Curing an Uncommon Cold

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Note to the Reader:

I have taken a shot at writing a short story in the same ballpark as the Yaoi manga I read so often. As usual, constructive feedback and shiny stars are most welcome.

Though I refer to Osaka University, none of the characters are intended to represent any person or being, living or dead; this is a work of fiction. Nothing else.

Thanks to Tap04950 for your editing expertise and earnest efforts to stem my unsightly comma addiction.


Everyone says they hate Mondays, but only teachers really mean it. Taking a teaching job at Osaka University to help pay the bills while I conducted my research was torture, but I was the best at what I did. I made the board of directors look good with my accomplishments in the field of phlebotomy, and in turn they made sure I was comfortable running a maximum of three lectures a week. I never knew I would get the Monday morning class, though it turned out to be to my benefit; I counted on students dragging their feet into the labs after their exhilarating weekends wasting what brain matter they’d used to learn what I taught just so I could repeat last week’s lesson for the fourth time. But I hadn’t counted on coming in to find the lab devoid of students on a particularly crisp Monday morning, nor had I counted on the absolute mess it had become. It took me more than a few seconds of staring at the disaster area to realise what I was looking at wasn’t the result of neglect. Rather upon seeing the smashed beakers and jars, together with unidentifiable liquids mixed and spilled on every surface, the lab looked as though it was trashed on purpose.

Behind me the sound of bustling students had finally begun to fill what would have been an otherwise empty hall. Ready to fire a stream of loud admonishments, I turned and came face to face with two huge – and I mean huge – muscle-men followed by a withered old woman in a black dress suit.

They looked at me for as long as I stared at them, and then the uglier of the two turned to the old woman. She nodded once, and my skin turned to ice.

“Take him.”

With only that warning I backed up, but couldn’t escape as my lower back was already pressed against a bench. I was smothered by the two giants. The one with the scarier sneer pulled a folded white handkerchief from his pants pocket, and the other came at me with a black cloth hood. Despite my strong limb-flailing I was quickly overcome by their sheer muscle mass. The hood was thrown over my head, and a hand was pressed against my face. Before my conscious mind could comprehend that I was being gagged with chloroform, I was out.

When I woke I felt the rumble of tires on asphalt, and knew from the inertia that wherever I was, it was a constant movement. Stopping every so often, I figured we were in a car; a van if I was judging the noise distribution and metal ridges under my butt correctly. My wrists were tied behind me, and the damned hood was still blackening my vision. I listened while my captors spoke, seemingly unconcerned about where we headed. It didn’t matter that they were talking, I couldn’t understand a word they said; it certainly wasn’t Japanese – it wasn’t even English. My specialty lies in science; not languages. I was screwed if I thought I’d get any information out of eaves-dropping.

I was glad to be awake when we arrived at our destination. As far as they were concerned, I was still out. But as soon as I’d been hauled to the back end of the van, my legs hanging over the edge of the loading side, I stood and sprinted for whichever direction my instincts told me were taking me furthest from them.

Less than fifty sprinted steps from the brave effort of escape, I ran head-first into a cement wall.

“You haff spirit, Tiny!” The gravely European voice was too close; instead of sounding annoyed, it was amused, as though letting me run and hit the wall had been for their own entertainment.

Accurately sensing where the words were coming from, I spun around and kicked, hitting one of my captors in the side. Before I could regain my balance, though, the other one was on me, and aimed a strong blow to the side of my head. With my world reeling, I could only swing wildly and miss, my arms quickly pinned to my sides. One of them aimed a punch at my stomach, and the other threw another at my head. Gasping from the force of the blows, I fell to my knees and waited for more pain, but my attackers were pulled away from me.

Some hard words were spoken by the woman, then the fists that were grabbing my lab coat let go. I lay still, hoping that playing possum would work – but when the lanolin scented presence came close I shied back, killing my non-existent chances.

Was I to be sold into slavery? Become some fat old aristocratic bitch’s entertainment? I don’t think so. But I was in no position to argue, crumpled on the ground and gasping for air.

“If you can hear me, boy,” the old woman’s voice near my head stated, “better not to fight. You’re coming with casino şirketleri us and that’s all there is to know.”

The hood was lifted. I squinted from the bright sunlight up at the two men, Mean and Ugly, and the old woman – all leering at me.

“You haff no place to go, Tiny,” Ugly added, while I spat blood on the dirt next to me. “You do not know where you are.”

“It is day. I am in Japan,” I grunted, giving him my meanest glare.

Ugly laughed; he was obviously employed for his tough appearance. On the other hand I was employed for my brains, and knew my glare would seem pathetic to him. The old woman gave me an evil grin, but I ignored all three, even as the two burly men lifted me to my feet and frog-marched me into a tall office building. The four of us walked through empty corridors, all bland and lacking in detail. Cold, I thought, ruing that I usually like such bare surroundings.

When we stopped, it was in front of a nondescript metal door on the fifth level. The old woman unlocked the door in front of her and I squirmed, trying to see anything apart from large rectangular outlines in the blackened room when the thick iron door opened.

She said something and Mean and Ugly shuffled me forward and pushed me into the dark. “Mind your manners, or you’ll be dinner, boy,” she warned nastily.

Mean closed the door in my bright red face but indignation was already on my tongue.

“I’d die before I let you touch me, you filthy hag!” I screamed, pounding on the locked door.

Their laughter died away with their footsteps and I stopped my yelling. Instead, I felt along the wall for a light-switch but came up short when I bumped into a metal bench. Swearing loudly, I rubbed my thigh.

“Are you always so… loud?” a deep voice asked, drawing out the last word.

I spun around in the darkness to face whoever had spoken, but the room was pitch black. I could only peer uselessly into what I assumed were corners. Backing up against the door, I tried to find the presence with my instincts but I felt utterly alone.

“W-who is t-there?” I asked, furious at the stutter that fell out of my mouth.

“They tell me you put up quite a fight,” the voice continued and I followed it blindly.

“I did. And I still can!” I threatened, getting louder with every word.

I put my fists up in front of myself and wondered how I was going to punch someone I couldn’t even see. The voice laughed and it seemed to come from all sides; a small room then, I figured, but I didn’t lower my fists, nor was I intimidated by the laugh.

“Here, you haven’t a chance with your disadvantage.”

I jumped when something plastic and heavy was pushed into my hands. I turned the object over, feeling thick lenses and brought the goggles up to my eyes. Looking through them, I realised they were night-vision goggles, and I was in some sort of make-shift lab; similar to the one I supervised at the college, but even more cramped. It had all the equipment needed for a bio-med scientist and a phlebotomist.

“What is all of this?” I gasped, my eyes glued to the green room.

“For your research,” he replied.

Remembering why I’d been given the goggles in the first place, I turned around on the spot and came face to face with someone I had entirely not expected. The low rumbling voice belonged to a man, that much I’d known; but a man so clean-cut, professional looking! I had not expected his short, business-like haircut, or his three piece suit; he even wore a handkerchief in his jacket pocket.

“Who are you?” I demanded, quelling the tremble in my tone with force.

He stared at me as intently as I stared at him, through those damned goggles. I wondered if his gaze was a facade — could he really see me in this darkness without goggles of his own? I decided to lower them, but no dice. Grumbling silently, I pulled them back up to my face, but by then he’d turned around.

“My name is, was, Johann Strauss. I can speak Japanese if you say ‘Kudasai?'” he teased, turning back and taking a step toward me. I took a step back.

“Domo,” I replied icily, bowing my head. “But my English is good enough to speak to you.”

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as he laughed and stated “As you wish.”

“Why am I here?” I asked, keeping my direct tone; as long as he was answering questions, I’d continue to push.

“You’re here to continue your research,” he replied, waving to the lab in general.

“Where is the light-switch?”

“Ah, the light…” Johann seemed to consider this question for a while and when he spoke, it was without the arrogant tone. “I cannot have light. Leave the room dark when I am here, Yuki.”

“You know my name?”

Shocked, I wanted to step back, but I was already backed up to the door I’d been pushed through. There was nowhere else to go in the tiny room.

“Yes,” he replied softly, turning slowly so I could focus on his reflective eyes through the lenses. “I know everything casino firmaları about your research, Yuki. Everything since you graduated with honours and worked your way to become head scientist at Osaka University.”

He pronounced Osaka incorrectly, putting too much emphasis in the wrong part of the word, and he didn’t even mention the faculty I belonged to, but I didn’t mention it. Suddenly it occurred to me who had trashed my lab.

“You destroyed my work,” I gasped, and this time I really did back up against the door. “My assistants – my work!!”

“Your assistants are sleeping off a nasty hangover at home. Your students will have already been told you’re missing from today’s lesson and therefore will have enjoyed the morning excused. You of course, have been reported missing from work but I dare say it will be another day before you’re reported missing altogether. Japanese law enforcement is tough, but my people are tougher. Yuki,” he said, pronouncing my name gentler than the rest of his well-rehearsed speech.

“Tanaka-san,” I hissed back, undeterred.

“Your work is duplicated here. You’ll have everything you need to finish your research and ample opportunity to further it. There will be no bothersome distractions here.”

He was stepping forward; I couldn’t allow it, but I had nowhere to run. His intense glare was unhinging; he wouldn’t look away from me and unfamiliar goose-bumps rose from my feet, up to my chest and out to my arms.


It was a demand, not a question: a demand to know why my happily accepted mundane life had been upended to include the ridiculousness of this pompous European’s expectations. Whatever his reasons, I wouldn’t accept them. I dared him silently with my goggle-hidden eyes to tell me why I had lost every human right to become his personal scientist, slash hostage.

“Not why,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest.

I didn’t stare at the bulge of arm muscles under his suit jacket. I did not.

“Not why?”



“You’ll be freed as soon as you finish your work. I need you to develop a cure for me,” he answered, staring at me intently.

“A cure for what?”

I’m a scientist. I can’t help being curious, damn it. Never mind my trashed lab, never mind the kidnapping, just what the hell could be wrong with someone who looked so healthy?

“Starting condition is type seven Solar Urticaria.”

“Photo sensitivity – but I’ve never heard of type seven,” I replied, frowning.

“No one has.”

“So, you have immediate anaphylactic reaction?”

“No. I would have immediate death.”

I scoffed out loud – that was impossible. This man was not about to blow up like a balloon at the first sign of light. But then again, he did seem pretty serious about me leaving the lights off.

“So all I have to do is turn on a light if I want to kill you?” I asked, “That would be easier than finding a cure.”

“Oh yes…” He smiled pleasantly at me, clearly unaffected by what I’d said. “That reminds me. My aides, you met them earlier… They’re under strict instructions to end your life should I die by your hand.” I shivered, but he continued, inclining his head at me while I tried to pull myself together. “I appreciate your swift intelligence, though, Yuki. Your predecessor was not so quick to come to that conclusion.”

“You said ‘starting condition’,” I said, determined not to be bothered by his amused stare. “What else?”

“Chronic, subject specific hypothermia; temperature ranges dependant on the surroundings. Hyper-anemia, treated with blood transfusions every week.”

“Wait, wait, wait a minute.” I was starting to get the picture. “You’re a crazy person, aren’t you?”

Johann Strauss nodded thoughtfully and then inclined his head towards me.

“I suppose I could be called that. But I still need your expertise doctor. If you would?” He asked, gesturing to the lab around us again.

Yes, it’s a lab. I know this, I thought irritably.

“No. I’m not going to play vampire games with you,” I replied tersely. “You’re an idiot, let me go.”

“Hmm. I thought you might say that.”

He turned around and picked something off the bench. Handing me the headset of a stethoscope, he put one hand up in surrender and pressed the chest piece under his jacket against his shirt. I really, really didn’t want to listen but the scientist in me couldn’t resist and I pulled the tips to my ears. When my disbelieving gaze met his, he unbuttoned his jacket and pulled it to the side so I could see he was accurately placing the chest piece against his ribs.

“But that’s not possible! You’re alive!”

“Close,” came his reply, but that was all he said before disappearing into thin air. I stared at the swinging chest piece in front of me, but before I could say ‘what the-‘, strong arms came from behind me to wrap around my chest.

Cold, cold as the laboratory air around me, and I struggled now in earnest. güvenilir casino But it was no use, and I was shocked to my core when freezing cold lips pressed against my earlobe. I managed a squeak, but my mind had been blown away to dust and I fell limp in his arms. I couldn’t think, let alone speak while he had this grip on me. I was completely at his mercy, this thing’s mercy — I couldn’t escape.

“Yuki, I’m going to give you the rest of the day and night to get settled,” he said softly, and I struggled to pay attention when his cold breath kept sweeping across my ear. “Marjory will look after your meals. Tomorrow morning you’ll come back here to work on your research.”

He pulled the goggles from my grasp, suddenly letting go of me and stepping back. I managed to stand on my own and spun around, only to find myself alone in the tiny lab. Before I could contemplate feeling my way to the door to escape, it flew open and I came face-to-face with my kidnappers.

“Well, you’re still alive, Mr. Tanaka,” the old woman tittered, giving me the once-over while the hulking bodyguards stood looking bored behind her. “Come along, there’s a hot meal waiting to put colour in your cheeks.”


The apartment I was pushed into was bigger than the one I rented. I wondered how long I’d have to stay here. I wondered what the hell kind of reaction I’d had to Strauss. I wondered why I hadn’t put up more of a fight.

I gave the sparsely furnished apartment ceilings and walls a quick check for cameras or microphones, and upon finding none, I decided I’d been left to my own devices in the bare rooms. I glared at the bowl of thick broth left on the living area’s coffee table. What I needed was a cup of tea, a cigarette and my own fucking lab. Unfortunately, there were no windows or phones I could use to my advantage, so I couldn’t have any of those things, but upon finding a bathroom, I was relieved to find I could at least have a shower.

Standing under the hot water helped to calm me down. But calm wasn’t tired and I needed to be tired to go to sleep and clear my mind enough to figure out how I was going to escape. Moving the aim on the shower nozzle, I turned up the hot water and leaned back against the white tiles. The hot water rained down on my chest, soothing the chills and tension and turning my body pink.

Sliding my hand across my stomach, I let go of my thoughts and grasped my slowly awakening cock.

How I hated Strauss. Trying to clear my mind was impossible when all I could think of was how pushy and obstinate the man was. How dare he presume to kidnap me, and how dare he kiss my ear?! I found my free hand touching my earlobe where his icy lips had shocked me. No, I was not going to think of him while doing this. Pushing him out of my thoughts, I ran my hand down and focussed on the feel of my abdominal muscles bunching under my palm while I jerked my cock under the spray of hot water.

Every time I managed to get him out of my head, Strauss would weasel his way back in until I was glaring at the taps in front of me. I couldn’t get this done without him intruding my thoughts and my cock was aching for attention, now.

Physical intimacy is separate; emotions don’t have to be involved, I told myself. He was an attractive man – with a terrible personality. Letting go of the fierce resistance my mind was putting up to the fantasies bursting at the seams, I closed my eyes and stroked my cock from base to tip, trying to create his presence without the night-vision lens.

A whisper of a draft flew over my damp shoulder and I shivered. Once again, his arms wrapped around from behind me, only this time unclothed. His skin wasn’t so cold; the heat of the water was warming him and he covered my roaming fingers with his, pulling me back against the wall. His other hand joined mine as I continued running my hand the full length of my shaft.

I called his name and a soft purring against my ear made me gasp and arch my back against the tiles when he squeezed just under the head of my cock. He pushed me forward under the water and steam until I could feel the hard planes of his chest pressed against my back, his erection nudging between my ass cheeks.

Guiding my hands to my chest, he left them at my nipples and I began gently rolling and pinching them, lolling my head back to rest on his shoulder. My mouth was dry, but I was drowning in this fantasy. He kept pulling my member with strong, slow movements, and my hips met him with every stroke, pushing back against his cock. He pressed down with his other hand on my lower abdomen, keeping my rocking hips still.

“Tell me you want me,” he whispered, snapping me out of my daze.

Damn his arrogance! Damn it to hell! I couldn’t even fantasise about him without his horrible personality getting in the way. Blinking quickly to destroy the images my mind was providing, I couldn’t break away — either the room was dark or my eyes were refusing to open. He was still behind me, his strong arms holding me in place, his hands still manipulating my body’s desires. I’d never been stuck in my own fantasy before and began to panic. I’m in the shower, I’m alone, I thought over and over, but above the hiss of the water and my panting, I heard him chuckle.

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