Curse of Paradise

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A Mike and Melanie story

“Hi Melanie, Mike. Nancy and I are taking a taxi over to the French side. Do you guys want to share it with us?”

“Gosh, I think so. What do you think Mike?”

“Sure” said Mike.

We’d all just landed at Phillipsburg on the island of Sint Maarten as we’d been told the Dutch side was called. Mike and I were on a delayed honeymoon a week before our first anniversary and it was our first adventure abroad. Mike and I had met Sid and Nancy at dinner the previous evening and we had hit it off at once. They were in their early thirties and had been married for about eight years, I think. We were glad to have met them as they had been on cruises before and knew the drill. This honeymoon was a real adventure for us as we had both grown up in a very conservative Baptist community and never been out of state before let alone out of the country.

“Welcome to Paradise!” was the greeting given by our smiling taxi driver as he opened the doors of his SUV. Although the sun was shining it must have rained recently and there were puddles and small pools of water on the road and our driver steered around them saying you could not be sure where the pot holes were.

Once we left Phillipsburg the road went up and down hills through little villages. A car ahead of us was stopped in the middle of the road and the driver was talking with a woman on the side of the road. He seemed in no hurry and our driver got out and went to speak to him. The three of them had a short conversation and then the car drove off and the driver came back and we too continued. It seemed no one was in too much of a hurry. After about another 15 minutes I said “Oh look, there’s a butterfly farm” and sure enough the taxi turned down the road. A hundred yards later he took a left along a gravel road with a large pond on the right-hand side and left along a narrow road with a wall on the right and we pulled into a sandy parking spot by a little bar by the ocean. The sign said ‘Pedros’.

I needed the washroom and the driver directed me to the bar where they gave me a ticket and showed me outside to a row of wooden huts housing the toilets.

“We’ll be here having a beer” said Sid, shepherding Mike and Nancy to a table.

“Could you get me a daiquiri?” I called.

When I came back, they had their heads together and were smiling. “What are you guys grinning about?” I asked as I picked up my drink and took a sip.

“Seems that the beach to the right is “clothing optional”” said Mike.


“Means you can be nude but you don’t have to” said Sid.

“What about the beach to the left?” I asked.

“Regular beach, I think, although I imagine there will be topless. Remember we are now in France.”

We went down some steps and set off to the left along the regular beach. There were little shops with displays of bikinis, wraps and cover-ups, some quite sheer and see-through. One was called ‘Sexy Fruits’ and the other one was called ‘Adam and Eve’.

Sid and Nancy said they were going to have a look so we all went into what appeared to be this little hut, but which stretched back a good forty feet inside. It was so full of racks of bikinis, tankinis and sarongs that there was barely space to pass, especially as there were bins all along the floor with men’s and ladies’ thongs and speedos. I knew what they were, of course, although thongs and speedos were not in the stores in our community. No one would have dared buy one. But we do have TV and it’s hard not to see all aspects of the world.

Just ahead of me a bare-chested man picked up a thong and peeled off his shorts without a care in the world except trying on the thong. He was buck naked except for his beach sandals. I had never seen another naked man before and here he was casually putting on the thong and moving over to one of the mirrors that were placed around the store. As I watched he peeled them off again and went back to the bin for another pair. There were a few other people around, but while I could not take my eyes of him, none of them seemed to even notice. I forced myself to stop watching and followed the others who had gone ahead without witnessing this display.

Nancy had picked out a bikini and with the same nonchalance as the earlier man, she pulled her top off over her head revealing her naked breasts. I swear Mike’s jaw dropped and his eyes popped out of his head. Nancy’s breasts were fuller than mine but were firm and I wondered whether they were the ones she was born with. I know a lot of women get ‘boob jobs’, even some in our home town. She slipped on the bikini top, seemed not too happy with the fit. An assistant or maybe she was the owner, took another from the rack and handed it to her. Meanwhile Nancy had slipped off the first one and was standing there topless. Sid came past Mike and headed to the front of the store.

As he went Mike had to turn sideways almost brushing Nancy’s tits and I am almost sure I saw a little bulge in his beach shorts. He stayed rooted to the spot and Nancy had to move a step away to try on the top the lady handed her. To say Mike and eve gelen escort I were not used to this much casual nudity would be a gross understatement. Nancy was happier with this top and took the bottoms to try on. Fortunately, she had on some underwear, even if it was a skimpy thong, and I think Mike eyes were riveted to the outline of the pussy as she tied the ties on each side of the bikini bottom. Nancy looked at herself from all sides in a mirror and seemed happy.

She picked up her top and shorts and we all went back to the front of the store where Sid was waiting. As he paid the lady, Nancy put her top in her beach bag untied the bikini bottoms, dropped her skimpy underwear to her ankles and retied the bikini bottoms. She picked up her underwear and slipped it into the beach bag. Surprisingly, Mike attention was elsewhere and he missed this final reveal. He was looking out at a startlingly beautiful topless teen on the beach in front of the store. We’d never been to a beach where topless was allowed and I knew he was going to remember this day.

Outside the store, Nancy asked us if we wanted to visit the other beach pointing up the beach to our right. I said ‘no’ firmly just as Sid said ‘sure’. Mike hesitated then said ‘not just yet.’ So, Nancy and Sid headed that way saying “see you later.”

Mike and I continued to walk down the beach to the left. It looked as though it went on forever.

As we walked there were little bars and larger restaurants spaced out along the beach with rows of beach loungers and umbrellas for rent in front of each one.

Part way along we came to a water sport place where they rented jet-skis. We talked to the guy and I was quite intrigued to try one but Mike wasn’t so keen. We continued to walk down towards the far end. The waves looked bigger here and I saw lots of kids playing with boogie boards.

“Look” said Mike and pointed to some people being lifted into the air off the back of a boat. They were sitting harnessed in a sort of seat below a big balloon and they rose higher and higher towed by the boat. I had never seen anything like it.

By now the beach was starting to get more crowded. I guess bus loads were coming in from the six cruise ships in Phillipsburg. Although we were here for the day, I realized Sid and Nancy had not agreed a meeting place for ‘later’ assuming we were still going to share a taxi back.

“Maybe we should go take a look at the other beach” I said and Mike agreed.

We headed back, back past the shops, back across a narrow strip in front of Pedros and over some rocks. As we crossed the rocks the man of the couple in front of us dropped his shorts and swept them up and continued walking as his wife undid her sarong. They were both tanned and naked and walking in front of us. We paused; then continued walking across a stretch where a naked black man was sculpting figures in the sand. They were amazing. He looked up and in some sort of a British accent offered to rent us chairs and umbrellas.

We said “No, thank you” and stopped as we saw a group of giggling girls in front of the big ‘Club Orient’ sign. They were having their photos taken and two had taken off their tops and covered their breasts with their hands for the photo.

Then Mike was moving ahead past a sign that indicated ‘no cameras and no boomboxes’ on to the next stretch of beach which was studded with yellow umbrellas. More people were arriving and two guys in shorts were working hard to put up more umbrellas. Everyone was naked. Well most people anyway. Here and there a lady was wearing a thong or some guy had his shorts on. Ahead of us I saw a little group of clothed people walking up the beach and looking around at everything as we were. “Tourists” I thought and was surprised at the thought. Weren’t we all tourists, the nudies and the clothed? I didn’t imagine any of them lived here year-round.

I didn’t see any sign of Sid and Nancy. Mike walked over to a beach bar and climbed the steps. “Let’s have a drink while we’re here.’

“Sure.” I’d followed him up the steps and was looking at the list of drinks. “I’d like a Pina Colada”. Mike of course had a beer.

I stood looking down at the beach while Mike sat on a wooden bench by a table.

This was really an education for me. I’d never seen a man naked except for Mike and now there were lots and the penises were all sizes. One man had the most enormous testicles. They were almost the size of tennis balls. Another man’s flaccid penis must have been six or seven inches long and many were three or four inches. Mike’s wasn’t that big unless he had an erection. I felt myself blushing and also a little hot. Watching all those men was giving me a fluttering feeling in my stomach and lower between my thighs. I was getting turned on… something that didn’t usually happen unless Mike was playing with me in bed.

Mike had finished his beer and was ready to leave. He descended the steps and started to turn towards the left back towards Pedro’s.

“Hey” I said “I’m not finished my drink and I want to walk the rest of this fatih escort beach.”

“OK” he said.

On we walked among the naked bodies. I finished my drink and looked for a trash can to put my empty cup in. I saw one further up the beach and walked over to it.

“Hi Melanie” said a voice as I threw my cup away. I looked round and there were Nancy and Sid lying on loungers under an umbrella without a stitch on.

“Uh, hi!” I said squeakily.

“Take the weight off” said Sid, moving his legs off to one side to make room. I sat down and couldn’t take my eyes off his ‘cock’. I don’t know if I’d ever thought that word before, but of course I’d heard it. Mike and I didn’t talk about body parts as a rule.

It was just lying along his thigh, long and thick, quite unlike Mike’s.

“Get some chairs and an umbrella” said Nancy “We’ve got about four hours before we need to head back to the ship.”

“OK” I said, and she waved an umbrella guy over to the two loungers beside them. He hurried over and was putting up the umbrella when Mike came over. “What are you doing?”

“Hi Mike” said Nancy as I was saying “Getting an umbrella.”

“We can’t sit here with clothes on” he said. “You can if you want” said Nancy “it’s clothing optional.”

“Well I’m not.” I said removing my cover up and my bikini top.

The umbrella man was hovering. “You have to pay him $20 bucks for the umbrella and chairs.” said Nancy.

Mike hesitated “Are we staying, Melanie?”

“Yes, we are. This is an amazing adventure. How often do you get to come to Paradise?” I said and I meant it. What would our neighbors at home think if they could see us now? I’ve always thought like a bit of a rebel but hardly ever dared express it before. Mike pulled out a twenty and handed it to him. I sat down in the chair closest to Nancy as Mike pulled off his shirt. He’s a redhead and doesn’t take the sun easily so he scrunched under the umbrella and started lathering himself with our lotion.

I waited for him to finish but it wasn’t happening anytime soon.

“Here borrow mine” said Nancy “Looks like you need to get those nice pale tits covered. Has your body ever seen the sun?”

“Not really”. I looked at her and realized this wasn’t the first time for her tits. There was a clear bikini line but they were just a paler tan than the rest of her body. I realized she was even lightly tanned down there and she was completely clean shaven. Of course, I knew people did that.

I suddenly felt bolder. I shifted slightly on the lounger and slid off my bikini bottoms. It felt subversive and wonderful…a whole new me.

“That’s more like it” whispered Nancy. Mike had closed his eyes and was blissfully unaware of his newly naked wife.

I finished applying lotion and lay back with my eyes closed and my legs firmly together. They felt sticky so I moved them an inch apart and felt the sun on my full pubic bush.



I opened my eyes and in the blinding sunlight I saw a huge penis. My mouth fell open and I gave a sort of snort, very unladylike. As my eyes adjusted to the sunshine and my brain began to function, I realized Sid was standing the foot of by my lounger and his penis had resumed proportion with the rest of his body, albeit it was, as I had already noted twice the length and width of my new husband Mike’s. I was beginning to think of Mike’s as quite small. Up until now I had just thought of it as normal.

“Melanie, I think you need to turn over. You are going to get sunburned if you don’t” said Nancy from beside me.

I realized I must have dozed off. I was almost lying in the full sun now. “Stand up and let me move your chair” said Sid softly. I stood up and gave my shoulders a shake. I saw Mike was also asleep, but he was now fully in the shade of the umbrella with his straw hat over his eyes and his shorts pulled firmly up to his waist.

Sid pulled my lounger across the sand and positioned it behind and almost at right angles to Mike where the shade now stretched from both umbrellas. I saw he and Nancy had also moved their loungers to better catch the shade.

“How about a quick swim to cool off” said Nancy, “it helps avoid a burn if you take the heat out of your skin from time to time?”

She was already up and moving towards the ocean so I followed her. For a second the sea felt freezing as I stumbled in when the ocean floor dropped a foot in front of me. Then I was swimming and it felt wonderful. I was immediately conscious that for the first time in my life I was swimming naked. It wasn’t like being in the bath; it was a totally different sensation as the water moved between my legs with every lazy stroke. I was a strong swimmer but no need to swim strongly now. I felt a movement beside me and realized Sid was swimming past me. I stood up and was surprised to find the water was barely up to my waist. I was clearly on a bit of a sandbar. Sid stood up too and there was that cock again just above the level of the water. I quickly raised my eyes to his and he smiled.

“Enjoying the water?”

“It’s halkalı anal yapan escort wonderful. Such a new experience. Have you done this before? You must have. I mean I see you are tanned everywhere. Nancy too, of course. The pair of you.” I was babbling and I blushed deeply as I realized it.

Sid just smiled.

I turned and dived into the water and swam further out. When I looked round towards the shore, I saw Mike had woken up and was looking around for us. I waved and he saw me and came wandering down to the water. He entered the water and swam right past Nancy without even seeing her. I swam to meet him.

“Have a nice nap?” I asked. He looked at my naked breasts as if he’d never seen them before. Clearly, he’d forgotten I’d taken my top off.

“Where did Nancy and Sid go?” He asked.

“Right here” said Nancy behind him.

“Oh!” he said turning to a full view of her tits. He went bright scarlet.

“We’re going back to our spot’ said Nancy as Sid swam over and they walked out of the water and up the beach.

“Imagine going fully nude” said Mike as he followed them. I said nothing and followed a pace behind him.

“Would you like another drink?” he said turning to face me. His expression was priceless, mostly shock and horror. “What if someone sees you?” he said.

“I imagine a lot of people have, but I doubt any of them care” I replied.

“This is so unlike you. Have you had too much to drink?”

“No, I’m just enjoying fitting in and the experience is so liberating. Come on drop the shorts Mike.”

“Maybe later. Isn’t it time to find somewhere for lunch?” he asked as we reached our loungers.

“I don’t want to have to put my clothes back on.”

“You won’t have to” said Sid. “There’s a restaurant right here. You just need to bring your towel to sit on.”


The restaurant was called Papagayo. We arranged our towels on the chairs and chatted while we waited for our food. It took a while and our waiter seemed to be a bit of a surly soul, but in due course our orders came. I had a salad niçoise with plenty of olives, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber and a few anchovies. I love olives and anchovies and Mike hates them so I don’t have them as often now as I would like. Mike and Sid had hamburgers with fries and Nancy had a fish soup. She gave me a taste and it was delicious.

We chatted about this and that, mostly about our cruise experience so far. For Mike and me this amounted to the two days since we left port, but Nancy and Sid had been on a couple of cruises before: one around the Mediterranean, which sounded pretty cool. Sid didn’t say much but now Mike came alive and kept us in stiches just with observations on the cruise ship crew and fellow passengers. Although he works in a bank as his day job, he is writing a novel and his insights into people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies makes its both real and entertaining.


Back at the loungers Mike, still in his shorts, was clearly struggling with his inhibitions.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked.

“Um, yes” he said.

“I’ll come with you” said Sid, and we headed for the Perch Bar.

“Mike seems very shy” said Sid.

“He isn’t usually, but I think he’s a little out of his element here.”

When we returned it was clear Nancy had persuaded Mike to drop his shorts as they were folded by the lounger, but he had a towel placed over his legs. “Don’t want too much sun” he said, pointing to his red hair. I wondered what she said to persuade him.

I lay face down on my lounger which was again in mostly in full sun. “Could you put some lotion on my back, Mike?”

“I’d rather not” he said, surprising me.

“I can do it if you and Nancy don’t mind” said Sid.

“Go ahead” said Nancy.

The sun screen felt cool on my skin even though the tube had been in a bag by the loungers. I gave an involuntary shudder as a drop hit me between the shoulder blades and then I felt his hands on me. I tried to relax as he massaged the lotion across my shoulder blades and upper arms and down to my lower back. He lifted my right arm and applied the lotion all over it. Holding it up in his other hand he gently rubbed lotion up my side and into my armpit and down across the side of my breast that was resting on the towel on the lounger. He repeated the process on my left side. Each time I found the caress of my breast very stimulating although he was nowhere near my areola.

Then I felt his hands on my right foot. He moved up my calf to my knee, then moved to the left foot and repeated the process. I next felt his hand on my buttocks and he moved across from the right to the left. I felt my heart beat faster. Then his hands were on the back of my thighs moving down to the knees.

“Don’t forget inside her thighs” said Nancy. I opened my eyes and looked across at Mike but his hat was over his face and he was clearly napping again. Sid obediently started above and inside my right knee and moved up to my groin. He didn’t touch me there even though I was starting to feel quite wet. He went to the same point above my left knee and started again. I moved my legs further apart and this time I felt him lightly brush my lips. Nobody had ever touched me so intimately before except Mike. Well, there were a couple of boys in my teens “playing doctor” but my mum had come upstairs before anything really happened.

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