Daring Siblings

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My name is Jessica. I’m 18 years old and I have a confession, I’m addicted to the game of truth or dare. I was introduced to the game at a party just a few months ago, while I was away at college for my freshman year.

Since playing for the first time, I have probably played over one hundred times since. A few “real” games, and dozens of games online. I’ve played long, interesting, erotic games with imaginative partners. I’ve played with boring partners, where I have abruptly aborted the play. In that time, I have answered every truth truthfully, I have very rarely vetoed any dare.

All my secrets have been exposed to strangers. I’ve masturbated with a long list of instruments. I have flashed, I have streaked. I thought I had almost done it all.

Being so adventurous led me to quite a situation. I had just been home from college for a few days for summer break. My brother was home from college as well, but I had the house to myself for the early afternoon.

I was sitting in the den at the computer, playing online truth or dare with a sexy couple that I had met. Their screenname was “bods4all.” The game was just starting to get interesting, my pants were down around my ankles and a small ice cube was melting inside my panties.

I was so involved in the game, that I almost didn’t hear the car enter the driveway. But I did hear it and I began to get dressed. I had just agreed to take a dare, but before my playmates could respond, I announced that I would have to leave because my brother was about to come in.

My brother Brian and I have a normal sibling relationship, nothing twisted. We are closer than most siblings, as our ages are only separated by a bit over a year. Sometimes we fought, sometimes we were friends. Having both been away for college, we had hardly seen each other for the last year.

As Brian came up the driveway, I began to get dressed. My truth or dare playmates quickly sent me a message, “we dare you to let your brother find you that way, and moan out a nice orgasm as he walks in.”

I laughed as I read the dare, and I was a bit intrigued. I wondered how Brian would react, and I was sure he would be even more embarrassed than me. In addition, it was the first truly original dare I had heard in months. So, making a very hasty decision, I agreed to the dare. It is very hard for me to ever turn down a dare.

I began to moan out a nice loud fake orgasm when I heard Brian enter the house. Surely enough, he came into the den. He must have been shocked at the sight of me, my pants around my ankles. My pink lace bikini panties with a big wet spot in the middle, where the ice cube was just about melted.

We made eye contact for only a brief moment and a shiver ran up my spine. He appeared shocked and I did feel the warmth of embarrassment run from my face through my body, even exciting me slightly.

Having completed my end of the dare, I announced my success to my playmates while I hastily pulled up my pants. I also apologized to Brian and explained I had just been completing a dare.

Brian told me I was crazy, but he seemed to take it in stride. Meanwhile, and anxious instant message from my playmates suggested that I ask Brian if he wanted to join the game. I told them Brian would not be interested but they insisted I at least ask.

“Don’t be afraid, we won’t make you screw your brother,” BODS4ALL messaged.

“I’m not afraid,” I messaged in reply, while I simultaneously asked Ankara escort Brian if he wanted to give the game a try.

“Why not” was his acceptance, and then things got a bit more interesting.

He pulled up a chair alongside me, and we quickly agreed that I would type for both of us. BODS4ALL offered to let us pose a truth question to them first.

I turned to Brian, and told him he should think up the question. I was very deliberate and cautious, as I wanted him to set the tone. He suggested that we ask BODS4ALL when was the last time they had sex, and what they did. It was a fair question, I had actually already asked it previously.

As BODS4ALL describe the doggy style activity of the night before, I began to anticipate having to answer questions and do dares with Brian. I wondered if he would think me a silly child, a perverse slut, or something else.

“Truth or dare?” BODS4ALL messaged as they completed their answer.

I turned to Brian and said, “Truth,” as I typed. I was not asking for his agreement, but with my anxiety, I felt safer taking a truth.

“Have you ever seen each other naked or in a sexual situation?” BODS4ALL asked.

I began to type the answer, that we had seen each other naked as children, but not since then, when I sensed Brian smirking.

“I did see you one other time,” he said, and I could sense he was a bit embarrassed to even mention it. But if he was embarrassed, I was humiliated.


Brian explained, and I relayed in the information on the keyboard, that Brian had passed my window when we were both home from spring break. It was the night I had my ex-boyfriend in my room, for a “last hurrah.”

I giggled as if it was no big deal and wanted to skip right to the next turn. But BODS4ALL insisted on details, “how much did you see?”

“We don’t need the details,” I tried to suggest, but they insisted.

“It’s not like I stuck around and watched,” Brian defended himself, “but I saw Jess giving a blowjob.”

I shrugged and pretended it was no big deal. I was certainly a bit embarrassed, but I also wondered what Brian thought about seeing it.

Brian gave BODS4ALL a dare, and it was quickly our turn again. “Another truth, okay?” I asked Brian.

With his approval, we took another question. We were each asked when we last masturbated, and how we did it. I didn’t think the question was too horrible, so I volunteered that I had masturbated the night before with my dildo. I noticed a bit of shock on Brian’s face, I guess he was surprised that I would own a dildo. “Grow up!” I told him.

He reported that he had jerked off that morning, right before he showered. I remembered walking past his room that morning when his door was closed, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he had been just a closed door away from him masturbating. For some inexplicable reason, the possibility made me tingle a little bit.

On the next turn, Brian wanted to dare BODS4ALL, the male, to suck the female’s breasts on cam. They eagerly agreed, on the condition that we would take a dare ourselves the next turn. They promised it wouldn’t be anything too bad.

Although I was nervous, I forced a smile to hide any discomfort and asked Brian, “you sure you can handle a dare.”

While Brian watched the cam, I watched him a bit. I observed how he was entranced in watching another woman’s breasts get sucked. Typical male perversion, I thought to myself.

I took a deep breath Ankara escort bayan as BODS4ALL announced the first dare. They wanted me to get my dildo and demonstrate to Brian how I gave blowjobs.

When I heard the dare, I was actually relieved. It would be a bit silly, but I actually feared the dare would be much worse. I gave Brian a demonstration about a minute long, sucking and kissing my rubber dildo. Brian laughed, although I’m not sure if he laughed out of humor or to hide discomfort.

When I announced I was done, BODS4ALL indicated the dare was not over yet. “Now it’s Brian’s turn to kiss and suck the dildo for a minute” they dared.

“C’mon,” Brian feebly pleaded.

“You don’t have to do it,” I said, “we can just stop playing.”

BODS4ALL reminded him that they had done his dare, so he agreed with only a bit of further hesitation.

At first I was amused as I saw Brian playing with my toy. But other thoughts entered my mind as I watched. The device currently in Brian’s mouth had been inside my pussy just the night before. I squirmed a bit as I watched Brian, slightly excited by the intimacy. Also, it was clear that Brian was humiliated. I was typically aroused by watching a guy get humiliated, although I did not know that would even apply to my brother.

We gave them another truth, and then we took another truth in turn. They asked each of us for our most bizarre sexual fantasy. I asked Brian to answer first, and his face turned bright red before he could even answer. He said he would answer the question, but he wanted to type it himself. Apparently, he was uncomfortable telling me his fantasy aloud.

I surrendered the keyboard and watched Brian type. I have always assumed all males are perverts, and I never thought Brian to be an exception. Thus, I fully expected Brian to say he fantasized about a threesome or something of that nature.

His answer instead left me totally floored. He described an elaborate fantasy about being a male slave, used and humiliated by a Mistress, and forced to serve her orally. I was left with the sudden realization that my brother was not just an ordinary pervert, he was actually kinky! Up till that moment, I had believe he was basically a straight arrow, and that I was the weirdo in the family.

When it came my turn to answer the question, I did not describe a single fantasy. Instead, I explained how I have read about many scenarios, that I fantasized a great deal about BDS&M (mostly the D/s part), but that I had not yet figured out if I was a dominant or a submissive.

I watched Brian’s reactions to my answers. I began to develop an unusual sort of pride. I wondered whether Brian now began to see me with more maturity, instead of just as his bratty little sister.

BODS4ALL took another dare, on the condition we would take another dare as well. Brian suggested they give each other ten naked spankings.

When it came to be our turn, BODS4ALL excitedly announced, “Same dare for you!”

After a moment, they added, “but in your case, you can do the spankings with your clothes on for now.”

I held my breath when I first saw the dare, and let it out when they announced we could stay dressed. Still, even with our clothes on, the prospect of trading spankings with my brother still made me anxious and excited.

I bent over on my knees first. Brian delivered ten strong swats. I’m sure he did not use his full strength, but I could feel a sting. I closed Escort Ankara my eyes after the first spanking and kept them closed till he was done. Although I tried to fight it, I was definitely getting excited. I could feel the moisture between my legs, and I was not even sure if it was the remaining water from the melted ice cube, or if fresh moisture was being added. On the last couple of spankings, I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning.

When Brian finished, I collected myself quickly. I quipped to Brian, “That was fun, now your turn to bend over.”

As Brian assumed the position, although I was having fun, I realized how surreal this was all becoming. With a swing of my arm, I delivered each spanking. The power of delivering the spankings excited me almost as much as receiving the spankings. Brian’s body shivered with each swat, and I wondered if he had sensed my body responding in the same way when he delivered the spankings.

As we finished the dare and returned to the computer, it seemed that we avoided eye contact. Partially, I did not want Brian to see me excited, especially if he was not also excited.

We gave BODS4ALL another dare, where Brian got to see the female get fingered, and then it was our turn.

On the next truth, the question drove right to this point. “Is Brian hard, is Jess wet?” BODS4ALL wanted to know.

“Maybe a little bit,” Brian admitted. Perhaps it was subconscious, but for some reason, his answer made me look down at his crotch. There was definitely a bulge in his pants. I wondered how much of that bulge was because of me, and how much was from watching BODS4ALL.

As Brian was fairly honest, I confessed myself. “I’m a bit wet but it might be the water from the ice cube.”

“Not likely!” BODS4ALL messaged, and my face burned.

For the next truth question, we asked BODS4ALL, “If the four of us were all together, what would you want to happen?”

I expected them to give a “swing” answer. Perhaps I would do something with him, and she would do something with Brian. Their answer sent tingles through my body. “We would want to watch you and Brian make out and fool around.”

I think I literally fell back a bit in my chair. Brian smiled and let out a laugh. “They’re kinky” he said to me.

Perhaps mercifully, BODS4ALL announced they had to sign off their computer, but they asked if they could give us one more dare.

“Fine, one last dare,” we agreed, “but keep it reasonable!”

“Give each other a kiss,” came the dare, “just a simple kiss on the lips.”

I looked to Brian to see if he was willing to do the dare. He looked a bit nervous. I felt like I was 13 years old again, nervously anticipating my first kiss. We leaned in to each other, and softly pressed our lips together. It lasted less than a second.

BODS4ALL was already signing off, saying goodbye and telling us to have fun.

There was a moment of silence between me and Brian. He said, “That was fun,” but his voice almost seemed to have an ironic tone.

“It was certainly different,” I agreed.

I shut off the computer, while Brian left the room. He mumbled something about needing to do some work.

I started to go back to my room, wanting to return my dildo to its hiding place. I passed Brian’s room and noticed the door was closed. I couldn’t help but wonder whether Brian was masturbating.

When I got back to my room, I closed the door as well. Lying back on my bed, I found my own clit swollen, as thoughts of the entire game rushed through my head. A satisfying orgasm followed. I felt a bit of shame for getting so excited from the day’s events. But perhaps the shame made the orgasm that much stronger.

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