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Daniel sat on the plane, unable to concentrate on his book or the in-flight magazine the airline supplied. He was just far too excited – or was it nervous – to think about anything but the fact that he was finally going to meet Melissa in person.

He and Melissa had met through the internet, and had been e-mail buddies for three years. They had exchanged hundreds of mails and pics over that time, and knew each other as well as any of them knew their best friends at home who they saw daily. They also knew things about each other that not even the closest of their respective close friends at home knew about them.

Daniel had always liked writing, and one day while searching the internet for new websites related to writing, he had found a site dedicated to erotic fiction. Through that website, by submitting stories to its archives and chatting to other authors and readers, he had made a few friends and contacts. None of them had had as significant an impact on his life as Melissa.

He and Melissa had just clicked when they started communicating; they had an understanding of each other that neither of them could find with anyone else, they had much in common, and they both shared their innermost thoughts, worries and fantasies with the other. In Melissa, Daniel had a friend he could turn to whenever he wanted to talk about something, anything, and be safe in the knowledge that he would get understanding and intelligent feedback. He felt that he provided the same sort of friend to Melissa.

Because erotic fiction was the theme of the website they had met through, sex, desire and fantasy took up a lot of their conversation. They shared their most secret and basic fantasies of sexual pleasure with each other, and they discussed what they liked and disliked about sexual matters. Daniel understood more about Melissa’s sexual preferences and wishes, and she about his, than any of them had ever done with a real, physical, partner. None of them had ever been able to commit to a long term relationship, because none of them could find the security or satisfaction that they desired sexually. And when one of them needed to talk about a problem or worry sexually, or just share a fantasy or describe a desire or new experience that they had enjoyed, the other was always there.

Daniel and Melissa had a special bond, unlike any other two people.

Eventually, the question that they had both wanted to ask, but were afraid to, had come up in conversation. Why didn’t one of them fly across the Atlantic and meet the other in person? They both saw it as a risk; each of them had trouble bonding with another person in a relationship, and both of them had someone they could talk to about anything, but by meeting and taking their friendship to a more personal level, they might risk loosing what they had through their internet relationship.

They had finally decided it was worth the risk, and Daniel had booked his flight over to America.

The whole flight had been one of nerve wracking anticipation and anxiety. Finally, he was going to meet the one girl on the planet who he had managed to get close to, trusted and felt comfortable talking to about anything.

The plane descended towards the runway, and Daniel looked down at the airport terminal building, knowing that somewhere in there, Melissa was waiting for him.


Melissa paced up and down in the arrivals lounge. Daniel’s flight had been delayed by an hour, and in that time she had sat here getting more and more worked up about meeting him.

She was a natural worrier, and she was nervous about the potential hazards of actually meeting Daniel. What if they completely destroyed the relationship they had? But she had decided the risk was worth it, and in the deepest caverns of her imagination she wanted him to be her perfect man. She had tried to stop herself from getting too hopeful or expecting too much, but she knew herself that she had already fallen into the fantasy that Daniel was going to arrive and solve all the problems in her life, as far as finding a partner was concerned.

An hour of worry and apprehension finally ended when the doors opened and the stream of arrivals started pouring through. In the crowd she picked him out without difficulty; he had sent enough pictures of himself through the internet that she recognised him easily, and he was so tall – 6’4″ – that he stood above most of the crowd anyway. He was dressed in black jeans and a grey t-shirt, and had a large bag in each hand. She knew he had saw and recognised her also; his grey eyes were fixed on her as he strode towards her, a look of mixed happiness and nervousness on his face; exactly how she was feeling inside herself. She noted happily that he was as handsome in person as he looked in digital picture.

She stood waiting for him, her arms hanging loosely at her sides. She fought down an urge to run forward and throw herself at him, greet him like a husband or boyfriend returning home, but she resisted the urge. She wasn’t sure yet how things esenyurt ucuz escort were going to go, or even how she wanted them to go.

He stopped in front of her, looked down into her eyes as they made their first close physical contact.

“Hi Melissa.”

She had often tried to imagine how his voice would sound, usually as she was living through a sexual fantasy in her mind in which he featured, but it was softer, more gentle and even than she had imagined. His voice was out of balance with his appearance; he looked like a huge, powerfully built monster of a man, but he spoke with the voice of an intelligent and thoughtful man.

She restrained herself for only a heartbeat before she moved forward, closing the final two feet of distance between them, stepped close, raised her arms around his neck, and pulled herself to him. She felt his hands on her back as his arms closed round her.

“Hi Daniel,” she said. “It’s nice to see you at last.”

“Not half as nice as it is to see you,” he whispered into her ear as they stood holding each other in their first physical embrace.

His body felt as strong and solid as she had imagined it to be. Not too bulky, just tough and manly. She didn’t ever want to let him go; in these arms felt like the safest and warmest place in the world.


Daniel stood and breathed in the smell of Melissa. He had often wondered what kind of perfume she wore, and he now knew it was soft and sweet, a beautiful fragrance that he found quite arousing.

Her long curls tickled his chin as they stood in their embrace, her arms round his neck and his hands on the small of her back, holding her close. In all the pictures he had of her, and in all the times he had imagined her beside him, he never truly appreciated her full beauty. She had a natural quality that digital reproduction could never convey, and the softness, yet firmness, of her body against his was warmer and more arousing than he had thought it possibly could be.

In order to save any of them embarrassment or awkwardness as his loins started to react to her closeness, he pushed her out to arms distance, held her there to look at her face.

Her deep intelligent eyes regarded him in return, her hair framed a pale skinned face, and her white toothed smile was the most dazzling thing he had ever seen. So many times he had dreamt of kissing those lips, so strongly he wanted to, that he held back no longer. He bent forward and guided his lips to hers. They kissed for the first time, long, soft and delicately, their tongues darting in and out just very slightly, enough to touch and make it more than the lips-only kiss of lesser friends.

He ran his hands up her flanks, tracing the curves over her hips, into her slim waist and up her ribs, back down again, felt her hands run over his shoulders, biceps and chest.

When they eventually parted, he looked up and saw that everyone else had left the lounge. They stood alone in the large room, none of them having been aware of anything except each other.

“Guess we better get going,” he said to her. “Where are we going to anyway?”

Her already huge smile got even bigger and more beautiful, as she replied, “Straight to my flat I think. I was going to show you some of the city tonight, on the way there, but I think that can wait until tomorrow.”

His heart leapt and his breath caught at the implication he hoped was carried in that comment. Melissa didn’t want to waste any time in public; she wanted to be alone and in private as soon as possible.

With a tremendous amount of willpower, he removed his hands from her sides.

“Lead the way,” he said as he bent to pick up his bags.

She slipped her arm through his, and stood as close as the baggage would allow, as she guided him through the airport. Outside they got a cab, and Melissa gave the driver the directions to her flat.

They sat close, their legs pressed together, and their hands found each other to clasp. They sat, her pointing out landmarks and significant buildings as they passed through the city.

All Daniel could do was sit and admire this girl. She was the most beautiful and desirable woman he had ever seen. But she was also very intelligent, shared more common interests with him than anyone else he knew, and he wanted to make love to her more than he wanted, or ever had wanted, anything in his life. He knew what her sexual desires and preferences were, and he wanted to provide her with everything she wanted and needed. His breath was getting short and his pulse racing as he sat there gazing adoringly at Melissa.

Eventually, the cab reached the flats where Melissa lived.


Melissa talked for the entire cab ride. It was the only way she could stop herself from touching and kissing Daniel. Desire was overcoming her, the urge to just grab this man and do everything to him that she had ever wanted to do to a man. Often in the height of passion she had been too afraid esenyurt üniversiteli escort to ask her boyfriends of old about certain things, too unsure to suggest some new exciting sexual activity, but she knew Daniel understood and agreed with all of her passions and desires.

In him, she could have the ideal sexual partner she had wanted for so long. She had intended keeping him at bay at first, taking things slowly and waiting until she was sure that sex was the right way to go on his visit. But that initial embrace and kiss in the airport had settled her mind; she wanted him and she wanted him badly. Tonight, she would have her perfect lover.

When they reached the building in which she lived, she paid the driver as Daniel retrieved his bags from the trunk. She led him into the building’s foyer, up the elevator to her floor, and to her door. Her hand shook as she unlocked the door, opened it and led Daniel into her hallway.

She stepped aside and let him in, then closed and locked the door behind him.

“Just dump your bags there Daniel,” she told him, “we can unpack your things later.” She waved at the corner of the hallway.

As he lowered the heavy bags to the floor, she stepped closer to him, and was standing right beside him when he turned back to face her. She wasn’t sure who moved first, who reached out first, but suddenly they had their arms around each other again, their bodies close once more, their lips and tongues finding each other with unhindered enthusiasm. Gone was the delicacy and gentleness of the airport and their first meeting, gone were the worries of whether it was right or safe to go this far this fast. There was only her, him, and the passion and security they gave and shared with each other.

He was so strong, so powerful, yet also gentle and precise. His lips kissed her with careful control, and his tongue probed and rolled around her own mouth tenderly and softly.

She felt the enlarging of his dick through his jeans, felt the hard bulge press against her own loins, arousing her even more, starting the engorging and lubricating of her own sexual organs.

She ran her hands up and down his chest, appreciating the size and strength of his body, felt his hands do the same to her, his huge hands with their contradictory gentleness, massaging her buttocks, pressing their lower regions together harder, running up her sides, under her top and onto her skin.

She started to rub herself against his swell, moving up and down on her toes, feeling the sensation of his swollen dick push into her through their clothing as she ran herself along its solid bulge time and again.

“Let me show you around,” she said to him, pulling away and taking him by the hand. She led him straight up the hallway, past all the doors to the last one. Melissa opened that door and led Daniel into her bedroom.

“The four poster bed,” Daniel said with a smile as he looked around the room. That bed had been one of the things they talked about in their erotic e-mails, and the fun possibilities of its four posts.


Once he was in Melissa’s bedroom, and saw the four poster bed, the bed that had featured in so many of his private fantasies, Daniel gave up all desire to see any of the city on his one week stay. He wanted to stay in this room for the entire time.

Melissa propelled him towards that bed, shoved him down to sit on the mattress, the mattress that was a little softer than he had imagined it would be, but was still quite firm. She stood over him, looking down at him, a contemplative look on her face. He knew some of the options that would be running through her head right now, knew what she liked to do to a man once she allowed him into her bedroom. But rather than wait for her to decide what she wanted to do to him, he grabbed her by the waist, pulled her down towards him. Her legs fell to either side of his, and she knelt on the edge of the bed straddling him, her chest at his head height; perfect.

He pushed her top up, and she grabbed it with her own hands to lift it over her head. As it fell to the floor she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. Daniel looked on in amazement and awe as this woman before him uncovered the most perfect pair of tits he had ever seen. They were just the right size; big enough to have some substance and cushion, but small enough to be manageable and fondled by a single hand. Her nipples were hard and erect, large and pointing straight out. He ran his hands up her body to cup those breasts, felt the delicious shape and weight of each in his hands, tweaked her nipples between fingers and thumbs, drawing a small moan of pleasure from her lips, heard her breathing grow in rapidity, then he pulled one of those nipples to his mouth. He massaged the hard point of her breast with his lips, rubbed the tip of it with his tongue, and nibbled gently with his teeth.

After a moment he switched to the other side, giving that nipple equal attention. etiler escort As his mouth worked on one, his fingers worked on the other. Melissa was obviously enjoying it, as her breathing was getting louder and faster, and she had lowered her hips to rub herself against the bulge of his hard dick again.

Without warning he stopped, released her tits and fell back to lie on her bed. Her face came up in surprise, her eyes wild and questioning. Then as quickly as she had been deprived of pleasure, she sought a new source. She slid off of his legs and dropped to her knees on the floor beside the bed, between Daniel’s legs. He could only see her head and shoulders from his current position, then her hands came into view working on the button and zipper of his jeans. With one move she removed his denims and boxers, pulled them down his legs to allow his hard dick to stand straight up into the air, where it throbbed in anticipation.

He closed his eyes and laid his head back, giving Melissa the freedom to do whatever she wanted to his exposed cock.

He felt her hand wrap around his shaft, gripping him tightly, them start slowly and powerfully to pump up and down. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she stroked at him, her pace gradually increasing and her grip staying steady and strong. It felt wonderful, lying there having a beautiful girl whom he had only met in person for the first time less than two hours ago stroke at his dick with such carefully measured movement. The fantastic tingling tickle that ran up and down his dick with Melissa’s hand sent waves of pleasure pulsing out through his entire body, and the tension began to build in his balls as she drew him ever closer to coming. He started to move his hips up and down in time with Melissa’s strokes.

Then she stopped. Just when he was on the verge of firing his load all over her hand, Melissa released his dick, leant back away from him.

His dick throbbed, pulsed in a vain attempt to finish the job itself, but achieved nothing more than to send a dribble of pre-cum out of its head and running down the shaft. The major load of cum that Melissa had built up in him stayed locked away inside.


Melissa sat back on her heels, gazing at Daniel’s dick, waiting patiently. She had nearly lost control and drove him all the way, but she wanted to draw this out as long as possible before letting him come.

It was something that she really liked about sex, the one aspect of lovemaking that could make the difference between a good or a great night of passion. She liked to play as much as possible, to really extend the foreplay as long as she and her man could stand it. She liked to slowly torture her man by teasing him and bringing him to the brink of ejaculation, then slowing down or stopping altogether, and letting him calm down a bit before starting again.

She looked at the pulsating shaft of his cock, standing upright in all its glory, saw the little stream of pre-cum sliding down its length. She leant forward again, extended her tongue to its full length so that she could touch him with only the very tip. She started at his base and ran the point of her tongue up his shaft, as slowly as she could go, heard the satisfying groan of pleasure from up where Daniel’s head lay. She ran her tongue back down again, leaning in closer and pressing more of her tongue against him, feeling the throb of his muscles and the pulse of his blood vessels as she slid down him. She licked back up again, listening carefully to the speed of his breath and the urgency of his moans, decided that she could do some more before he came to the verge of climax again. She reached the head of Daniel’s dick, opened her mouth farther and closed her lips over him. She massaged the sides of his dick with her lips as her tongue worked in circles round the head, then she lowered her head, allowing him to slide into her mouth, ran her lips down then back up him, felt his hips push up in response as she went downward again. Several times she slowly ran her lips and tongue down and up him, then she sensed he was getting close again. She slid her mouth off of his dick, sat back again, watched in pleasure as his cock throbbed and his balls churned, listened in glee to the tormented moans coming from his lips.

“Stay there,” she said. “Don’t move.”

Daniel’s head came up to look at her questioningly as she stood. She simply pointed at him and repeated her order as she walked out of the room.

In the kitchen she opened the cupboard, rummaged to the back to find what she knew was hidden there, what she knew would bring both her and Daniel a new height of pleasure. It was something they had communicated a mutual desire to use sexually in their internet conversations, and she had made sure she had a tub of it here waiting for his visit.

She found the tub of Hard Shell Body Chocolate that she had purchased from the joke shop yesterday. It was one of those things that was meant to be bought and given as a funny or embarrassing present to somebody, but Melissa had long fantasised about the fun she could have with it.

She returned to the bedroom, where Daniel still lay where she had left him. His dick had lost some of its size and hardness in the wait. That was good; it meant his climax had subsided a bit so she could now have more fun again without risking going to far.

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