was her daughter. There was no doubt this was a woman, my aching cock told me so after the fact, but it was not the same. I pondered how I should tell her. I was scared to tell her, for fear that we would ruin what we’d established. I didn’t get the chance.

One day I came home and she was sitting in the living room with a scowl on her face. I immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You know exactly what’s fucking wrong!” she screamed.

Oh shit. She knew. But how could she? Instinct took over. I lied.

“I really don’t know what you are talking about,” I tried to play cool.

“Well, maybe this video will jog your memory you little asshole,” she stormed, shaking a video case in the air. “Why don’t we watch a little?”

I was dumbfounded. She flipped on the remote, and there was the three of us. The girls had just walked out to the pool deck and were begging me to rub in the suntan oil. I figured they got the whole scene.

That little bitch, I thought. Tris must have set me up. Now she’s gonna try to blackmail me for something by using her mom as leverage. Just another prick teaser using her ass to get what she wants. I can’t imagine what she’d want from me. I’d made her mom happy, and here she was trying to squeeze me for something that I can’t give.

The camera moved and followed some action. It even zoomed in on certain parts, especially as the action got a bit hotter. Wait a minute, I thought, she had someone helping her do this! Who had snuck into my home while I was by the pool!?! I was outraged.

But I had forgotten my position. I was the one who committed the act here. And my lover was fuming at me.

I tried an apology. “Suz, I’m so sorry. I knew it was wrong. Did you watch the entire video? I tried to resist. I tried to put up a fight to stop them. I should have left the pool deck when I had a chance. After all that Tris had done, I didn’t want her to think she could just shake her ass and control me like that,” was my weak sounding explanation. It was pretty pathetic. I felt like Bill Clinton when Hillary confronted him about Monica Lewinsky. No worse, if such is possible, I felt like a 17 year old who had brought back my date late and I was standing there telling her mom that we’d “run out of gas.” Only my date’s mother is my lover. It was horribly lame, no matter which one it was.

Suz started to throw the remote at me. “That’s the sorriest ass excuse I’ve ever heard, you bastard,” she growled.

“I know it is. But watch me. Watch how many times I tried to stop them,” I pleaded. This seemed to carry some weight, because at that moment on the screen, Tris had turned her golden tanned ass and walked away from me. When she did this, Suz seemed to soften her scowl just a bit.

“Just what was Tris doing this for anyway? Do you think she wants something from me? Hell, I’d help her with anything I have, just like I’d help you. What the fuck is she trying to do to me?” I tried to sound as angry as I could, even as I watched Tris squeeze her tits together on the screen. It was turning me on once again. Oh great, I thought, now is no time for my cock to jump to life. If that prick sticks out, it would make it much easier for Suz to pull the ole Lorenna Bobbit. I looked around to see if she had any knives in the vicinity.

“I don’t know. Let’s just ask her, why don’t we!” Suz demanded.

“She’s here?!” I said. “No, let’s don’t bring her in on this. Let’s you and I work this out first between us before we get her involved. I am responsible for my own actions and I don’t want to drag her into the discussion, at least not yet,” and I was generally concerned that I take my blame for my choices. I wasn’t trying to be noble, especially as the two girls on the screen were posing to incite my cock.

Suz anger again abated for the briefest of seconds. I thought my apologetic manner was having an effect. She saw me noticing and she slammed the remote to floor, breaking it into pieces.

“Hell no. The two of you are involved, so the two of you work this out,” she demanded. “I haven’t even thought about what Amanda’s mom will say if she sees this tape.”

Oh god, I had not either. If there was one tape, there could easily be two. I didn’t get to think about that for too long.

Suz’s angry voice bellowed, “Tris, get your slutty ass in here!”

“What the hell are you talking to me like that, Mom. I hate it when— ” she froze in her tracks when she saw the video. Her face drained to white. “Where did you get that? You weren’t supposed to see that.” We stared Ankara escort at the screen, a shot that showed her chewing on my cock while her friend stripped off her suit.

“Never mind where I got it, just what the hell do you think you were doing! That cock right there,” Suz gestured to the screen, “and there,” she gestured to my pants, “belongs to me. I let him share it with others and that’s my decision. It’s not yours to tease and play with like you did.”

At the mention of my cock, and as we all watched my revel in the pleasure the two girls were giving me, I could not keep my own cock properly, penitently placed in my shorts. I moved to the tv to turn it off.

“I’m just going to turn this off, since we know what happens next,” I tried to sheepishly state.

“Fuck no, you stay right where you are. I want the two of you to see this. I want you to see what you’ve done to me,” Suz commanded. I didn’t dare move a muscle. Well, at least not voluntarily. My involuntary muscle continued to swell inside my shorts as I watched Amanda lower her hot young pussy onto my tongue. The dialogue was just audible enough to make me most uncomfortable.

Tris must have enjoyed it too. She was wearing a white skirt and a sports bra. Her nipples were beginning to point at the screen like she’d just stepped into a pool of very cold water. Her darkly tanned tits were no match for the thin fabric designed for use under her clothes, so here she was again, teasing me into trouble. What the hell was I doing, I thought. I’m about to lose a great relationship because I banged my lover’s daughter, and I’m staring at her tits. What was wrong with me!

“I’ll tell you both what,” Suz’s words rattled me back to the unfolding reality. “I think this is all your fault Tris. I know it is. You’ve been teasing that prick ever since you walked in this door. I don’t know why you have to ruin something good for me. I’m sorry things did not work out with your dad and I, but that’s no excuse for stealing the best cock I’ve ever right under my nose!” Suz started to whimper, but her tears seemed just a little contrived. There was a second that I thought she wasn’t really crying. Damn, I thought, what kind of bastard are you? Here you’ve banged your lover’s daughter and you are questioning her tears? Snap out of it!

Tris went over and bent down to console her mom. As she bent over, I noticed that the skirt was all she had on beneath her waist. She didn’t squat down, but bent over like she was trying to touch her toes, with her elbows. Once again, she gave me a perfectly great view of her tight ass.

“There, there, Mom, don’t cry,” Tris comforted. Her response sounded a bit canned.

“Get away from me you bitch,” Suz exploded and she pushed Tris back and she fell, legs spread wide, onto the couch. She could then see what I’d seen: a perfect view of that twat on the couch that I was, on the screen, licking up like crazy. “Look at you! Even now you are trying to tease that poor man over there. Haven’t you done enough?! I know, this is all your fault and you’re gonna pay!”

At these words, Tris quickly put her knees together and started pleading. “Oh no, Mom, don’t make me. Please don’t do that. You did it when I was young and you promised you’d never do it again,” she genuinely begged.

“No god damnit. Get on your knees you little slut. You’re gonna learn a lesson,” Suz ordered.

Tris complied, and got on all fours, but her compliance seemed designed to lessen what was about to come. I was shocked to watch this play out. What was Suz going to do? Tris was terribly frightened. I thought I should intervene. But since I’m not her parent, it didn’t feel right. And Suz was definitely not mad at me anymore, so I thought it might be best if I let Tris take the blame. That is pretty lame of me. But, I’d tried to resist the little vixen.

Suz flipped the skirt up to reveal her perfectly rounded ass. That same ass was gyrating on my face on the screen. Damn you little prick. Stay put. Quit trying to get me in more trouble I thought as Suz went to the kitchen for a spatula.

I was so shocked by all that was happening, that I just stared at Tris ass.

“Please get her to stop Sean. I promise there’s more where that came from if you do,” she gestured to the screen where Amanda was riding my rod. “I’m sure my pussy’s tighter than my mom and I’ll get you so hard. I know how to work your dick now and I promise I’ll work it and work it and work it. Your cock will be in pussy heaven. I’ve got so many other friends that will want to slide their aching tongues all over your shaft. Amanda has already told one or two of her friends about how mind-blowing the cunt licking you gave her. Believe me, get my mom to stop and your cock will stay soft all summer from the work out you’ll get from this pussy” she pleaded, and she shook her ass a few times, then tried to spread it open a bit in the air. I thought it looked a little bit wet. I guess some of the tv had gotten to her too. “And my tongue is just waiting to suck your stiff rod. Yeah, I see how hard it’s Ankara escort bayan getting. Imagine what it would feel like to have two or even three of my other friends all working your cock at the same time. Just get mom to stop—” she cut short her sentence as she heard her mom returning.

What was with this girl? Just being on all fours, watching her sweet ass and seeing myself as the star of a three-way fuck was getting me hard. She was about to get punished terribly and here she was trying to talk me into more.

As Suz returned, I stepped into path to intervene.

“Suz, I don’t think we need to do this to her,” I tried to say.

“Oh, I’ll just bet you don’t. Maybe you’d like me to ask you what you want to do, seeing her hot little cunt stuck up in the air like that?” Looking over at Tris’ ass showed that she had cocked it into the air, and spread her legs apart like she was ready for me to fuck her hard, not get an ass-whipping with a metal spatula. I thought that was rather strange, but I just figured that she was using it to get me on her side. Or in her side. “Just what would you recommend as punishment? Would you like me to get down and kiss her ass for being such a good fuck? And for bringing a friend for you to enjoy as well? Maybe I should to do her what you are doing to Amanda right there” said Suz as she gestured toward the tv where Amanda was now back on my face and enjoying the ass fucking my tongue was providing.

Why did they have to keep getting my attention back to that damn tv? It was bothering me in so many ways. Not the least of which was my now swollen rod that was pointing right at Suz.

It was a weak protest on my part. I didn’t really have a leg to stand on.

“Hey mom,” Tris chimed in, “Look here.” Great, look at her shake her bare ass for me. This is just what I need. “Sean did this to me. I think Sean should give me the punishment. He’s the one who shoved his tongue up my ass, licked my clit to nearly shattering orgasm, and it was his dick that filled my cunt like it’s never been filled before.”

Okay, now I get a play by play announcer to make this worse. I thought I noticed a smirk on that little bitch’s face when she said all this.

“I think you’re right Tris,” Suz agreed. She handled the metal spatula to me. “But you know the rules. He cannot stop until there is an imprint of this metal on your ass, just like when you were a kid. That’s how bad you’ve been,” Suz also smirked a bit at this statement.

“Oh god yes, Sean, imprint my ass. You kissed it, you tongue fucked it, now imprint it with that spatula. I’ve been such a little slut, so now I deserve the spanking that daddy’s got to give my ass. Give it to my ass Sean,” she purred.

I could see where all this would lead. Fucking an 18 year old then putting whelts on her ass. I could see the charges of child abuse right then. “Oh no, don’t get me involved with this. It’s not my place to punish her,” I weakly tried to protest.

“Okay, fine, you little wimp,” Suz demanded. “I’ll give that ass a licking like it’s never had! You think you know how to lick ass. I’ll show you what ass-licking is all about. At my house, here’s how we lick ass. You’d better get those sweet cheeks ready Tris, cause you are about to get a licking from your momma like you’ve never had before.” Even as she made this painful statement, she smirked just a bit again and my cock jumped up just a bit more. Suz looked down at my rod, then looked up at me and smiled. Then she winked.

What the hell was that all about? I didn’t dare ask.

Suz positioned herself near her daughter’s backside. She sat a bit too closely, I thought, if she was going to swat her daughter’s behind with the spatula. Tris even looked back at her mom, then looked at the tv, then nodded. It was as if something had snapped.

“Lick his balls. Lick his balls. Come here, come here, over to the window. Lick. His. Balls. It will drive him crazy. He never keeps his jism when I start rolling those nuts in my mouth. He’ll spew for sure.”

“Okay mom, I’ll do it.”

Where the hell was that coming from? I could see that Tris had approached whoever was filming my little event on the pool deck, but whose voice was that?

“Yeah, that’s it, that’s what he likes,” was the narration over Tris as she took first one nut, then the other into her mouth. It was sending shivers up my spine and down through my swollen rod just watching her when I realized that the voice on the camera was Suz.

What the fuck!!!

At this point, both Tris and Suz were staring at me, smiling.

My mouth was wide open, and I was stunned. I could not say a word.

“Oh, please mom, don’t lick me like that!” Tris oozed out in her most seductive voice. “Lick me like you used to. Make it feel so good.”

“You have been a terribly bad girl. Just like momma taught you. You used your ass to get my man and now your ass is gonna pay. You deserve this licking and there’s no one like me who wants to give it you,” Suz replied, in the voice that I’d learned to love so well.

Both Escort Ankara my heads were spinning: the one attached to my shoulders at what was happening. Suz knew about the whole event and had even filmed her daughter’s behavior. And the head of my dick was spinning as I watched my lover bury her face in her daughter’s ass.

“Oh yes, Mommy, lick me like the bad girl that I am. Lick it harder, harder,” Tris was using her best tease voice. It was working on me once again, and Tris noticed.

“Hey, prick boy!” Tris shouted. “Get that hot rod over here and drop your drawers. I can see that you’ve got a cock that needs licking too. You’ve been a bad boy and I’m just the one to give it the licking it deserves!”

SMACK was the next sound I heard that awakened me from the dumbfounded state I was in. Suz had put a big red mark on the back of Tris’ leg with her hand.

“Hey, don’t you dare think you are the only one that’s gonna lick his prick, you little bitch. Besides, you didn’t say ‘Mother may I?’ first. You must always ask first,” Suz playfully intoned. “Say it you little slut. Say, ‘Mother, may I lick your lover’s cock, make his prick rock hard, then lap up all the cum that explodes from his dick.’ And you’d better ask nicely, or the licking you get back here will be even harder than it already is!”

“You’re right Mommy. I forgot. Mother, may I swallow your lover’s cock, but I promise I won’t lick it until it comes. I promise to only get it hard enough so that he can fuck us both, then you can swallow all the juice that comes out. Mother, may I please, please, please suck his rod? May I pretty please with my cherry on top?” she squealed out in her most powerful voice.

“Okay you little slut. But don’t you take all the cream. I want a few minutes of his precious rod in my cunt and in my mouth before you milk it dry,” she stated, between licking the folds of her daughter’s cunt.

My mind was still reeling. But my cock was pointing out the correct direction. I dropped my painful restraints and my rod bobbed along as I walked to my licker. She watched every bounce it made, licking her lips like my prick was a steak dinner and she’d was a ravenous dog. She was down on all fours and getting it doggie style from her mom’s tongue.

I started to kneel, but Tris pushed me onto my back. “I can get to everything better this way,” she cooed and licked her lips one last time before assaulting my engorged head. I noticed when lying down that I could see the tv better as well. I was watching this hot little cunt lick my rod on tv, while her friend was fucking my tongue with her ass, and this same mouth was licking my cock in person. It was somewhat like looking in the mirror at the fun house. But I don’t ever remember getting this sensation while trying to figure out how to get out of the ride. On this ride, my sperm wanted to get out, but this girl was good with her tongue. My sperm would be teased out slowly, after she’d chewed to her mouth’s content. I was beginning to think this was an endless need for this girl, when she started telling me how she and Suz had come up with their plan.

“Mom told me about what an intense cunt licker you are. She told me even before she moved in here. We decided then that I needed to experience your skill,” she slurped, as she tickled the base of my rod with her wet lips. She kissed the underside of my shaft carefully, as if she had no intention of moving onto any other part of my prick. She’d kiss a spot, then lick it, leaving a saliva trail on the skin of my cock. Then she’d start again. I wasn’t sure what she wanted more: my cum or her own saliva. But I wasn’t complaining.

“When I moved in, it was so much fun to tease you. You tried so damn hard to resist. And it was so funny to see how hard you were getting,” she laughed as she slid her tongue around my balls. “Mom and I got such a laugh out of watching you walk around with a boner in your shorts. Of course, it was more torturous for me to hold back from just jumping on your prick so many times. But now it’s quite worth it.”

Meanwhile, she kept moaning for the tongue fuck she was getting from her mom. She begged her mom to slide her tongue into her ass, but Suz refused. “What are you afraid of mom? Sean fucked me deep there with his tongue. He was one good ass fucker. I can’t wait to feel his cock there. You are even better than Mom told me. I thought she was just exaggerating. I didn’t believe her because the little pricks that I’ve sucked won’t hardly consider putting their tongue in my cunt. When they do—Oh god mom, slide it in deeper. Harder!” she moaned.

“It was all I could do to resist when I watched Mom play with your dick. I stood there about ten minutes, just watching her fingers slide up one side of your cock, then down to the other. That little bitch back there that is tonguing my ass made it even worse. She made you close your eyes so that you could not see the gestures she was making toward me. You thought she was teasing your prick. She was actually teasing me. I wanted so badly to swallow your rod that night. But Mom wanted to wait and get it all on film, first. The boy I went out with that night, he got the best fucking of his life, and it was all because I was hornier than I’ve ever been in my life after watching my mom play with your prick,” she stated.

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