Daddy’s Dream

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Daddy’s DreamMy business meeting up in town ended sooner than I expected and I’ve come home early from work, long before my wife’s due back. As soon as I open the front door I see them. A girl’s school uniform grey pleated skirt tossed on the hall rug and a girl’s knickers and sheer black tights on the stairs. They’re the knickers my eighteen year old daughter wears to school, in thin white cotton as brief as school regulations let her get away with. I know that because I’ve been through her underwear drawer and laundry basket so many times and masturbated over them. From upstairs I hear a girl giggle then another girl’s excited squeal! I make my way stealthily up the stairs …My daughter’s bedroom door is ajar. I peep through. s**ttered around my daughter’s bed are other bits of girl’s school uniform: another skirt, a white blouse, school neckties, two white bras and another pair of white schoolgirl knickers. And there on the bed both nude are my daughter Linda and her best friend from school, pretty little blonde Suzanne. As I watch, my daughter and Suzanne romp, wrestle and wrap themselves round each other naked on the bed, kissing and feeling each other all over. They kiss with lips and tongues meeting, and with my daughter’s dark hair and Suzanne’s blonde tangling in their wild passion. They lick and kiss each other’s breasts and all over their naked bodies. My daughter kisses Suzanne’s smooth young sex mound and Suzanne’s tongue ruffles my daughter’s dark pubic hair. They rub their cunts against each other’s nipples, and get into scissors position to rub their cunts together. They giggle, squeal and grunt like a****ls as their young bodies squirm in pulses of sex pleasure. I feel my penis rise. My daughter’s naked body is everything I’ve imagined when I’ve masturbated thinking of her and ogling my holiday pictures of her in her tiny bikini. Long smooth legs, big firm young breasts, a neat dark landing strip of young fur between her legs, smoothly round bum cheeks that quiver as she moves. And Suzanne too! In my dreams with my penis hard in my hand I’ve undressed Suzanne, imagined her nude in porn poses and shagged her in every position I can think of. Now she’s nude in front of my eyes! I quietly ease out my penis. Its fully erect now, seven hungry inches of hard muscle. I hang my daughter’s white knickers on my hard up shaft and gently finger my lust swollen penis head.The kaçak iddaa girls’ naked young bodies arch and sprawl into poses as hot as any I’ve ogled in porn. Their legs spread wide, their bottoms thrust and quiver, their breasts bounce and swing. Suddenly Suzanne rolls onto her back, spreads her legs and reaches up toward my daughter. Linda mounts Suzanne in 69 position astride Suzanne’s blonde head and leans over her so her breasts swing over Suzanne’s belly. Suzanne folds her legs up till her knees are near her shoulders, like my excited wife does when she’s frantic for me to enter her. My daughter’s fingers, lips and tongue pleasure Suzanne’s pussy. Even from the door I can see my daughter’s cunt fur peeping below her bum cheeks, and Suzanne’s vagina’s swollen and juice sodden with her labia peeping out with arousal. My daughter’s fingers smoothly and rhythmically stroke Suzanne’s vagina lips, getting her squirming and crying out with sex pleasure. I can tell Suzanne’s excitement is rising. She clutches my daughter’s thighs and excitedly kisses and licks my daughter’s pussy. Now as Suzanne’s arousal mounts Linda’s fingers do what my wife likes, circling and criss crossing Suzanne’s clit.Suzanne climaxes explosively, crying out, wrapping her legs over my daughter’s back, thrusting her hips up against my daughter’s face, grabbing my daughter’s bottom to pull her down and pressing her face against my daughter’s pussy as she judders in her orgasm pleasure. Finally, with a deep sigh Suzanne lets go of my daughter and flops down under her. My penis is iron hard!My daughter climbs off Suzanne. Then my daughter turns, looks straight toward me and grins.“Did you enjoy watching us, daddy? Don’t just stand there. Come and join us!”Suzanne gasps with horror and franticly but unsuccessfully tries to cover her cunt and breasts with her hands. I walk into the bedroom. My erect penis is sticking out of my trousers with my daughter’s white cotton knickers hanging on my shaft. Suzanne grins, visibly relaxes, and removes her hands from her breasts and between her legs.My daughter does the splits on the bed, sitting with her legs so wide they’re pointing in opposite directions pulling her dark fur ringed vagina open gaping wide, and leaning back on her hands so her big young breasts swing up and out. “You’re always trying to see me nude, daddy. Is my naked body as good as you imagine? I’m a big kaçak bahis girl now with boobs and cunt hair between my legs like those girls in the pictures you look at. Go on daddy, show us that big hard cock you wank thinking of fucking me.” With my daughter and Suzanne eagerly watching I strip naked. I stand with my legs spread with my seven inches of hard muscle thrust toward them bending up from the thick bush round my balls, quivering stiffly. I enjoy the erotic pleasure of showing my naked erect penis to girls.“It’s so big!” Suzanne gasps. “Bigger than my father’s!”My daughter moves quickly forward. Her light fingers explore my manhood, stroking my straining shaft, tickling my balls, ruffling my pubic hair and reaching under me to tickle my arse. She leans forward to lick my penis head then takes my whole knob into her mouth and massages it with her lips and tongue. Then she kneels with her legs wide in front of me.“Touch me!”My hands explore my daughter’s naked body, the big soft breasts I’ve ogled through her thin school blouse, her long smooth legs that look so good in her sheer black school uniform tights, her soft round bottom, and above all her soft pubic hair and her juice sodden vagina lips I’ve dreamed of when I’ve glimpsed her knickers. “I know you play with my knickers daddy.” Linda continues. “Lets see you wearing them!”I put my daughter’s tiny white cotton knickers on. My erect penis pushes them out in a huge cone with my pubic hair and balls showing at the sides. They’re too small to cover my cock and my penis slides out so half my length is poking out above the top hem.“Go on daddy. Lets watch you wank your cock off!”I pull my daughter’s knickers off and toss them onto the bed. Standing next to her bed naked I spread my legs and brace myself for pleasure. I wrap my hand round my hard shaft and begin to stroke and tug. I’ve barely started when Suzanne cries out.“Oooooh! Let me! I’ve never hand jobbed a boy. Show me how to do it Linda You’ve wanked boys!” Suzanne gets off the bed, stands next to me, snuggles next to me so her big soft breasts press against my arm and her cunt is against my thigh. Her petite young hand replaces mine round my shaft and explores my sex kit like she’s a virgin who’s never felt a guy before. While Suzanne plays with me, my hands explore Suzanne’s breasts, bottom and her exquisitely smooth young thighs.“That’s right Suzanne,” says my illegal bahis daughter. “Tickle his balls and shaft for a bit so he’s really hard.” It doesn’t take much for Suzanne’s light fingers on my balls, my shaft and my inner thighs to tease my shaft almost to snapping point, to get my knob wet with pre cum and me frantic to squirt my load.“It’s so stiff!” Suzanne gasps, quivering with excitement. “Shall I do it for you now!”“Go on Suzanne! Now wrap your hand round his cock. Stroke his shaft and pull his foreskin up and down. Slide your hand right up over its head … faster … that’s right.”My daughter kneels in front of me on the bed to watch. My penis is aimed straight between her breasts and the wall mirror behind her shows me the rounded gleaming cheeks of her bottom. As Suzanne wanks me my hungry hands roam over my daughter’s breasts and cunt, exploring her bush and slit, and I fondle Suzanne’s soft bottom. My daughter leans forward so my cock head is nestling just between her breasts, and her light fingers tickle my balls and inner thighs. “Come over my tits daddy!” my daughter excitedly squeals.Suzanne’s hand pats Linda’s breasts every time her hand slides up over my knob … But its only a dream!There’s no nude Suzanne with her hand round my straining hard penis, just my own hand as I masturbate alone, standing naked in my daughter’s bedroom. There’s no nude daughter on the bed in front of me offering me her tits and cunt to play with. There’s just my beach holiday pictures of my daughter in a red bikini so small its hardly worth wearing, barely covering her cunt and slinging her breasts. The tiny triangle of red cloth between her spread legs taut over the bulge of her mound shows the dimpled line of her slit. It’s not my daughter’s soft breasts caressing my erection sensitised cock head. Its just her white cotton schoolgirl knickers taken from her laundry basket I’m brushing lightly across my cock head. There’s a slight yellow stain where her slit would be, the thin cotton bulges slightly from its memory of her mound, and a dark pubic hair is caught in the stitching. I’m coming! I thrust my penis head forward against the white cotton of my daughter’s knickers. In my mind I see my straining penis slide up between my daughter’s breasts and see the tip of my pink-purple knob peep above my daughter’s cleavage. “Linda!” I grunt as Suzanne’s hand takes me to my cum. My daughter’s naked body sprawled in a leg spread, boob thrusting porn pose fills my mind. My body judders as my semen splashes over my daughter’s knickers, wasted on the white cotton. I can only dream, but what a dream!

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