Daddy and His Hoe

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My first story on Literotica, so please be kind with comments! I know there is a lot that I can definitely work on, so please help me out. I hope you enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: All characters engaging in sexual activity are over eighteen years old, and are completely fictional. Any resemblance to real-life people is purely a coincidence.

Please do not steal, copy, or plagiarize. All rights reserved.


I love gardening with my father.

My dad is a stay-at-home writer. He and my mother met at some kind of convention that I never asked what for as a child. My dad is smooth with his words, and he convinced my mother to go out on a date with him. One date turned into two, two turned into three, and six months later they were married and I was well on my way. My mother was eighteen, and my father was twenty.

My mom was an assistant in a lab, and when she had me, she feared she would lose her placement forever if she took leave. As a third-year political science student with no job or income, my father decided to take the year off to raise me instead of her. He’s been a stay-at-home dad ever since, and took online courses to finish his degree. But he never really did anything with it, besides add in intense political plotlines to his stories.

As a child, I used to joke that his love for me overpowered his love of politics, and that I was the number one thing he loved the most in the world. He would claim that I was actually number two, and number one was a secret.

My brother, Adam, who was younger than me by two years, says that he’s number one. But he’s a brat, so we mostly ignore what he says.

Anyway, it is now the summer before I leave for college, and we’ve been in the garden every day since my graduation, to make up for future lost time. Adam didn’t get the green thumb from dad, so he stays inside and plays video games, lost in mythical worlds and war zones.

Dad and I have worked out a system by now, ever since I first helped him in the garden. I weed, and he plows and hoes, and we plant seeds together. Then I’ll water them as he cleans. We wear our bathing suits underneath our shorts and tank tops, so that it’s easy to clean off the dirt when we’re finished. We talk about random things, like my future or the news or the latest political strife in a third-world country, or sometimes we’ll turn on the radio and sing our favourite tunes together.

You might think I’m a dork for enjoying hanging out with my father, but he’s pretty relaxed for a parent and I prefer him over my absent, overbearing mother. Plus, I usually go out with my friends afterwards, and it’s always easier to get permission if I’ve spent the entire day wasting away as his slave.

“Dad, can I go to the movies tonight?” I ask as I wipe my sweaty forehead with my arm. It comes away wet and sticky, but it’s something that I’m used to. Today has been especially hot, and I’m dying even in my thin, neon pink tank top and gardening shorts. “I promise I won’t be home later than two AM.”

“What time does the movie start?” he wonders as he straightens up and stretches before taking a drink of water. I admire his muscular, tanned back. For an almost forty-year-old man, my father was still in his prime. My girlfriends often joked that if my mother wasn’t so attractive herself, they would try to snatch him up. My best friend, Marcy, says that she doesn’t even care that he’s married; she’d swallow him up any day. I’d be grossed out if I wasn’t used to it, but I’ve long since known that our family is an attractive one.

“Ten, but we might go get coffee after, or go bowling.”

“Hmm… You can, but only if you bring Adam along.” He goes back to hoeing, grunting as he lifted the hoe and slammed it back into the dirt.

“DAD!” I begin to protest, feeling frustrated. Usually I don’t get annoyed so easily, but it’s been a hot, long day. “You know Adam is a complete nerd! He never gets along with my friends, and he only ever wants to play video games! And he’s only a sophomore! I can’t bring him!”

Dad starts to laugh, turning to face me as he musses up my blonde hair, the corners of his blue eyes crinkling with amusement. “I’m only joking, although I do wish he’d get off the internet more. What’s wrong with you kids these days? Don’t you know the pleasures of cracking open a good book or going bike-riding under the summer sun?”

I can’t help but start to laugh, because Adam and I actually do read a lot, since we both get our love of books from Dad. And as nerdy as Adam is, he’s a competitive rider on weekend casino şirketleri mornings when his gamer friends are still asleep.

I check my phone for the time. Almost eight. “Are we done here? I want to have time for a shower and to get ready.”

“Is that boy Harry going to be there?” Dad asks, pretending to be casual as he begins collecting the tools and putting them in the shed.

“Henry,” I correct, getting up and stretching. “And why do you ask?” I know where this is going. Henry and I have had a thing for the past year now. He was my date to homecoming and to my prom. Just thinking about him sent a rush through me, and heat between my thighs.

“Oh you know. As a curious friend.”

I roll my eyes. “You can’t be my friend, you’re my dad.”

Dad feigns a frown. “Don’t call me a dad, that makes me sound old. Fine, how about someone who cares about you a lot?”

I shrug, looking away. “We’re just friends right now. You know we’re going to different colleges, so we just want to have fun before we go, you know?” I smile at him. “Don’t worry, a bunch of us are going to be there. Marcy’s the one whose coming to pick me up.”

“Ah, Marcy. She’s beautiful now, eh? I’m sure she was happy to come here to get you,” Dad teases, knowing exactly how my friends see him.

I nod, laughing again. “She was ecstatic.”

“Okay, if you want time for that shower, it’s time to clean up. Take it off,” dad says, grabbing the hose.

I oblige, shrugging off my damp tank top and shorts. I was wearing my new blue bikini, that covered just enough of my breasts to show off my curves but hide what needed to be covered.

Dad turns the hose to me, and a look enters his eyes as he stares at me. “You’ve gotten so big,” he finally says, turning the cold water on me.

I squeal, jumping up and down as the cold hits me. “DAD! OKAY! ENOUGH!” I wrap my arms around myself, shivering.

Dad turns the hose off, and comes over to me, grabbing the towel we left on the deck railing, and wrapping it around my shoulders. I step closer to his body heat, reveling in the warmth of the towel and of him. “Thanks.”

He’s looking at me with that strange look in his eyes again. “You’re, uh, welcome. Go on inside, princess.” He turns me to the door and pats my bottom, and I giggle as I run inside.


I stand in front of the mirror, checking out my reflection. My blonde hair is now in loose waves down my back, and my light green eyes are lined in black eyeliner and mascara. I’m wearing a loose, spaghetti-strapped pink top over a blue bandeau, and white short-shorts, showing off my long and tan legs. I cup my B-cup breasts in my hands, and turn from side to side, and sigh. I was too slender for many curves, and sometimes the bandeaus helped, and other times they made me look completely flat. This shirt made my boobs look almost like C-cups though.

The doorbell rings, and I know it’s Marcy, so I grab my purse and leave my room, closing my door behind me. I skip to the stairs, crashing into Adam whose up coming up them, holding a sandwich in his hands, his headset still on around his neck.

“ADAM, YOU DWEEB!” I scream as I jump away from the Nutella-oozing sandwich. “YOU ALMOST RUINED MY SHIRT!”

Adam scowled, glaring at me from behind his black-rimmed glasses. He would be kinda cute for a sixteen year old if he only wore his contacts all the time, but he said it ‘bothered his eyes’. “Watch it, slut, you almost ruined my sandwich.” He pushed past me and headed into his room, slamming the door behind him.

I frown, then head down the stairs, only to find Marcy flirting openly with my dad, her huge boobs practically pressing up against him. “Hi Marcy!” I say loudly.

She frowns at me as my dad steps away from her. “Hi Alana. Are you ready?”

“Yup! Bye, daddy!” I kiss my dad’s cheek, more to get on Marcy’s nerve than because of him, but he blushes away.

“Why would you do that?!” Marcy complains as we pile into her car. “I was this close to getting him to ask me out!”

“Oh, please, my father would never cheat on my mother. And if he was going to, he wouldn’t do it with you,” I tease as she pulls out of my driveway.

Marcy laughs, shaking her head of brown curls. “You’re so clueless, Lan. Every forty-year-old man wants an eighteen year old slut. Even your old man.” She smiles wickedly at me. “I bet he has wet dreams about you all the time. You are hot, after all.”

“Ew, Marcy, stop! Just drive, okay?” I tell her, crossing my arms over my chest.

But casino firmaları as she shrugs and begins to sing along to the radio, I can’t help but think about it. My dad, having fantasies about me? But I’m his daughter! Wouldn’t that take precedent over his desires?


It was just past two AM when I stumbled home. I walk unsteadily to my front door, and struggle with my keys, taking a few minutes before finding the right one. I push the door open, and barely remember to lock it behind me.

I drop my purse where I kick off my sandals, and begin to find my way upstairs in the dark, my hand on the wall. After the movie, we had ditched coffee or bowling and had gone back to our friend Laura’s house for a few drinks.

Tears wells in my eyes as the memory of finding Henry in a room with Laura fills my mind again. I can’t make those images go away, no matter what I tried. How could he betray me like this? Okay, so we weren’t dating, but we were clearly together. How could he go behind my back, and with my friend too, of all people?

I take the stairs slowly, practically crawling. When I finally reach the landing, I see a light coming from my dad’s office. So he’s still up. I think about his warm hugs and feel such a need to feel them that I decide to go to him, knowing that he’ll be able to make me feel better.

“Daddy?” I push open the door without knocking. “Daddy, I’m home and-” I stop, and my jaw drops, my mind unable to process what I saw before me.

My dad was sitting before his computer, one hand on his mouse, and one hand in his lap. His boxers were pushed down, and he was… he was…

“ALANA! JESUS! KNOCK, PLEASE!” Dad shouts in alarm, hastily pulling his boxers up.

I frown, stumbling into his room. “I’m sorry.” I sniffle, tears slipping down my cheeks now.

“Alana? Are you okay?” he asks, concerned now. He pats his lap. “Come here.”

I head over to him and plop into his lap, wrapping my arms around him. “Dad, Henry and I… Henry… he…” I begin to cry, unable to voice the betrayal that I feel.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay,” Dad murmurs as he strokes my hair. “Shh.”

I cry until I have no more tears left, and then I shift in his lap, feeling something uncomfortable poking at my bottom. I turn to his computer screen and gape at the title of the video he was watching, unable to process its meaning: Daughter Sucks Daddy’s Cock. “Dad, what are you…?”

“You smell so good,” Dad presses his lips against my shoulder. “Tell Daddy what Henry did. Did he cheat on you?”

I frown at him again. “Yes, he did. With Laura.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Tell me what you saw.”

“I…” I squirm in his lap. “They were making out on her bed. Their shirts were off, and he… he had his pants off too. Actually, I don’t think she was wearing any pants either, just her bra and panties.”

Daddy rubs my back, from the top near my neck to my ass. “And what else were they doing?” His rubbing feels good, and I lean into him, sighing. Heat is pooling between my thighs, and I press my legs together.

“They were… They were… they were having sex,” I whisper the last word, as my father’s pinkie slides into the back of my shorts. He runs his hand back up my back, underneath my shirt, towards my bra. “Dad!”

“How were they having sex, baby? Explain it to Daddy,” he urges, his hips moving underneath me, pressing harder into my bottom. I feel like moaning for some strange reason. My head is all cloudy. I can’t think straight. This doesn’t feel right, us being so close, his hand on my bare skin. But it feels good.

I’m feeling bolder than usual, or else I wouldn’t be able to voice the next words. “He was thrusting into her. She was moaning so loudly, calling his name. and he was kissing her, with his hands on her boobs.”

“Did you ever do any of that with him?” Daddy asks, his entire hand disappearing into my shorts now, and into my panties to squeeze my ass.

I groan into his shoulder, clinging onto him now, wet beyond belief. “No,” I whimper, “Never.”

“Did you want to?” His hand creeps steadily lower, towards my center. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. I want it. I want him to touch me.

“Daddy,” I whisper, “what are you doing?” Keep doing it. Please. Oh god. Touch me. Touch me!

“You’re so beautiful, Alana, so, so beautiful. You look exactly like your mother when she was your age,” he murmurs against my shoulder as he begins to kiss up towards my neck. I gasp as he sucks a tender spot on my neck. “Did you want to do any of that güvenilir casino with him?” he asks again.

“Yes,” I answer, breathing rapidly now. His hand has stopped, and I’m so desperate to feel his touch on me, and I begin to grind my bottom against his hard-on. “Please.”

“Please what, Alana?” he whispers, his other hand creeping up underneath my shirt towards my right boob.

“Please do to me what Henry did to Laura.” I don’t know what I’m asking, but I want it anyway.

My dad growls into my skin, and then his hand slips lower, his middle finger slipping into my wetness and into my hole. I gasp and moan, shuddering at the intense pleasure that ripples through my body. He pushed it further up, then retreated, since it was as far as he could reach. “Daddy!”

He picks me up easily, setting me to the floor. I stare at him, confused, until he drops to his knees and kisses my bare thighs, his fingers working at my button and zipper. He pulls my shorts down, and then my panties, and I gasp. “Take your shirt off,” he demands, and I oblige as he drops his boxers, and takes off his muscle shirt. I stare at his member, long and curving slightly upwards. It was circumcised and veiny, and seemed to throb with life and heat.

We’re suddenly very naked, and I realize this as he sits back down and pulls me onto him so I’m straddling him, his huge cock hot against my stomach.

“Alana, I’m sorry, I can’t-” he lifts my hips up, and then he’s plunging into my wetness. I scream with pleasure and pain, clenching down as tightly as I can, tears streaming down my face as I gasp for air. It’s painful, a kind of pain I’ve never felt before. It feels like I am being torn up on the inside. His cock throbs inside me, and I gasp. He grunts deeply. “Relax, Alana, and it won’t hurt so much.”

I try to listen, but it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, and Daddy’s kissing me everywhere and rubbing my boobs and sucking on them. Pleasure ripples through me again, and I take deep breaths, wiping at my tears. “Okay?” Daddy asks. I nod.

“Okay, it won’t hurt as much if you do it.”

“If I do it?” I ask, confused.

“Yes. I’ll help you.”

I nod again. “Okay.” Together, we lift my hips, and then I’m dropping down on him. Another spasm of pain, but not as intense as before. That one felt better, and relief floods through me.

We keep doing that, until there is no more pain, and only pleasure. I’m moaning, and he’s sucking on my nipples again.

And then I realize, oh my god, we’re having sex! No, we’re fucking. I’m fucking my own dad! And it felt amazing! Oh god! Pleasure rolls through me at the taboo thought.

I’m fucking him fast, rolling my hips when I get tired of lifting myself.

Dad grunts. “Oh, Alana, oh!”

“Daddy, I feel good, I feel like I’m going to explode, what is this, am I cumming, oh god, I think I’m cumming, oh, oh, Daddy!” I scream as I cum, clenching down on him as I explode in pleasure, my body spasming around his cock as my eyes flutter closed.

I come down from my high, panting, but Daddy hasn’t cummed yet. “Daddy?”

“How do you feel, baby?” he asks me.

“So good,” I sigh happily.

“Good, because now it’s my turn,” he grunts, and then he lifts me up, and turns me around so that I’m pressed against his desk. He reaches for his mouse, and then he clicks play on the long-forgotten video, and I’m watching another daughter fuck her father.

I begin to moan as he slides into my hot, aching little pussy, and then he begins to pound at me, reaching a spot deep inside me that I never knew existed.

“Oh, oh, oh my god, Daddy, oh, what is that, oh, oh my god I’m going to cum again, oh, oh!” I moan, bracing myself against the desk, my boobs on the cold surface as my eyes watch the screen.

“That’s your g-spot,” Dad answers me, grunting each time he plunges in.

My eyes close as the pleasure takes me higher and higher. “Ohhhhh.”

“I’m going to cum,” he grunts, “I’m going to pull out, okay?”

“Okay,” I whisper, shuddering as my orgasm suddenly slams into me just as the girl on-screen cums too. It’s so intense I can’t scream and I’m locked in a silent cry as my entire body shakes, my eyes squeezed shut.

“Alana!” he cries out, pulling out just before, his hand working away as his hot cock rests on my ass. Squirts of his cum hit my backside and my ass and he lets out a low, guttural moan.

I collapse onto the ground, my legs too shaky to keep me upright.

He slumps down beside me, and we stay there for awhile. I’m falling asleep there when I feel my dad wrap his arms around me and carry me to the bathroom. He puts me in the shower and washes me like I was a baby again, before tucking me into bed.

He kisses my forehead, and I fall asleep feeling content.


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