Daddy watched my Sex Video in the Cloud

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Daddy watched my Sex Video in the CloudI stood atop the cistern, aware it might crack, and aimed my S4 camera on the ensuing action in the next cubical, giggling as Julie was all noise and bodily contortions, the guy who was fucking her, was looking and giving me the thumbs up.As I watched I could feel my own cunt crave some of that big cock, strange really, back in the pub there was ample cock to go around, and I would have no problem attracting offers, but here in the ‘Ladies’, one guy was fucking one and enticing another.Julie screamed and shook me out of my thought processes, and before I could react, she was out of her cubical and into mine in a flash, catching me atop the cistern with my ass bared and fingers wet.’You fucking cunt Mariel’, she screamed, and she pulled me down unceremoniously, my denims now down at my calves and my knickers with them.Her lover wasted no time in holding me as she pulled my pants over my ankles, ‘Fuck her’, she screamed at him, and a moment later I was face down on the toilet floor, with him finishing his fuck inside me and Julie filming it on my camera.That’s the life of drunken teenage girls, wild and impulsive, and we both went home with our privates violated by the same cock.I climbed into bed with a tingle in my cunt, my body was reminding me of having used it and the pleasure it gives, but there is always a problem with that, especially if you are a escort bayan good looking sexy bitch, the guys cum inside you quickly, and your usually left with having to take another, or two, or give yourself a good fingering, or use a toy to finish yourself off.I undressed and lay there replaying in my mind those minutes in the toilet, when I suddenly remembered we both had recorded our fucks on my cam.I reached for it having decided to watch it and finger myself before going to sleep. I accessed the video’s and could not find any recordings, ‘Fuck, Fuck, fuck’, I cursed myself and Julie, who probably deleted them in her revenge reverse recording.Eventually I started to doze off, exhausted and frustrated, and as I dreamt, my befuddled brain reminded me all videos were sent to the ‘Cloud’, our crazy fuck sessions were in the cloud.As I slept sex was playing a big part in my dreaming, my poor body was craving sex, and when it happened, it was slow and deliberate, a really satisfying fuck as the cock head opened my pussy in slow motion, giving my tight cunt time to count each ring of pleasurable cartilage opened by the cock inside me, I counted as my pleasure rose to reach orgasmic state, that was when my brain kicked-in, and my eyes opened in the darkness of my room, I was being fucked, and I froze, feeling the slow deliberate strokes of his cock moving freely inside me.His body stiffened tuzla genç escort as he sensed my tension, my cunt tightened around him, restricting his movement, and I panicked, there was only one man in the house, and that man was my father, was I being fucked by my own daddy?His breathing smelt of booze, as did my own, and as he resumed his thrusting’s, I could feel my resistance falter and weaken, my own body began responding again, I was involuntary seeking that pleasure zone I found in my sleep, that pleasure mother nature makes women want to surrender once a cock is inside her doing the dirty.I lay pretending to sleep, the fact my father was providing my sexual pleasuring, did not bother me as much as I thought it might, especially since my frustrating orgasm was almost there, and father and daughter grunted in unison and my vaginal canal filled with his semen, a strange and comforting feeling, making you feel all feminine and womanly.I lay in pretence sleep while daddy finished and slipped from me and left my room quietly.My endorphins flooded and clouded my head, and a sudden tiredness swept over me and I slept like a baby.I did not hear him re-enter my bedroom, just his weight on the mattress edge, and the welcome smell of coffee.’Daddy’, I muttered in my dreamy state, the strong sunlight streaming through the open curtains, which he had parted, revealing my nudity tuzla kendi evi olan escort as the sheets had moved and my father sat beside my naked bum on full show.I turned to retrieve the coffee from his outstretched hand, and saw daddy’s eyes take in the curvature of my cunt as it disappeared between my thighs, ‘Dad, stop looking’, I chided him, not really making any effort to cover up.I sat up as he put a pillow behind my shoulders, my breasts were exposed and I did not care, my nipples were rock hard, and I suddenly realised I was horny, the added spice being I was horny for my own father to do the honers and satisfy me with another slow fuck. ‘You really have turned into a very enticing young lady Mariel’, he said as his eyes roamed over my partially hidden body.I put my coffee down on the dresser beside my bed, ‘Why did you do it daddy’, I asked him?He fell silent, as he suddenly realised I knew of his visit in the early hours of the morning.’I saw your video in the toilet’, he said, and my mind immediately said, ‘So that’s where it went, into the cloud’.An awkward silence descended on us both of us, and we looked at each other, ‘Pretty awful thing to do daddy’, I proffered a meek apology, but my father had had enough, and he stood up, dropped his housecoat and looked down on my, his huge cock tantalising close, ‘Open your legs’, was all he said, and soon my bed springs sang in unison with the birds outside my window, as we engaged in our mutual love of sex, my legs over his thighs and my feet turned outwards, ensuring my own father was not escaping as my long fingers raked his ass, as I pulled him deeper into my pleasure hole, of his making.

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