Dark Secrets

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Dark SecretsChapter One – NaomiEveryone has dark secrets right? Take Naomi for instance. She’s a bright girl, young, attractive. She’s married to a hardworking man, Buddy. They live in a nice house, on a large ranch, right along the Trinity river in Texas. There’s a horse barn and some cattle. Naomi loves to ride all over their property. Probably the only thing that she doesn’t have is the company of her husband. You see he works in the oilfield and is rarely home. When he does finally make it there, he’s dirty and exhausted. Bubby works as a spinning chain and makes a lot of money. He’s been working the fields since he was 16 years old. He’s made it through the lean years and is known for his skill at laying the pipe and for getting everything from his men. This has kept him working and in demand and has made them a whole lot of money. But you know what they say, it can’t buy you love. It’s just that, that has led to Naomi’s dark secret.At first, she spent her time alone with her horses and riding the wide acres of their ranch. Sometimes, she would sit and read for hours but it was never enough. On occasion she would ride into town in her brand new pickup truck and go shopping. She’d buy some new clothes or new kitchenware. But it still wasn’t enough. The final straw was the night that Bubba came home. He stripped off all of his oil-stained clothes and jumped into the shower. Naomi heard the water running. It was 3am but she slipped out of her nighty and joined him. He was surprised to see her awake. She stepped into the shower and wrapped her arms around his thick, muscular body. Bubba was around 6’2” tall and his sinewy muscles felt good against her soft supple body. He groaned but it was more from his aches and pains then from arousal. Naomi kept her disappointment to herself. She knew he was tired but she had needs too. Needs that had gone too long without being fulfilled.When they finally got into bed she moved her hand down to his cock. It was full of life. He was the only man she’d ever been with. They met in high school and she lost her virginity to him when she was a senior. He had already graduated several years before. Naomi had always liked older men, she wasn’t know why. Some might say it was because she was looking for a daddy figure since hers was never around. Naomi thought it was because he loved her and was gentle with her that first night. When she first saw his cock it scared her. But he took his time and made her feel special. It hurt because of its size and it was her first time but it didn’t take long for the pleasure to override the pain. Now she had that big cock in her hands and she moved down to put it in her mouth. She knew that he was feeling tired but she was steadfast in her reason to please him. She needed him now. She licked her lips to wet them. Her tongue swirled around the thick bulbous head, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum. It always brought wetness to her own lips down below. She ran her tongue deftly around the crown of his head then plunged it down her throat, letting it hit the back of her throat, to the point of gagging. She loved the feeling of him in her mouth. When they first were dating it was all she would do. She wanted to save herself for marriage like a good girl but he had needs and she was only too willing to give him a blowjob whenever they were together. He seemed satisfied at first, but soon he was asking for more. Her oral skills kept him at bay for a long time. Now, as she licked and sucked his throbbing cock, she only hoped it would make him want her now. Her head bobbed up and down on his massive cock. She throated him again and again, her tongue laving at his balls while his cock was at the tight entrance of her throat. He was at least groaning with pleasure now and this encouraged her. She was further heartened when his calloused hand grabbed her soft ass and started squeezing her supple behind. She moaned around his cock, sending the vibrations down shaft to his balls. She could feel his them tightening up and the pulse in his cock increase. She knew he wanted to cum. She wiggled her ass for him, to maybe entice him to take her. She took both her hands and wrapped them around his shaft, twisting them both in opposite direction, milking him, while her mouth moved up and down the 3 inches that her hands didn’t occupy. She increased her pace, sucking hard when she released, making a “popping” noise. This always got him to come and certainly made her wet. As he neared his climax, Bubba’s hand came down on Naomi’s ass. She loved being spanked, especially when he was fucking her. Now it only encouraged her to suck his balls dry. Her own pussy was weeping with juices from having him in her mouth, from pleasing her man.He was close and so was she. Her breasts wobbled and abraded against the course hair of his stomach. The rigid peaks ached to be manhandled by him. Maybe she would keep him in her mouth after he came and bring life back to it like she used to do when they were dating. She moaned around his cock again. The throbbing shaft pulsed and his groans became louder still. His hand came down again and again on her supple behind. She knew that her ass would be sore but he if fucked her it would all be worth it. She could feel his cock swell. His balls were tight to his groin as he emptied into her waiting mouth. Thick jets of his jism spilled into her, and she was more than willing to accept it. She swallowed and swallowed his seed until he laid still again. His hand was rubbing her ass, his fingers sometimes running over the wet lips of her pussy. She still licked and sucked softly on his cock, moaning around it. His cock was staying hard and she reveled in the thought that he would be able to take her. Maybe he would even take her roughly as she liked it. But when she heard him softly snoring, she knew it was over for her. She slipped back next to him, listening to his gentle breathing as she moved her hand down between her legs. She partly blamed his working hard on her lack of stimulation but she also knew that it was also the erotic novel she had been reading earlier that day. The main character was a lot like Bubba, strong, demanding. She had read about a new submissive that he was training and how he made her do all kinds of things to please him. Naomi wanted to be that submissive and please the Dom in the novel. As her fingers split the wet folds of her pussy, it was that Dom that she thought of, not her husband. Her other hand went to her breast, cupping and squeezing it. Her fingers taking the hard nipple and twisting it, causing a sharp pain, while her other fingers slipping inside her. When they were wet with her juices she spread her labia and flicked her sopping finger over her throbbing clit. It wouldn’t take much for her to cum, but in her mind her Dom wouldn’t give permission. He made her tease herself. It was his hands on her breast tweaking her nipple, pulling it away from her, distending it until it hurt. He wanted more from her. She teased her clit then drove three fingers inside her aching pussy. Naomi could feel her orgasm nearing but she held it off. Her soft moans and quiet begging didn’t lessen his demands. She ached with need but she held her climax for him. When she got close, she stopped and spanked her wet pussy. The pain abated her climax but only a little. She was mewing and her soft whimpers didn’t wake her husband, but something inside her was waking. She needed something more, something that her husband was not providing. She plunged her fingers back inside her pussy. With her thumb rubbing her throbbing clit and her nipples being pulled by her imaginary Dom, she pleaded for her release. When he gave her permission she broke over the precipice and wave after wave of spasms washed over her. Her muscles rippled as her pussy clenched her fingers. Her thumb making circles around her clit. She kept her orgasm going for as long as she could until she was left gasping for breath and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She moved her fingers around inside her, the wet sounds of a good orgasm made another small wave wash through her. But deep down inside she was only partially sated. Still thinking of her imaginary Dom, she obediently brought her fingers, wet from her juices, to her mouth. She licked them clean while imagining that he was watching her, and he was pleased with her.Chapter Two – NaomiIn the morning, Naomi got up early, just like every day, except this time she was still thinking about her imaginary Dom from her novel. So instead of getting dressed she took her shower and for once she removed the tuft of hair around her pussy. She had read in the novel that this is something the Dom demanded from his submissives. When she looked at herself in the mirror it made her look like a little girl, well except that she had big girl breasts. They are what first attracted Bubba to her. He couldn’t keep his hands off them when they were dating. She cupped them now and watched as her nipples became hard. She took them both in between her thumbs and forefingers and gave them both some attention. She could see how her labia was starting to swell. Not being hidden by her pubic hair anymore she was mesmerized by the sight of it. She wished secretly that she had removed it before her shower and let the jets of the showerhead wash over it. She thought hungrily about stepping back in there to do just that, but she had other plans for today.She dried herself off and stepped from the bathroom naked. The cool air on her body only made her more aware of her hairless pussy. Her clit and nipples tingled with the sexiness of it. So she decided not to put on any clothes. She walked out of the bedroom, her husband still sleeping soundly. As she walked through the house she was more aware of her heavy breasts wobbling. They were up to a 38DD bra now. That was big but for her small frame, they were massive. Sometimes they got in the way of things, but she forgot all that when she saw the look in her husband’s eyes. She got more than a few looks from the men in town, even some women. Naomi thought about her imaginary Dom and how he would have her naked all the time, watching them sway with her every move. Walking through the house she felt her wetness, thinking of being his, his submissive, his pet, his slut. A ripple of arousal swept through her. When she got to the kitchen she moved with model efficiency, making a well-practiced breakfast for her husband. But in the back of her mind it was for her Dom. She started with frying some bacon. The hot splatters from the grease only heightened her arousal. Her nipples grew hard from the slightly painful splattersof hot grease. Naomi found herself squeezing her thighs together, getting some friction as she made breakfast. When the bacon was done, she laid them out on a paper towel to dry. Bubba liked his eggs scrambled but today she was making them for her Dom and she knew he would like them fried, causing her to suffer more of the hot grease for him. While she waited for the eggs to cook, she slipped her hand down between her legs and flicked her finger across her clit. It was out from under the protective hood from all of the morning’s stimulation. Her fingers roamed over her naked pussy. It still tingled from her removing the hair. The cool air kept her thinking about it while she put some bread in the toaster. When breakfast was finished, she prepared a tray with the eggs, bacon, and toast. She added a glass of cold orange juice and headed back to the bedroom. Again, her body felt a new sense of awareness. The sway of her breasts, the wet sounds of her swollen lips as she walked back to where her husband slept only heightened her desire. By the time she got to the bed again she was right on the edge of an orgasm. Bubba was laying on his stomach. His breath softly told her he was still asleep. She pulled back the covers and crawled into bed. She leaned over him and let her breast gently rub on his back. He stirred slightly. She straddled him, still keeping her breasts rubbing his back. He moved, turning over with her still on top. She rubbed her swaying breast on his face. She could feel the stirring of his cock against her wet swollen pussy. Naomi grinded against his morning wood. His groans only aroused her more. When his eyes opened she leaned down and gave him a kiss. His arms wrapped around her and pressed their bodies together. He felt warm and inviting, his stiff cock nudging her erect clitty. “Mornin’ Sunshine.” He said in his most sexy voice.This sent chills down her spine and directly to her core. “Morning babe. I brought you breakfast in bed.” She dipped down and kissed him again. This time he was more responsive and his tongue slipped between her lips and he took her mouth with passion. She moaned into his warm mouth. He reached down and placed both of his calloused hands on her ass. He pushed his hips up and ground his stiff cock into her clit. She moved her hips to meet his thrusts but broke it off before she lost control.“Hey, you don’t want to let your breakfast get cold. Eat.” She said as she rolled off him.“I’d rather eat you.”“Yeah? Well you didn’t last night. You left me hanging after you got your pleasure.” She tried to hold back on her disappointment but failed.“I’m sorry Princess but I was exhausted last night. But I will make it up to you today. What would you like to do?” He said with an excited voice.“Just eat the breakfast I made and I’ll think about it.” She said coyly, thinking of having him all to herself today and all the dirty things she wanted him to do to her.She moved the tray from the bedside table and placed it on his lap. Naomi sat back and watched him devour the meal. She secretly wished that he would devour her so eagerly. What had happened to them? She kept herself fit and attractive but he never seemed as eager to fuck her like when they were newly married. Somehow the passion had left their marriage. Maybe it was his work schedule. He would be gone for weeks at a time, then come back home too tired to do anything. Was this how it was going to be for the rest of their lives? She wanted more, she needed more.When he finished his breakfast she grabbed the tray and was going to take it to the kitchen when he grabbed her. She set the tray back on the bedside table. His hands brought her back into his arms. She was back on top of him again and he had his hands on her ass. She kissed him and tried not to think of her Dom again, but he kept creeping back into her mind. She rubbed her breasts on Bubba’s muscular chest. Her nipples abrading on the hair. The coarseness made them peak with arousal. When he lifted one of her breasts to his lips and took the hardened nipple in his warm mouth, a soft gasp escaped her lips. She ground her hips into his hard cock and reveled in the wetness of her juices that slicked his bingöl rus escort cock. She was about to cum when he pushed her upright. He looked down at her naked pussy.“When did you shave you pussy?” His voice gravely with excitement. “This morning.” She said as her face flushed shyly. “Do you like it?”“What made you do that?”“I don’t know. You don’t like it?” She asked him again.“No. I just was surprised that’s all. What’s gotten into to you? You’ve never done it before.”“I don’t know, maybe it was the book I’m reading.”“And what kind of book is that?” He said with his left brow raised but a slight smile on his face.“It’s an erotic novel about a Dominant who is training a new submissive. He likes to have her pussy shaved so that he can always see her arousal. I just thought you might like it. I know, I’m being stupid.” She says as she tries to roll off him.Bubba grabs her and keeps her on top of him. His fingers reach up and tweak her hard nipple. “I don’t think you’re stupid. I kind of like it but you’ve been a bad girl and you know what bad girls get?”Naomi knew what he meant to do and she playfully tried to make her escape. As she tried to pull away Bubba grabbed her and turned her over his lap. Before she could struggle anymore, his hand came down on her upturned ass. Fire went across her behind. She tried to reach back with her hands as he spanked her repeatedly. His other hand grabbed hers and held them in the small of her back. Her face pressed down in the sheets as he whipped her for being a “bad girl.” She knew he wasn’t mad because his cock was pressing against her belly. After raining down fire on her ass, he slipped his thick fingers between her legs. Naomi was lost in the thoughts of her imaginary Dom, as the fingers found her wet lips. She spread her legs to give her Dom more access to her pussy. She was rewarded with two thick fingers entering her pussy. They slipped in with ease. The warmth of her ass only added to her desire. She held off her orgasm, imagining that he hadn’t given her permission. It was a struggle because those fingers were hitting the sweat spot with every thrust. When they pulled out to rub her clit, she bit her lower lip to stave off her need. Her hips involuntarily pushed back. When he took his hand, wet from her juices, and spanked her again, the first of her spasms started. She was just about to go over the edge when the phone rang. Bubba stilled. Naomi was left writhing when he reached for the cell and answered it.“Yeah, this is Bubba.” There was a short pause. Naomi held her breath. “What do you mean he didn’t show? Have you tried to call his phone? Shit! Alright, I’m gonna shower and I’ll be there in 45 minutes.” Bubba hung up the phone and threw it back onto the bedside table. “I’ve got to go back to the well babe. Jack didn’t show this morning and they don’t have anyone to run the rig.” He got up to headed to the bathroom.Naomi was left in her state alone again. She knew down deep inside it wasn’t his fault but it didn’t make her feel any better. This had been the way it had been going on for years now. It seemed like he was the only guy who could keep the wells running smoothly. As he quickly got dressed and was out the door, she was left with that same old empty feeling. But what was different this time as that it didn’t pass. She moped around the house for most of the morning, not knowing what to do with herself. She had fingered herself to the orgasm that Bubba had started but she was far from sated. She needed something, she wasn’t sure what it was but something had to give.Chapter Three – NaomiLater that afternoon, she called Megan, her best and closest friend. They had been in the same class in school and had been the best of friends ever since. When she told Megan what had happened and how she felt, Megan had asked to get dressed in her most sexy dress and meet her at a club called “The Watering Hole.” At first Naomi balked but it didn’t take much for Megan to have her talked into a girl’s night out. She told Naomi that she deserved to have a little fun. Megan has been somewhat of a slut in high school and that behavior had extended on through college. When she would come home from a school break, Megan would regale Naomi with all the crazy things she had done with guys. Secretly Naomi had wanted to be a slut like Megan but because she was with Bubba she had to be the good girl but looked what that had gotten her.When she arrived at the bar, she hesitated at the door. When a bunch of young guys arrived and held the door for her, all the while eyeing her up one side and down the other. She went in and found Megan at the far end of the bar facing the door. She waved her over. As she made her way over, one of the guys who had met her at the door came along side.“Would you let me buy you a drink pretty lady?” He said still overtly looking at her breasts.“I’m meeting a friend but thanks.” Naomi said coyly and continued to head towards Megan. When she got there. Megan was sitting there with her jaw dropped and open.“Hey Nomes, I see that you’re attracting some attention already. Just look at that smoking hot body. You’re rocking that sexy dress girl.” She says as she is ogling her curves like those guys.“Stop it. He was just being polite.”“You stop it. You are gorgeous hunny. I just might have to take you home myself!”Naomi pussy clenched with Megan’s words. They had played around some in high school, working on perfecting their moves. It had been fun and something that Naomi thought about from time to time when she read in some of the books about women having sex together. She had brought herself to climax more than a few times thinking about it, and Megan had been the girl in her fantasies when she fingered herself. She shook her head to get the thought out of her mind, just as Megan leaned over and kissed her affectionately on the cheek. Naomi returned the kiss to Megan’s cheek. They were both smiling at each other when the bartender came over to get their order. Megan got another “Crown and Coke” while Naomi ordered a “Seven and Seven.” She caught the bartender looking down her dress.She had worn a new simple black dress. It was low cut and showed off her ample cleavage. It was also very short and it accentuated her shapely legs. She had always thought that they were too big but Bubba had always complimented her on them. But tonight wasn’t about Bubba, she needed something. She didn’t know what yet, but Naomi was hoping Megan could help her find out. When the bartender brought their drinks and went on about his work, Megan put her hand on Naomi’s leg and leaned in.“He could fill that empty spot of yours. His cock is as thick as that glass you’re drinking from.” She said with an evil smile.Naomi coughed into her glass with hearing Megan’s crude words. “Don’t pick on me Meg, I’m hurting here. I don’t know what to do.” A small tear formed in the corner of her eye. She fought it back.“I’m sorry Nomes. I’m just teasing you. You know that.” Megan pulled her face to hers with her soft hand. Megan’s soft fingers stroking her face sending a warm shiver through her body. God I’ve got to get a hold of myself. “I know you’re teasing me but that’s all I’m getting from Bubba these days and I am aching for something more.”“What’s going on? You’ve never been like this before. You guys are always fucking like bunnies.” She says with a laugh.“Not recently. I haven’t had sex with Bubba in over a month. He’s always working and when he comes home he’s too tired to do anything. Last night he came home and I gave him a great blowjob but he fell asleep before I could get off. And this morning I fixed him breakfast in bed and we were just starting to play around when the phone rang and off he went to work again. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got to stop reading those steamy novels. They get me all warmed up and then I have no one to get me off. “Naomi was fighting back tears again.“Oh sugar. I’m sorry. What kind of stories are you reading?”She hesitated a moment then told Megan about the Dom and his submissive. Naomi wasn’t sure how Megan would take all of this kinky stuff. They’d never talked about anything like this before. She wasn’t sure how Megan would react but Naomi was at a point of no return. She had to get some kind of relief from her misery and Megan was her closest friend. Naomi took a deep breath. She took a long drink from her glass, still thinking about the bartender’s cock being that thick. She knew deep down inside that Megan knew firsthand what his cock was like.“The book I’m reading now is about a Dominant and how he is training a new submissive. I’ve read some stuff like that before but this time, I don’t know, it’s gotten into my head.” She couldn’t make eye contact with Megan and she held her breath for her reply.Megan touched her face again. “Boy have I got a secret to tell you. You know that guy I’ve been seeing for the past few months? Marcus?”“The one you never introduced me to and have been hiding for some reason? Yeah I remember.” Naomi said with some anger in her voice.“Well.” Megan hesitated too. “He’s a Dom at a local club in next town. He’s been training me to be a Domme.” The smile on her face is evident that she has the answer to Naomi’s problem. “I bet that I could talk him into to taking you on as a trainee. What do you think Nomes?”“What? You’ve been to a kinky club? Why am I just finding this out?” Naomi takes a deep breath, clearing her thoughts. “I don’t know if I could do that. I’m married Megan. I don’t want to cheat on Bubba. He’s not meeting my needs but he doesn’t deserve me being unfaithful.”“Come on Nomes, you’re not being unfaithful. He’s my boyfriend. Think of it as an exercise class you’d be taking. Just think about it OK?”“I don’t know. It doesn’t sound right to me.” Naomi shakes her head.“Come on, let’s go play a game of pool while you mull it over in that pretty little head of yours.”They both rise from their barstool, stopping by to get refills on their drinks from the studly bartender, then head over to the tables. There is one in the front that is open and they start to play. After several games, Naomi is studying her next shot, when she looks up and sees that Megan is looking off into the crowd. Naomi follows her friend’s eyes and sees a group of guys checking out her ass as she bends over for the next shot. She wiggles a little more for their enjoyment and looks up to Megan and gives her a knowing wink. When she makes her next shot she moves around on the other side of the table. The shot she is lining up is not the best play but she bends over it and lets the top of her skimpy dress open and gives the guys a good look at her hanging breasts. Her bra can barely contain them as she takes an extra minute lining up the shot. She hears the groans from the admiring crowd. A jolt of electricity moves down her spine and straight to her pussy. Before she knows it, Megan is right behind her and gives her a playful swat. Naomi misses her shot and turns to Megan. “That’s not fair. You made me miss.” She says pouting.“You’re such a tease. Those guys are drooling and rooting for more room in their crotches by all of your teasing. You’re being a slut Nomes. And I intend to punish you for it later!”Naomi’s nipples perk to Megan’s threat, exciting her. Maybe she does need some training. Maybe this is what she needs. She moves over to Megan as she lines up for her shot. Naomi presses her breasts against Megan’s back and reaches around to cup her smallish breasts. Naomi finds that they are unfettered by a bra and she playfully tweaks Megan’s nipple. Megan misses her shot as well and turns sharply.“Oh that’s it Nomes. Pay our tab. I’m taking you home and teaching you a lesson in manners!”A rush of juices floods Naomi’s pussy. Her nipples are as hard as diamonds and threaten to poke their way through her dress. She obediently pays their bar tabs, giving the flirtatious wink the sexy bartender as she heads to meet Megan who’s waiting at the door.Chapter Four – NaomiShe gets into her truck and follows Megan’s car the short distance to where Megan lives. When she gets out of the vehicle she notices Megan is on her cell phone. She waits beside her, listening to Megan’s side of the conversation.“So she’s my best friend from high school. Yeah, she’s gorgeous and she really needs your help. Will you do it for me? Please, I will be your slave on your next weekend off.” Megan jumps up and down with excitement and then hands the phone to Naomi. “He wants to talk with you.” “What? No.” She takes it anyway and holds it to her ear. “H..hello?”“Naomi is it?” Naomi nods silently. “My name is Marcus and I hear that you’re wanting to be trained as a submissive? Is that correct?” His voice is as deep and smooth as the drinks that are making her feel warm and fuzzy now. Her body is tingling with desire from his rich baritone voice just dripping with sexiness.“Yes Sir.” Oh God, I’m already submitting to him. She thinks as her face flushes with embarrassment.“Well, we will have to meet face to face before we make this an official arrangement but for the next 24 hours, I want you to follow everything that Megan tells you to do. If you can do that, then tomorrow night I want you to come to the club and we will negotiate an agreement. Does that sound like something you can do?”Naomi nods silently with the phone to her ear. “I need your words Naomi. I can tell that you’re nodding but I want to hear your words.”blood rushes again to her face. “Y…yes Sir. I will see you tomorrow.” She hesitates at first then says. “Thank you Sir.”“That’s music to my ears Princess. I look forward to meeting you. Goodnight”“Goodnight….” But the line has already gone dead.Megan was waiting with breathless anticipation. “What did he say?”“He told me to do whatever you say for the next 24 hours, and that he wanted us to meet him tomorrow at the club to negotiate an agreement.”They were still standing outside near the car when Megan spoke in an authoritative voice. “Strip!”“What? Right here?” Naomi asked while she looked around. It was a quiet neighborhood but still people could be outside in the dark somewhere.“Now!” Megan said sternly. “You don’t want to get any more punishment added to what you own me already. Now strip!”Naomi reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. Megan held out her hand and took the garment from her. When she stood there waiting for the rest, Naomi reached behind and unsnapped her bra and handed it to Megan. She rubbed the lines that cut into her skin from the bra. Megan was still waiting for the rest. Naomi hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down and stepped out of them. She handed them shyly over to her friend. Megan pulled them to her face and inhaled deeply.“I can smell your wet cunt from here. I just wanted to make sure just bingöl rus escort bayan how much. These things are soaking wet Nomes. You’ve already wet your panties just from hearing Marcus’s voice. Just wait ‘till you see him, but you won’t be wearing panties then. Your juices will just have to be running down your thighs. Now follow me slut. We have a long night ahead of us.”Naomi followed obediently, her hips swaying as much as her naked breasts, as they walked to the front door. When they entered the foyer, Megan turned.“Kneel and crawl behind me. Sluts crawl, submissives have to earn walking.”Naomi knelt as she was told and slowly crawled behind her friend. Megan led her into the great room of the house. She had her kneel upright and showed her the presentation position. Megan showed her to place her arms behind her head, thrusting her breasts out, so that they were on display. Her knees were spread wide, almost uncomfortably so. This had her pussy exposed. With her legs so wide, Naomi felt the swollen lips of her labia open. Her newly shaven pussy throbbed with need. She wanted to reach down and touch herself but she knew that this was forbidden from her reading. Megan started a fire in the fireplace as Naomi held her position. In the short time it took to get the fire going her body was already trembling from the newfound position of her submission. She tried to adjust her body to relieve the tension but nothing seemed to help.When Megan finished, she left her displayed and disappeared into the bedroom. When she reappeared she was wearing a black leather corset that cinched in her waist and held up her smallish breasts. She was not wearing any panties and Naomi noticed that Megan’s pussy was shaved smooth as well. Megan’s pussy was red and swollen, her nipples laid pert and reddened as they were perched on the upslope of her breasts. Naomi licked her lips at the sight that was before her. She’d seen Megan naked many times before, but something was different this time. This time there was an overt lust in her gaze. Naomi wanted to kiss every inch of her friend’s body. Megan had always been the one to push their previous play time but now Naomi was the one who wanted to play, to feel Megan’s soft body against hers, to taste her friend’s pussy, to have her taste her own juices too. “Get that look off your face. You are going to have to earn what you’re thinking about in that kinky head of yours. Now arch your back. I’m going to inspect your body. A good Dom will look over your body to make sure you don’t have any previous marks or wounds that need to be addressed.” Megan moved behind her and pulled Naomi’s long brown hair off her back and laid it over her shoulders and out of the way. Her fingers softly moved up and down her back. When she was done, she pushed her friend over and positioned her with her head down on the soft rug. She spread her legs and pressed down on the small of her back. This position had her ass up and her pussy spread wide. Megan’s soft hands rubbed Naomi’s ass. A soft moan escaped her lips. When Megan fingers teased her open pussy, it sent a jolt of arousal through her.“I see that my slut is soaking wet like a whore. Tell how much you love this.” Naomi couldn’t speak. She was luxuriating on the soft touch of her friend. When her hand came down on her upturned ass with a hard…..SMACK! “I asked you a questions slut. Answer me.” Megan’s voice commanding.“Ouch. Yes Megs, I am excited and aroused OK?”SMACK!“It’s Mistress.” Her fingers pushed into Naomi’s pussy. They slipped in easily with the wetness that was the evidence of her aroused state. “Yes Mistress.” Naomi was pushing back against the invading fingers of her friend…her Mistress.SMACK!“Stop fucking my fingers. I’m just testing your readiness.” “Ouch. Yes, Mistress.”With that Megan removed her fingers and instructed Naomi to return to the display position. She whimpered but was quickly back in place. Megan came around in front. Naomi looked up into her face. When their eyes met, Megan told her to keep her eyes averted. Naomi looked down as her Mistress presented her fingers, still wet from her own juices. Instinctively, her lips parted and accepted the offering. Naomi thought back to last night when she had cleaned her juices off her own fingers for her imaginary Dom. A fresh flood of juices dripped from her lower lips. It seemed as though they were starting to leak down her thighs. Her attention was regained when Megan hefted up one of her breasts. She groaned with pleasure as her Mistress squeezed and toyed with them. When she took both of her hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, her head flew back and she arched her back, thrusting her breasts towards her Mistress. Megan took that as a sign that Naomi wanted more and she pulled them even more. A whimper of arousal escaped Naomi’s lips. When she had pulled them as far away from Naomi’s body as possible, Megan let them go and Naomi’s breasts swayed slowly to a stop.Megan’s hands slowly went down Naomi’s tummy. Ripples of need rushed over her as she slipped over her hip bone and towards her pussy. When her hand reached her shaven mound, Megan stopped. “Since when did you start shaving down there?”“Since this morning.”SMACK! Megan slapped Naomi’s breasts and sent them swaying again. “Since this morning who?”“Since this morning Mistress.”“You’d better learn your manners before you meet Marcus. He will have you over his knee and tan your hid raw slut.”A pulse of desire ran through her. Was she really going to submit to a Dom? The flood of her juices seemed to answer her unspoken question. Megan’s hand returned to her shaven mound and further down between her thighs. Megan’s fingers worked into her friend’s pussy again and pulled the wetness up and onto her erect clit. Naomi’s body shuddered with this intimate play. Megan’s fingers worked her nub over until she was gasping for breath and racked with need. Just when Naomi was about to beg for permission to cum, Megan stopped again. “Follow me slut.”Naomi started to rise but cut herself short and crawled behind her Mistress. She could feel the wetness of her lips as her hips moved in this submissive position. Her heavy breasts swayed seductively below her. All of this only heightened her arousal. Her face and chest was flush with the rush of blood from being called these names and treated this way. Somewhere deep inside, this was what she had been seeking. She could only hope that Marcus would be the Dom she needed. But she had to survive tonight and from the looks of it, Megan had a clear plan of what she was going to do to her. Chapter Five – MeganMegan had known her friend for a long time. She knew that their playful times with each other in their youth, was more of her thing not Naomi’s but now she felt that something had awakened in her friend. Something that she needed to meet out of her. As she watched Naomi crawling naked behind her, watching her gorgeous breasts swaying so seductively, that there was a true submissive inside there. Oh sure, Nomes was a push over. She did everything for Bubba. They had a great marriage but something had gotten under her skin and now she was looking for something more. She didn’t want her friend to go out and have some overnight fling to slake her desires, she knew that Marcus could help her and not be a true threat to Bubba and their marriage. Megan planned to push Naomi’s limits tonight and see if this is something she truly wanted.When they entered the bedroom Megan had her return the inspection position but this time in front of her floor to ceiling mirror. She stood behind Naomi and watched as her friend took in the sight of her naked body in the reflection. Megan pulled her own training collar that Marcus had given her months ago and had Naomi lift her hair and placed it around her neck. She stepped back again and watched. Naomi hands came up to test the leather collar. Her finger’s traced the stitching and then the large D-ring in front. When Megan barked “position” she quietly smiled as Naomi snapped back into presentation position. She waited a few minutes then their eyes met. Naomi dropped her eyes quickly as she had been instructed to earlier. Megan smiled again thinking to herself. Good girl.“You make a beautiful submissive Nomes. Marcus will be so impressed. Now. I want you to continue to look at your reflection and explore your submissive body.”Naomi hesitated only slightly then brought her hands around and touched her body. One hand cupped a breast while the other slipped down between her splayed thighs. She watched herself playing. Her breathing started to become ragged. She was already on edge from Megan’s – Mistress’s teasing hands. She felt the first spasm start to slowly grip her. She slapped her pussy to abate it. When she looked up and saw the lust in her friend’s eyes, her closed and reveled in her newfound freedom. This being a submissive had freed her from embarrassment and let her just feel. She had felt her body awaken from the moment that Megan had suggested that she begin training. She slapped her pussy again. Then she pinched her nipples, first one then the other. Her fingers worked her erect clit over. When Megan told her to finger herself, she did it without hesitation. Megan couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Here her straight-laced friend was naked and presenting her submissive body in front of her. Her own need was rising fast. She could tell that Naomi was nearing her own climax so she barked another order. Naomi turned on her knees to face her Mistress. Megan moved towards her slowly. There was a little extra sway in her own hips. When she was directly in front of her submissive, the sub’s hands locked behind her, Megan grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into her own wet pussy. The sub instinctively started lapping at Megan’s sopping folds. Naomi’s wet tongue licked haphazardly at her Mistress’s pussy. When Megan reached down and splayed her own lips, Naomi licked her erect clitty. Megan moaned with this obedience and pulled her head even closer, pressing her face deep into her pussy. Naomi never wavered and lapped like a dog to water.Megan was loving this and was about to orgasm on her friend’s tongue when she pushed her back and fingered the D-ring of Naomi’s collar and pulled her submissive towards the bed. Naomi eagerly followed on her hands and knees. Megan laid back on the edge of the bed and Naomi didn’t wait for any further command, she took her thumbs and spread the labia of her Mistress and returned to lapping her engorged clitty. Reaching up with one hand she found her Megan’s erect nipple and teased it softly as she drove her tongue into the depths of her pussy. Naomi had licked Megan before when they were younger and played around but this time there was something more. She couldn’t explain it, nor did she want to know what the difference was. She only wanted to pleasure her friend, her Mistress.Chapter Six – MeganMegan was loving every minute of this. She had been learning to take control of a sexual situation. This was something that Marcus had been training her for. But this was her first real time and she was secretly glad it was with Naomi, someone she felt comfortable with already. But this night wasn’t about her. It was about stretching the limits of her friend. So when she lifted her legs and presented her puckered ass to her submissive she was going to start testing those limits now. Before she could give the command to service her tight rosette, Naomi’s tongue licked the area around it. A sharp intake of breath was all Megan could manage as her submissive friend obediently licked her ass without any hesitation. Naomi’s hands grabbed her Mistress’s ass cheeks and spread them while her tongue push into the tight hole. Megan’s body spasmed with this play. Marcus had been training her anally for months now and she had been on the other end too. The duel insight only heightened her arousal. While Naomi serviced her Mistress’s asshole, Megan cupped her small breasts and pinched both of her tight nipples. This sent a strong shockwave through her. She was about to cum. She barked for Naomi to return to her pussy. When her lips met Megan’s folds and latched on her engorged clit, she exploded with a level of orgasm she had not found in any play with another. She held Naomi’s face to her pussy as the waves of orgasm washed over her again and again. She didn’t let up her grip on Naomi’s head and to her own credit, Naomi never stopped licking. When Megan’s body started to come down from her climax and her breathing began to slow to a more normal pace, she finally let go of her friend’s head. When she looked up and their eyes met, she could see her face was covered with the evidence of just how massive her orgasm was. Naomi’s face was slick with her juices. Her lips were red and swollen from licking and sucking her to finish.Megan offered her hand and pulled Naomi up to her. Her supple breasts rubbed against her sensitive pussy as she moved up and into an embrace. A second wave of spasms rush through her. WOW, I could get used to this. Megan thought. Their lips met and they kissed passionately. Megan took time to seductively lick her own juices from the face of her friend. Their breasts rubbing against each other. Megan thought to herself, that this was something new, something that the two of them had never experienced before together.As much as Megan wanted to just hold Naomi and make love to her all night long, she knew this is not what Marcus had taught her. So she stifled her own desire and ordered Naomi to get on her hands and knees. Her submissive whimpered with lust but compliantly did as she was told. Megan got out of bed and moved towards her newbie submissive. She took in the wonder of her form again. Her dangling breasts, the suppleness of her ass, the red and swollen pout of her freshly shaven pussy. Her wetness was clearly evident of her excitement. Megan wanted nothing more than to delve into that quivering pussy and bring her friend to the same level of orgasm she had just had. But again, that is not what this night was about. She settled her thoughts, took in a deep breath and went to the closet for something to use for Naomi’s punishment. What she found would work perfectly. Marcus had some clothes here is case he stayed over. She found one of his thick leather belts. She folded it in her hands and walked back to her submissive, still in position like a good girl. When Naomi saw the belt in Megan’s hands she flinched for a second but quickly got back in the position she had been given.“Now slut, you have your first punishment coming to you. Do you remember what it’s for?” Megan says as she snaps the folded belt in her hands. The sound resonated in both of women’s cores.“N n no Mistress.” Naomi’s body tightens, not with fear but rus escort bingöl arousal. She has always liked it when Bubba found silly reasons to spank her but this was something new, something deeper. She could feel the slick juices flood her pussy and leak down her thighs. She wanted this is so many ways.“You were acting like a slut and teasing those poor guys at the bar. You know every one of them wanted to bend you over that pool table and take you like the slut that you are. Didn’t you?”“No Mistress.”WHACK! The belt came down on Naomi’s upturned ass.“Yes Mistress. I wanted them to fuck me in front of everyone!”“That’s more like it. Never hide your feelings from your betters. Now I think your slutty behavior tonight is deserving of ten strokes from this belt. Do you know whose belt this is slut?”“N…no Ma’am.”“It’s from your Dom and you will tell him tomorrow when you meet how it felt having his belt meet out your punishment. Now you will hold still and when the ten is done be sure to show your manners and thank me for correcting you.”“Yes Mistress.”Before she got the whole response out the belt came down on her supple ass.WHACK! WHACK!Fire started as Naomi felt her skin rise to the strikes. This was more than anything Bubba had ever done to her, even though she knew Megan was going easy on her so far. WHACK! WHACK!The next two sent her wiggling forward. The fierily jolt sent her breasts swaying in motion. Megan waited patiently for her to return to position, then her hand softly stroked Naomi’s warm ass cheeks. She whimpered as her fingers slipped between her legs. Naomi spread them to give her Mistress more access.“Such a wanton slut. Your pussy is leaking like a school girl in a prom dress.” Megan smiled. “That was the night Bubba took your virginity wasn’t it?”“Y yes Mistress.”“Now, put your head on the bed and your arms behind your back. Lock those wrists together with your forearms. I’m going to ramp up with the punishment now.”Naomi did as she was told. Her ass was a prime target now. This new position left her labia more opened and exposed. Somewhere is the depths of her fantasies she wanted the belt to strike her splayed pussy. A shudder went through her with the thought.WHACK! WHACK!These were much harder but Naomi held her position. Megan was proud of her and rubbed her quickly reddening ass again in a soothing manner. She let her gain her composure again then brought the belt up and down again.WHACK! WHACK!This time Naomi only moaned and seemed to stick her ass out more, exposing her wet and open pussy. Megan made a mental note of this and again rubbed her friend’s red ass. When her hand rubbed over the quickly raising whelps from the belt, she heard only whimpers of need in her friend. When she checked her arousal Megan found her pussy even more drenched and needy. She slicked her fingers from her submissive friend’s hole and teased her erect clitty that had come out from under it’s protective hood. Naomi moaned loudly and moved back against her Mistress’s touch. Megan evilly removed them.“How many are we at slut?”Naomi tried counting in her head before she answered. “Eight Mistress.”“Good girl. Always count in your head unless you’re told to count them aloud. Now for your final two, where do you want them slut?”“I don’t know Mistress.”“Yes you do. No tell me where you want the final two to land, or we can start over!”Naomi hesitated. Did she really want her to tell her? In her mind she knew what the answer was but she felt so dirty having to tell it. She took a calming breath and gave the only answer that was correct. “My pussy Mistress. I want you to whip my pussy.” It came out more as a needy whimper than a declaration.“Then reach back with your hands and spread your ass for me slut.”Naomi did as she was told. Her trembling hands grabbed her reddened ass cheeks. When she did Megan could see the swollen lips part, exposing her wet pussy. Her inner lips and clit were splayed as the belt came down on her friend’s cunt.WHACK!Megan watched as her friend’s pussy quivered and clinched with need. The belt had come down hard on the wet lips of Naomi’s splayed labia. She had felt that same feeling when Marcus had done the same to her. She waited for Naomi to regain her composure.“One more to go. Where do you want it?”“My pussy Ma’am. Please whip my pussy!”“Alright, I can tell by your quivering cunt that you are near orgasm. So I’m giving you permission to cum when you want.” “Thank you Mistress.” Naomi held her pussy open for her Mistress and prepared for the final stroke.WHACK!This one caught Naomi right across her erect clit. Megan watched as her friend wiggled her ass. But the most enjoyable sight was watching Naomi’s pussy gush with fluids from a resounding orgasm. Megan quickly leaned and lavished her submissive friend’s red and swollen pussy. She kept her there in the throes of wave after wave of spasms. When she thought her shuddering had abated she moved her tongue to Naomi’s puckered hole. She licked the rim then pushed her tongue, wet from Naomi’s orgasm, into the tight ring of her ass. Naomi still had her hands on her ass cheeks and spread them even further for her Mistress’s tongue. Megan grinned when her friend’s body shuddered yet again in another deep orgasm. Megan kept laving her pussy and ass until Naomi had calmed herself. Then they both moved further into the bed and cuddled each other for hours. They were both still naked and made love to each other off and on through the night. It was more than either of them had ever dreamed it could be.Chapter Seven – NaomiThe next day, they both slowly awoke still spooning with each other. Naomi felt the warm and loving arms of her dearest friend wrapped around her. It was the soft touch on her breast that woke her. She laid there silently and let her friend touch her. She thought about what had happened last night. She had never felt so sexy in all of her life. As good as sex was with Bubba, this was a whole new level of passion. Tonight she would meet Megan’s secret boyfriend and he was going to start training her to be a submissive. She felt the juices of her pussy weep with the thought and with Megan’s teasing of her nipple.They eventually got up, made love again, then showered together. It was a new experience too, feeling the soft hands of her friend soaping her body up, cleaning the evidence of their night long love session. And too, her cleaning her best friend’s body. Softly touching her, exploring her, like never before. They were both at the point of going back to bed again for another round of sex but Megan said she wanted to go shopping for tonight and then spend the day at Naomi’s ranch.Megan showed her what kinds of clothes Naomi needed for the club. She was taken aback with what little she would be wearing to the club. Her pussy clinched when Megan told her not to worry so much about the clothes, she wouldn’t be wearing them long. Naomi’s mind went reeling with the thought of being naked in front of everyone. When they got back to Naomi’s place and put up her new wardrobe, she quickly texted Bubba to let him know she was going out with Megan and maybe signing up for a new exercise class. He texted back in a few minutes that he thought is a great idea and to have fun with it. Naomi felt a pang of guilt at her lie but knew that this is what she wanted. This was her dark secret and she wanted to see it through.She and Megan had a light lunch and shared a bottle of wine. Then Megan told Naomi that she wanted to go for a ride around the ranch and maybe down to the river to skinny dip as they had done before as teenagers. Naomi was all for that but when Megan told her to strip, a rush of arousal ran through her. She didn’t hesitate to follow her Mistress’s command and felt slightly less awkward until she saw Megan removing her clothing too. They went out to the barn naked, strolling hand in hand. The only thing with them was a small knapsack thrown over Megan’s shoulder and the training collar around Naomi’s neck. It had been there since their first session. Naomi had removed it to take a shower she felt naked without it. When they got to the barn Megan told Naomi that she wanted to ride bareback like they did as k**s. She explained she wanted to feel the muscles of the horse between her thighs. Naomi noticed the pert nipples of her friend and felt her buds tighten with this delicious thought. When Naomi had the bridles in each of the horses and was about to mount, Megan stopped her. She was holding a small bottle lube and some kind of dildo.“We’re going to start your anal training today.” Naomi’s look was one of bewilderment. “This is what’s called a butt plug. It fits inside your ass and the tapered end keeps it in place. You’re going to wear this while we ride.”Naomi bowed her head and submitted. Megan took her over to the sawhorse that they used to hold saddles on. Megan pushed her gently over the saddle lubed her fingers. She smeared the cold slick juice around Naomi’s tight asshole. Bubba and her had anal sex from time to time but this was different somehow, more sensual. She moaned as Megan’s slick fingers slipped past the tight ring of her ass. There was a slight burning but it quickly faded as Megan worked her fingers inside. She added another until she had three fingers inside her ass. Naomi tried not to push back but her pussy was so wet from her friend’s ministration. She felt a need to cum from it. Megan removed her fingers and Naomi felt the emptiness of their loss. Her ass was left gaping, but was quickly filled by the tip of the butt plug. The burning was back but she knew to push back against it. When the bulbous part of the plug seated in her ass, she felt a relief. It didn’t feel so bad in there. She felt full. Then they both mounted their horses and were off on a slow pace. Naomi could feel the plug pressing inside her. The slow leisurely gait of the horse slowly fucked her ass. She could smell her arousal leaking onto the soft fur of the horse’s hide. Her naked breast’s swayed with every stride. This was going to be a long slow tease. Naomi thought.They rode into the woods, and followed the well-worn trails from Naomi’s previous rides. The horses both knew the trails as much as she did. She stole quick glances to Megan and watched her lithe body become one with the horse. She looked like a little girl on the big stallion she’d chosen to ride. Her pink skin contrasted with the black coat of the horse she’d picked. As they neared the river, they both could hear to gently rolling water over rocks. They followed the river for miles before they came to a clear stretch of beach that they had often swam at. Megan softly nudged the flank of her horse and sent it on a slow gallop. Naomi didn’t even need to follow suit as her horse quickly got into step with the other. The lopping gallop sent the plug deep inside her ass with each stride. Her breasts were flung to and fro until they reached the place they would stop. Megan was already off her horse and tying the reins off to a branch. She watched as her friend came up behind her. Naomi was out of breath and teetering on the brink of an orgasm when she finally came to a stop. She gingerly got off of the horse and tied him off to another branch. She felt like her pussy was about to explode. She reached down and felt the wetness leaking from her cunt. It was halfway down her thighs. She notices Megan fingering her pussy while she watched. Megan smiled, but it looked more evil than anything.“Are you ready to remove the plug slut?”“Oh yes Mistress. Please.““Since you asked so nicely you can take it out. Go clean it off in the river while I get ready.”“Yes Ma’am.”Naomi went over near the water’s edge and bent over. Her finger’s easily were able to grasp the flange of the plug and it slipped out without much trouble. Naomi felt the cool air on her now gaping hole. She bent down and started cleaning the plug in the water. She splashed some of the river’s cool water on her pussy and thighs, washing some of her juices away. When she had finished and turned around, she saw Megan standing there wearing a belt and a thick black cock hanging from it. She’s seen a strap-on before but never in person. It looked both inviting and ominous. Her pussy clinched with need. She wanted to be fucked by her Mistress and couldn’t wait to bend over and let her take her.“How does my slut’s ass feel?”“A little sore Mistress but it certainly got my juices flowing. I’ve never been more aroused in my life.”“Good. Now I’m going to fucked that pretty ass of yours.” Megan looped her finger into the D-ring of Naomi’s collar and led her further into the water. They waded out to a large flat rock that’s top was just above the waterline. They had both spent hours of their lives tanning on this very rock. They had talked about boys, and their dreams. Now Naomi was about to have her ass fucked by her Mistress. If she had any misgivings, it didn’t show. She quickly got into the position that her Mistress instructed her to. She was bent over like last night when Megan whipped her ass with the belt. Her hands found the raised and sore reminders of her punishment. With her face against the warm rock and her ass open and splayed for her Mistress, she felt the slickly lubed dildo press against her sore hole. To her surprise the phallus slipped right in. She felt it inch in slowly, Megan letting her tight hole adjust to the girth of the cock. She moved slowly in and out at first, but when Naomi started to push back to meet her thrusts, Megan grabbed Naomi’s arms and started to pound her tender ass. It only burned a little but was quickly taken over by the intense pleasure it brought. As Megan held her arms and fucked her unmercifully, Naomi’s breasts were pressed into the warm rock. Her erect nipples abraded on the smooth surface. It didn’t take long before Naomi was begging to cum. Megan was so pleased with her that she gave in quickly and watched as her submissive friend came again and again to her anal pounding.When she finally stopped her thrust and let Naomi catch her breath, she made her turn and clean the cock with her mouth. She watched as Naomi obediently licked and sucked the thick black cock clean. She marveled at how deep she could take the down her throat. Marcus was going to love that. Megan couldn’t wait to see his cock disappear down her friend’s throat. When Naomi was finished she had her lick her to a well-deserved orgasm. She noted how much of a good pussy licker Naomi had become. They played and swam for a few hours. She even let Naomi use the strap-on on her, but in her pussy. But it all had to end. They needed to get back and take a nap, then get ready for tonight. On the ride back to the barn, Megan told Naomi about Marcus. When she mentioned that he was African American, Naomi just sat there with her mouth agape. Neither of them were racist at all but there still was a shock to her reveal. Secretly, Naomi’s pussy shuddered at the thought of a big black cock inside her. When they got back to the house, and Megan showed her a picture of Marcus, her nipples drew tight and her pussy clinched. His cock was the biggest she had ever seen. This was going to be a night to remember.

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