Daddy’s Christmas Surprise

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I walked into the kitchen with the groceries, wondering if I would have enough time to get everything done…the holidays were always so rushed and I could never seem to get everything done. I was also worried – the conversations I’d overheard had mentioned storms moving in and I wanted to check the weather. After I finished putting up the groceries, I went into the living room to turn on the TV – and my phone rang. Cursing modern technology – after all, I had a million things to do; what if it was my mother wanting to talk? – I pulled out my cell phone and looked at the screen.

When I saw the number on my phone, though, I stiffened in shock. It was my dad – I almost never heard from him after he and Mom divorced, and I was totally surprised. I was even more surprised when he said, in an urgent tone of voice, “Sweetie, I need your help – I want to have a party for you and your sister and brother tomorrow night. I just lost track of time and neither your brother nor your sister are answering their phones. Can you please help me?”

I sighed. I knew that my father had always been like this – spontaneous, unorganized – and I also knew that as the oldest, I would of course bail him out. I did feel a bit troubled, though – my father and I had always had an uneasy relationship, and during my teen years it had become worse. I shivered as I recalled many fights we had that had always led to physical contact – me slapping him and then him grabbing me, pulling me up to him…we always ended up with him and I being pulled apart from each other and me feeling odd and – something I hated to admit, even in my deepest thoughts – aroused. I never remembered my siblings getting into those fights – my sister never did anything my mother didn’t tell her to do, and my brother was Daddy’s boy. I often wondered what it was that drove my father and I to fight like that.

All of this flashed through my mind as I said, with only a trace of irritation in my voice, “Sure, Dad – it’ll take me a while, but I’ll be there.” I could hear the relief in his voice as he responded, “Oh great! I’ll be waiting.” I hung up, grabbed my purse and hurried out to the car – forgetting to look at the weather report.

Dad lived about an hour out of town, in a wooded secluded area. It was not easy to find, but after only one false trail and a bit of backtracking, I finally found the drive and pulled in. Dad came to the door and waved to me, “Come on in!” I walked up to the house as a few lazy flakes started to fall and cursed myself for not looking at the TV before I came over. What if the people in the store were right? I’d be snowed in out here with my dad…the man I still had difficulty dealing with. But I knew I was already here and had to deal with things, so I took a deep breath and walked into the house.

I could smell a wood fire and hear the jazz my father always favored — but this jazz was slower tempo, softer…more like the type of music you dance to, not get work done to. Dad could already procrastinate like no one’s business, and I worried that the tempo would cause him to slow down. But when I saw the list on the kitchen island and noticed that Dad had actually come up with a game plan, I relaxed. Maybe he was improving!

Dad suggested we eat lunch first and then tackle decoration and prep-ahead items. I was pleasantly Beylikdüzü escort surprised at how industrious my dad was, and I agreed lunch sounded wonderful. We made a delicious salad and grilled fish — I also noticed Dad’s cooking skills had improved — and as we ate, I kept looking over at him. As I said before, I’d always had a latent attraction for my father — all my friends used to tell me how lucky I was to have such a hunk for a dad — and I noticed that he was looking even better: more fit, more relaxed. I felt an odd stirring in between my legs and had to fight the urge to keep crossing and un-crossing my legs. I didn’t want to give my dad the wrong idea, and my skirt was already hiking up my legs far too much for my comfort zone. I noticed then that my dad was looking at my skirt — and my legs — and that he seemed a bit uncomfortable as well.

He suggested we have some wine with the meal, and I agreed quickly. Maybe I could forget all this if I could just get relaxed! The problem was, though, that I kept downing my wine glass, and Daddy kept filling it up. I don’t even know when I crossed over to calling him and thinking about him as Daddy. Probably about my fifth glass…about the time I noticed I was getting a bit flirty and touchy-feely, putting my hand on Daddy’s leg as I laughed at one of his jokes, leaning over and probably showing a bit of cleavage — ok, more like a lot of cleavage! I had forgotten I had put on a stretchy top that normally had a tank top under it, but that I hadn’t worn because I hadn’t planned on going out after grocery shopping…and a coat covers a multitude of sins. My bra straps kept showing, and I noticed my daddy looking a lot at my nearly-bare shoulders…and further down as well. My skirt kept creeping up, no matter how much I tugged on it, and I was wiggling around like the poor fish we just ate had probably done when it got caught.

I frowned. That thought bothered me for some reason, but I couldn’t figure out why. I felt fuzzy-headed and told my Daddy so. He just smiled and said, “Why don’t we go in the living room and just relax a bit? We should give that lunch a chance to settle as well, and I for one would love to have an opportunity to talk to my favorite child.”

Favorite? Not my brother, whom he had clearly adored? I gave him a skeptical look, but just at that moment I tried to stand and practically fell into my Daddy’s lap. Daddy grabbed my arms, standing up and pulling me next to him. “Whoa, sweetie — let’s get you in the living room and get you sitting down.”

Oh…I was being held so close to him…to Daddy…I could feel his body next to me and the arousal he was feeling…My head swam and I began to feel extremely light-headed. I could vaguely hear my daddy’s rueful apologies for giving me too much to drink, and then he pulled me up against him, his arm around my waist — was that his hand on my butt? — and carried me into the living room. I felt him lay me down on the couch…and then I passed out.

When I woke up, I was still fully dressed, with a blanket over me. I felt a moment’s pang of — I don’t know what, exactly, but the feelings were strong. My daddy’s face came into view, concern and relief mingling on his face. “Hey, sweet stuff,” he murmured. “You feeling ok?”

Other than a residual fuzziness and a bit of Beylikdüzü escort a headache, I felt ok and told him so. Relief won out and he went to get me some aspirin for the pain. As he moved about getting the water and pills, I looked out the windows — and got the shock of my life. Snow was coming down in a blizzard; the snow was already 2-3 inches deep and growing. Of course the weatherman was right today! I looked at the clock — only a few hours had passed while I was out. This was going to be a problem!

I sat up, not realizing my top had fallen off one shoulder and exposed my breasts. I guess my daddy had undressed me a bit after all! I felt detached and yet full of emotions…some of which became even more insistent when my father came in with the water and aspirin and saw me sitting there, completely bemused, with my top mostly off and breasts showing. He gave a start then, collecting himself, carefully placed the aspirin and water on the table and came over to repair my top.

The top proved quite resilient in avoiding any attempts to put it back in its proper place, and I noticed Daddy was doing a lot of rubbing his fingers against my breasts, especially along the nipples and areola, as he was attempting to pull my top up onto my shoulders. My nipples hardened, and I heard my daddy give a gasp as I continued to look at him, still slightly drunk and a bit out of it.

I had to giggle — he looked so afraid and yet eager — so I leaned forward, looking at him as I cupped his face in my hands and said, “It’s ok, Daddy — I can just take this bad ol’ shirt off.” As I said it, I yanked my shirt off and tossed it away from me — not a sexy strip-tease move — but my daddy’s eyes bugging out and his labored breathing told me that he was turned on nonetheless. His hands moved as if of their own volition to my breasts, his palms cupping them underneath, his thumbs sliding over the tips and making me shiver. I moaned, arching my back toward him, as if to present my breasts to him for further exploration.

Suddenly, my daddy grabbed my hair at the nape of my neck and pulled me toward him, sliding his other arm around my waist. My legs parted at either side of his waist, my skirt sliding up to the juncture of my thighs and hips. He mashed his lips to mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth. I slid my arms around his neck, returning the kiss with passion – as a little voice in the back of my mind screamed, “WHAT in the hell are you doing???” I ignored the voice, though, and just enjoyed the feeling of a strong, sexy, passionate man between my legs…also conveniently ignoring the fact that man was my father. It had been a long time since I’d had a man, and oh it felt so good…

His hands roamed over my back, and the feeling of skin on skin was so deliriously good! I kept moaning, trying to grind my wet and swollen groin onto my daddy’s waist. My actions caused us both to topple off the couch and onto the floor. My daddy was a one-time hunter and he had furs all over the floor to prove it, so our landing was at least soft and comfortable. I felt dizzy and was unable to get up…the perfect opening for a hunter like my father to pounce on his prey. I felt his hands pulling off my panties, then heard him sniffing them and sighing, “Oh, baby girl, that is heavenly!” The next thing I felt was Escort Beylikdüzü him yanking off my skirt, turning me onto my stomach in the process.

A moan from him, and he was humping his hips into my buttocks. I noticed he was quite naked and wondered how he got that way…then all rational thought left my head as his big, huge prick began to slide up between my thighs as it got harder and harder. Bigger and bigger, too…ohhhhhhhhhh gods, how big WAS it? It felt like a lead pipe going up my leg — wide and very long — and I couldn’t stop myself from humping back against my father, trying to get that huge rod of his in me. Obviously I was still quite buzzed; normally the size of Daddy alone would have made me try to run screaming for the exit. Daddy moaned in my ear, “Oh baby, oh my sexy little girl…you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this to you…”

I shuddered in erotic response, panting out, “Ohhhhhhhh Daddy…fuck me, fuck me now!” My body felt like every nerve was on complete overload, wanting the release that only a thorough shafting would give me. My Daddy lifted my hips so that I was on my knees, and then he inserted two fingers into my aching and already wet quim. I screamed as my body jerked in response, my pussy already leaking fluid onto his fingers. Even though I wasn’t a virgin, it had been so long since I’d had sex that my cunt was tight — and Daddy’s fingers, plunging in and out of me, was making me feel so full. Then I felt him withdraw his fingers…and something smooth and huge slid up and down my valley, prodding at the opening to my vaginal tunnel. I tried to push myself back onto it, wanting that big rod in me, filling me up…and somehow managed to help my daddy’s thrust hit home.

We both groaned, and Daddy pushed himself deeper into my overheated, wet opening, grabbing my hips and thrusting with all his might. I screamed in mingled pain and pleasure, and my daddy paused to ask, “Are you ok? Should we stop?” I moaned out, “NO! Don’t stop! Please fuck me deep and hard!”

Daddy took that as complete consent, and he kept pushing his shaft in and out, pushing a little deeper each thrust into my tight little cunt. I cried out, begging him to keep fucking me, fuck me hard!! Daddy obliged, finally bottoming out in me and then working himself into a steady rhythm. I felt so full, and it felt so good! He pounded into me over and over, slowly at first and then faster and faster as I got wetter and looser, both our passions building up. I felt my groin aching, my pussy spasming as orgasm after orgasm came over me in waves. My juices ran down my leg as I just kept cumming and cumming…and then I heard my daddy groan, “Ohhhhhhh GODS, baby, I’m cumming…,” and his prick jerked; I felt him shove himself up into me deeper and then the surge of his seed shooting into me set off my final orgasm.

I shuddered as it finally wore down and felt my daddy pull out of me and then turn me over; I lay back on the furs as he lowered himself onto me and began sucking on my breasts again, murmuring over and over, “Oh baby…that was so good, even better than I had dreamed…” I had to agree but wondered, would he want to do this again? I timidly asked him, and he raised himself on his arms and looked me in the face. “Baby girl,” he said gently, kissing my lips and then looking deep into my eyes, “there is no way in HELL this will be the last time!” I smiled and lay back contentedly as my daddy sucked and the snow kept falling in thick sheets. I was so glad I didn’t check the weather report now! In fact, I agreed with the song: Let It Snow!

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