Dad’s Little Room – Part 6

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Dad’s Little Room – Part 6By: Q12Dad(m/m m/t mast oral anal inc)After Nick got dressed and left, Sam went back into his little room to see what his son John was doing. When he got in there he saw his son laying on the cot, stroking his hard cock, which was leaking precum all over his pumping hand. His son was fingering his asshole as he stroked his cock. Sam went to the trunk and pulled out one of his dildos. He greased it up with his lube and went to the cot where John was now starting to really moan out loud.”Did you see me and Nick cum?” he asked John.”God, it was so hot Dad. I had no idea Nick would get into it with you like that. He looked so hot and horny when you were jerking him off and holding your hot cock next to his.”Sam sat down on the bed and started rubbing the dildo around John’s asshole. He touched the tip of the dildo to John’s cock head and picked up a big glob of precum from his cock tip and then he moved it back to the opening of John’s ass. John was watching him the whole time and continued stroking his hard cock.”Your hot cock looks like it’s about to explode John. Are you ready to cum? Just thinking about Nick must be making you really horny, huh? Think about his nice young smooth cock. Think about it getting harder and harder in your hands. Think about his nice smooth ass and rubbing your hands all over them. Think about touching your cock to his. Rubbing each other’s precum into the others cock head. Oh, yeah, Nick’s hot, John. He wants you to jack his cock for him.”Sam was rubbing the tip of the dildo against John’s asshole very lightly, smearing the lube and precum all over the outer lips of his sons hole. The hole started to open slightly and Sam inserted the tip into it slowly. He twisted the dildo a little and pumped it in just a little bit. John’s legs spread even further, and his hips started lifting off the bed to meet the touch of the cock at his asshole. His cock was really leaking precum now, and it coated his whole cock and dripped down his fingers onto his balls and into his asshole making the dildo slip bahis firmaları even easier.”Your asshole looks really pink and hot, John. Does it want this hard plastic cock up it? Push your asshole around it John. Take this cock up your hole while you jerk that hot cock.” John’s hips lifted up off the bed and moved toward Sam’s hand, which held the dildo, and Sam pushed the dildo into John’s hole. It slid right in easily. Sam started pumping it slowly back and forth. In and out of his sons hot asshole. Sam had cum just a half hour ago but this site of his son’s asshole and jacking off was making his cock hard again. He reached down and started stroking it with his other hand while he fucked John’s asshole with the dildo.Sam could smell the hot man smells coming from John’s crotch and it really started making him horny. He hadn’t had his cock in another man’s asshole in quite a few days and he still hadn’t fucked his son. He wondered what John would do if he tried to put his cock in him instead of the dildo. He got up on his knees and moved between John’s spread legs.John looked down and saw his Dad stroking his now hard erection, while he was fucking the dildo into his asshole. Sam knew that John liked looking at his hard cock, so he stroked it with long strokes and started moaning.”Oh, John, your cock looks so hot. Make it squirt some more precum out the tip. I want to see it get all greasy and slimy. It makes my cock get so fucking horny. Look at my cock John. It’s almost ready to cum again after I just jacked off with your own son a half hour ago. Your hot ass and cock are too much for me. Look at me stroke my big hard cock. It’s so hard and horny — because of you John. It’s so hot looking at your big hard cock while you jerk it off. Look at my cock tip John. It’s completely flared out and pumping blood into my bulging veins. Doesn’t my cock look hot John.”John was watching his father’s cock get harder and hotter. He was really attracted to looking at that hard cock. It made him very hot to see cocks. Big, hard, hot, greasy, cocks. Cocks kaçak iddaa with precum drooling out their tips. Cocks with veins bulging and big purple heads. Cocks with big hairy balls hanging down. Cocks, cocks, cocks. John was starting to picture cocks everywhere. He remembered his sons hard cock just a few minutes ago being stroked by his father in the next room. God, Nick’s cock looked so hot. He was going to have to feel that cock somehow, soon.”Dad, your cock is really getting me horny and that dildo is really making my asshole feel great. I think I’d like you to try putting your hard cock in my asshole instead of that dildo. Would you?”Sam, pulled the dildo out and slid up on the bed closer to John’s asshole. He touched his hard cock to John’s asshole and rubbed it around the rim slowly. This started to drive John crazy with lust and Sam knew he could get his son to beg him to fuck him if he kept it up. Precum was now coming out of Sam’s cock and he rubbed it all over John’s asshole and then he smeared it over the rest of his hard cock. He kept rubbing his slimy cock all over John’s asshole and ass cheeks making everything greasy with his lube. The smells coming from their crotches were making them both hornier than hell.”Are you ready for this hot cock of mine John? I’m gonna stick it in your hot asshole now and you won’t believe how good it’s gonna feel. You thought you were enjoying man to man sex before. But you haven’t felt anything until you feel another guy’s hot cock go up your asshole and hit your prostate a few times. Your cock will feel like it’s gonna explode.””Fuck me Dad. Fuck that big cock up my hot ass. I want to feel it going in.” Sam started pushing the tip of his cock into his son’s asshole and it started sliding in easily. He had worked his son up so much that the hole opened up and swallowed his whole cock. Sam’s balls were now banging on his son’s ass, as his cock was fully inserted into Johns ass.John yelled out, “Oh, fuck me Dad. That feels so fucking hot. Your cock in my ass is making my cock so hot. Look at kaçak bahis the precum coming out of my cock hole now. It’s never dripped like that before. Your cock is pumping it out of my cock. Keep fucking me Dad… Harder… Faster… Fuck that hard cock into me.”Sam was fucking his son’s ass like he had fucked so many other Asses, but this time he was hotter than ever. He couldn’t believe how horny this made him knowing it was his son yelling at him to fuck him harder. He watched his son’s cock get hard and saw John’s balls start to pull up near the base of cock. He was gonna cum any minute now and Sam wanted to cum right with him.”Are you gonna cum, son? Is your cock ready to spew its big load all over your face and chest. Make it cum in big spurts. You know you want this to be the best cum you’ve ever had so far in your life. Your Dad is fucking your virgin asshole. My hot cock, which was just in the hands of your own son, Nick, a little while ago being jerked off by that k** until it came all over both of us, is now up your ass ready to make you explode. Pump your hips into my cock, John. Spread your legs farther, so I can get in as far as possible. Oh, I’m ready to cum up your ass son. I’m gonna pump a huge load of cum in your hole boy.”Sam and John were both pumping and moaning loudly now, and John was stroking his own cock faster and faster, while his father was fucking him in the ass and holding John’s legs apart with his hands pumping in to his ass in long full strokes.”Ohhhhhhhhhh, Dad, I’m cumming now. Pump my ass full of your cum. Fuck me Dad. Cum in my ass.” Sam yelled out and started pumping his load into John’s hole while watching his son’s cock spray huge spurts of white sticky cum all over his face, neck and chest. He had never seen such a big load cum out of a cock. There were ten big spurts and John was moaning with each spurt of cum from his hot cock.Sam’s orgasm in his son’s ass was one of the best he’d ever felt. John’s virgin hole was as tight as any he’d had before, but being his son’s made it seem so much hotter and sexier. His cum started leaking out the sides of his cock and dribbled down John’s hot ass onto the bed. Sam fell on top of his son and smeared the cum between their bodies as they moaned in exhaustion from their mutual orgasms.

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