Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 05

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the fifth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.


You wake up in the morning to Ana curled up close against you and asleep. She is sucking her thumb and breathing loud and hotly on your skin. Your arm is round her and one of her legs is draped across your thigh. You realise you both must have fallen straight asleep after the last load of cum in her bottom.

Her sexy body against yours, her warm breath and your morning erection means that you don’t waste any time. Knowing she won’t complain, you move carefully so that your stiff cock is pressed against her steaming pussy. As you rub her clit with your cockhead her body responds immediately, and she gets wet without waking up.

You coat your head and shaft in her juices, before slowly pushing your cock in her wet pussy, holding her tight, with one hand squeezing her bubblicious buttcheeks, revelling once more in your daughter’s big round backside.

She squirms as your cock forces open her tight cunt, and, extremely deep sleeper though she is, her eyelids flutter open by the time you are halfway in. She stares happily into your eyes, and you smile back.

“What a lovely way to wake up daddy!” She says, taking the thumb out of her mouth. “Mmm… big daddycock screwing my silly pussy. Can you wake me up by pushing inside me every time? I mean if I don’t wake up first and cram your cock in my little mouth.”

“Absolutely.” I say. “I think we’ll be sleeping together from now on.”

She smiles, eyes half-closed as you start a pace, pumping your daughter’s sopping pussy, lathering the insides with creamy precum.

After a while of sexy daughter-fucking, she rolls away from you without warning, and presents her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to reveal her sordid hole.

She looks back at you cheekily, and you grin and cheesily thumbs up your approval.

“Did my asshole ever look nice and pretty daddy, or was it always this fucked up and distended?” She asks, flexing it out at you.

“I’m not sure baby, maybe one time you had a pretty innocent pink asshole but after all your huge thick poos, and now your daddy’s hard cock, I’m happy to say that now you possess an abused-looking big fat rubbery brown butthole like I’ve never seen.”

“I’m so glad I do. I love it. I look at it in the mirror all the time. I think it looks cute. I bet it looks even cuter now, bulging out for my daddy.”

“Oh yes honey, you and your fat juicy butthole look so fucking cute right now. I haven’t seen a cuter sight in all honesty sweetie.”

“Mmm I bet daddy. Watch me push it out even more for you. Do you like my engorged steamy asshole? Getting all hot and red, masturbating to your daughter’s huge ugly bumhole puffed out in your face?”

“Fuck yeah, push that hot fuckable ass out for me you nasty little girl. Oh baby, I can see your anus getting damp.”

“I know daddy, it’s gonna get wetter and wetter for you. It always gets moist when it’s excited and I’m straining to push it out. It makes my thick hard poos easier to force out.”

“I bet.” You say, and reach out with your finger and touch it, rubbing your daughter’s moist bumhole.

“Does Avcılar Escort my engorged asshole feel all rubbery and hot daddy? Finger my greasy fat butthole. Do you like your daughter’s obscene pouting bumhole, all fat and sticking out like a whore?”

“I do honey, your fat suckable asshole is a temptation impossible for anyone to resist!”

“Then suck on it daddy, suck on my slutty butthole and taste how warm and dirty it is.”

“Oh fuck yes.” You say, and move into position. Your face buries itself between your daughter’s big fat asscheeks, feeling them squeeze around your face until your mouth hits gold, or rather, pay dirt: Ana’s dirty brown butthole, burning hot from her own libido. It tastes gorgeous. You begin to lick and suck your her asshole with wanton abandon as your her moaning increases in intensity.

“Oh fuck yeah.” She moans. “Suck your daughter’s dirty warm asshole. Eat my filthy ass. Do you like the taste daddy? Do you like the taste of your own daughter’s dirty wet butthole?”

You ‘mmmph’ in agreement as Ana continues her nasty talk.

“Stick your tongue in daddy. You’ve cleaned the outside of my asshole now get in there and clean the inside. Give my nasty bum a thorough workout. I bet the warm inside of my ass is real nasty, it needs my daddy’s wet tongue to make it nice and sexy. Yeah that’s it daddy, tongue my fucking ass! Eat the honey from deep in my juicy rectum. Fuck your daughter’s bottom with your hot tongue just after you fucked my pussy.”

After another minute of deep rimming you pull your tongue out of her slick butthole with a wet noise. “I think I’m in love with your juicy asshole, baby.” You pant, trying to catch your breath.

“Only ‘think’, daddy?”

“Alright I know I’m love with my daughter’s greasy butthole. Not to mention your tight, horny rectum.”

“Make love to it then daddy.”

You aren’t about to disappoint her. Ana’s bottom is really wet now, and you pull away properly, your mouth all covered in her dirty ass juice. You can still taste her smelly brown hole on your tongue and you savour the nasty flavour as you move up behind her, pressing your big cockhead hard against her sopping wet brown asshole and pushing forward.

With a slight cry from Ana you watch as your cock slowly starts to open up her tight ass and slide in. She moans as she feels her ass once again being stuffed full of thick cock. There is a great pressure on your cock as her ass grips it tight, but you continue to stuff your huge cock in your daughter’s ass, both of you utterly revelling in the feeling.

Finally you are as deep as you can go. Her bowels clamp round your heated cock, and the cum that you left in her from the night before lubricates it so when you start a motion going your cock comes out sticky and wet.

The sounds and smells of sloppy hot assfucking soon fills the room, turning you both on to even greater extents.

“How does it feel to have your butt stuffed with your daddy’s fat cock, babyslut?” You ask Ana as she groans deliriously and furiously rubs her pussy.

“It feels so good daddy! I feel like there’s a massive log of poo in my bottom. It’s stretched my poor bum so much and it’s so deep inside! Pound my hot teenage anus daddy, fuck it hard and deep and get your big cock covered in my warm bumbutter.”

“You gonna taste my cock when it comes out darling?”

“What a silly question daddy. Of course I want to suck on it after it’s been buried deep in my gorgeous anus, and gotten covered in my tasty bumbutter. Mmm I love that word. My hot bumbutter, smothering my daddy’s cockhead and leaking out around it and coating your balls as deep inside me you pump it into a mush.”

“Yeah baby, Avcılar Escort Bayan I like it too. Your sexy bumbutter feels so thick and warm around my shaft. I bet your buttsyrup will get even tastier when I’ve mixed it with dollops of my creamy jizz.”

“Oh yess, I’d love that! Mmm fuck my bottom deep daddy.”

You start to fuck her ass slowly, relaxing her butthole with your massaging cock. You decide not to fuck her rough like before, but give her a deep, short and sensual penetration, only withdrawing a couple of inches at a time, taking great pleasure in rutting away so far into her rectum, the previous deposit of cum squelching out around your shaft. Your embrace her, holding her to you in your arms, and she kisses you with longing passion as you slowly ream your daughter’s sticky bowels.

“I’m so glad I started buttfucking you.” You say simply.

“Mmm. So am I, so much. I don’t know how I survived before. Daddy-daughter buttfucks are special.”

“They sure are. You like it when I make love to your bottom, baby?”

“It’s already my favouritest thing in the world daddy. I love it when you fuck it rough and hard like before too, and treat me like a nasty slut, but this is just so lovely and special, just you and me, my daddy making love to my bum and making it all warm and wet. I feel so loved and adored. Being held so close in your big strong arms while you lovingly pump your little girl’s bottom as deep as you can and get all warm inside me.”

After another ten minutes of incestuous buttfucking, you half close your eyes as you pump harder into Ana’s anus, about to blow your large wad up your darling offspring’s buttocks.

You feel your testes churning, and after another few aggressive thrusts you can’t hold back any longer. Ana’s bloated, dilated asshole sucks away at you as you let out a deep bellow, pouring out fountainous surges of your ballmilk to fill up her bowels like a waterhose.

She lies there, flexing and winking her butthole, letting the odd globule of cum squeeze out but reaching out with her finger, scooping it up and pushing it fiercely back inside, then taking her cumslick finger and sucking on it noisily.

You move up to her face and push your cock, dirty from being deep in her ass, to her cumslippery lips, and she happily takes it into her mouth. The cock was still hot from her ass, and no doubt tasted carnal and sexy. The taste of her ass makes her incredibly turned on. She takes the cock deep in her mouth, sucking hard to get as much flavour as she can.

“Mmm suck your daddy’s fat cock.” You moan. “You seem to love the taste of your dirty little butt. There’s gonna be a lot more where that came from. I’m going to give you a lot of filthy ass flavours to taste from now on.” You withdraw the cock from her sticky lips, a strand of cum-thickened drool attaching her to it.

“I hope so daddy! I love the taste of my ass, I can’t get enough! But right now I want your cock back inside me. I’m so empty!”

“Okay honey.” You get her on all fours. “I can’t believe I just can’t get enough of my little daughter’s juicy bowels. But your sticky wet bowels just feel like Heaven when they open up to your daddy.”

“What’s not to believe daddy? Who could resist my big bottom, when it’s just so warm and dirty wet inside? My slutty bottom is so full of sticky hot anal jam and bumbutter today, it needs mushing up really bad. Can you help with that daddy?”

“It’s my pleasure baby, you want your filthy teenage rectum pounded up? You want to engage in some sloppy hard anal with your daddy?”

She waggles her bottom at you, looking all innocent.”Yes pleeaase.”

You elicit a piercing scream from Ana as her sensitive butthole Escort Avcılar spreads obscenely open, invaded as it is by a thick root of swollen, veined meat. You make no attempt to cease your push, sinking your cock right into the fat-assed slut’s clutching bowels, the tight walls of which are given no chance to adjust, simply stretched out as they are driven into by your daughter-pleaser.

You feel your hard cockmeat plunge into what feels like thick, warm honey, encased in the close confines of the tight hot water bottle that is your daughter’s delicious teen anus. Maybe the buttfucking somehow brings it out from deep inside her as her ass muscles relax to a pounding cock.

“Can you feel how greasy my anus is inside daddy?” She whispers in your ear.

“I can feel it baby, I can feel it squelching away. I can’t believe my daughter is such a sloppy buttwhore.”

“Since today that’s all I want to be daddy. Fuck my sloppy, squelchy, stretching asshole and cream me good.”

You fuck your daughter’s ass harder and harder, with a fistfull of her hair, a hand slapping her jiggling asscheeks, and her big sweaty tits swinging beneath her.

“Mmm yesss!” She cries, fiercely banging her bottom back against your groin with each thrust. “Fuck my warm and messy teen bottom and teach me what it means to be daddy’s silly fuckdoll! Punish my horny brown ring for wanting nothing less than to be sodomised every second of every day non-fucking-stop like the pretty little buttslut I am.”

Her sex talk has got your libido on fire, and you change position so you don’t cum too soon, lying down on the bed and having her straddle you reverse cowgirl. She makes as if to immediately sit her ass down on your cock, but you steady her.

“Not so fast…suck my cock with… no baby, suck it with your butthole. Do you think you can do that honey?”

“I think so daddy, I’ll give your big cock a blowjob with my hot bottom.” She slides very slowly down, letting your engorged cockhead just inside her rubbery brown ring before sinking down a little, pulling up a little, sitting down a bit more.

“That’s a good girl, suck daddy’s cock with your warm sloppy wet butthole… Push your juicy brown hole down on daddy’s cock.”

Her asshole slurps away at your cock, drawing it deep inside with suction and squeezing it tight for a second before pulling itself free, then bearing downwards once more in the superb anal blowjob — your daughter’s special buttjob — that you are receiving.

After a few minutes of this slow Heaven, you spin her around so she is facing you, and grab her fat buttcheeks. She moans as you start to fuck her properly, pushing her up and down on your lap with your hands and you upthrusting thighs slamming into her butthole.

“Bounce me up and down on your cock daddy.. bounce my little round bottom up and down like your little whore! Your silly buttslut daughter loooves bouncing on her daddy’s cock, all safe and snug in her hot teenage bottom.”

As she is bouncing up and down on your cock, your thick shaft fucking in and out her sticky, sweaty buttcheeks, her warm bumbutter runs down your legs.

Her hand moves to her rear, and she groans as she feels the mess she is making.

“You wanna taste your sloppy whore butthole baby?” I ask, squeezing her tits now. You wanna taste your bumslut juice on your father’s cock?”

“Fuck daddy I wanna taste it so bad, my slutty rectum feels so wet and full, I can feel my juices running out of my pounded buttpussy, covering your cock and drenching your balls, I wanna lick and suck it all off… suck on the butt lube that’s dripping off your balls, making a ‘your-daughters-a-buttslut’ puddle beneath us.”

“Well here’s your treat…” You pull out of Ana’s clutching anus, pushing her on to her back. You hover your sticky, dirty cock over her face, and smile as you see her tongue stuck out and her eyes closed in absolute anticipation of tasting both her daddy’s cock and drooling precum, and her own nasty ass syrup.

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