Curiosity part 2

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Curiosity part 2A recent curiosity about the alternative life style had led me to a local ABS that I had read about and that it had a set of booths that had glory holes. Given my absolute need for discretion I felt that this was the best way for me to experiment with this life style and still keep my straight identity intact.I still can’t explain why I went there for the very first time, but I have to tell you that prior to the disastrous ending I was feeling pretty good about what I had done and felt a need to maybe try this again. I was thinking of the porn theater where I could watch him suck me off while fondling my balls or I could look at his face when I tried to give him my best Linda Lovelace impression by swallowing his cock as far down my throat as I could.My stoic elation was short termed when the face looking at my cum covered face through the scene of the crime, the glory hole, was a man that I worked with and we are on the same shift in the same firehouse. I knew this was a disaster and felt like a truck had hit me.Dan exited his booth and knocked on the door of mine telling me to let him in. Not sure what to do and feeling totally deflated and not wanting a commotion here I let him in. His look of victory and my obvious look of defeat plus the fact I was sitting there with HIS cum on my face left me at a huge disadvantage as he spoke a very cordial hello. Staring up at him from my bench seat I could only mumble a simple hi back at him as I watched the expression on his face change from elation and victory to a menacing and evil look.He began to remind me of all the times at the firehouse and in public how much I had belittled him for being a ‘dick smoker’ and a queer cum slut. He spoke to me like I was a little k** and spoke in a very menacing voice saying that the only time we had ever met outside of the firehouse was in a booth with glory holes and that the irony of all of this was the only guy that needed an ‘ashtray’ was the ‘dick smoker’ with cum on his face and that it wasn’t him.I let my head fall down and was staring at the floor when he reached under my chin and made me look him in the eyes as he told me to relax and to know that this was to be our secret and that it would be safe with him. I let out a huge sigh of relief and told him I was truly sorry for all the times I had berated him and that it wouldn’t ever happen again, to which he replied with the most evil eyes and grin to match that he knew it wouldn’t because he had some future plans for ‘us’.The next few shifts at the firehouse were very tense for me but seemed very relaxed for him so I began to relax and let things fall back into a normal state. Knowing all the while that I had done the unthinkable for me and that I had sucked a cock for the first time and that the man that owned that cock sat across from me at dinner every third day and lived with me at the firehouse in a very family like setting.Just when I was getting comfortable again with Dan and our secret of getting caught performing oral sex him he told me to come over to his house the next night. I told him I couldn’t because of a prior engagement to which he replied, “You have no choice, be there at 5:30 PM”. I had lied about the engagement and thought I could get out of going to Dan’s because I knew this was going to be trouble if I went.The rest of that day, pacing the floor all through the night and all of the next day as I approached the hour, I was as nervous as all hell. I had no sleep and couldn’t eat and knew that going to Dan’s was a big mistake but I couldn’t come up with a way to get out of it and he didn’t sound like he was up for letting me go either.I arrived and felt sick to my stomach and wanted to puke or shit or both. I sucked up a big breath of air and walked up to his door bell and rang it. I’m not sure why but I knew I had to and more importantly deep down I knew I really wanted to. Curiosity was getting the better of me and I know the reason he wanted me to come over wasn’t for a beer and a game on the TV.He answered the door with a big smile and disarming attitude which instantly put me at ease. He told me to come in and make myself comfortable as he handed me a beer and said he was putting the finishing touches on our dinner.As quickly as I was put at ease, I noticed the table was set for three! I asked him who he was expecting and he replied “his favorite cocksuckers”. Well I don’t need to tell you how hard my stomach fell and the upset stomach and shaking hands started all over again. I told him that this wasn’t going to be a repeat performance and that I satisfied my curiosity (not) and wouldn’t be doing that again. He said to relax and that I was being out of line again and didn’t even think of it being a girl he invited to dinner with us. Instantly I felt guilty. There was a long silence and then he told me it was guy and he began to tell me that the evening was to really show me what it looked like to have sekabet yeni giriş two guys into each other having sex and to see first hand why guys can satisfy guys better than girls. He painted a perfect picture of a guy fondling a cock and the balls and that because of his size a guy could take more cock farther down his throat than a girl. He said you can’t replace women but the feel of a guy every now and again was like nothing I ever felt before and that he just wanted to show me up close and personal and how good it felt. He said the experience of sucking his cock at the GH was nothing compared to raw sex between guys. He told me to relax and that nothing would happen unless I wanted it to and that this was for him as well, as he had always had the fantasy of being filmed in a porno shoot and that my job was to use the camera. HE said if I felt like I wanted to expand or answer any more of my questions or that my curiosity was running away with me again, I could join in and do only as much as I wanted.Duh, who could say no to this proposition? I thought to myself what a cool guy and that this could be the night of my life and I wouldn’t have to participate at all. He said the only stipulation for me was that I had to take off all of my clothes and film it in the nude. I weighed the up and down side in my head and couldn’t think of a reason not to get naked with a bunch of guys and film them having sex with me being the camera operator I knew my face would always be on the other side of the lens and that it never computed that I was in a room with naked guys having sex, a camera, shooting a movie for lots of people to watch and ME in the room.Never in a million years would I have thought of a bad outcome for this event and I never thought of how much it was going to cost me.In my undaunted forging spirit, I told him thanks and that I would love to do it and that there wasn’t a problem with me taking off my clothes to film this epic event for him and thanks for letting me explore my sexuality in confidence. His smile was less than cordial and I felt uneasy instantly but thought I was reading into the situation.The door bell rang and Dan answering the door led in another fireman. Not just any fireman, but one from our firehouse on our shift. After my jaw bounced off the floor a few times I recovered about the same time Dan laughing told me that he thought I hadn’t suspected anything going on between them and that Tom was the best cock sucker ever and that I would be amazed at how his deep throat could swallow a cock and how long he could stay on a cock with out breathing. I chuckled but instantly felt a tingling in my crotch like never before and felt a little awkward when I shook his hand.We sat down to dinner and had some great laughs and more courage for me from a bottle while telling stories about our love conquests. I was amazed at how many women they both had in the past and began to wonder why a guy would venture out for sex with another guy knowing that a woman is so soft and loving in all the right places. My question was answered instantly when Dan brushed my arm while he was cleaning off the table and my cock twitched a little in my boxers.Tom looked at me and then at Dan and said let’s get this event started. He asked me if I was ready for the night and all it had in store for ‘us’ and if he expected anything from the evening that they should know about? I told him about my GH story and he said that Dan had told him all about it but didn’t think it should be the end of my curiosity or letting me experience other things that a guy can offer. As we talked I stated emphatically that I was just there to be the camera man and that any other activities would not happen with me even though I agreed to do it in the nude.Dan came into the room with a new round of drinks and the camera and as he handed me the camera and drink he toasted Tom and I “to the evening and to new horizons it may bring for us all”. Dan told me to drink up because I wouldn’t have a chance later when the camera was rolling. I polished off the drink and he told me to take my clothes off or the party wouldn’t start.As we headed towards down the stairs towards the ‘fun room’ I realized that getting naked with these guys wasn’t going to be hard because I had showered with them hundreds of times at the firehouse, but I knew this was different. I took a little longer than normal to take off my shirt shoes and socks and as I stood with just the boxers on, I became very aware that this was a point of no return so with a big breath I slid my underwear down my legs and kicked them off.Proud of myself and my determination to go through with this and naked in all my glory I told the guys that I was waiting and started the camera rolling so I wouldn’t miss a single button, buckle or snap.Dan walked up to Tom and started to undress him starting with the top button of his shirt and slowly working his way sekabet giriş down to his belt buckle. As he unsnapped his jeans and opened them up I realized he was going commando and that started to pump a little extra blood into my cock. Can’t explain it and don’t know why but as Dan slid Tom’s jeans down and his cock popped out to an exciting 7″ and at that instant my dick started to tingle and became a little harder.Dan nuzzled his face into Tom’s balls and crotch and inhaled deeply proclaiming it was the best thing ever to know that this semi hard cock would because of him soon be as hard as a rock and remain as hard as a rock all night and would be his to do with as he liked and that he intended make love to it all night long and with me filming we would have proof of the evenings events.With his tongue Dan licked Tom’s balls and cock from the bottom to the blood engorged head and with no hesitation he swallowed his cock to about two inches from the pubis hairs and back up again. He kept repeating this same motion over and over again so I moved all around getting it from as many angles as possible realizing that my cock was now very hard and waggled instead of dangled. It felt GREAT! I couldn’t explain the feelings because I was occupied with the task of filming and didn’t realize how much this would affect me.Tom pulled Dan up and started to take his clothes off the same way his were taken off. I got every thing on film and kept the camera rolling panning in as Tom slid his tongue under Dan’s cock and licked his ass hole a little and then slid his tongue slowly up to the top of his nice looking 7 ½” cock. With a motion so graphic and vivid I replay it in my mind over and over again, Tom slid his mouth over the head of Dan’s cock and slowly inched his lips all the way down to the bottom resting his lips on Dan’s balls. He stuck his tongue out and started to lick the under side of Dan’s balls with his whole cock in his mouth.I almost couldn’t breathe for a minute when I saw that and my mind began to cloud up as my cock was as hard as I have ever felt. The camera felt jittery in my hands and the sounds I made along with the sounds Dan made only heightened my arousal. Watching Tom’s tongue slide all around Dan’s balls and his lips buried in his crotch hairs made me so hard that I had to feel my cock just to make sure it wouldn’t explode. It bobbed up and down as my heart beat and I started a flow of pre cum that was almost like a river coming out of my bouncing dick. When I touched my cock I got some pre cum on it and because I didn’t want to get it on the camera I didn’t think of thing of just putting it in my mouth and licking it off.Dan saw this and said it was hot wasn’t it and asked me if Tom was just about the best cock sucker I had ever seen anywhere? I told him it was amazing and that he was a luck man finding this diamond. Out of now where I said that I would have to try that sometime. My mind raced to take that statement back but realized that I really did in fact want to have him suck my cock and watching these to men caress each other in such a caring and heightened sexual way I knew I wanted to return the favor and suck their cocks into my mouth and feel the hot throbbing veins deep in my throat as they explode.Trying to keep my mind on the task at hand was becoming impossible but forge ahead I did. As I got closer for a zoom shot on Tom’s amazing feat, Dan reached over and started to rub my cock and I jumped out of my skin when I felt his hand on my cock. In a purely involuntary sexually motivated motion I pushed my cock further into his hand and began to move my hips back and forth in a fucking motion. Dan slowly began to squeeze his fingers around my cock and pump my cock in rhythm with my hips. My mind raced in directions I can’t explain, closing my eyes and I could feel my pulse racingAnd by breathing became faster. The camera drifted down in a relaxed grip motion and I inadvertently began recording my own pleasure.As I started to come back down to reality, I opened my eyes and looked down just in time to see Tom open his mouth and engulfing my cock in a slow and steady descent to the bottom. That was all it took for me to fall off the edge and into the dark side. I moaned and leaned my head back as Tom began to deep throat me tickling my balls with his tongue just like I had seen him do to Dan. Opening my eyes, I reached down and rested one hand on Tom’s shoulder trying to coax him deeper but mostly not to quit while the other hand held the camera on Tom’s amazing feat of cock sucking and on my cock. I had never felt anything like this before and at my age there has been a few lips around my cock before, but never a mans lips. The warm mouth and the constant popping feeling as my cock slid into his throat with his tongue sliding it’s way out from under my shaft that is totally engulfed deep into his throat and licking my balls at the same time was absolutely sekabet güvenilirmi the most exhilarating feeling ever.I felt the camera being taken from me and it occurred to me that even though my eyes were open, and I was staring right at Tom as he expertly sucked my cock, I couldn’t see a thing through my lust laden eyes. So I closed them and laid my head back to savor this absolutely most delicious moment.It never occurred to me that I was now the co star in the latest scene being recorded and that all the steps to protect my identity were now out the window.My mind raced to comprehend what I was doing and it just couldn’t keep up with the feelings my cock was transmitting to my brain as a man did things to my cock in such ways I had never experienced before. Through the euphoric feelings of my body, my brain did manage a thought process and I realized that all of my careful and orchestrated cloak and dagger actions were out the window. I was engaged face to face and not behind the glory hole walls or chatting behind an assumed name on the internet and performing sexual acts with not just one man but two men and being recorded on film.I just couldn’t stop what I was doing and I reached down to gently grab Tom’s head and hold it firmly on my cock as his mouth slid to the bottom time and time again. I looked at the camera and smiled as Dan began to zoom in and pan from my face to Tom’s face as he continued to swallow my whole cock.Then Tom slid his hands around my ass and began to pull my cheeks apart while he probed at my virgin ass ring with his fingers. My mind told my body to stop this but I just couldn’t. My hips kept a rhythmic fucking motion in and out of Tom’s mouth and every time I slid my cock out of his mouth, he would gently apply more pressure with his fingers trying to get them into the place only one man has ever gone and he had MD after his name.Dan saw what was happening and while recording he went to the dresser and got the oil bottle and opened it over my ass letting a stream trickle down my back into my ass crack and onto Tom’s fingers as he applied more pressure into my virgin ass.Dan managed to pan up to my face and record the startled but absolutely elated grimace as Tom slid his now oil covered finger through the virgin muscle and into my ass. It was natural, I just pushed back as Tom pushed his fingers deeper and deeper. Dan urged me on telling me that I was a natural and this would be the night of my life. He kept telling me to relax and enjoy the feelings of the deep penetration and that the fingers in my ass weren’t anything compared to a real cock sliding in and out. Listening to Dan was like listening to a porno movie and he just kept getting me harder. When I tried to speak I couldn’t, it came out in moans and guttural grunts of pure sexual bliss as Dan captured every moment of one then two and then three fingers being inserted into my ass.Tom’s fingers were there for a reason, and that was to stretch my virgin asshole for what was to come.I could hear Dan talking but I just couldn’t respond, the exquisite feelings of Tom’s fingers sliding in and out of my ass while he kept pulling my cock deeper into his mouth sliding it down his deep throat and licking my balls at the same time his fingers were pumping in and out of my ass made me totally unaware of what I was saying or what was happening around me.All of this clouded my mind so much that a dark hidden fantasy of mine, being fucked by a man and feeling his hot hard cock slide in and of my virgin ass and to feel just how hot a mans cum was when I hit the deep inner walls of my bowels and of how I wanted to feel that fantasy cock jerk as he pumped shot after shot into my ass was about to come true.I had no idea Dan had placed his camera on a tripod and started to record with two additional camera’s located through out the room making a total of three cameras recording now, in different locations all focused on the new virgin star, me.My entire conscious being was being consumed with so many raw sexual feelings and urges that I couldn’t explain or stop no matter how hard I tried and that’s why I didn’t realize that Dan had come up behind me and poured more hot oil on his cock as he rubbed into my ass with his cock. I began to rationalize the different feelings and the realized that it was a cock rubbing up and down the crack of my virgin ass. The feeling of hot oil being dripped onto my ass cheeks and massaged into the crack of my ass was indescribable and that it was another hot and hard cock was even better. Just then I realized that Tom had just taken his fingers out of my ass and my mind began to come into focus as Dan lined his cock head at my virgin ass and push. The gaping hole left from Tom’s fingers wasn’t big enough to handle what was coming next and I knew that there was going to be some pain soon.I tried to looked back to see what was happening just as Dan’s angry looking purple cock head began to push against my virgin hole. I cried out in pain as his cock slid into my ass and popped the cherry virgin ring. He stopped pushing for a moment and my mind raced with emotions never felt before as I felt his throbbing cock head in my virgin ass.

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