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Public Sex

DancingChris was in the audience. He made sure to get to the strip club after her that way no one would know the two of them were together. It was Carrie’s idea to dance during amateur night at Jiggly’s, a local strip club. She felt wet and slutty being on display in front of so many men. In her wilder days in school she had been gang fucked at parties on a couple of occasions, but for some reason this was different. Fucking came natural to everyone, just let your genitals do the talking. Dancing was different. It wasn’t you doing what made you or your partner cum, it was about performing, turning your partner on. If she was just going to fuck, she could just put her face in her partner’s lap and suck his cock to turn him on, dancing involved art. The DJ introduced her and she spread a smile on her nervous face and strutted out onto the stage, a loud song playing over the speakers.She didn’t bother looking for her son Chris, but she desperately wanted to see him. She wanted to dance for him, she wanted to make sure that when she was shaking her titties and spreading her legs and putting her pussy on display, he got a full view. Carrie’s blonde hair stuck to the baby oil on her back and shoulders. The stage lights were bright, so the oil made her skin glisten. She wore a neon green string bikini that stood out against her dark tan. Her stilettos matched the bikini. There was nothing subtle about the make up on her cheeks or lips, she went out of her way to look like a whore, feel like a whore, and now she wanted to dance like a whore. And later on tonight, she would be fucking like a whore. Her dancing was sexy, but still somewhat clumsy. Most of the men in the audience didn’t notice or care, because she was plenty hot. The idea of a 40 something year old woman having a body like hers and wanting it to be on display was completely unexpected and rare. She made work of the pole, sliding it between her ass cheeks, twirling around it like a young girl, bending down and jiggling her ass against it, turning around, hugging the pole and jiggling her ass for the audience. The more she shook the more turned on she got. She could feel her pussy eating the crotch on her bikini the more she moved. Her labia were barely concealed when she first walked out, now they were just on display. It turned her on to be on display. She made sure to smile into the dark crowd, having fun with her dancing. She could feel Chris watching her, but she didn’t know from where. Each girl got two songs to dance to. She had requested something slower for her second. The lights went down and the music slowed, more sensual and erotic than slutty and fun. Her fast paced jiggling and shaking changed into slow slithering and humping. She rubbed her hands along her slick body, spreading her legs and rubbing her clit through the barely-there bikini bottoms. She lifted her self to her knees and reached behind her to undo the bikini top. It dropped to the ground and her soft, swinging tits fell out. A few whistles and some applause from the dark room boosted her confidence even more. She crawled along the stage like an a****l, matching the rhythm of her hips to the rhythm of the drums playing. Men behind her had a great view straight up her ass, the other side got a smile and some heavy, dangling tits swinging back and forth. She whipped her hair behind her and purposefully dropped onto her back, sticking her crossed legs in the air. She lifted and dropped her lower back up and down, landing on her ass. A small, almost invisible triangle of green could be seen between her oily thighs. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband on the bikini bottoms and slid them up her legs. She felt the material tickle her inner labia as it slid out of her. They were damp. She bent her legs, keeping her knees together and maneuvered the bottoms around her heels. She tossed the bottoms into the audience. More whistling and applause. Carrie was soaking wet and she knew it. And as soon as she spread her legs, everyone in the audience would know it. A symbol crashed in the slow song and that queued her to spread her legs. They snapped open as if they were spring loaded. A lot more applause and whistles. Cool air washed over her hot pussy and the blue clit piercing flashed in the stage lights. The lips parted as she continued her writhing and dancing, lifting her hips into the air, humping and fucking an invisible lover. For the closer men in the audience, they could clearly see her white frothy juices spider webbing between her pussy lips. The men nudged each other and pointed, smiling while they watched. Some were on the edge of their seats, wanting to get closer. Some did, walking up and tossing money on the stage. She crawled over and would either jiggle her tits on them for a few seconds, or put her heels on their shoulders, giving them a close up view of her soaking pussy. Her heart jumped as she saw Chris walking out of the darkness. He put two dollars in his teeth and smiled at her as he got to the stage. Carrie looked into his eyes and smiled. She used her teeth to take the money from his teeth and tossed it into a small pile on the stage. She held his head close to her chest and rubbed her baby oil covered tits in his face. She gathered the heavy, soft flesh up in her hands, pinching the nipples. The song came to an end and the audience clapped gaziantep escort and whistled some more. She pecked Chris on the lips and crawled along the stage on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy on full display for the audience. Chris smiled as he walked away, listening to a few of the lude comments about his mother coming from the audience of men. He sat down in the corner, got a few dances and when he finally saw his mother walking out the back door to leave, he got up and left. Carries drive home was agonizingly torturous. Her pussy was dripping down the leather seats in the Escalade. She hooked her fingers and was squeezing and jerking her gspot. She kept bringing her self closer and closer to orgasm then back off. She loved the way her pussy sounded “shlick shlick shlick shlick” as her fingers worked harder and faster. She couldn’t take it any more and squirted all over her thighs, her juices running down the seat, making a loud dripping sound as they puddled on the floor mats. Chris had beat her home, he knew more short cuts than she did. He was sitting on the couch, his cock standing at attention. Carrie smiled and dropped her duffel bag in the door way. She was still wearing her heels, but the bikini had been exchanged for a micro skirt and a tight t-shirt. She walked over to her naked son and sat in his lap, her naked pussy easily accepting his hot cock. The warmth filled her up as it submerged itself inside of her. She peeled the t-shirt off of her, freeing her tits again. The shirt was a challenge to get off, sticking to her skin, still saturated in baby oil. Chris had begun humping into her as she undressed. The skirt snapped together on the waistband. She unfastened it and it unwrapped from her body. She tossed it somewhere behind the couch. She bent down and kissed Chris, pressing her tits into his chest. He inhaled deeply.Carrie still smelled like baby oil and perfume. He kissed her neck, nibbling her jaw line. Her pussy was slick and he could feel her juices dripping down his balls and onto his thighs. He gathered her fleshy tits in his hands and sucked on the nipples, giving them gentle bites. She began riding back and forth on her son’s cock, feeling it pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. On each downward thrust, she rocked her hips forward, squishing her ass against his lap. “Oh baby…you’re so deep. Did you like watching mommy on stage tonight?” Carrie’s voice burned in his ears.”Fuck yes…you were so hot. All those guys wanted to fuck you. You should have heard the things they were saying…””Tell me baby…tell me.” Her breathing was getting raspier and heavier. “One guy wanted to bend you over and stuff his cock in your ass…another guy was with his wife…she said she wanted to take you home with them…” “Was she hot?” Carrie was starting to bounce up and down. Her tits would lift up and fall down hard with each bounce. “Did she look like her pussy tasted good?””Fuck yes…I would have loved to fuck her with you…” Chris buried his face in her neck and bit her collar bone. “Mmmmm…I bet we could have gotten her to leave her man there and just come with us…I could have sat on her face while you fucked her pussy…””Fuck yesss…just like we do with Krista…” Chris dug his fingers into Carrie’s hips. He knew it hurt her and saw her wince, but it was a good pain. She liked to see scratches and bruises and bite marks after fucking. “When is she getting home?” “When she’s done…fucking…your guys’…daaaad.” Her bouncing got faster and her voice skipped to the rhythm of the pounding. “What a fucking slut…” Chris could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming.”Are you…jealous baby? Do you not like…someone else fucking your sister?” “No.””Aw…you don’t like someone else using your pussy? Huh? Is my baby jealous someone’s using his pussy?” Carrie bent down to kiss him again after her playful taunting but Chris gripped her hair and whipped her head back. She squealed and he licked a line straight up her chest, up her neck, and under her chin. He tasted the baby oil and perfume mixed with her sweat. The house phone began chirping next to the couch. Carrie glanced over and saw Karen’s name on the caller I.D. She grabbed it and answered out of breath. “This better be important bitch, I’m getting fucked.” Carrie huskily cursed into the phone.”Haha! Oh it is baby.” Karen laughed into the phone. “This kitty has been left alone at home for the weekend and she needs someone to play with. I thought I would come over for a slumber party.””Mmmm…hurry…” Carrie hung up and continued fucking Chris.Karen laughed as the phone went dead and continued putting her make up on. Her pussy was leaking down her thighs knowing that Carrie was in the middle of fucking her son and that in less than an hour she was going to get to lick her pussy juice off of his cock before he started fucking her, too. She layered her lipstick on, pursing her lips together. Her eyelashes were flared and long with mascara. She liked her cleavage. Her tits weren’t like Carrie’s, they weren’t heavy and fleshy, they didn’t swing seductively. They were high and perky, still jiggly, but not as “udderly”. Her dress was bright pink and stopped a few inches below her butt cheeks. It was strapless, squeezing her tits up even higher. Karen put gaziantep escort bayan on a pair of bright pink heels to match the dress and stood in front of the full length mirror hanging on the closet door. She looked like a slut. She looked like a bimbo. She wanted to be treated like one. She wanted some guy to look at her and only see a pussy and a pair of rockin’ tits. She wanted to be a cum sponge. She wanted to be handcuffed and thrown into an all male prison, gang fucked by hundreds of men who haven’t seen a woman in years. She wanted her mouth, her pussy, and her ass hole to be sore and tired afterwards. The kind of soreness that you get in your legs after a heavy squat day at the gym. From what Carrie said, she and Chris could give her that feeling. She wiped a finger between her pussy lips and sucked the juices off, leaving a light film of lipstick on her finger, then got in her car and drove off. Karen’s heels clicked on the sidewalk as she approached Carrie’s house. Before she got the front door she could hear Carrie’s screaming from inside. “Fuck me you mother fucker! Fuck me!” She was reluctant to ring the door bell, she didn’t want to interrupt Carrie’s screaming. Her pussy decided otherwise and she rang the door bell anyways. “Oh God, come in!” Carrie screamed. As Karen walked in she was overwhelmed by the scent of pussy and musk. She heard the unmistakable sound of thighs slapping against ass cheeks and was confirmed as she walked down the hallway and rounded the corner. Carrie was bent over the dining room table while Chris pounded her pussy from behind. Her heavy tits were resting on the glass top and she reached across to the other side to steady herself. Karen walked up to the two of them and bent down, kissing Carrie on the cheek. “Hi sweetie.” “Oh fuck…hi.” Carrie gasped for breath as her son continued fucking her. His cock was deep and thick, spreading her apart. Karen reached a hand between Carrie’s ass and began to play with her ass hole, using her other hand to gently squeeze and grope Carrie’s heavy tits. She was coated in a film of sweat and baby oil. “Have you cum yet?” Karen asked.”A few ti-i-i-i-mes.” Carrie gasped. Karen looked between Carrie’s feet and saw a massive puddle on the kitchen floor. “Mmmm…good girl.” Karen purred in her ear. She traced the tramp stamp on Carrie’s back with her index finger, a pool of sweat and oil collecting on her finger, leaving a trail in the fine, peach-fuzz-hairs on her back. Carrie screamed as she began cumming again, adding to the puddle on the floor. Karen bent down and bit Carrie’s shoulder. “Oh fuck!” Carrie gasped as her orgasm slid away. She stood up and felt her son’s cock slide out of her as he backed away. Her knees were weak. She grabbed Karen by the front of her dress between her tits and pulled her close, shoving her tongue into her mouth. “Your turn, sweetie.” Karen smiled and ran a hand between Carrie’s thighs. Her pussy was a mess of cum and soft flesh. Carrie stepped out of the way and let Karen take her place. She watched a few feet away with her hands on her hips, trying to catch her breath. Karen dropped to her knees in the middle of the puddle and began sucking Chris’s cock. She felt the head slide deep down her throat and the thick, warm, meaty flesh filled her mouth. The cock was slimy with his mother’s cum and their sweat. She soon had a thick, white film dripping from her mouth and down to her tits and dress. Carrie had walked to the fridge for a drink and left a trail of white cum behind. She sat at the kitchen table and lit a cigarette, playing with the smoke before exhaling it in a plume above her head. Karen had pulled her tits out, pulling the dress down around her rib cage. Karen felt like a whore and loved it. She was safely cheating on her husband and it turned her on so much she couldn’t stand it. Shane had no idea that while he and their son Ryan were driving along the highway late at night, she was sucking and slurping some guy’s cock who was almost 20 years younger than she was. “So, where are Shane and Ryan at this weekend?” Carrie asked as she took a drag. Karen pulled the cock from her mouth, her lips and chin still connected by messy strings of spit and pussy juice from Carrie. “They went to a car show a car show in Mississippi.””Oooh…So Chris and I get to fuck you all weekend?” “Yup, even Monday ‘cuz it’s Labor Day, they’re staying longer.” She stuffed Chris’s cock back down her throat. She reached up with one hand and cupped and stroked his cock and shaft, the spit and frothy pussy juice mixture slick and piling up on her hand. Her other hand was between her legs viciously fingering herself. She stood up and grabbed Chris by the hand, pulling him into the living room. Carrie followed. Karen laid on her back and spread her legs wide, the pink dress piled up around her rib cage. Chris climbed between her legs and easily slid in to her welcoming pussy. Carrie sat in a big comfy chair to watch and smoke in silence. She felt her messy pussy smear against the fabric and as she crossed her long, thick legs, she felt even more cum squeeze out of her. Karen’s pussy was making it’s own “shlick shlick shlick” sound as Chris pounded away. The furniture was definitely going to need to be steam cleaned after this weekend.Chris was pushing off escort rus gaziantep of the armrest behind him with his foot to get deeper into Karen’s eager snatch. She could feel his cock so deep she thought it was in her stomach. “Fuck me baby…fuck me…That’s it…” Karen’s encouragement was quiet and her voice was beginning to get raspy and breathy. She turned her head and locked her eyes on Carrie’s. “You like watching your son fuck me? Huh? You like watching him fuck me?” Carrie watched her son’s ass flex and release, flex and release, flex and release as he kept drilling her insides. Karen’s eyes were glazed over in ecstasy. Chris grabbed Karen by her waist and took her to the ground. Carrie tossed a big pillow to him and he shoved it underneath Karen’s ass, lifting her hips in the air. He then slid his cock back inside while gripping her hips. She winced just like his mom did and he knew she liked it. He kept fucking her harder and harder, his cock drilling and pressing against her g-spot. Her quiet, breathless voice soon became something very different. Her chest was heaving. Her eyes were dilated like a predators. “Fuck me, baby…Fuck me!” Her screaming was becoming a growl. “Fuck me you mother fucker! Fuck me like you fuck your mom! Fuck me like you fuck mommy’s pussy! Yes! You mother fucker! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like Shane can’t! Fuck me! Hurt my pussy you mother fucker! Make it hurt! Break my fucking pussy! Make it worthless to him! Break my fucking pussy!” Karen was screaming as Chris’s pounding got harder and faster. He made sure to bottom out his cock on her cervix with every thrust, trying to go beyond and into her womb. He looked up at his mother and saw the look of pure lust in her eyes. She loved seeing him fucking a woman and having her scream like that. She put her cigarette in the ash tray and joined them. She sat on Karen’s face, straddling it with her knees and thighs on either side of her head. She lowered her wet pussy to Karen’s lips and she felt her mouth lock on to her wet lips. Karen sucked her labia and pulled at her clit piercing with her teeth. “Mmmm…good girl.” Carrie cooed. She began rocking her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy up and down Karen’s outstretched tongue. She pressed her hips down on Karen’s mouth. A quiet, muffled whimper escaped from between Carrie’s legs. Karen began to convulse and flex as she started cumming. Her pussy squirted and sprayed against Chris’s pelvis and stomach, dripping and leaking onto the carpet. He kept fucking the wet mess between her thighs. Carrie reached her hand out and rubbed Karen’s wet pelvis, massaging her tingling clit. “Go ahead and cum baby, you’ve worked hard enough.” Carrie locked her eyes on Chris’s. “Go ahead baby…cum for mommy…cum in Karen.” Chris went into overdrive and began viciously fucking Karen. He was doing just what she wanted, he was trying to break her pussy. The living room was filled with a wet, angry slapping sound as his thighs crashed against hers. He couldn’t stand it and as he gazed into his mother’s eyes, he erupted inside Karen’s pussy. he pulled her against his hips and pressed inside of her as hard as he could, stretching his cock at least another inch. He felt his hot cum swarm and surround his cock as it filled up her pussy. Carrie climbed off of Karen’s face, the wet vacuum between her pussy and ass on her face breaking with a quiet, slurping “pop”. Karen gasped for breath as she felt Chris continue to slowly slide in and out of her exhausted pussy. She just laid on the carpet with her legs spread wide and her arms at her side, like a whore who’s been used too hard. Karen’s face was white and shiny with juice, cum, sweat, and spit from eating out Carrie. Thick stringers of the mixture spread across her face as Carrie climbed off and a pool of the juices collected in the little pit in her neck. It all drained and rolled down to her tits as she sat up. Chris was leaning against the couch, his cock slowly becoming soft. It was covered in a thick coat of cum and pussy juice. A large blob of his cum was dangling from the tip of his cock and as it stretched down to the carpet it broke in it’s thin middle. He reached down and stroked the cum off of his cock and slurped it from his palm. He slid the thick glaze around on his tongue, enjoying the sweet and salty taste before swallowing it. He wanted more. Chris dropped to his knees and buried his face in Karen’s abused pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and spread wide. He licked a large glob of cum from deep between her ass cheeks and followed it up to her bright pink pit of a pussy. His tongue slid inside easily and he felt her press her hips upwards into his face. The longer he licked and sucked and slurped, the wetter his face became. His cheeks were covered with sweat and cum from her thighs. He drank as much of his cum and her pussy juice mixture as he could, enjoying her musky scent. Her hands explored his hair and she moaned. Chris pulled his sticky face from between Karen’s thighs and leaned back against the couch again. His mother was lighting a couple cigarettes for herself and Karen. Both women were covered in sweat and had a massive mess between their thighs. Chris laid down on the carpet, his head spinning from the long night of fucking. He heard his mom and Karen talking about something and giggling as the two of them disappeared into the bathroom. He heard the shower start running. “Oh Chrii-iis.” His mother’s voice echoed from the bathroom in a sing song fashion.”It’s time for a shoo-oower.” Karen’s voice chimed in also and the too giggled. Chris’s cock began to creep back to life as he stood up and walked to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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