Cuddling with Mom!

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“I love you,”

“I love you too” both express, and they leaned close to their faces and engaged each other up.

The movie started with a kissing part. Never have seen a film like this. I was reclining on the couch with the blanket. Mom laid in front of me. The blanket was the irrelevant part that wrapped us. She followed the film with attention, and it bore me. She wore a blue saree clinging to her bust. It was nighttime, and she clinched the saree in the midnights. The burning summer warmth was upon us. I advanced to her body. I wrapped her back in my cavity. She faced the tv and became fascinated in the movie. I twisted up behind her and grasped her. She loosened her head, and I moved my arm. She set her head on my arm. Her skin smelled of almonds. It was her natural fragrance she applied. I was the one who told her to use it. I lifted my other palm and settled it across her midriff. There sprawled the most gorgeous looking mommy. How could I resist her? Her navel and her hip gave her the shape of a model. I ripped out the blanket. I slithered my palm on her silky navel. I covered her milky white navel with my palm. Something in my pants popped up. The lust for kissing her thin navel aroused me. It was plump like a paste would, god I sought to slumber with it. Play with it all day.

I hooked on her navel hole; she breathed. She frowned and went back to watching tv. I fixed my head on her left shoulder by pushing her hair towards her right, which showed me the view of her beautiful collar. Her skin smelled of almonds and her carving of jelly. It provided me with a delicious adventure. I sniffed, drawing all her smell in my body. I yearned to carry her all inside me, worship her and make her mine. She brushes my arm, loving her navel and guffaws and grins. Her grin is the most pleasant I have seen.

This moment our bodies hugged hard. It was so warm to each other’s skins that no air could go. This was the first time I saw her all. Breathed in her sigh and shivered and floundered in grazing her beauty. God, I yearned to do her, drive her into me, but we had an unusual relationship. She twirls around and peers into my eyes.

We lay down in front of each other facing each other and reading our faces, sneaking in our eyes only to see, our eyes show desires this world couldn’t comprehend. She slides her hand on my neck and leans in close. My heart beats fast and my body wiggles. She then touches my earlobes and kisses me on my cheeks.

“Why are you being so lovely to mom?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

“Aww,” she said.

Those beautiful eyes showed a bit of shyness and looked down and they saw my bulge hidden underneath the pants. I hope you don’t notice that. I hope she notices nothing at all. But she then looks in my eyes and again locks me into hers.

“You’re growing up,” she said.


“So, tell me, how’s your girlfriend?” she asked.

“We broke up,” I said.

“Why,” she asked, adjusting her head on my arm and leaning closer to my face. Her body leaned close to my body and my boner touched and throbbed. But she didn’t notice, or she did.

“She wanted something else, and I wanted something else,” I said.

“Oh, god, you young people, you’re always like this. You look to love as an activity,” she told me.

“Activity,” I asked.

“Something to do,” she adds.

“And you guys have different ideas about sex itself,” she said.

Did he say sex? Was she going to discuss that with her son?

“Yeah, sex was another part of the problem,” I told.

“What was the problem?” she asked.

How can I tell her what the problem was? Well, she’s my mom. I can share a thing or two.

“I came too early and do not take time to foreplay,” I said.

“Okay, now that is a problem, foreplay is important. It is an important thing. Without that, you won’t be able to please,” she said.

“Yeah, I tried but I can’t control myself, and I came too early,” I said.

“All, don’t worry, you can always control your breath and take it slow,” she said.

“How do you know all about it?” I asked.

“I am older and experienced,” she said and waved my hair with her hand.

Then she leaned in and touched my lips. Her fingers soft and subtle on my lips felt to me more like food. I wanted to bite it. She then leans closer, and our nose touches each other. It was another thing of intimacy we enjoyed doing. I was a kid then; we used to do this. Years after doing this feels weird. But I liked that. My heartbeat so fast I thought it would come out soon as her hand waved and spun exploring my body. Her plans rested on my chest, and she was noticing my heartbeat. Then she slid her hand on the end of my T-shirt to my belly and put her palm inside it.

She explored my body, my frame. Then she hugged me, clinging and sticking. She moved her palms to explore the size of my back and lower back. She went in lower than she could and touched my Beylikdüzü escort butt.

It felt more like cuddling. It felt more than anything at all. Our bides and our sweat drenching each other. For the first time, it felt someone wanted to touch me and explore me. Someone wanted to see what lies inside. For the first time, I wanted to explore her body to the closest I could ever be. I slid my hand behind her and touched her back and began tickling it. We enjoyed it; we enjoyed the cuddling sessions. More than anything we enjoyed breathing into our breaths and leaning in closer to each other and feeling us to our fullest. I slide my hands under her saree and blouse and grab her blouse; I pull it. She laughs, then I wave and swirl my palm on her shoulder and reach her nape. I pull her hair down and she lifts her neck. I lean close, the smell of cream and almond fills up my nose, as I breathe hard, and her body and fingers trace every part of my body. I take my lips to her desired neck and kiss it.

My soft lips strike her soft neck, and it sucks the surrounding sweat. She wiggles and shakes and giggles. I looked into her eyes and she wanted more than that./ but we stopped the embrace and she continued watching the tv. But we held each other too close, too much. She was into my frame completely as I held on to her navel and pulled her into me more. My boner kept throbbing to her butt, and she wiggled to ignore it, but it throbbed more.

“I always enjoy cuddling with you,” I said.

“Me too,”

“It’s like reliving the old days, where I was always on your bed and we played the whole day,” I said.


“You came from the bath and changed in front of me,”

She turned around.

“You remember all that?”

“Yes, from that point I thought you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” I said.

Her eyes filled with tears, and she touched my face. She put her head on my chest and brought her whole body to mine. I held her closer than I could. The movie went on, but we didn’t care. She kept crying and sobbing. I kept caressing her hair. Then with time, she slept, drenching my shirt with her tears. I slept, holding her body into mine. My boner kept sticking to her hips, but she didn’t mine.

The whole night I breathed into her smell, and it mesmerized me. The whole night she smelled bodies, and it mesmerized her. I didn’t sleep; I was awake all night, not able to think about what to do about this desire I have inside me. She woke up in the middle of the night and saw me.

“You didn’t sleep,” she asked.

“Not feeling sleepy,” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“I overslept that day,” I said.

“Hmm,” she said.

She lifted her body and stuck her cleavage to my face, holding my face into her cleavage. My face submerged into her squishy cleavage, and it explored all the possibilities it could. I imagined how’d she look if she removed that blouse and bra. How’d she look and good her nipples taste?

She caressed my hair and my back. She moved her legs and kept it behind my butt. Oh god, we were so engrossed for the first time. We were one, our hearts beat at the same time. I could listen to her heartbeat and smell her. I touched her bosom and fondled it and my face to it. She giggled again. My dick kept throbbing hard, and she noticed it.

“Calm down,” she said, giggling and caressing my back.

But her soft fingers caressed my back. Her leg pushing my whole body into her more. Her hand which held my head pushed it deeper into her cleavage. How can I calm down? We snuggled. Our bodies snuggled. My dick kept throbbing, but she didn’t mind. Instead, she smiled. The whole night went on that way, a cricket chirped, the movie finished. Tv lights off. Our hearts chirped, our bodies danced and withheld the controlled desires, our breaths took our smells into our bodies, and our hands slid into deeper parts, explored. We did nothing after that. We talked about my childhood.

It has been many days since I came from college. We didn’t talk after that. Now that I’m at home and I see her, I feel nothing but love for her. She protected me all her life. Fought with father. She’s divorced now. Three years I have been apart from her and since then she’s been doing everything on her own. Managing expenses, taking care of my studies, and sending me money whenever she sent it. I now had a job. It paid well. I took care of all the things. I took care of her.

We saw movies, her favorite ones. We cooked dinner together. I helped her do the dishes. We began getting close. This was something new for me. Getting this close to my mom. But I wanted that. Years apart from her made me a different person. Spending time with her and relieving the old days would bring me good luck.

When I woke up, I woke up soaked in a sperm pan, with my boner throbbing its way out. I spang up to adjust, thinking mom might see it. But she wasn’t here. She goes to the market this time. I lied down on the couch again. I thought about last night. Exploring her Beylikdüzü escort body, feeling her. It gave me something. Her cleavage and her navel. I want more of it. I wanted it all. I wanted her.

With her thoughts sprang up my dick again, and I worked on my desires. Up and down sliding it with the thoughts of her, her face on my head, my face in her chest, up and down I slide my desires, my body flung into her’s, up and down I jolt in the joy of ecstasy when she pulled my body with her leg into her frame. How’d it felt to enter her with all the love I have inside me? I explored all the possibilities I could, and I came. I opened my eyes and saw her there. She was holding bags in her hands, and she stared at me. If this was real, she might shout at me.

“What are you doing, get up and get dressed and to the office,” she shouted.

Oh, this was real.

I barged out of the couch and got bathed. Then I changed into my office clothes and went to the living room. She has finished cooking breakfast. I sat on the dining table, and we ate.

“Which movie today?” she asked.

“Hmm,” I thought, but more than the movie I wanted her.

“Blue lagoon,” I said.

“What is that?”

“In that movie, two children get stranded on an island, and I guess they fall in love,” I said.

“Wow,” she said.

“Anyway, I got to go,” I said as I stood.

I took my office bag and my lunchbox. Then I turned to the door. She stood there, smiled.

“Oh, mom,” I said.

I leaned in close to kiss her cheeks. But she held my face and kissed me on my lips, her lips stuck on my lips for a while and it wobbled. Her smooth lips kissed my dry lips, and I held her. She removed my bag which held on my shoulder and unbuttoned me. Then she kissed me more. She pushed me on the couch and with tears in her eyes; she kissed. Eating my lips like she was hungry, ravening it like a monster, she embraced me. She sucked them, bit them, tasted them, then held them in her teeth and looked in my eyes. We lied on the couch with our lips into each other, staring in our eyes.

She regains herself and stops. Then she gets up and barges to her room. I want to console her. But I could. What she felt last night I felt the same. More than love, we felt the desire to explore our bodies. We tasted us now, but in her there was guilt and in me, there was more yearning to explore her more. I stood near the door and I heard her cry and heard her son. She’s been alone for three years, controlling everything. I came and took control of everything, the money, the clothes, everything. We missed me so much. We’ve missed ourselves so much that when we spend time nearby there is a different love which pours out of our bodies.

I walked to the door and went out to go to my office.

I came back from the office in the evening and was sitting on the couch. I browsed through the movies. The movie which we discussed watching wasn’t available on the streaming service. Anyway, we selected a movie which we both liked to watch. The movie was semi-erotic, but it was good. I changed into my home clothes. I wore my shorts and my t-shirt and sat on the couch. Mom arrived wearing her satin nightie. And that satin nightie. What can I say about that? It provoked me; it made me swoon from the inside.

Never have I seen such a beautiful woman with such elegance. It tightly hugged her skin. She sat near me, not making any eye contact. We needed to talk about this morning’s kiss and what it meant for both of us. But we were too shy to talk about these things. I wanted to talk to her, to discuss this morning. Maybe we are going off the tact with our cuddling movie sessions. I thought she might stop the movie sessions, but every night she looked forward to it. She looked at me and then the tv.

I switched on the tv and played the movie.

She played her head on my lap and turned towards the screen. I remained sitting, my heart went a thousand beats. She breathed on my crotch; it felt her breath more and more and it brazenly evokes and aroused from there. It pointed and erected. She noticed it but didn’t mind. She ignored and watched the movie. I played with her hair, caressing her hair from the sides of her face towards her back, watching her beautiful nape.

That golden chain shone in her neck. God, I wanted to kiss; I wanted her like yesterday and this morning. I ran my fingers softly through her neck and tickled her. She giggled and shook. She smiled and held my hand and put it across her tummy. I fondled her tummy and tickled her there, and she squeaked again.

“How was the day?” she asked.

“Good,” I said.

“So, your every day is good,” she asked.

“Every day I see you when I wake up. I leave home in a good mood,” I said.

“Aww,” she said.

“Aww” I imitated her.

She patted my arm.

“So, how was your day?” I asked.

“I cooked lunch and slept, then I woke up, and had tea and missed you,” she said.

“You missed me?” I asked.


“You Escort Beylikdüzü should have called me then,” I asked.

“No, I didn’t feel like it,” she said.

“Whenever you miss me you should call,” I said.

“In college when I used to call you, you always didn’t pick up,” she told me.

“Well, now the college is over and now I am a lovable and responsible son,” I said.

“Also a man of the house,” she said.

“Wow, man too” I shouted.

“You take care of all my problems, you’re the man of the house,” she said.

“Thanks, mom,” I said.

“I love you,” she said and made her lips pouty.

I wanted to lean in close with my lips. Then she kisses my hand, circling over her neck.

“Then what did you do?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said.

“You always wear a saree, why nightie tonight?” I asked.

“Because…” she paused.

“You can talk to me, about your clothing preferences also,” I said.,

“Okay, you sneak your hand into my pallu and play with it,” she said.

“I can do that without wearing a saree too,” I said.

“I can see that,”

“I can do that without you wearing anything at all,” I said and quickly thought, What the hell did I just say?’

She snapped her fingers on my arm.

“What out with your flirting,”

“I flirt with beautiful women,” I said.

“Lie down, don’t remain sitting like a robot,” she said and moved to create space for me behind her.

I grabbed the blanket and lied behind her, covering ourselves from the blanket. I still smelled her, her natural scent evoked passions in me. I touched her hip, and she moved back to press her back to me. She tightly hugged her back into my crotch, and again we were cuddling like last night. I slid my arm beneath her head so that her head rests on my arm. Then I started circling my fingers on her earlobes. She liked it, throughout the movie she kept smiling, throughout the movie I kept circling my fingers, on her earlobes, to her neck, her hand, and her legs. She moaned and squirmed cutely.

But she didn’t talk much about what I was doing. She had a thousand things going on her head so it was mine. But we cuddled. Our breaths increased, deeply we took our scents again into our bodies. That was the only thing we took, other than each other. I stayed quiet keeping my hand under her cleavage. She stayed quiet watching the movie. I spoke nothing, there was a silence between us and between our male and female parts. Between our hunger and passions, there was a big silence that scared me like never. We watched the whole movie, and it was midnight.

She covered herself with the blanket; she didn’t sleep, nor did I. The crickets again chirped, the night fell silent again. There was this eerie silence.

“What are you thinking mom?” I asked.

“Nothing, beta,” she said.

I pressed myself more into her, and she dwindled her ass on my crotch.

“Why did you get so silent?” I asked.

“Because I want to be,” she said.

“I have never seen you like this,” I said.

“Like this?” she asked.

“What do you know about me, years I have spent in this lonely room, awake in these lonely nights, missing you,” she told me.

“I am sorry mom, you did a lot of things for us and we did nothing,” I said.

“Don’t be sorry, son, you’re a good boy, you take care of me, you make me feel special and that is what I like about you?” she said.

“Yes mom, do I make you feel special?” I asked.

“You take me to movies, dinners, parties. We watch movies every night tucked in like this,” she said.

“It reminds me of my old days when you were small, you used to tuck into mommy all day,” she said.


“Eyes, all day, you were on my bed, playing with me, we played a lot of games. We cuddled and snuggled,” she said.

“Then you grew up and forgot your mom,” she said.

“But, then I also came back to you. Mom, I came back to live my old days back with you,” I told her.

“Those days are gone. They aren’t gonna come back,” she told.,

“I’m bringing it back,” I said.

“No, you’re growing up, there are a lot of things you’re feeling,” she said.

“Mom, I’m gonna bring the good old days back, and you’re gonna love me more than you loved me in my childhood,” I said.

She turned around and looked in my eye. The love I was talking about was there in her eyes for me. The love poured from her eyes to her lips, as it got redder, softer, I wanted to touch those lips from mine, suck them. We laid-again close, breathing into each other, at the same time.

“You do not understand what I am saying?” she said.

“What are you going through mom?” I asked.

“I am getting old, getting rotten,” she said.

“No, you’re still beautiful,” I said.

“No, I am, I look at myself daily in the mirror, naked and I feel myself getting old,” she said.

“I know I must share this with my son, but this is happening to me,” she said.

“Mom, you’re getting beautiful day by day, that’s why I enjoy spending time with you. I feel like I am with the most beautiful woman in the world,” I said.

“I also feel lonely,” she said.

“I am here to get rid of your loneliness,” I said.

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