Dance in Your (Under)Arms

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During the dinner dance, which continued for quite a long time, John and Sally became very cozy with each other. They proceeded to her apartment after the dance was over. As soon as they entered, John wrapped Sally in his inviting arms and gave her a soft hug.

Sally was wearing a tight halter-top. John is younger that Sally. John 35, Sally 42. Her shoulders were inviting and delicious. John nuzzled on her shoulder, taking in the beautiful aroma of the tanned skin of her shoulder. The skin was glistening with sweat. He could not resist planting a soft kiss on her broad shoulder.

“Uuummmmm..I love that shoulder kiss. Want more,” said Sally.

“Mmmmmmmmm…I’d love to,” said John.

He gave her shoulders big open mouthed kisses, with tongue tip twirling on the skin. Sally was squirming beneath those shoulder kisses.

The hug was becoming tighter and tighter. When John raised his lips from her shoulder, he found her beautiful sharp nose with his lips, and kissed the tip of her nose. Sally giggled.

John licked the tip of her nose with his tongue tip, and then licked the bridge of her nose several times. He tried to push his tongue into her nostrils, then grabbed her nose with his open lips and sucked her nose with all his might. Sally could not bring out her nose against the strong suction. With great effort she pulled out her nose, and sucked his nose into her mouth and gave a good suck.

They were enjoying the sweet embrace, with skin rubbing. Noses nuzzling each other’s neck, shoulders, upper arms. Then they found each others lips with a forceful vengeance, the lips instantly got glued tight, each were sucking the other’s lips with an extreme suction force. They were enjoying the lusty kiss for a long time.

The kiss passed through various phases of enjoyment, culminating into a huge open mouthed very slippery lusty kiss, lips sliding against each other, each vying to entrap the other, but not able to because of great saliva flow between their glued mouths, tongues darting back and forth in the mouth cavities, briefly entwining each other burdur seks hikayeleri and doing a tango inside their glued mouths.

Each was tasting the saliva, with cheeks hollowed to the extreme.

They released the lusty kiss with a slurping sound, but the embrace continued.

Then she raised one hand, showed her hairy armpit and invited him to sniff and taste. She had thick jet black hair in her armpits, not less than seven days growth.

John pushed his nose in her right armpit, tasted and sniffed it long and hard with nibbling & licking sounds, licking the armpit hair & flesh, munching her underarm hair.

She too raised his arm, and started kissing and nibbling in his armpits. Both were rubbing their noses vigorously and lustily in each other’s armpits. The lusty armpit kiss continued for long time. They never seemed to be tired of this.

John licked the tanned skin of her plump and smooth shoulders with long strokes of his tongue. John embraced Sally in a lusty tight embrace from behind, and rubbed his face on her back, nape of the neck, and her smooth shoulders.

Sally turned around her head, to receive a lusty tongue kiss from John. In this position, Sally lifted up her both arms to catch John’s head in reverse position.

John, still embracing Sally from behind, rubbed his nose on her shoulders and armpits and licked away. He exchanged numerous lustful kisses with Sally, and tasted and enjoyed her hairy underarms, particularly the thick black growth there, which was left unwashed for several days.

Sally now pulled John to her and they kissed and embraced fiercely. Sally’s strong body odor drove him mad. John was excited looking at her tanned arms, shoulders and armpits, with thick strands of moist jet black hair inside the armpits. He lustily sniffed her tanned shoulder skin.

John slid his fingers into the slippery armpits of Sally, and was feeling the lusty wet bush in her slippery armpits and pulling the armpit hair. Her underarm was dripping with sweat. Sally was enjoying and giggling.

John was rubbing his face and nose on Sally’s broad and soft tanned shoulders and kissing and licking her shoulders. He sucked her sharp nose again in his mouth and kissed her nose for a long time. Sally also kissed the tip of John’s nose, and wetted it.

“Urrrghmmmmmmmmm…your nose is sooooo very hot,” said John.

“Mmmmmmmm…C’mon, lick it, nibble and suck on it hard,” said Sally.

They were instantly in each other’s arms. John now the bridge of her beautiful nose with his tongue, and forced his tongue into each of her nostrils and tasted them, then engulfed her entire nose in his mouth and sucked hard. She breathed through her mouth, and forced her nose more in his mouth, and continued to suck her nose.

After sometime, she tried to withdraw her nose from his suction kiss, but could not, because of the force of his mouth suction. Then she forcefully pulled out her nose.

He again sucked on her nose. When he released her nose it was choppy and really dripping with a lot of saliva. Saliva was dropping from the tip.

Then John lifted Sally’s right arm and kissed her armpit. Her armpit odor was very hot. Sally was also very excited. John lustily sniffed her armpit smell and licked her bushy armpits.

Sally pushed her armpit into his face, and engaged in a lusty embrace after trapping his d**k in her soft and slippery hand, and nesting her nose and lips in his armpit, kissing and dripping with lots of saliva. John enjoyed her bushy underarms for a long time.

“Uhhhrrrrrmmmmm… your underarms are full of sweet nectar. Let me taste those luscious hairy pits with sweaty nectar,” said John with his face buried in her armpit.

“Aaaarrrrrmmmmmgggghhhhhmmnnn…suck it up, fill it with your sweet saliva, and let me taste the honey of your armpits,” she said.

While enjoying their frantic underarm kissing, Sally wrapped her fingers tight around his member and slowly guided him into her, and took him full and tight inside her. They humped into each other, clasped in the tightest lusty embrace, snug and tight all around.

Their lips again met in a fiery wet tight kiss with a nice lip-lock, each pulling away at the other’s lips, accompanied by lusty shoulder bites and nose sucking. The kiss turned into a powerful suction kiss, with their cheeks drawn inwards.

Sally thrust her sleek and long slippery tongue into John’s mouth, pushing along lot of saliva into his mouth, which he swallowed with relish. She then sucked in his tongue into her deep mouth, lapped up all his saliva.

Again she pushed her long nose into his mouth for another bout of nose play. He gripped her sharp nose in his toes and made her sniff the smell in between the toes. She did the same to him for a long time. The smell was exciting.

They again pulled into a lusty embrace and kiss. As the two slippery tongues were embracing each other and dancing a high-speed tango in the joined cavity of their mouths, their body embrace was growing tighter and lustier. Her two huge boobs were like two hands, clasping him from two sides. He held one boob at a time in his hands and sucked on the nipples and put his nose in her cleavage, and inhaled her body odor.

Again their lips sought out each other in a lusty kiss, and tight embrace. They were enjoying their kisses and embraces with lots of body rubbing and saliva sucking.

Their faces found their way to each other’s armpits once again, and after a number of strong and loud sniffing of the strong and pungent sweaty armpit odor, violent licking and drinking of the underarm nectar, heavy underarm kissing, they lustily clawed with their teeth and lips into each other’s underarm flesh.

They were sucking the sweaty smelly nectar of the armpits in one final dive, licking hard with long strokes of their tongues, and released the built-up tension together and ended the sweet, creamy and meaty quickie.

But the tight slippery embrace of the sweaty wet bodies, and smelly underarm kisses never seemed to stop. They were mad with the armpit kissing spree that followed. Their sweaty body odor made the kisses more and more lusty. They were lustily sniffing their pungent body odor, and hungrily kissing and biting each other’s armpits like mad..


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