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Subject: Dane Cody & Friends 14 The usual platitudes, warnings, and statements apply here. You do what you need to do. In order to fully appreciate this segment, the reader should read DAVID-A BOY’S STORY Chapter 1 David picked us up at a small airport outside of Bellevue that afternoon at one, as promised. The big surprise was that Shannon was with him so we all had a big hug fest on the tarmac and I wished him a loud happy birthday and gave him a huge sloppy wet kiss and whispered that there was more to come later. He laughed and we all piled into the plane. I sat up front with David while the boys sat in the back and got caught up on their coming’s and goings although, they emailed frequently so pretty much knew what was going on in each others lives then Shannon got caught up on Tonio and Lucio’s trip. We flew straight to the ranch, a less than two hours flight as opposed to a nine hour or more drive, although I must say, it would have been fun in the Vette. David and I didn’t talk about “us” at all except to say that we were very glad to see each other and were looking forward to being together over the weekend. David’s birthday party was going to be on Friday evening although at this point in time, that wasn’t particularly evident. Guests would be arriving over the next few days, and some were already there. Dane and I would have our own room, as would Lucio and Tonio but where any of us would end up sleeping was mostly anybody’s guest. Dane and I had no sooner gotten things settled in our room when Andy came bounding in like a big puppy to welcome us with a typical huge bear hug. After the basic pleasantries he asked if I could meet him in the den in fifteen minutes and I responded in the affirmative. Fifteen minutes later found me in the den and lo and behold, Chamberlain was there as well as Bill DeMarc, Dane’s grandfather and my employer. We hugged and shook hands and did all that “old friend & hey how ya doin” stuff. Bill asked how Dane was doing and I gave him a run down. He said he was looking forward to seeing the boy. Chamberlain’s purpose was to read Anthony’s will for David, although the boy would not be eighteen for 36 hours. I already knew a little it about it but since I was destined to be an intimate part of David’s life, all of the men thought that I should be there. A few minutes later David knocked and came in. He was a little bit shocked at the group as he thought he was meeting only Andy and even then was not sure why. He was introduced to Chamberlain and Bill who then took the lead and asked that we all be seated, David and I sitting together. “David,” the attorney began, “I had the privilege of handling all of Anthony Gianelli’s legal matters including his will. Anthony requested that his will not be read until you reached majority at midnight tomorrow night, and in the presence of your legal guardian, Andy. In short David, Anthony loved and treated you as much like a son as he was able, and you know that. Anthony had no living relatives, as you may or may not know. As a result of those two things David, in his will he left almost everything he owned to you. Chamberlain stopped here to allow that to sink in. David gripped my hand tightly at those words, his face registered mild shock. When Chamberlain asked if he could continue, David only nodded his head. “While you and I will go over the details later, you now own his home in Missoula and all of the furnishings including his cars and his extensive art collection. His estate has paid for the house to continue to be maintained by his housekeeper who comes in once per week to clean, a yard maintenance company, Jim, who takes care of the vehicles and the best security business in the city does hourly drive by’s and door checks. Of course all insurance, taxes and utilities have been covered as well. All of his clothes have already been donated to charity except for a few items that he believed you would want to keep, and a few other things were left to others, and that has been taken care of.” “In addition,” he went on, “there are some properties in Los Angeles that he owned as well as his bank accounts. Although the art collection has not been professionally appraised in years, it’s last appraisal plus last year’s tax appraisals on the properties, and the bank accounts, put your approximate wealth conservatively at around twenty eight million dollars.” David’s hand gripped mine for a moment then went limp. I glanced at him and noticed a tear on his cheek, one that he was in no hurry to wipe off. “I don’t know what to say,” he said quietly. “I had no idea that he planned this, or had done it.” Chamberlain picked up the slack. “Perhaps you should consider a trip to Missoula tomorrow to check things out. As of Friday, everything will be in your hands and some decisions will have to made. My being here makes it a trip all that much more convenient.” David looked to me and asked if I would go with him and I nodded my head yes, then Bill DeMarc asked if I would walk with him while Chamberlain and David went over some of the details. Outside, Bill asked again how Dane was doing then added, “About David I mean Cody. It’s no secret to those of us who know the both of you that there is chemistry there so I assume Dane has seen it as well. So, how is he doing?” “Well, Bill,” I started, “I can’t really speak for Dane but his comments have been positive. He is very aware that he is my priority, period. So, no matter that goes on in my life, until he is eighteen, he is my focus. The fact is that he adores David, is supportive of David and I having a relationship. David will be in Seattle after he graduates so we will see how things are then, however, there are no plans for him to stay at the ranch with me at this point in time.” “Well Cody,” Bill went on, “from everything I have seen and heard, having you mentor my grandson was a top notch decision on all of our parts, and I am extremely grateful, thank you.” We had stopped walking and he reach out and took my hand, shaking it firmly. “I encourage you to find some educational pursuit that would fit into my organization after Dane reaches majority, and we can talk more on that later. I really value people like yourself.” He changed tack at that point. “You know, you are very good for David. There is a definite sparkle back in his eye, one that dimmed when Anthony passed away. He needs you Cody and for what it’s worth, I totally support and encourage your being together. Dane will be fine, of that I am quite sure but I do appreciate your following through with your commitment to him and to me. Of course,” and here he chuckled a little, “there was never any doubt that you would. Now, let’s go hunt down that grandson of mine.” As we walked he told me he was thinking of buying a house in Hawaii instead of keeping the condo since a house was more suitable to boys and he wanted my thoughts. I told him I thought it was a good idea, beach front property would be nice, or something very close. His thoughts were similar and he said he was considering something in the Kahala area. “Tell you what, why don’t you guys take a trip out before school starts, look around and see what’s available. If you find something you like that appears to be a good investment, get it. I’ll have Chamberlain set it all up before you go so you’ll have the power to do as you see fit. Might as well have a couple of cars as well since the house will probably see a lot more visitors than the condo did. Maybe something for running around and something more in the luxury line for when I’m there. I’ll get Kamaka to oversee maintenance, maybe give Alika more responsibility as well.” And it was done. We found the boys out by the barns giving our guests a tour and Dane, recognizing his grandfather from a distance came running over and gave him a hug and the two wandered off chatting. David found me shortly thereafter and wanted to talk. He was a little bit freaked out by the whole thing, the sudden wealthy status. His own wealth, almost 1 million, he never thought about, he couldn’t see it. Anthony’s possessions he could see, could put his hands on. We heard the dinner bell being rung and knew that the meal would be served in twenty minutes so, hand in hand, headed back toward the house. The meal was typically sumptuous, the table talk lively. Dane and Bill sat next to each other and continued to chat through the meal. It seemed as though Bill had taken an interest in Lucio and I wondered if there was something afoot there. David sat next to me, hand or foot touching me throughout the meal as though seeking assurance that I was there. Afterwards Dane found me and Cody outside and said that the boys were all going to sleep together if I didn’t mind. I told him of course I didn’t mind, that was fine. He gave me a big hug and sloppy wet kiss and said I was the greatest and headed off then came back and huggled up to me and in my ear whispered, “Love David good tonight Cody, he needs you,” and kissed me again and ran off to engage in a long night, I was sure, of wild debauchery. That thought was confirmed the next day by all the boys. David and I, on the other hand spent a quiet evening just sitting on his bedroom balcony, holding hands, kissing, talking, and not doing anything sexual. The houseboy, a darling thing of about fourteen, kept us in snacks and ice water until it was time to go to bed. We showered, a slow, quiet affair to match the evening. I followed David’s lead, and if he wanted things low key then fine with me. I did revel in his body as I bathed him, the firmness, the definition of his muscles, his magnificent cock and balls, which he continued to shave, and trim and generally keep neat and tidy. His cock responded just slightly at my ministrations, which were kept to the task of cleaning and not stimulation. Fuck he was beautiful though. We dried off and climbed into bed, facing each other at first. It was then he told me that he had decided to fly to Missoula with Chamberlain in the morning to look over the house and maybe make some decisions about what to do with it. Certainly he had more than enough money to continue with the maintenance schedule. He hadn’t been to the house since Anthony passed away and maybe he just needed to go look. In any event he wanted me to go with him so I readily agreed. “I love you so much Cody,” he whispered to me. “I think of you all the time, I want to be with you all the time, it’s driving me crazy I tell you.” He kissed my lips, not wanting to start anything, just to kiss me. “I think I know a little of how you feel baby, I have been thinking about you as well, missing you, wondering how we’re gonna handle this when the time comes for you to move to Seattle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” I kissed him then and when it broke he turned over and spooned back into me, pulling my arm to his chest and fell asleep. It’s funny, but before, I wanted him badly, sexually that is. Still did, but right now, I found myself more concerned about his emotional well being. Right now I couldn’t even imagine getting a hard on. Shannon Speaks: It was so cool seeing the Italian brothers again and Dane too. After dinner we hung around outside showing Tonio and Lucio the ranch. Dane said that Cody was probly gonna spend most of the time here with David. I figured as much since David talked about Cody quite a bit. He was way in love with Cody, that much was for sure. I asked Dane what he thought about it and he said he was honestly very very happy for both of them, didn’t feel any jealous stuff or anything cause he knew Cody loved him very much and would not hurt him ever. Dane also knew that loving and being in love were two different things and Cody and David were definitely in love. We found them talking by a fence and Dane asked if he could sleep with me and of course Cody said yes so we headed off, still nosing around before finding ourselves in my room. we barely got the door closed and everyone was almost tearing their clothes off to get naked and be sexy. Talk about a bunch of horny boys. Nobody was full on hard cocked yet but boy they were all startin to stand. God I loved Dane’s cock so so much I just wanted to get on my knees and suck it till he squirted all his boy cream down my throat. I was pretty interested in Lucio too cause it seemed like he grew more hairs, his cock got a little bigger and his balls hung a little lower. The Italian boys were interested in my dick cause they had been eatin on Dane’s cock the past few days and wanted something new. I don’t know how it started really but all of a sudden everyone was hugging and kissing on each other while hands were stroking on hard boy cocks, fondling smooth ball sac’s and tweaking on nipples. I was kissing on Dane and Tonio while Lucio was on his knees sucking on our cocks. He licked and sucked on mine then moved to the next one while he squeezed on my balls. Then he moved to his brothers cock and suckled that while he stroked on both Dane and me. Then he would go back and start all over again. Finally he stood up and was kissing along with the rest of us. Tonio said they had discovered something pretty cool and would show us. The stood with their cock heads facing each other and Lucio pulled his foreskin over the head of his young cock and onto the head of Tonio’s cock. Then Tonio spread his foreskin open and gently pulled it down over both heads so that his escort izmit foreskin closed on Lucio’s dick. It was a neat trick and they could actually jack their cocks a little bit like that. After that little scene broke up we went back to kissin and sucking and everyone ended up working over Lucio, whose small smooth young body squirmed with pleasure as one sucked his nipples, another sucked on his tender cock and balls and another one had their cock in his young mouth. The boy was hot and begging for me to fuck him. We broke up and I got him and my rock hard cock lubed up and I had him get on his hand and knees on the edge of my bed. I slipped my fingers in him and began prepping his boy hole for the onslaught of my long cock. Tonio and Dane were whispering then got the lube and Dane lubed his cock and his asshole while Tonio lubed his cock up pretty good. Dane came over to me and kissed me then slipped a finger up inside my asshole, hitting my hot spot and causing my knees to almost buckle. Whispering in my ear he said, “Shannon, while you fuck Lucio I am gonna fuck you and Tonio is gonna fuck me, what do ya think?” I honestly don’t know why we hadn’t done a cluster fuck before but now was as good a time as any to try it. I just nodded my head, my breathing got real fast, as he fucked me with his finger. Lucio was ready, his breathing and moaning and wiggling told me so. As did he. “Put it in me Shannon,” the boy whimpered, “put your cock in me now, ok, I’m ready for it.” I got close in behind him, one hand opening his cheek and hole, the other holding onto my cock and guiding it into him. I watched, fascinated as always, as the head of my prick slipped past his bud of muscle and disappeared inside of the boy. I moved both hands to his slender hips and slowly pushed inward until all of my cock was gone and my hairs were up against his skin. I felt Dane move up behind me so I reached around and pulled one of my butt cheeks open for him. I felt his hand on my other one, then felt his cock head pressing at my hole and in a flash he was inside of me. It hurt at first but those feelings went away soon and it felt good as Dane slid his big boy dick inside my ass. I heard Dane wince and figured that Tonio had just penetrated his hole as well. It was all silent for a bit, except of course for the heavy breathing. The quiet was finally broken by the youngest member of the daisy chain. “Fuck me now Shannon, I’m ready for it, so fuck me please”, Lucio whispered. So I did and Dane fucked me and I assume Tonio was fucking him. I slipped in and out of the little beauty before, taking my time, holding onto his hips as I moved. I was more difficult for Dane as he was standing up but his cock managed to stay inside of me as he too, slipped slowly in and out of me. the double action of fucking and being fucked was awesome great. Finally Dane just stopped moving and let me do the work so that when my cock went out of Lucio, Dane’s cock was shoved into my hot ass. I am guessing that Tonio was fucking Dane cause Dane was moaning and “oh god-ing” and that other stuff he says when he is hot and sexy. But then, everyone was “oh god-ing” or “oh fuck-ing” or “Oh” something. It almost sounded like a fucking chorus, so to speak. I started to cum first, felt the tingle in my balls move to my belly then that intense so awesome feelin of my sperms flying up my cock and shootin out. “I’m cummin, I’m cummin, I’m cuuuuuummmmiinnnnn” I wailed as my cum blasted free from my cock and found a new home in Lucio’s ass. Lucio was almost screaming as he jerked on his boy boner and his young sperms shot out onto my bed. The feelings were so intense for the boy he fell off of my cock face forward onto his belly. That allowed me to lean forward and give Dane better access to my asshole and he began driving into me with his usual vigor, hammering my ass with his cock while I continued to stroke on my cock a while longer. “Oooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuucccckkk,” he growled as he ground his hips into mine, cramming my asshole with his delicious cock and drenching my bowels in his warm boy cum. I could hear Tonio making his sperming as well, moaning and groaning and the force of his fucking Dane reverberating into my cummed out body. Dane had fallen into a resting position on my back while Tonio finished off his cum and the movement pulled his cock out of me. By now Lucio had recovered and had turned around to watch the whole show, as he idly played with his still hard young dick. Finally, we all managed to disengage from each other and collapse on the bed. The general consensus was that it wasn’t the very best fuck any of us had experienced but it sure was fun. We agreed that we might like to try it again, or some variation of it. We all went to my shower to clean up and it was crowded but fun, losta wet squirming boy flesh, which meant lotsa washing and soapin of other boy’s parts, which mean some sucking an licking stuff too. Before long all four boy cocks were standing out like flagpoles waiting to hang something on. Dane grabbed some hair conditioner and started stroking on his big cock, rubbing on his balls as he slid his hand up and down the shaft. It didn’t take long and the rest of us were doing the same thing, all making love to our fists, rubbing on firm bellies and pubic hairs, squeezing and rubbing on soapy balls. I put both hands on my long cock squeezing my fist tight, and started fucking then, slowly moving my hard dick up and down in the sloppy area. Lucio and Tonio both were into it as well and Lucio had lifted a leg onto the faucet and reached behind himself and was finger fucking his tight little asshole as he jacked off. God it was a way hot scene. We had never really done a group jerk before, always doin stuff with each other instead. The moaning and groaning started and pretty soon Lucio was making all kinds of “cum” noises and we all watched as his smaller kid cock shot small globs of white cream out into the shower. “Oooooowwwww man,” I moaned as my body gave up a half dozen squirts of my hot teenage sperms that shot out of the top fist that my cock was fucking. Dane and Tonio were both next, firing jet after jet of boy cum at each other like it was a battle or something. Each boy got hit with the other’s sperms at least five times, hitting their upper bellies, belly button and pubes. It was way fucking cool to watch. I dunno what it is about sperming in the shower but it always seems to make me weak in the knees, and it seemed that the others were feeling the same way, their bodies sagging a bit as they came. We got back to showering after the feelings died down, joking about how we might try that again only laying down, see how far we could shoot, or who shoots the farthest. Boy cock games. We got all the sperms and soap and conditioner cleaned off and went back to my bed. It was still mostly early yet so we laid around talking about stuff. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it, Daniel, the way cute current houseboy, came in with a pitcher of milk and a huge platter of fresh warm brownies. Tonio and Lucio were a little weirded out cause we were all naked but of course both Dane and I were used to it. After he left, I explained it to the brothers while we ate. Before the night was out, we got all sexy again, this time, all three boys fucked me, which was way hot. I started with Lucio cause his cock was the smallest of them and of course he squirted pretty fast too. I ended with Dane cause he was the biggest dick and Lucio jacked off my cock while Dane fucked me, both of us cumming at the same time which I always really like a lot. We cleaned up and fell into a deep sleep, all cuddled up like a litter of pups. Chapter 2 Back To Cody: We landed in Missoula about 10 the next morning, David having flown us down, along with Chamberlain and Bill. The morning was brilliantly clear so that when we taxied to where we meet Jim and park the plane, the car stood out like a beacon, stately and proud. “My god,” David asked to no one in particular, “what the hell is that.” Bill was sitting behind the pilot’s seat and said, “That, is a 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith. Beautiful isn’t she? She belonged to Anthony, long story about how he got it, and some interesting tales about adventures that took place in it. It’s a fairly desirable car, the style is used as an official state car in many countries even today. Anthony rarely drove it and Jim has done basic maintenance on it for the past 10 years since the car was fully restored.” The rest of us deplaned while David did all of the shutdown things. The car was indeed a beautiful thing. Black and silver, it gleamed in the bright clear morning air, sunlight reflecting off of numerous chrome parts. We all walked around it, admiring it and she sat, like a beautiful woman, confident of her beauty, and allowing us to fawn over her. David finally joined us, and like the rest of us, could mostly just stare at the car. “How are you David,” the driver asked. “I took the liberty of bringing the Rolls since it’s time for her monthly drive. “Fine Jim, fine,” David replied, answering both questions and statement while giving the man a hug. Bill and Chamberlain knew Jim and had introduced me already. Jim opened the back door, and David, me, and Bill climbed in, Chamberlain rode up front with Jim. The interior of the car was equally impeccable. Dove gray leather and matching carpet, and what wasn’t gray was polished walnut. The car was as quiet as a desert night and the ride so smooth and quiet that you hardly knew you were moving. You can see similar cars at ces/carsforsale. We arrived at the house, a large two story colonial style complete with a couple of columns and brick fireplaces. Jim parked in the driveway and said that as long as we were here we may as well view the other two cars. One was the Mercedes, big, black and forbidding looking. Jim told us to wait in the driveway while he pulled the other one out. The “other one” was as almost as stunning as the Silver Wraith. A Rolls, a convertible, but a two door, which I don’t think I had ever seen. Getting out of the car Jim told us it was a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Saloon Drophead Coupe, and like the Silver Wraith, the body was by HJ Mulliner. It was a magnificent deep burgundy color with a lighter matching carpet, dove gray leather interior with white top, and like the Silver Wraith, gleamed in the morning sun. Doing some research I found similar cars ery. Chamberlain led us into the home and essentially gave us the tour. The home, filled with antiques and artwork, screamed of taste and elegance. In Anthony’s bedroom, I felt David’s hand squeeze mine, clearly emotions were roaring through him. Like the rest of the home, this room looked as though the owner were simply not there at the moment. Laid on the bed was a ratty red sweater, a dressing gown along with a few other items. David picked up the sweater and hugged it to his body, his face in the cloth., and when he took it away from his face, tears were evident. Also evident, everywhere we went, was artwork in one form or another. Painting, sculptures, ceramics, pottery, tapestry, were all in evidence. As we approached one room at the end of the hall Chamberlain told David to brace himself, for the inside of this room might startle him. Chamberlain opened the door and reached inside to turn on the light switch, then beckoned us in. David let out an audible gasp as his eyes scanned the room, for it was nothing short of a shrine, and it was totally David. Here is where all the original paintings and sketches of David had gone. Anthony had purchased them. The collection was presented gallery style, hung decoratively on the walls, some of the paintings on easels. All were lighted to enhance them individually, their titles on bronze plaques beneath them. The only furniture in the room was a few chairs for sitting and reflecting. David, along with the rest of us, was totally stunned, as none of us had seen the whole collection all together. Bill broke the silence with, “This is amazing, absolutely amazing.” All of us continued to view the room, lingering here or there to dwell on a specific piece. One area was devoted to pictures of David, some with Anthony, many nudes, all enlarged to about 6×10, and identically framed. And, there were sculptures. Most taken from the collection but some not. One of the most striking was of two boys, naked, one sitting on the other’s lap, heads resting on each other’s shoulder .The position was mine and David’s favorite after sex position. On the sculpture, you had to turn the piece and look carefully to determine that the boy on top was impaled by the hard cock of the boy on the bottom. It was titled “Afterglow” and was done from a picture that Anthony had taken, with the boys’ permission, of David and his first boyfriend Eric in anticipation of some artwork or another the end result. The original picture was enlarged and framed. David had actually done a sketch of a similar pose with him and Misha, his second boyfriend. Misha now owned that sketch. Waking Boy had also been sculpted, vividly displaying the young David’s firm body and magnificent cock. Chamberlain broke the reflective silence and informed David that the collection of prints had turned out to be enormously popular, and not just in the gay circles. They were commanding upwards of twenty thousand dollars apiece now and no izmit rus escort one had the complete collection except David. The sculptures were a limited edition as well, commanding an even higher price. He said that, all things considered, this completed collection alone was probably worth in the neighborhood of a million dollars, maybe more. Bill confirmed that statement saying that everything that was presented in the room was in high demand and low availability and in his estimation the appraisal by Chamberlain was low by at least 10%. “There are many people David, who would love to meet the boy who posed for these, and not necessarily for sex. None of the works are pornographic in nature but reflect a genuine innocence of youth, simply a beautiful young boy going about his daily business. Kings, Queens, and presidents have seen some of these David and all are genuinely impressed.” We lingered a little longer then made our way to the kitchen where the housekeeper had coffee and pastries prepared. Chamberlain wanted to know what David would like to do at this point in time. Certainly, things could continue as they were, with the housekeeper, yard maintenance etc, but Chamberlain suggested that at the very least, appraisals be brought up to date for insurance purposes, and idea which David readily agreed to. David asked Jim if he could continue to manage the cars maintenance and was told that it would be a pleasure and perhaps David could come to Missoula at least once a month to take the ladies out to stretch their legs. David finally smiled and told Jim that he would love to. Bill broke the gathering up by saying that the jet would be landing in twenty minutes and we had people to meet at the airport, but wouldn’t say who. We left the house and climbed back into the Silver Wraith for the trip back, arriving as the jet was taxiing toward the pit where our plane was parked. We got out of the car and watched, soon the cabin door opened, the ladder dropped, and out popped two Hawaiian boys who scampered down the ladder. Well, Ikaika did the scampering, Alika just walked. Bill had flown them in for David’s party the following night and it was a great surprise and delight to see them. Hugs and kisses were passed around like candy, Ikaika chattering away the whole time. Chapter 3 We all climbed aboard Andy’s twin engine turbo prop and David fired it up and off we headed to the ranch, landing a mere thirty minutes later just in time for lunch. The Hawaiian boy’s were thrilled to see Andy and gave him as big a hug as everyone else got. Since this was their first trip to the mainland, after lunch Shannon did the grand tour and all the boys went horse back riding under the tutelage of an adult ranch hand. David was still feeling a little down, or reflective or whatever you want to call it. He didn’t want to be around the exuberance and energy of young teens. He asked Andy if he could take the helicopter out to the camp site for the afternoon, which of course Andy approved. Forty five minutes later he set the chopper down and we climbed out. David immediately got a heavy blanket out of storage and laid it in the grass close to the river and began taking his clothes off. It was about 90 degrees out so I wasted no time in shucking my clothes as well and in no time we both stood, stark naked, admiring each other’s bodies, almost like the first time we had seen each other naked hardly three months before and just fifteen feet from where we now stood. We both started laughing, the irony of it hitting us both at the same time. David came to me, melted into my arms and kissed me long and deep, his hands running up and down my back. “Let’s take a swim, man who I love,” and he led me into the water, which was a startling contrast to the outside temperature. Any thoughts my cock had of boning up were lost as soon as my crotch felt the water at which point I dove in to get it over with, resurfacing five feet away, my young lover beside me. We hugged and kissed in the cool mountain water, hands gently exploring the familiar regions of each other’s body. A shoulder here, nipple there, pecs, firm tight abs, an ass, and eventually cock, magnificent male appendages slowly stretching out despite the coolness of their surroundings. And there were balls, large sacs on both of us, staying somewhat tight to the body, mother natures’ way of protecting the delicate machinery hidden inside the smooth fleshy container. It didn’t take long however, for both of our cocks to reach full stand, eight and nine inches of rock solid penis, locked and loaded, ready for whatever action we decided to use them for. David broke our connection and, still holding onto my dick, led me out of the water to the blanket and coaxed me to lie down. He pushed me onto my back then laid on top of me, both hunks of rigid male flesh pressed into our bellies side by side. He ground his slender hips slightly as he kissed me, sucking on my tongue, my lower lip, as one had rubbed my head and the other slid up and down my side. Holding on, he rolled over, pulling me on top of him, reversing the position. I reached between our firm lower bellies to readjust my dick, touching his, and feeling the sticky presence of precum. I kissed him, I licked in is ear, I kissed in the soft spot of his neck causing goose bumps all up and down that side of his body. I ground my hips into him slightly, making his cock head move and causing friction on it. “God how I’ve missed you, missed your body,” he whispered, looking into my eyes. “You know I haven’t been sexy hardly at all since you left, and then, only with Shannon. It’s like I wanted to save myself for you Cody, wanted only you to taste me, to explore all my secret places. I love you so much Cody, make love to me now, I don’t want to spend another second not bonded to you.” I rolled off of him, and he reached for his pants and pulled out some pillow packs of lube, opening one and smearing it all up and down the length of my cock. He twisted open another and, spreading it on his fingers, reached between his muscled thighs and smeared it into his hole before rolling onto his back and beckoning me. I moved between his legs and he pulled them back for me exposing the target of our desire. I slipped a finger inside of him, went straight for his prostate and rubbed back and forth on it, causing my beautiful lover to moan. I put my other hand to his large, low hanging, young boy smooth balls and rubbed and tugged gently on them. David moaned even louder, eyes closed, his face contorting in exquisite pleasure. I slipped a second finger into him, stretching his hole and preparing it for the invasion soon to take place. “Now,” he whimpered, “fuck me now my sweet man, oh god put your cock in me now Cody please, love me now baby.” And I did. I put the swollen head of my cock at his entrance and pushed. It slipped in easily and disappeared. David winced a little but said to keep going. Holding his legs up and back, I watched as inch by inch of my cock was devoured by David’s hungry hole, until there was no space between out bodies. “Ooohhh fuuuuuck,” he moaned. “I love having you inside of me Cody, oh god I love feeling your cock in me.” I slipped my big dick out about half way then went back inside. After a few more of this motion I was pulling almost all the way out before sliding back home, causing the boy to moan each time I bottomed out. David moved his feet so that they were flat on my chest so that I was upright and used my waist to drive my pole into him with force and vigor. “Oh god fuck me baby, fuck me harder,” David moaned below me. “oh yes oh yes” he whispered, along with other things. I reached for a pillow pak and lubed my hand then grabbed onto his big hard cock which was stretched out half way to his face. Fuck what an awesome piece of flesh it was. I was hot as hell and not far from drowning his bowels in hot cum, and David knew it. “Don’t worry about me right now baby,” he whispered. “I want you to cum inside of me Cody.” I removed my hand from his dick and concentrated of fucking him. It wasn’t long before the familiar feelings started and before I knew it, my cock swelled bigger and my sperms blasted out and into David’s body. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh goooooooooooood,” I moaned as I shot. David took control and using his feet on my chest for leverage began moving his ass all over the place, in effect, fucking me. He took over the action and I just let go, pressing my hips as tight as I could into his ass while he did the rest. I literally opened my arms, head thrown back as thought welcoming the coming of Christ, moaning loudly all the while, jet after jet of my sperm unloading inside of him. “Oooooooo fuck,” I moaned again as I experienced the rarity of a double orgasm as David fucked my cock. The feelings soon died away but before they were totally gone I latched back onto David’s cock and mauled the head, twisting my hand round on it, stroking up over it, squeezing on it, creating as much friction and feelings as I could. Clearly my lover was as hot as I was and ready to go. He shouted out once and I felt his cock swell, moved of the head and stroked the beautiful shaft as his body spewed forth his seed. Big white globs of semen shot out of his mushroom shaped cock head and onto his shoulder and chest. I continued to fuck him and stroke him as he shot, three, four, five times, his young body making tons of reproductive materials that would go to waste in the hot Montana air. The hose finally stopped squirting, slowing down to a dribble onto the heaving belly below it’s head. I dropped David’s legs and lay on him, squishing his sperm between our sweating bodies, and kissed his tender smooth lips. “I love you David, there’s no doubt in my mind that I love you and want to live with you. What do you think about going to school in Seattle for your senior year, would you consider that?” “Oh Cody, I have thought about that but didn’t want to bring it up cause of Dane. I didn’t want to put pressure on you over it, but yes, I would love to do that, to live with you now and not wait a year.” “Well,” I responded, “Lets see how things pan out the next few days. Perhaps Dane will be more open to it that either of us think.” I rolled over onto my back, taking my young Adonis with me, our bodies still connected by my cock buried in his ass and which had not seemed to have softened a bit. David sat up revealing that his dick was still as hard as it was before he came. “Hhhhhmmmm,” he smiled at me. “seems we still have some action left in these tubes. Better use it up.” And he began wiggling his ass, moving my cock around inside of him. I placed my hands on his hips, encouraging his action, encouraging and to a fro motion which created a different pressure on my stiff rod. It also created a different pressure inside David’s body, which was not lost on him in the least. He leaned forward and spent a few minutes kissing me, his ass motion changing only to accommodate the new position of his upper body. He eventually sat back up and began fucking me in earnest, his hand flat on my chest for balance. Precum was pouring out his slit and soaking my upper belly. I mooshed my hand in it then covered the head of his cock, pressing my hand down and forcing the fat swollen head of his young dick to move between the two slimy surfaces. David responded immediately to the new friction and feelings on his cock. “Ooohhhhh god Cody, ooooohhhhhh man,” he moaned, his head back and eyes closed and he fucked harder, faster. Both of us were breathing faster and it wasn’t long before I felt the tingle in my balls, the feelings in my cock of an impeding explosion. “Fuck David, I’m almost there baby, I’m almost there, oh man I’m gonna cum David, oh fuck, oh fuck,” I moaned then thrust my hips in the air, David and all, as my rock hard cock pumped jet after jet of hot sperm into my lover. David moved his ass even faster, if that was possible. I pushed harder on his cock and he was there as well. I moved my hand to jack his big dick and while my cock was firing the last of my sperm into him, his swollen cock was firing off into my hair, my face, on my chest, my neck, almost everywhere. The air was filled with “oooohh’s” and “Aahhhh’s” and “MMMMMM’s” and “oh god’s oh fuck’s” and just about everything else as both of our bodies unloaded pent up cum. My ass had relaxed back onto solid ground, David stopped fucking me and all that was left was the breathing. David collapsed onto my chest and we both lay there recovering, not saying a word. David finally sat up, then leaned forward again and kissed me long and deep, his tongue running over mine, my teeth, generally exploring my mouth. He broke it off and sat back up. I moved to one elbow, then both and finally pushed myself into sitting position and hugged my boy lover to my chest, David hugging me back fiercely. Still no words had been spoken, nor were any needed. We stayed that way for at least ten minutes until my cock finally squished out of the confines of his tight asshole, David whimpering slightly as my body left his. I still had his sperm all over me and quietly suggested that we go back into the river. David agreed and we disentangled from each other and once again walked hand in hand into the cold water. We hugged, kissed, played, floated, and swam for about a half hour before climbing out and going for a short walk up river, kocaelide escort allowing the sun and heat to dry our naked bodies. We finally made it back to the camp area and laid in the sun for awhile longer before David suggested that we head back since we’d been out for almost 3 hours and supper wasn’t that far off. Reluctantly we dressed, put the blanked away and closed everything up and climbed back into the chopper for the ride back to the house. We dropped the Bell into it’s parking spot, shut it down, tied down the rotors and headed toward the house. There seemed to be a lot of activity, a lot of people, some heading toward us and David uttered an “Oh my God” and broke into a huge grin and a run. He was soon involved in a group hug with four or five other guys, teenagers about his age. As I got closer I saw that they were, as a group, beautiful males all of them and two looked liked twins. They were all chattering, everyone speaking at once and when I got along side, one of the “seemed like twins”, a gorgeous blonde haired youth with startling green eyes extended a hand and said, “Hello, you must be Cody, I’m Nikki”. He barely gripped my hand before falling into my arms into a sincere hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you, I’m sure we all have,” he said as he stepped back, his face open with a winning smile. The rest of the group turned their attention to us and began introductions. Dominic, or Dom, was Nikki’s sixteen year old twin and they were from New York. Next was a dark skinned beauty named Jamahl from Puerto Rico and last, at the same age, was another beautiful blonde named Misha who was here from back east where he was in an international business program at one of the Ivies. Misha I knew of. Barely nineteen, he had been one of David’s first boyfriends, second actually, and they had been together for two years before Misha moved away. All of the boys welcomed me with a firm hug and a critical eye. It was clear that David had bedded each of these beauties and they clearly knew I was the man that their friend and, at one time, lover was in love with. They were simply checking out the goods, like any good girlfriend, and judging from the reception I guessed that I had passed. Dane and the boys were a kind of secondary group to the first and Shannon half yelled that supper would be served in ten minutes, so the whole crowd moved in the direction of the back door to the house. Because of the size of the group, the second table had been added to the room to seat everyone. Maria out shone herself with still another magnificent meal. Later in the evening we all sat around a fire pit outside and talked about the adventures that each had experienced over the past few years. David laughed and joked with his old friends while comfortable snuggled between my legs. All of the younger boys were there as well and everyone was included in the talk which lasted till after midnight although Ikaika left fairly early, to be with Bill I assumed. Throughout the evening, groups or couples began forming so that when it came time to bed, the twins left with Dane while Shannon and Alika paired off with Jamahl. Misha and Tonio seemed to hit it off and it was then that I noticed that Lucio was not with the group. I wasn’t worried. I rightly assumed that he was with Bill or even Andy, or both. As David and I walked off he commented that he kinda felt like an old married couple or something. “All of my friends are terrific lover’s Cody but I just don’t want to be with them right now. I want to be with you. I hope that’s ok with you, that you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything cause I know that any of them would dive into bed in a hot second with you if you crooked your finger.” I told him I felt the same way about him although, Nikki certainly was an appealing young thing. David laughed and said that he and Nikki produced a lot of electricity between them when they first met years ago. “I love Nikki a lot Cody and actually wouldn’t mind going to bed with him while he is here, as long as you don’t mind.” He mused for a moment and added, “What do you think of a m^�nage a troi with him Cody, I know for a fact that he wants to bed you. That might give Dom a chance to be with Misha, who he has always had a thing for.” I responded that it sounded like a plan I could sleep with and David slapped my shoulder for the horrible pun. That night David made love to me and as I took his incredibly hard piece of flesh inside of my body, I reflected briefly on how much I really was in love with this boy. And then the feelings of being fucked by nine inches of rock hard cock totally took over and my body vibrated with the pleasure of having my young lover shared his body with me. I screamed out almost when I came and David was a close second, spewing forth a ton of his young sperm into my bowels. We elected not to shower, choosing instead sleep in the juices of our love making. Chapter 4 The next morning, our late breakfast consisted of Bill, Andy, Lucio and Ikaika as well as David and me and of course Chamberlain. Andy reflected that the rest of the boys must have been up fairly late “playing”. “Just like us,” Ikaika piped up to no one in particular and which Bill rolled his eyes at. The rest of the boys straggled down throughout the morning and Daven, the drop dead cute houseboy for the day, supplied them with the usual breakfast fare. Dane and the twins came down together and like the rest of the bunch, looked as though they hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep. But they looked contented. There was to be no lunch that day, the barbecue for the party being the main meal of the afternoon. Andy was in charge of the outside part while Maria, Daven, and a few others helped with the inside food. There was an imu with a pig inside, traditional luau fare, which Bill and Alika took care of. People began showing up about one in the afternoon. David had been very popular at school so quite a few of his friends and a few teachers had been invited, as well as the ranch hands and others who knew the boy or the “family”. David introduced me to a number of them, often holding my hand as he did so. No one so much as batted an eyelash. Jim drove up in the Rolls convertible and of course the car created quite a stir among the males that were present. The meal was served about four and was so incredible it defies description. The cake was a three-tiered affair with a boy in a dive at the top. David had, after all, placed consistently in the top three in the state for four years. The general group of people had been instructed that presents were not necessary or even particularly wanted, that this was to be a fun time celebration. If people had gifts they wanted to give David they were asked to do so privately. The reasons for doing so were obvious. David had or could afford just about everything and compared to the things that Bill and Andy and some of that crowd would give him, any gifts by friends would not only pale in comparison, but might embarrass the presenter. Some gifts were given by close friends of course. Bill presented David with a Rolex, I had purchased and shipped over a Jackson Pollack from Dane and me, and Jamahl presented a painting by one of Puerto Rico’s most famous artists. Alika and Kikes gifted with an Aloha shirt from Bailey’s Antiques & Aloha shirts in Honolulu, where Robin Williams and every other celebrity buy theirs. It was an original, from the 1940’s and Alika told me later cost just under five thousand dollars. There were a variety of other gifts, too numerous to mention except for Andy’s. At his signal, Teddy came out of one of the storage sheds in a brand new Dodge Ram pickup. The thing was blue and done in a custom Viper paint scheme, with heavy duty tires with awesome rims. Everybody clapped and of course as soon as it stopped, all of the high school boys crowded and had to touch it and look at it. It was a perfect vehicle for Montana winters. The question in my mind was whether David would be there for another winter. The party wore on, live music provided by a country rock band, and people hung out till midnight when the band finally stopped playing. Most of the adults had left that portion of the celebration to the young folk, Jim having left by seven to get the rolls back home and put to bed. Speaking of bed, a different set of people paired or tripled off for that night’s after hours festivities and as David promised, Nikki joined us. And he was delectable. About five foot six inches and a hundred and forty pounds, he was firm as can be and smooth as a new born baby, except for the neat patch of brown pubic hair nestled at the base of his six inches of teenage cock. He had a wonderful slender ass that was almost rock hard firm and when I buried my tongue inside the cleft I was presented with a tight smooth hole. His balls were hairless as well, with smooth eggs that fit my mouth perfectly which suited both of us just fine. I was hot as all hell as I licked and slurped both of those areas, and the boy moaned with an equal amount of pleasure. When I slipped my cock inside of him, his hole gripped my shaft and held on to it as I fucked him, sliding my throbbing cock in and out of that tight warm place. When he came, he cried out my name and I continued my grip on his slender hips until I too, blasted hot sperms inside his delicious asshole. David fucked him after I did and the boy came a second time in the space of about twenty minutes. I crawled underneath his belly and sucked Nikki’s cock while my love drove his big dick in and out of the boy, my hands fondling the soft smooth balls of both him and David. When Nikki came he did so with force, his cum blasting down my throat. We spent time at a variety of other endeavors and positions as well and both David and Nikki fucked me and we finally showered and fell asleep about four in the morning. God what a fucking, no pun intended, night. Breakfast the next morning was less populated than the day before. Dane found me later on in the morning as I sat outside by myself. He had spent some of the night with Jamahl and later they were joined by Dom and Misha. He said it was quite hot, everybody fucking and sucking and licking and slurping on everybody else. Afterwards they talked and Misha wondered if Andy would let them have an all boy orgy in “the room” downstairs that night. I smiled at Dane and told him he must be having a great time, what with all the new cock. He said he was but that he was missing me a little bit and at that he snuggled up to me. “Are you having fun with David Cody,” he asked. I said that I was and left it at that but he wanted to go further. “Misha and Dom both said that he loves you like he has never loved anyone before Cody, that he believes you are the man he is spose to be with for the rest of his life. Did you know that?” he asked. I said that I didn’t know all of it but that David loved me was beyond all doubt in my mind. “I love him too Dane. I mean,” I went on, ” I am in love with him and this trip is making me realize that even more. Neither of us is sure that we want to wait until he graduates to live together. What do you think of that my baby boy?” I asked him. He said that he and his grandfather had talked a little bit about that and that he, Dane, had a great deal of control over the outcome. Bill told Dane about our discussion and my loyalty toward them both and that without his consent, the relationship between David and I would have to wait. That was a lot of weight for the shoulders of a fourteen year old boy, especially one in Dane’s position with few relatives, none that he was as bonded with as he was with me. He said that he was worried that he would be set aside, that David and I would be so much into each other that he, Dane, would be left out. That scared him. I unhooked my self from him, put my hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye, “That would never ever happen baby boy, not ever. I love you and I am dedicated to you. David knows that and David loves you almost as much as I love you. Neither of us would ever put you on the side Dane, not for any reason what so ever. I hope that you can believe that.” By then a tear was running down my cheek. This was an emotional situation for me, I did love the boy, totally. I was in love with David, totally. I knew in my heart it could work, the three of us living together. Dane’s eyes got teary as well and he hugged me tight to him. “Would I still be able to be sexy with you my sweet man, maybe even sometimes without David being there too, even though I love being sexy with him and want to do it more.” I smiled at him and said that I didn’t see that as being any kind of problem at all. David came out of the house at that point and Dane invited him to sit down with us. Dane jumped right into the conversation, sharing his thoughts and concerns with David. David hugged Dane to his chest and told him the same thing that I had said, and that if he, David, thought that a relationship with me would jeopardize Dane in any way, he would wait until David was old enough to be able to deal with it, assuming that would happen before Dane turned eighteen. We talked some more, trouble shooting the situation and finding few problem areas but solving the ones we did find. We all agreed that David living with us was both desirable and workable and that any problems that came up could be worked out. We hugged, we kissed, we cried, we laughed, relief clearly having been found for us all. Dane brought up the idea of the orgy and David thought it a splendid idea and said he would ask the various parties, although he knew what the answer would be.

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