Dare Me Ch. 01

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That damn website ruined my life! I had been minding my own business, reading fun and raunchy stories on my favorite site when an author linked out to a site. I won’t share it because I don’t want any of you to fall into the same trap. But no one warned me.

I had been hard and sleepy when I clicked the link originally and have to admit the swirling colors were really nice to look at. I didn’t realize until much later the subtle hints and messages it was drilling into my head. Days later after things started to happen I came back to find this page and found, to my horror, that I had indeed been hypnotized. I searched and searched for ways to reverse it but found no solution. Now I’m always stressed because I don’t know what each day will bring.

Because of this damn site, I can’t help but accept any dare I’m given… Here’s my story. I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.


After that night, my life was pretty normal for a few weeks. Work was boring, the gym was grueling, but my weekend were awesome. Being a pretty handsome guy, I got along great with the ladies and my group of equally fit and successful buddies were quite the ‘in crowd’ in our smallish Midwest town.

The first incident happened at Dusty’s bar on a Saturday. My guys and I were having a good time and some of the hottest chicks were all there dancing together. I think it was someone’s bachelorette party.

They had blown off some of our advances so for the night they were just eye candy and teases. After a bit, my buddy Dylan said we should give the bachelorette a night to remember. We all laughed and asked what his plan was.

“Nothing extreme, but someone should definitely let her know what she’s missing getting hitched to some boring dweeb.”

Rich asked, “How do you know who she’s marrying? Maybe she’s marrying me!”

“Idiot.” Dylan rolled his eyes. “Although she’s probably as good as you’d ever get.”

We all laughed a bit at Rich and he joined in as well. All in good fun.

I broke the silence after that, “So, what are you going to do Dylan?”

“Well I was thinking, someone should go over and offer her an all-you-can eat sausage party for her last single night.”

We all laughed at the idea. Clearly an easy way to get slapped.

“You know you’ll get slapped,” I said.

“Or worse!” Kevin added.

“She may knee you in the balls,” Rich said before chugging back his beer.

“Well duh. That’s why I won’t do it. But someone else should!”

“Who’s dumb enough to do that?” Kevin asked.

We sat in silence again, watching the girls dance around and against each other.

Rich piped up, “I mean, Brandon’s the dumbest.”


Dylan agreed. “That’s true. He did get the lowest grades in high school.”

“Hey! I graduated. That’s a lot more than some folks can say from our town.”

Rich said “Maybe, but at this table that still makes you the dunce.”


Dylan really wanted to push this idea though. “Come’on Brandon. It’ll be hilarious! And I’m sure she won’t hit you.”

Rich piled on, “Annnnd it may even lead to getting all of our dicks wet. You’d be our champion!”

Kevin laughed while claiming me “Dick Champion Brandon. casino şirketleri Friend to all wet dicks!”

I stewed while the guys basically cried from laughter. “Come’on Brandon,” Dylan finally pleaded. “Do it for me? I really could use a laugh.”

“I could too! Why don’t you do it?”

“Because, while you’re the dumbest…”


“You’re also the best looking.”


Dylan ignored me. “If anyone has a chance of this working, it’s you!”

“It’s not going to work.”

“It may…”

“My answer is no.”

Then Rich ruined my life accidently. “I dare you!”

“What?” I asked.

Kevin said, “Really Rich? We’re not still in high school. Do you want to double-dog dare him too?”

“Maybe…” Rich took a swig of his beer.

“You dare me to what, exactly?” I don’t know why I was asking the question but something about his challenge was exciting. I wanted to know the rules of how to win the dare.

“I dare you to go over to her and ask if she wants an all-you-can eat dick buffet.”

“Sausage buffet” Dylan corrected.

“Yes, sausage buffet. Ask if she wants to have an all-you-can eat sausage buffet on her last night of being single.”

“And if she’s as dumb as she is pretty, grab your junk to emphasize the point,” Dylan tacked on to the dare.

Kevin sighed, “because I’m sure she won’t get the obvious juvenile reference.”

I finally concluded the discussion, “and that’s it?”

“That’s it.” Rich said.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t be doing this and I wouldn’t be doing this in any other instance but I wanted to win this dare. I wanted to prove to Rich, Dylan, and Kevin that I wouldn’t back down. That I was a real man. So I sighed, and got up.

“I hate you guys.”

I walked onto the dance floor and made my way over to the group of girls. The bachelorette was easy to pick out with her sash and crown. As I approached some of her friends eyed me up. Some with an eye roll, some clearly upset that I was interrupting their fun, and some were enticed. As I said, I know I’m good looking.

“Excuse me ma’dam, may I ask as to why you would tie yourself down to a single planet when clearly someone as ethereal as you could have the universe?”

Cheesey? Probably. I usually didn’t have to worry too much about what I said. I’m not ashamed to say it wasn’t my vocabulary or ‘smoothness’ that got me laid.

He about choked on her drink as she laughed at me. “Really dude? Worst line ever and really dude? I’m about to get married.”

“I… I know. I just wanted to tell you how beauti…”

“Look. Flattered. You’re cute and I’m sure you don’t get turned down a lot, but I’m happy with my decision. I’d rather just dance with my girl friends tonight.”

“Okay, um yeah.” I tried to turn away but I couldn’t. The dare. I had to complete the dare.

She looked at me awkwardly, waiting for me to leave. Her friends circled a little closer. “Something else?”

I sighed, “Yes actually. Um.” I was clearly nervous. I thought the steam I had earlier would allow me to deliver my lines with gusto but unfortunately they came out terrible. “Would you like to end your night as a single woman with casino firmaları an all-you-can eat sausage buffet?”

Blank stares.

Then I rubbed my hands down my chest to my crotch and grabbed on. I shook my junk a bit for good measure. I swear I could hear my buddies laughing from here.

“My god, Karen,” a friend groaned.

“Who put you up to this? Your cromagden buddies over there?” she pointed towards my table. I turned to see my guys quickly look away and to their phones. Real subtle guys.


“Lose a bet?”

“They dared me.” Why was I acting like such a wimp right now? The shame of what I did was starting to wash over me and I regretted intruding on this girls’ night.

“And you do whatever your buddies dare you? What if they dared you to jump off a bridge?”

“I probably wouldn’t do it.”

She laughed. “Well that’s probably a good decision. So how dedicated are you to dares?”

“Not much. It just… At the time it sounded funny. I thought you’d laugh.”

“Oh well I did laugh indeed. Now please leave.”

“Wait!” one of her friends stopped me from leaving. “Is that buffet only for Karen?”

“Ah, yeah, it was just a dare. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

The bachelorette, Karen I believe, sipped her drink “You’re such a slut Bri.”

“Well he offered the menu!”

I stood there awkwardly.

“The least he can do is show us what he was so boldly offering.”


“You wouldn’t let us get you a stripper! This is the next best thing.”

I sensed it was well past my time to leave and started to back away.

“Nu uh, pepperoni prince. I dare you to show us that salami!”

A light tingling happened behind my eyes, “excuse me?”

“Well, you like dares so much, finish what you started. I dare you to show us your ding-a-ling.”

Karen was clearly not fazed by this girl’s behavior but sipped her drink casually while watching what I would do next. A few of the other ladies caught on and made a little circle around me eager to see what I would do.


“I said I dare you, man. You wouldn’t back down from a dare would you?” She was right. As much as I was terrified I couldn’t back away from this. I physically couldn’t. I wanted to, I really did! But as I thought about how dumb this was, and that I would probably get banned from Dusty’s, my hands went back to my crotch.

The hoots and whistles were immense. None of the ladies clearly thought I was going to accept Bri’s taunt but I was going to and they were thirsty.

I looked down in horror as my hands fulfilled her dare against my will. I tried to pull my hands away but couldn’t. My face frozen in shock I watched my hands unbutton my jeans and unzip them. Pretty unceremoniously I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and shoved my boxers and jeans a few inches down to pull out my sock cock and balls beneath it.

I must have been beat red.

“Hm, I’m unimpressed,” Karen said.

Someone behind me muttered something about how the hot guys always have the smallest dicks. I wasn’t small though! I was just nervous and soft. Every guy is small when soft!

A couple flashes went off as I came to the sudden and terrible realization güvenilir casino that a couple girls had taken a few photos, maybe even a video of me exposing myself.

Having completed the dare I shoved myself back into my jeans and ran the other way, afraid of what else they may dare me to do.

Their laughs faded away as I got back to our table.

“What happened dude? They were swarming you?” Kevin asked.

“Did they take turns blowing you or something?” asked Dylan.

“Feeling sick all of a sudden, I need to go.”

I didn’t stick around for any of the guys questions or concerns. I didn’t want to risk one of the girls coming over for round 2.

I got in my car, drove home, and sat in silence as I relived the last hour of my life. How embarrassing!

After a while I was able to blame it on the alcohol and the thrill of the moment. I had always thought I may be a bit of an exhibitionist and the opportunity finally came up. That’s why I decided to follow up on Bri’s dare. I subconsciously decided to ignore the memory of me trying to stop my hands in vain.

I got ready for bed and plugged my phone in. I had a couple missed calls from the guys and some texts. Most of them were just hoping everything was okay. Dylan said he would come over tomorrow but he was too drunk and was about to pass out himself.

Then there was one text from an unknown or blocked number that simply said “I dare you to always read my texts.”

I stared in horror. I wondered and feared the idea of whether this curse or whatever the fuck I had worked over written word. The terrible three dots appeared in the message window. This mysterious person was typing. Probably Bri or someone from that bachelorette party. Dammit guys! I’m positive they went over to our table and made up some story to get my number from the guys. Rich, probably.


The dots went away. I sighed for a moment of relief until my phone buzzed and a new message appeared. “Now let’s test a theory.”

More dots. More anxiety.

“I dare you to send me a picture of your dick.”

No way. I don’t do dick pics. Nowadays anyone can get their hands on it and I don’t need that shit getting out there. The dares earlier this night seemed hard to fight but this one was a clear and simple ‘no.’

I typed out “Fuck you” and hit send. I leaned my head back, happy that I wasn’t cursed and it indeed was just a weird night. Subconsciously I still feared that maybe there was something wrong with me but texts wouldn’t work.

My phone buzzed again on my nightstand. I reached over to see a new message from the unknown number. It said “This is going to be fun.”

In a confused panic I brought it over to me to unlock it. That’s when I looked past my phone to see that my boxers had been pulled down my legs for some reason. My blood raced as I opened the message thread.

I had meant to type “Fuck you.” I even have a vivid memory of typing “Fuck you.” So why in the fuck were those two simple words replaced with a close up shot of soft cock.

My phone buzzed again. I tried so hard to keep it down but I couldn’t. What if it was the unknown number? Try as I might, I had to fulfill the dare to always read her texts. Against all of my better interests and desires, I read her note.


Author’s Note: I’d love ideas on what you think should happen to Brandon next. I have some ideas myself but would love to evolve them with your help.

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