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Subject: Daddy’s Special Soldiers Chapter 1 Nifty gives us a vast resource of adult literature with thousands of stories to suit all tastes. Please consider making a donation no matter how small to keep this archive fty/ This story is a work of fiction, all characters have no bearing or resemblance to anyone living or dead. This story contains sexual situations and is intended for adults only, if you are below legal age or are offended by sexual acts between an adult and minor children or you are prohibited from reading such matter then please leave now. Daddy’s Special Soldiers M/b/b Chapter 1 I’d been at work about six hours when my phoned pinged to tell me there was a text message, glancing at the screen I saw it was from the my wife Lisa. My heart immediately sank, what had I done now was my first thought, lately no matter what I do or how much I earn it’s never enough. I’m a delivery driver so I pulled in at the next space and started to read the message, it was a diatribe of negativity not only about me but also our boys. How none of us appreciate her and the sacrifices she’s made, blah, blah, blah… so, she continued she’s packed her bags and the things she wants from the house, taken the dog and moved out. Divorce papers will come shortly in the post ending nine years of marriage. P.S I don’t want the kids. Mixed emotions sped across my brain, a huge relief that she’d gone – neither of us were happy, but how was I going to tell our boys that their mother loved the dog more than them? That rejection shit can fuck you up for years, but I was determined they’d not suffer for either her or my actions. I called the boss and explained, he was great I headed back to the depot so I could finish early and get the boys from school. None of the other parents looked me in the eye while stood there waiting in line, seems Lisa’s departure wasn’t a secret to them, just us. The boys were ecstatic when they saw me, Davey screamed `DADDY!’ And jumped into my arms whilst Eric my eldest hugged my legs, it was the best feeling in the world, no matter the shit going in my life I knew I had my special soldiers. Five minutes later we were off on our way home, they asked where their mother was, I thought about sugar coating it but explained as simply as I could that she wasn’t happy so she’d gone away to grandma’s for a bit. They thought it was a huge adventure when I said it’d be just us `men’ for a while, especially when I asked them if the new what day it was. `Fwiday’ said Eric the oldest, `yup that it is buddy’ I said, `and you know what we do on a Friday?’ I asked looking at them both in the rear view mirror. I watched as compression dawned, huge smiles spread across their now happy faces. `Peeeetha!’ they screamed in unison almost deafening me! `Yeah that’s right, pizza and a beer for me and pizza and fizz for you! We’ll have a boys night in, just us soldiers, just us men!’ They both screamed their excitement and started chatting to each other as we made our way home all thoughts of their mother completely forgotten, kids are so resilient. As soon as we got in the boys headed to their room we’d worked out on our way home that I’d order the pizza for an hours time, we’d have plenty of time for me to run their bath and while they’d bathe I’d jump in the shower. I filled the bath and added plenty of bubbles, then I lifted them both into the tub tipped their basket of toys in with them and stripped off, I got in the shower to the sound of playing and giggles. I had the water on pretty hard and let the spray take the stress of the day away, I glanced at the boys through the glass of the shower stall, they’d completely forgotten their dad was there. All that mattered was splashing in the warm water, throwing the bubbles in the air, playing with various submarines, buckets and sponges. I got the soap and began working the bar over my chest, I’m in pretty good shape I still work out three times a week in the garage with my weights. My pecs are pretty defined but I’m a hairy bugger, thick black hair covers the whole of my chest and abdomen with swirls around my nipples, it’s not corse hair but soft and downey like feathers. I work up a good lather, as I smooth the soap over my nipples I sigh, the sensitive skin hardens and the nubs stick up prominently. I chub up a little but continue working the lather over me. I soap my flat stomach and start cleaning my cock, it’s really fattened up and I pull the foreskin back revealing the purple knob. I soap it good, and I harden more, I gently start wanking and the soap makes my hand glide so easily back and forth. My other hand works my nipple, I softly try and twist the soapy flesh but I don’t get much grip, but it still feels good. It’s been over a week since I’d last cum, so my balls were full and heavy, I had that dull ache you get when you know they need emptying. My hand slid faster over the hard flesh, I’m not hung just under eight inches but I’m thick, a real handful. Slap, slap, slap was the only sound as my hand worked my shaft, I leave my nipple alone and briefly cup my heavy smooth balls, I let my fingers travel along to my ass. As I brush them over the sensitive skin my nerves sends out mini shocks through out my body, I slip my index finger in my hole, I groan loudly. The sound awakens something in me and I glance over to the bath, both my boys are kneeling sideways in the tub watching me work my shaft and fingering my ass. They’re enraptured their hands clenching the bath rim, they’re staring intensely at my hand as it works my shaft. I’m completely shocked, şişli travesti at what I was doing in the shower in front of my kids, I turn my back on them and go back under the spray of water, turn it to cold not just to rinse off but to make my aching cock go down. I clear my throat and tell them I hope they’re sparkly clean, I hear water sloshing as they go back to their washing and they reply `yes daddy.’ I get out the shower wrapping a towel securely around my waist, then get each of the boys out and wrap them up too. My cocks still slightly clubbed but nothing they’d notice. We’re head down the stairs when the bell rings, `Peeeeetha! They scream and rush for the door! I open the door expecting the usual lad who delivers to us only to find a guy nearly about my age, maybe a year or two younger he must be twenty four or so, he stares at my chest and I see his eyes lower to my towel covered cock. He looks back at me and grins, the boys are jumping up and down excited and the inevitable happens their towels fall down. Their tiny little cockletts are bouncing as well, but they don’t care about having no clothes on, rightly there’s no shame or embarrassment from them. The pizza guy Andrew, I see from his name badge stares at them with a sudden hunger in his eyes. His eyes flick back to me, my cock then my boys. I don’t like the way he looks at them, I hold my hand out for the pizza’s and he fumbles almost dropping them he’s so flustered. I tip him and he starts heading back to his car, glancing over his shoulder as I close the door. Fucking pervert I think as I close it and lock it securely. We go straight into the den, the boys are happy to stay naked and as it’s just us men as I told them they could stay like that. They love this room there’s a big eighty-five inch t.v in here, it’s a real man cave, by the sofa there’s even a min- fridge stocked with beer for me and sodas for them. I grab a beer for me and Pepsi for the boys, thirty minutes later five beers later we’re stuffed and I have that feel good buzz. I’ve put sponge Bob on the T.V for Davey my youngest whilst Eric plays on my iPad. I’m dreaming, I can hear my wife talking slutty, `you want this pussy baby’ she coos to me. I feel my cock start to chub I love dreams like this. `Oh yeah baby, I want it’ I say. I hear her high heels click on the wood flooring as she approaches me, I feel her hot breath on my chest. I gasp as I feel my nipples start being chewed, my cock I can feel is straining, I know that copious amounts of precum is dripping from my piss slit. I feel my foreskin pulled back and fingers rubbing the pearly juice over the glans. I let out a low moan, I feel another finger on my ass hole I open my legs wider as it rubs over the puckered flesh. Suck my cock I hear my voice say, and a warm tongue flicks over the head, there’s still a mouth on my nipple and the the other one now has fingers that begin pulling the engorged nub. But somethings puzzling me, even in my dream I realised that I have a tongue on my cock, one of my nipples is still being chewed, expertly I might add – the other pulled tight. There’s a hand softly wanking my hard cock and a finger in my hot ass hole. My wife’s still talking dirty to me. Too many hands and mouths, how can she speak such delightful disgustingly sexy talk with her tongue in my piss slit. I open my eyes instantly awake and very much aware of what’s going on before me. I stare stunned, I’m laid in a long straight line I’m sat where I feel asleep on the middle seat of the sofa my legs spread wide. My towels has been opened wide and is draped either side of me on each side of me are my boys, as I look at my chest I can see Davey eyes closed lost in concentration as he chews on my right nipple. His pudgy little fingers firmly grasp my left nub and is pulling it taught, he breaths through his nose heavily. All I see of Eric is a mop of dark brown hair, but I know only to well what he’s doing. I feel his tongue flicking over the head of my cock lapping up the sweet honey leaking from my piss slit, his hand works my shaft slowly up and down. His other hand although out of my sight is clearly the one working my asshole. They’re far to involved in their `work’ to notice I’m now wide awake, I hear Lisa saying `come on big man, you know you want this pussy, you know you want to eat me, to fuck me.’ I glance to the side and there’s my iPad playing a little bit of home pornography we made a few years back when things were still very good between us. I kept it there for a crafty wank at work when needed! I looked back at my boys, my special soldiers I knew what they were doing was wrong. I thought of the pervy pizza man earlier, that’s not me I wasn’t some pervy pedo dad molesting his kids. But for the life of me and I don’t know why, I didn’t didn’t stop what they were doing. Lisa could stand me to touch her anymore all I had was my hand and she frowned on my wanking. Now with what my boys were doing it felt so good – I’d been so good over two years since she’d touched my cock. With the amazing feelings they were giving me I just couldn’t stop them, they we’re making me feel so good. I rested my hand on Eric’s head and pushed him down a bit, he turned so I could see the purple tip of my throbbing cock just inside his lips. He looked worried, but I smiled at him. `Good boy’ I said. `I want you to cover your teeth with your lips, like this’ I said showing him. `Then with them covered I want you to put my cock in your mouth and start to suck.’ I felt the heat of his mouth engulf the head of my shaft, beylikdüzü travesti I thought was going to blow straight away, I pinched the base of my meat to hold off. I breathed deeply and watched as my son began to suckle on my cock. His mouth was stretched wider than I thought possible and he still didn’t have the whole of the purple helmet in his mouth. I grasped the back of his head and pulled him towards my groin, a soundless pop and the head was in full in his little mouth. His top lip had uncovered his teeth but they weren’t yet scraping my cock, but his lip was pushed up tight against his little button nose. Davey had stoped chewing my nipple and was looking at his big brother with a mouth full of daddy cock. I smiled at him as he looked at me, I pulled him up close so we could look into each other’s eyes. I leant in close to him and my lips pressed against his. He giggled as he always did when I kissed him, my moustache and beard tickled his face he always said. I slipped my tongue into his giggling mouth, his eyes opened wide in surprise, as I began to lick the inside of his little mouth. His lips closed over my tongue, sucking on it tasting my saliva, I brought both my hands up and began caressing his small body. His skin was satin smooth, I let my thumbs rub over his tiny nipples the calluses on them stimulating them so they were tiny points. I gently began pulling them softly twisting them, there was a little confusion on his face he was unsure of how it felt at first. I could see him thinking was it pain or pleasure, as the good sensations began to flood his body I leaned in and we kissed again, no giggling this time. Our lips pressed together, his tongue darted out to meet mine, he was clearly like his daddy a fast learner. I let one nipple go, and smoothed it down his back and his little ass filled my one hand. I let my fingers slide up the crevice of the valley of his ass. Eric was still suckling for all he was worth, his cheeks puffing out as I was filling his mouth with lots of daddy precum. Every so often I’d take a hand off Davey and ruffle Eric’s hair to let him know he was doing good. All manner of filthy thoughts were suddenly running through my head at what I could be doing with my boys, just what were the possibilities I wondered? I told Davey to stand up he placed a foot either side of my body, his waist was at my eye line his boy nail soft in front of me. I was about to change that and turn this little boy into an insatiable sex toy, I pulled him closer opened my mouth and engulfed his cocklett and balls. I’ve sucked a cock a time or two in my late teens, so I knew how to make a man feel good so I applied that same principle to my boys little spike. I lathered his ball and cocklett with my tongue repeatedly working over the tiny boy flesh, I felt him begin to grow hard. He rested his hands on the top of head, my hands on his hips guiding him, pulling him slowly back then gently forwards. Get him used to the idea of pumping his daddy’s mouth with his tiny boy nail, my bushy moustache coating the smooth hairless groin. It was a fascinating sight, hairless then hairy, hairless then hairy, I let his tiny balls slide out of my mouth and worked in the tiny cocklett. I suckled at first on the smooth head his foreskin had retracted back so I could now focus on his glans, sending a multitude of sensations through his small body. He was beginning to pump my face now without my help so I could begin to focus on smoothing the soft white mounds of his tiny ass. I let one hand work on his crack, seeking out the little pink starfish. I used my considerable strength and pulled Eric on to his side on the sofa, his mouth was clamped around my man cock, there was no way that fucker was exiting his suck hole without me first depositing a huge load in his tummy before it would shrink enough to get it out. While he continuously suckled me, I suckled Davey and fondled his pink starfish. I also begin to work on Eric’s boy cunt. I slid a finger into my mouth with Daley’s cocklett before inserting the digit up to the first knuckle into Eric’s warm pussy. He squirmed a bit so I guess it wasn’t completely comfortable, I’ll clearly need more lube to achieve what I wanted I thought to myself. Time for a rearrange, I let Davey’s cocklett slip from my mouth reached for the lube on the min-fridge, I placed the head of the tube into Eric’s ass crack searching out his cunt. I slipped the nozzle head in and squirted more than I intended in to that tight chute, almost a quarter of the tube, my fingers were coated in the blow back. I got Davey back in front of me and began letting him pound my face pumping his nail in to my mouth. He was really giving it some, his breathing was coming hard, his little chest heaving from the exertion of approaching his first dry orgasam. My fingers easily slipped in to the valley of Eric’s ass finding his slick boy pussy, my index finger once again slipped inside much easier this time. I just put the tip in now, gliding it around getting him used to the intrusion, I began to slide it in and out working more and more in to him. I was lost in pleasure, Eric’s jaw must be killing him by now I thought, he’d been clamped to my cock for nearly ten minutes. But I had no intention of letting him off it before I fed the little fucker a huge daddy load. Another few minutes and he had the whole index finger up to my hand in his cunt, I’d found his prostate and took great pleasure stimulating it. I began then to slide the tip of a my middle finger in with the index finger, I wanted istanbul travesti his twat nice and loose. It’d need to be if he was going to sit on my fat daddy cock tonight. Dave’s rhythm was beginning to get erratic he was clearly getting closer still to his first dry orgasam, Eric was suckling for all he was worth. Both my fingers now plunging deeply in to his tight boy cunt. I could feel my balls start to churn, what felt like bolts of lightning starting their journey from my balls and up my shaft. In a second it was too late to stop, both Davey and I were cuming. Davey’s grip tightened around my head, he held on for all he was worth as he began to shudder, his unbroken voice groaned, it was so high in its pitch as he groaned as it escaped his mouth. I felt his cocklett swelling in my mouth as his pelvis violently rocked against my chin and mouth as he experienced his first orgasam. My balls retracted close to my body as I began to seed Eric’s face cunt, Davey’s cocklett slipped from my mouth as I let out a deep groan of pleasure. I felt my cum speed up my urethra and blast out my piss slit, `I’m cumming, my baby boy’ I shouted to everyone and no one. I felt the first shot leave my cock head, I half expected the back of Eric’s head to be blown off from the force of the blast. Still the dirty little fucker suckled, swallowing his nasty daddy’s sperm. Another blast sent me pressing in to the back of the sofa, my toes had curled from the intense pleasure, I’d plunged my fingers deep into his cunt and was still working his hole as yet another blast and another followed. There was so much cum he was filling up, he was choking on my daddy seed. The near airtight seal around my cock and his lips had ruptured as my cum seeped out and was dripping down his chin. He was so full he’d coughed and some had even come out his nose. He was so full of his daddy’s milk if he did get some air he’d drown. Even his lips had a blue tinge to them, my cock had softened slightly and he spat it out and took great lungfuls of air. I looked at my boys, my special soldiers, Davey now collapsed on the sofa spent and exhausted from his first boygasam, Eric sat there drenched in my cum, tears drying on his face from the face pounding he’d just gotten. I reached up to his face and wiped his tears away, then scooped up a finger full of cum and brought it to my mouth. He watched fascinated as I began eating my load, I scooped up some more, and this time I fed it to him. `Eat it for daddy’ I said as his lips closed over my finger. `Your my big boy Eric, I’m so proud of you. Your mother never made me feel like that, she couldn’t do what you did.’ I tell him. He smiles at me a huge grin that lights his whole face up, I stand up and pat the sofa where I was sitting. `Lay back like daddy was’ I tell him. He sits and I lower my head to his cocklett, I breath over him my cool breath making goosebumps rise on his sensitive skin. `You made daddy feel sooooooo good.’ I tell him `now I’m going to make you feel just as good if not better than you made me feel.’ I pull back his foreskin with two fingers revealing the purple knob head, I let my tongue glide over his piss slit. He never takes his eyes of me as I begin to lick his glans, I place my other hand back near his asshole and slip my fingers back in his cunt and slowly work them back and forth over his prostate. Small gasps are involuntary escaping him, a sensory overload as the sensation spread from his cocklett, to his boy cunt to his brain. I’m finger fucking him quite hard now, his tiny anus has stretched nicely to accommodate my two fat fingers, soft squelching is the only sound in the room. I continue to work on his boy nub his hips begin to rise on their own as natural instinct takes over, he’s softly groaning now. I’m moaning as well, I’d forgotten I could have such enjoyment from cock sucking. Knowing it’s my own preteen boy I’m engulfing in my mouth makes it even more forbidden and exciting, my cock has hardened again as I eat my little lads boy meat. He’s pumping furiously now I’m holding my fingers still as he works his hips up and down, as he fucks himself mercilessly. His tiny ass cheeks pound my hand, as he slaps down each pass sends my fingers over his prostate sending fire shooting through his tiny body. One final thrust and he screams his pleasure to the universe, his chest is heaving, I can see his heart pounding in his chest. I sit back on my haunches I look at Eric splayed out before me, I’m so proud of him and of Davey now soundly asleep. I smile at Eric, `I love you little man’ I say. He smiles back, I lean in and ask him to kiss me, `like Davey kissed you?’ He asks. `Ohhhh yeah like that’ I say. He sits up and we lean into each other, our lips softly meet and my tongue slips into his mouth. We kiss deeply and as we part a thin line of spittle hangs between us. `You ready for some more pleasure I ask him, more tingles that make you want to scream?’ His eyes widened, and he nods. I’m hard as hell and I’m ready for some boy pussy, I know I’m going to need to work on his cunt, but what to do first? Do I carry on fingering him, start eating that sweet boy pussy or get the dildo from upstairs and work that in and watch him fuck himself first? Decisions, decisions… no I decide, the first thing up that tight little cunt will be my cock, I look at it hidden in the mounds of alabaster ass flesh. I lean my head down as I raise his legs and hold them in one hand they’re so small, I see his moist cunt, I inhaled deeply. Soap ass flesh and that unmistakable smell of a young boy flood my nose, my lips brush the pink rosebud, my lips form a seal on his ring and I suck. God I’m hungry and boy ass is on the menu tonight, and I’m determined it’s going to be a banquet fit for a king. To be continued… Constructive comments ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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