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DanIt was a crummy day outside, almost no one was at the Gym, which was fine with me, I hated having to wait to use the equipment like when it was busy. There was one guy there who seemed as focused on his workout as I was. To say he was buff is an understatement and I had to admire his dedication to what he was doing. I went to one of the mirrors and checked my own progress, I have to admit it was almost laughable, I was beginning to think that I was simply destined to be that scrawny 90 pound weakling that people used to talk about. I glanced up as saw him watching me, I shrugged and went on with what I was doing. The showers were empty for a change and I took my time knowing I would have plenty of hot water to play with. I lathered up with soap and scrubbed away the daily dirt of both work and a workout and rinsed off. Behind me I heard another shower start up but didn’t look. I got my body was loving the way it lathered and began soaping up again. I remember humming some nameless tune as I spread the suds over my body, the lather feeling luxurious as I spread them around. I bent down to soap my legs and feet and happened to glance between my legs, he was watching me, actually he had stopped moving and was fixated on my ass. I kept washing feeling just a bit funny knowing my ass was waving around in the air. I squatted down and glanced in his direction, his eyes were closed as he washed his face and hair. God I thought, he was one hairy sum-bitch, as I was about to look away I saw it, half at half mast between his legs an awesome piece of meat, it was enough I tell you to give a normal person, (like me) an inferiority complex, as I was looking he flushed the water from his face and opened his eyes. I was caught, at first he gave me a hard look but said nothing. I finished soaping half turned away and moved to rinse myself türbanlı bursa escort off.”Like that did ya? said a voice in my ear, I jumped and half turned, the guy was right behind me almost touching me, What I stammered, and began to move away. A strong arm reached out and grabbed my own, he jerked me back and I literally slammed into his body. ‘Did you like what you were staring at? I saw you looking. Dude, I started,sssshhhh he said, I saw what you were waving around there I kinda like that myself.’ Hey, I started again, I think you have the wrong impression here, and tried to pull away. Really he said wrapping an arm around me, sliding his hand down below my waist, he found a quickly growing penis, that surprised me. So what’s this he said and he stroked me firmly and I have to admit it felt strangely good as I became aware of his hairy chest rubbing against my back. I even leaned back instead of pulling away, yeah, he said, and I could feel something poking and sliding around my ass cheeks. He quickly ran his hand between us and I could feel him slide his dick to the crack of my ass. He was well over 200 pounds and my 135 pound ass was no match for stopping him from taking what he wanted, and if I’m going to be truthful, maybe I wanted to give him what he wanted. My struggles seemed to make his member grow stronger, sliding up and down my crack. As it slid over my anus it seemed as if a charge of electricity caused it to tighten a bit. Here, he finally said, and turned me and almost instantly forced me to my knees. I was surprised, it was about nine inches, and as fat as a baby’s forearm, maybe a bit larger, the head as easily as big as a baby’s fist. No command was given, my tongue flicked out sliding under the head. There was only the slightest hint of soap, and türbanlı bursa escort bayan the warm water continued to flow down his body and over his dick. From bast to tip, up one side down the other, I licked, and kissed. His hands went from my shoulder to the back of my head, he flexed his hips forward and my mouth opened and took him in. At least as much as I could get in. Less than half of him was in when he hit the entrance to my throat. Side to side I rotated my head, sucking heartily as I worked slowly back to the tip. My tongue danced along the underside and I forced myself forward until he again lodged against my throat. I released him, pushed his dick against his stomach and attacked his huge balls. Unable to get both into my mouth I took first one then the other, I glanced up and there was a fully satisfied smile fixed on his face. Rising slightly I licked both the head of his dick and his muscled stomach, he shimmied and shook side to side as if he were trying to get me to take him back into my mouth. He may of forced this on me, (hah!) but I was in control now. From hip to hip kissing, licking and sucking I went. Suddenlt he grabbed the sides of my head and held me still and moved his hips so that his dick worked its way along my face. I opened my mouth but he proved that he could tease as well as I could keeping his dick just out of reach of my mouth. Then he tired of the by play and allowed me to take it in. Slowly he flexed forward, to the entrance of my throat, then reversed. Again he came forward, this time pulling me toward him but getting a bit more into my throat. I shifted a bit, he as well and we repeated the process, this time he held me a bit longer and shook his hips, more slid inside. I was almost gagging when he retreated, coming forward türbanlı escort bursa a bit quicker this time, he held me and seemed to lean in harder, when he retreated I got more air into my lungs and he pushed himself firmly forward sliding in deeper. There was a pop, and almost all of him slid into my throat. He waited a few seconds then retreated about halfway and slammed forward again. I tried to put my hand on his base he slapped it away and began a steady and forceful rocking into my face. After a bit he slammed forward again and I swear I had my face buried into his gut, only his balls remained outside. Yeah, he yelled in triumph, Fuck yeah, and the assault began. Back and forth, slamming into my throat, me sucking away like a champ. By watching his rhythm i was able to breath and suck and before long I felt him swell a bit, and the surge before the eruption. He slammed forward, going as deep as he could, pulse after pulse sliding directly into my gullet and down into my gut. I was almost out of air when he stepped back, he didn’t leave my mouth but left himself to seep onto my tongue. When he did step away he pulled me to my feet, Damn, he said, my wife has never taken that much in,’ One of the gym attendants came into the area, ‘We’ll be closing early he said, the storm is getting worse outside. He looked at us a bit funny, but said nothing more turned and left. Neither of us said much, both went to our respective showers and rinsed off completely. I was half dressed when he walked to my locker and stopped beside me. You know what little buddy, I think I’m going to just have to Fuck you next time. i laughed looking up at him, ‘Not with that damn thing I said, in a whisper.’ He stepped closed and whispered, I think you can surprise yourself when we try it. He winked, I didn’t look away, he reached down and took my hand and placed it on his pants front. He winked again I could feel it starting to rise beneath his pants, without another word he turned and walked away. Before he turned the corner to go to his locker he stopped and turned, by the way, my name is Dan, he didn’t wait for a reply, and was gone. For some reason, my butt began to twitch, in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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